We Should Cocoa

We Should Cocoa BadgeWe Should Cocoa, aka #WeShouldCocoa, was a monthly cooking event for food bloggers. It was based on … you guessed it … chocolate! 

We Should Cocoa was started in September 2010 by me, Choclette and Chele formally of Chocolate Teapot. It ended on 1 September 2018 exactly 8 years after it started. The idea was to make something with chocolate each month. Until September 2016 you had to use the special ingredient selected each month along with chocolate. After that you could make whatever you liked as long as it contained some sort of chocolate or cocoa substance. Entries had to be vegetarian, but could be sweet or savoury, simple or complicated.

Chocolate Recipe Inspiration on Pinterest

You’ll find many of the We Should Cocoa recipes pinned to the We Should Cocoa group board on Pinterest. If you’re ever looking for chocolate recipes or inspiration, this is the place to go.

We Should Cocoa round-ups

96. August 2018

95. July 2018

94. June 2018

93. May 2018

92. April 2018

91. March 2018

90. February 2018

89. January 2018

88. December 2017

87. November 2017

86. October 2017

85. September 2017

84. August 2017

83. July 2017

82. June 2017

81. May 2017

80. April 2017

79. March 2017

78. February 2017

77. January 2017

76. December 2016

75. November 2016

74. October 2016

73. September 2016

72. August 2016 from Choclette was Anything Goes

71. July 2016 from Choclette was Anything Goes

70. June 2016 from Johanna was Malt

69. May 2016 from Choclette was Oats

68. April 2016 from Helen was Red or Pink

67. March 2016 from Linzi was Eggs

66. February 2016 from Choclette was Butter

65. January 2016 from Lisa was Simple Recipes

64. December 2015 from Rebecca was Christmas

63. November 2015 from Choclette was Bananas

62. October 2015 from Tracy was USA

61. September 2015 from Kate was Blackberries

60. August 2015 from Choclette was Anything Goes

59. July 2015 from Choclette was Blueberries

58. June 2015 from Kerry was Cupcakes

57. May 2015 from Karen was Vanilla

56. April 2015 from Choclette was No Bake.

55. March 2015 from Sarah at Maison Cupcake was Layer Cakes.

54. February 2015 from Katie was Brownies.

53. January 2015 from Choclette and Kavey was Ices see the round-ups here and here.

52. December 2014 from Choclette was Figs.

51. November 2014 from Shaheen was Red Hot Chilli see the round-up here

50. October 2014 from Hannah was Halloween

49. September 2014 from Choclette was Jam see the round-up here

48. August 2014 from Bake n Quilt was Marshmallows see the round-up here

47. July 2014 from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary was Ice-cream and toppings see the round-up here

46. June 2014 from Michelle was Gluten Free see the round-up here

45. May 2014 from Choclette was Cake for £1 see the round-up here

44. April 2014 from Rachel was Easter see the round-up here

43. March 2014 from Laura was Coconut see the round-up here

42. February 2014 from Choclette was Random Recipe see the round-up here

41. January 2014 from Linzi was New Ingredient see the round-up here

40. December 2013 from Choclette was Alcohol see the round-up here

39. November 2013 from Rebecca was Cookies see the round-up here

38. October 2013 from Ness was Vegetables see the round-up here

37. September 2013 from Choclette was Showstoppers see the round-up here

36. August 2013 from Elizabeth was Chocolates.

35. July 2013 from Choclette was Ice-cream see the round-up here

34. June 2013 from Victoria was Mint see the round-up here

33. May 2013 from Shaheen was Mango see the round-up here

32. April 2013 from Choclette was Honey see the round-up here

31. March 2013 from Lucy was Fame see the round-up here

30. February 2013 from Jen was Ginger see the round-up here

29. January 2013 from Choclette was Sugar-free see the round-up here

28. December 2012 from Choclette was Cinnamon see the round-up here

27. November 2012 from Franglais Kitchen was Bread

26. October 2012 from the Hungry Hinny was Pumpkin see the round-up here

25. September 2012 from Choclette was Cocktail Inspired see the round-up here

24. August 2012 from guest host Janice was Cherries see the round-up here

23. July 2012 from Choclette was Blackcurrants see the round-up here

22. June 2012 from guest host Lucy was Coffee see the round-up part 1 and part 2

21. May 2012 from guest host Laura was Almonds see the round-up here

20. April 2012 from Choclette was Cheese see the round-up here

19. March 2012 from Chele was Green see the round-up here

18. February 2012 from Choclette was Savoury Vegetarian see the round-up here

17. January 2012 from Chele was: Health Conscious see the round-up here

16. December 2011 from Choclette was: Orange see the round-up here

15. November 2011 from Chele was: Apples see the round-up here

14. October 2011 from Choclette was: Chilli

13. September 2011 from Chele was: A Chocolate Masterpiece

12. August 2011 challenge from Choclette was: Rose

11. July 2011 challenge from Chele was: Apricots

10. June 2011 challenge from Choclette was: Strawberries

9. May 2011 challenge from Chele was: Swiss Rolls or Roulades

8. April 2011 challenge from Choclette was: Marzipan

7. March 2011 challenge from Chele was: Lime

6. February 2011 challenge from Choclette was: Tea

5. January 2011 challenge from Chele was: Leftovers

4. December 2010 challenge from Choclette was: Dates

3. November 2010 challenge from Chele was: Caramel

2. October 2010 challenge from Choclette was: Hazelnuts

1. September 2010 challenge from Chele was: Raspberries





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    27th August 2018

    I’m sharing an amazing Vegan Cocoa Bean Cake

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