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Welcome to the second We Should Cocoa round up – hazelnuts this time.  The second it may be, but it’s my personal first and Chele did such a good job of the last one, it will be hard to meet her standard.  We didn’t get quite as many participants as we did for last month’s challenge – 16 in total, but the array is still impressive and entries no less inventive.  Again, I am amazed at how many different creations can be dreamt up using two simple ingredients.  And while last time their were some similarities in the recipes, this time everyone has come up with something quite different.  Thanks to all those who took part, I’ve really enjoyed seeing these mouth watering posts – a true feast for the eyes. I feel completely spoilt for choice and wish I could try all of them. Do go and take a closer look by following the links.  I’m sure comments would be appreciated too.

I’m now looking forward to the next challenge, don’t forget to check out the Chocolate Teapot on the 1st November to find out what it is.

So, in the order we received them:


From new food blogger Phoodie of Phoodie Phile we have this very tempting dessert, Double Chocolate and Hazelnut Mousse with Salted Caramel Hazelnut Shards

A first entry from Hannah of Corner Cottage Bakery has given us Chocolate Éclairs with White Chocolate and Hazelnut Crème Patisserie – the tastiest sounding eclairs I’ve come across in a very long while.

BrownievilleGirl, a prolific producer of chocolate bakes amongst other things has come up with Move Over Cocoa Pops in a bid to give her chocolate loving son a healthy start to his day.

Suelle from Mainly Baking, specialises in delicious cakes that leave me admiring from afar. She has produced some delectable Hazelnut Mocha Cream Biscuits that I would welcome on my tea table at any time.

Yummy, sticky Chocolate and Hazelnut Buns come from Phil of As Strong As Soup.  He has won my admiration for not only baking yeast buns, which I love but can’t get my head around, but also making his own hazelnut butter.

Being rather fond of cupcakes, I was pleased to see that these were represented by The more than occasional baker who is herself a huge cupcake fan.  Her Chocolate and Hazelnut Cupcakes look particularly tasty, with a double whammy of nutella, both inside and on top.

Samantha from Caketopia came up with this exquisitely decorated and most scrumilicious sounding Chocolate Hazelnut Torte for her father’s birthday – lucky dad.

My own contribution was this Praline Chocolate Coffee Cake

This month the wonderful chocolatier Gillian of Some Say Cocoa, Some Say Cacao has given us We Should Cocoa with Hazelnuts: Gianduja.  Not only some delicious sounding chocolate but a hazelnut spread as well.


I knew that Chele of the Chocolate Teapot would come up with a cracker and she didn’t disappoint.  Her White Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake with a Roasted Hazelnut Crust sounds divine and pleased her husband no end.

After a bit of “subtle encouragement”, Joanna of Zeb Bakes made these delicious looking and apparently simple enough for a four year old to make Hazelnut Amaretti with Chocolate Drizzles.  Unlike me, she was brave enough to try tempering chocolate and her success shows in the lovely shiny drops scattered amongst the amaretti.

Helen from Half a Pot of Cream took this opportunity to make a recipe she has been sitting on for years and used her prized Hotel Chocolat cook’s chocolate to make this lovely pudding that can be served hot or cold – Chocolate & Cobnut Meringue Pie.

C of Cake Crumbs and Cooking heroically entered this month’s challenge, even though she doesn’t eat nuts.  Her work colleagues, however, benefited from this selfless act and got to eat these toothsome Triple Chocolate and Hazelnut Crunchies

With only a few minutes to go before the deadline Nora the Kitchen ‘Splorer scraped in with her Nuttella Cookies.  An episode of Wallander made a great accompaniment to these double hazelnut delights.

With only seconds to go, Ferrero Rocher for Giants made an appearance courtesy of Miniloader.  She shows us how it’s done on a video but Traceloader (her mum) hasn’t yet figured out how to get it to me. If, between us, we manage to achieve this you’ll be able to see the action here some time soon.

And having missed the deadline completely I am making a one off exception (thought I should be generous as this is my first round-up) to Dom of Bellau Kitchen who came up with something different again Ludicrously Chunky Toasted Hazelnut and Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream – really, how could I resist that?  Don’t do it again Dom!


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    28th October 2010

    Fantastic round up Choclette and such wonderful and inventive treats too. I would love to taste them all. Huge thanks to everyone for taking part again this month and welcome to all the new entrants ;0)

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    Dom at Belleau Kitchen
    28th October 2010

    damn damn damn… I’ve been stuck in London this week and I really wanted to get my entry in this month… so I’ll be back at the cottage tomorrow and i’m going to go ahead and do it anyway… i’ll keep you posted… x

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    28th October 2010

    Very inspirational. This was such a brilliant idea from you and Chele.

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    28th October 2010

    These all look so good! I wish I could have taken part but Ive been poorly this month. Although have done a tiny bit of baking I just didn’t get round to this challenge….hopefully next month tho!! Cat x

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    Johanna GGG
    28th October 2010

    lovely round up – wonderful selection of ways to use chocolate and hazelnuts – a sad reminder for me of how little chocolate I have baked lately

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    28th October 2010

    Some lovely ideas here – I’ll be following up some of these recipes!

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    28th October 2010

    I can’t believe someone cut it even finer than me! 😀 Some amazing looking entries – I’m going straight off to check out that hazelnut butter. And then the torte, the gianduja, the eclairs…

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    29th October 2010

    Lovely roundup – lots of great recipes here and new blogs to visit. Well done Choclette!

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    Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes
    29th October 2010

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. It was very simple, I put the link to Williams-Somoma for those cutters, of if you have some small cutters you could use those as well! It was a lot of fun! And I have to complement you on all your goodies, they look delicious! I enjoyed my visit today!

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    29th October 2010

    What a lovely round-up of wonderful dishes! Sorry I didn’t participate, maybe next time.

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    30th October 2010

    Beautiful and versatile entries, they all look delicious! Thanks for the round-up, Choc. 🙂

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    31st October 2010

    What a beautiful & tasty round up!!

    Now, what am i going to make this afternoon?

    I wonder,..It is nearly impossible to choose,..!!!!

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    31st October 2010

    Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments and glad you all enjoyed seeing this great mix of recipes. It was fun doing this round up and I look forward to the next. Thanks again to all who took part.

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    31st October 2010

    Dom may have missed the deadline but that icecream sounds way too good to miss!

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