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17 Glorious Chocolate Recipes

We Should Cocoa | 31st July 2016 | By

Just because it’s summer here in the northern hemisphere, it doesn’t mean we don’t want chocolate. It was Anything Goes for this month’s We Should Cocoa and we have 17 gorgeous chocolate recipes for you as a result. Have a scroll through and if you don’t find something you immediately want to make, I’ll eat my hat (a chocolate one, of course). 

It’s me again hosting in August and as so many people are on holiday and we all want an easy time in the ‘hot’ months of summer, I’m going for Anything Goes once again. You will find the linky for this at the bottom of this post.

17 Gorgeous Chocolate Recipes

Dom over at Belleau Kitchen gets us off to a healthy start with sugar-free brownies. We’re in for a double treat here as he’s given not one recipe, but two: almond, fennel seed and banana brownies AND chocolate, coconut and banana truffle brownies.

Sugar-Free Brownies

Just the words chocolate raspberry sourdough bread has me salivating. Rebecca from BakeNQuilt did some experimenting this month and came up with something as delicious as it sounds. Note the impressive initial on the top of the loaf.

Chocolate Raspberry Sourdough

Coconut features strongly in these dairy free chocolate sultana cakes from Fun as a Gran. Coconut oil and some delicious sounding coconut caramel were the stars of the show.

Coconut Caramel Cake

Free-from is proving to be a bit of a theme this month. Kate from The Gluten Free Alchemist gives us not only a glorious gluten-free cake-cum-dessert, but it’s dairy free too – chocolate, walnut and pear torte.

Chocolate Walnut Pear Tart

These hot cross bun chocolate bread and butter pudding may not be quite what you’d expect at this time of year, but there were hot cross buns languishing in the freezer at Caroline Makes, so what was she meant to do?

Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding

If you have a celebration coming up, it would be hard to beat this chocolate cake with white chocolate and mascarpone buttercream. Suelle over at Mainly Baking made this stunner to celebrate both her and her son’s birthday.

Chocolate Mascarpone Cake

Who needs Black Forest gateau when you can have these glorious cherry cheesecake brownies? Packed full of fresh cherries as well as white chocolate, cream cheese and cherry jam, Kat from The Baking Explorer has made something I’d love to sink my teeth into.

Cherry Cheesecake Brownies

Following on from Johanna’s malt themed We Should Cocoa last month, she’s been further inspired. Malt appears once again in these malted banana lamingtons with Milo and I really really want to try one. If you’re not sure what lamingtons are you’ll need to pop over to her blog, Green Gourmet Giraffe, to find out more about this Australian classic.

Malted Chocolate Banana Lamingtons

After all the sweet treats, it’s something of a relief to have a savoury entry from Shaheen of A2K – A Seasonal Veg Table. She decided to serve some potato wedges and veggie meatballs with a “devilishly rich” chilli chocolate salsa. I’m game!

Chocolate Chilli Salsa

Don’t you just love anything with ‘crunch’ in the title? Date, chocolate & hazelnut crunch from Jo at Seven Green Apples certainly does it for me. I adore this sort of oaty traybake especially with the use of date molasses instead of golden syrup.

Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch

Likewise anything with ‘double chocolate’ makes me take note. Linzi from Lancashire Food gives us double chocolate banana bread and very welcome it is too.

Chocolate Banana Bread

For something really eye catching, how about this chocolate and strawberry drip cake from Only Crumbs Remain? Sponge chocolate covered strawberries chocolate shards and dripping chocolate, what’s not to love?

Chocolate Strawberry Drip Cake

More oaty goodness comes from Rebecca at Munchies and Munchkins with these delectable dark chocolate chip flapjacks.

Chocolate Chip Flapjacks

I fancied blondies for my chocolate treat this month, matcha blondies to be precise. Now whether these should really be called greenies, I leave to you, but they were jolly delicious.

Matcha Blondies

Chocolate and mint is a classic combination, but doesn’t often manifest in cake form. Coriander Queen bucks the trend with these elegant mint chocolate After Eight cupcakes with a hidden surprise.

Chocolate After Eight Cupcakes

No summer collection of chocolate recipes is complete without some ice cream. Luckily Kate at The Gluten Free Alchemist has come up with cherry-chocolate brownie ice cream. I think she’s got all bases covered there 🙂

Cherry Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

Not only is it CT’s birthday today, but it’s also Harry Potter’s. To celebrate this and the publication of the latest Harry Potter tale, Ness over at JibberJabberUK has made this sticky chocolate birthday cake – any schoolboy’s dream.

Harry Potter's Birthday Cake

Next Month’s Chocolate Recipes

For more chocolate recipes check out next month’s #WeShouldCocoa round-up or why not enter one yourself? You can check out how to enter on the We Should Cocoa page and the linky to use is right below this. It’s open until 28th August and the theme is once again Anything Goes.



  1. Leave a Reply

    31st July 2016

    Thank you so much for hosting, I am pleased that i could join in and will try again next month as the theme is open, I don’t eat chocolate much so its hard, but these recipes are all awesome. I especially like Kates gf cake, it looks lush.

    • Leave a Reply

      1st August 2016

      Thanks Shaheen. I know you’re not a great fan of chocolate, but I also know D is 😉

    • Leave a Reply

      1st August 2016

      I’m always wishing I could try everything when I do the We Should Cocoa round-ups Angie and yes that layer cake is awesome 🙂

  2. Leave a Reply

    Johanna @ Green Gourmet Giraffe
    31st July 2016

    Great round up – enjoy the eclectic nature of Anything Goes though it always has me itching to bake and wishing I could make my baking look as beautiful of some of those spectacular cakes! and I think I have something for next month

    • Leave a Reply

      1st August 2016

      Your lamingtons look pretty spectacular Johanna and I’m not the only one to think so. Glad you’re up for another Anything Goes, I’m never quite sure how people will take it.

  3. Leave a Reply

    31st July 2016

    I haven’t had dinner yet and now I’m starving looking at all these recipes! Perhaps I should just skip dinner and go straight for a chocolate option!

    • Leave a Reply

      1st August 2016

      Sounds like a good plan Ness. The chocolate option usually does it for me 😉

  4. Leave a Reply

    Angela / Only Crumbs Remain
    31st July 2016

    What a great round up Choclette, so many fab bakes to drool over 😉 I particularly liked the look of Kate’s Icecream, and I definitely need to try those lamington’s -yum!
    Angela x

    • Leave a Reply

      1st August 2016

      Thanks Angela. It’s a super impressive bunch of chocolate recipes. I just wish I could try them all 😉

    • Leave a Reply

      1st August 2016

      This is one of the downsides of looking at blogs – it always make me feel hungry.

  5. Leave a Reply

    Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche
    4th August 2016

    Oh I shouldn’t have looked at this when I’m trying to be good haha, now I’m craving chocolate! I love the sound of the bread and butter pudding and I’m so intrigued by the chilli chocolate salsa!

    • Leave a Reply

      4th August 2016

      Yes, the clue’s in the name 😉 But I know what you mean. It’s our job to be looking at food blogs and it always makes me hungry.

  6. Leave a Reply

    7th August 2016

    Always love the variety and creativity everyone brings to your challenge!

    • Leave a Reply

      7th August 2016

      Thanks. I always look forward to seeing what people make then really wish I could just try a bit of everything.

  7. Leave a Reply

    Kate - gluten free alchemist
    8th August 2016

    There are some fantastic recipes here Choclette. Great round up! I’ll take the lot……
    Sorry for sneaking in an extra one this month….. but thanks for accepting it xx

    • Leave a Reply

      1st September 2016

      Thanks Kate. It’s very hard to resist your recipes. I’m just about to start doing the August round-up now.

  8. Leave a Reply

    2nd September 2016

    A lush round-up here Choclette, I have my eye on those cupcakes for sure! Must remember to enter with next chocolate creation:-)

    • Leave a Reply

      2nd September 2016

      Absolutely Jemma. I always want to have a massive chocolate indulgence session when I do these round-ups 😉

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