14 Festive Chocolate Recipes and December’s #WeShouldCocoa Link-up

14 Festive Chocolate Recipes

We Should Cocoa | 1st December 2017 | By

November is generally my least favourite month of the year. However, we’ve had some wonderful weather here in the New Forest and the autumn colour on the trees is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Lots of cold crisp weather with blue skies and stunning sunrises and sunsets puts a real spring in my step. To make life even better, lots of lovely comfort recipes have been rolling in. And, of course, with Christmas drawing nigh, bloggers are getting into the festive spirit. In this month’s We Should Cocoa round-up, you’ll find 14 festive chocolate recipes.

If you’d like to join in with next month’s #WeShouldCocoa, scroll down to the bottom of the post and you’ll find the December link-up. If you haven’t joined in before or need a reminder, you can find the guidelines on the We Should Cocoa page.

With that, I shall wish you all a chocolate filled December and a very Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy these 14 festive chocolate recipes below.

14 Festive Chocolate Recipes

Double Chocolate Cheesecake

Kat at The Baking Explorer kicks things off with her no bake double chocolate cheesecake. Doesn’t it look phenomenal? Cheesecake is CT’s absolute favourite and I’m very sure he’d be tucking into this one pretty fast given the opportunity.


Oreo Brownies

If you like Oreo biscuits and you’re a brownie lover like me, you’ll love these oreo brownies from Chez Maxima. I just don’t think I could be trusted around them.


Loch Ness Monster Cake

If you’re ever inspired to make a Loch Ness Monster cake, Johanna over at Green Gourmet Giraffe shows you just how to do it.


Cookies and Cream Cookies

More Oreo love in these cookies and cream cookies by Katie Bakes. Not only are they made with Oreos and chocolate chips but also cream cheese and another surprising ingredient. Head on over to find out what it is.


Vegan Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake

This vegan chocolate orange loaf cake is a first over at Curly’s Cooking and, hooray, it turned out perfectly.


Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

If you’ve never made your own chocolate hazelnut spread, you can find out how to do it via the Kate at The Gluten Free Alchemist. Nutella eat your heart out!


Vegan Double Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies

Vegetables in cakes is right up my street and these vegan double chocolate pumpkin brownies from The Peachicks Bakery sound particularly scrumptious.


Christmas Robin Cupcakes

How cute are these Christmas robin cupcakes? Angela at Only Crumbs Remain assures us that they are simple to put together and fun to make with the kids.


Tia Maria Chocolate Cheesecake Pots

How about these gorgeous Tia Maria chocolate cheesecake pots to finish off a dinner party dessert? Head over to Everyday Healthy Recipes to find out how to prepare them.


Spiced prune chocolate pots

Great minds think alike. For my contribution to these 14 festive chocolate recipes, I too have made chocolate pots. Rich, unctuous and delicious my spiced prune chocolate pots are flavoured with Amaretto and would make a fitting alternative to Christmas pudding.


Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Chocolate and orange is a classic Christmas combination. These sumptuous chocolate orange cupcakes with chocolate orange buttercream from Charlotte’s Livley Kitchen are bound to be popular.


Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

Now the chill is with us, I can’t think of anything better than a mug of this extra thick and creamy slow cooker hot chocolate from Lucy via BakingQueen74.


Microwave Eggless Chocolate Cake

This quick to make microwave eggless chocolate cake from Rachna’s Kitchen is covered in Greek yoghurt frosting. Doesn’t it look pretty?


Double Chocolate Chip Buns

According to Sammie at Feasting for fun, her double chocolate chip iced buns are the best tasting chocolate buns ever. I for one believe her.

14 Festive Chocolate Recipes. PIN IT.

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  1. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2017

    What a fantastic collection of chocolate recipes. I’m loving your chocolate pots and the slow cooker hot chocolate from Lucy. However the vegan chocolate orange loaf cake recipe is perfect as I have vegan friends. Finally those robin cupcakes win for cuteness. I shall enjoy reading each post and pinning the recipes to try.

    • Leave a Reply

      3rd December 2017

      Yes, lots of wonderful chocolate inspiration here. Thanks for your contribution, I’ve been dreaming of those chocolate buns.

  2. Leave a Reply

    Galina V
    1st December 2017

    Oh my goodness, so many gorgeous chocolate recipes! I’ll have to study them thoroughly later. I would be happy with any of them.

    • Leave a Reply

      3rd December 2017

      Yes the ideas come thick and fast at this time of year. As usual I want to try all of them.

  3. Leave a Reply

    johanna @ green gourmet giraffe
    1st December 2017

    love these chocolatey treats – I think christmas is making me feel like chocolate – and Sylvia has started checking this list out and putting in her orders too – I want some scrolls and she wants a hot chocolate and a robin cupbake

    • Leave a Reply

      3rd December 2017

      Those robin cupcakes are super cute and I can see how they’d appeal to Sylvia. I’d like to try everything, of course, but those scrolls are calling to me too. Thanks for your fabulously creative contribution.

  4. Leave a Reply

    Corina Blum
    2nd December 2017

    Such a lovely collection again! They are all tempting me but I do really love that Loch Ness Monster cake by Johanna. It must have been fun to make.

    • Leave a Reply

      3rd December 2017

      That Loch Ness Monster cake is wonderfully creative and what a splendid birthday cake it makes too.

    • Leave a Reply

      3rd December 2017

      Well yes Angie, I’m with you on that. I’m just a little bit fond of chocolate too 😉

  5. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca Smith
    5th December 2017

    This round up of Novembers best bits is delicious! Can’t believe I’ve never linked up before, thank you for having me 🙂

    • Leave a Reply

      9th December 2017

      Thanks Rebecca. I can’t believe you haven’t linked up before either. Glad you have now though 🙂

  6. Leave a Reply

    Monika Dabrowski
    7th December 2017

    I’ve just linked up my new chocolate dessert recipe and shared November’s delicious roundup:)

  7. Leave a Reply

    Eb Gargano | Easy Peasy Foodie
    22nd December 2017

    What a wonderful roundup! Is it bad that I want to eat them all??? If I had to choose it would probably Angela’s cute little robin cakes…the kids would love them too! Eb x

    • Leave a Reply

      27th December 2017

      I always find it impossible to choose and like you just want to tuck into all of them 😀

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