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Filled with seasonal good will, I tried to be kind for this year’s We Should Cocoa Christmas challenge. It seems to have been appreciated as we had 36 participants this month.  Chocolate and orange truly struck a chord, but I did have one (who shall remain nameless) raising their hands in horror at this hated combination!

This orange round-up is a real festive treat, even if the tasting has to be done virtually and I’m very happy to take the blame for encouraging all of these decedent creations.

If anyone is looking for a chocolate orange cake, look no further, cakes were far and away the most popular item this month and we have quite a variety to choose from. Luckily, there were a few other goodies thrown into the mix – just in case you thought you couldn’t stand another piece of cake!

At this darkest time of year for us in the northern hemisphere, many struggled with light levels. The photographs may be suffering from SAD, but I’ll bet the lucky recipients of this lot were very happy.

Don’t forget to find out what Chele has in store for us all tomorrow.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year.

So, in the order they came in:

Miss Cake Baker of What I Baked This Weekend got us all off to a fantastic start with this very elegant looking Chocolate Orange Marble Bundt Cake.

Given that Christmas is so hot in Australia, Jaxstar of Where the Wind Blows Me thought mini chocolate orange xmas cake truffles might be more tempting than a great big slice to eat. Knowing how full I was after Christmas dinner I think that would go down very well here in the UK too – even if it isn’t very warm.

Our first WSC contribution from Sweden brings us chocolate chip cookies with orange rosemary and hazelnuts. This recipe comes from Rasmus of Vegologi and the site is written in Swedish – the link however is to an English translation. They sound delicious and the lovely photograph comes courtesy of pickipicki.

One of life’s certainties is that Nigella will out at Christmas time. Anna of At Anna’s Kitchen Table has thankfully not disabused me of this fact. She has baked Nigella’s storecupboard chocolate and orange cake. And I know from experience that this is a very good cake indeed.

A healthy and intense orange drinking chocolate comes from first timer Mariam of Gourmet Hot Chocolate using water rather than milk. It looks delicious.

I don’t think Kat of Life of a Cupcake Baker needed anything to get her into the festive spirit, but were it necessary, I’m sure these chocolate orange cupcakes made with a Terry’s chocolate orange as well as orange zest and juice would have done the trick.

Orange tiramisu most elegantly served came from Manu of Cooking Manu. What I particularly liked about this was that it had orange juice rather than coffee in it.

Another elegant offering – a biscuit this time. Orange Viennese fingers from Snowy of Cookbooks Galore. Filled with chocolate and dipped in chocolate, no wonder they are her daughter’s favourite.

Not sure if these were just a good excuse to imbibe some of the hard stuff, but these whisky and orange chocolate sandwich biscuits sound delicious. This was Gary’s take on a Dan Lepard recipe for mint chocolate biscuits and an inspired one at that. Exploits of a Food Nut.

Panettone with chocolate, clementine and walnut sounds very festive indeed and I’d very much like to dig into a slice for breakfast or tea any day of the week. It certainly cheered up a wet December day for Working London Mummy.

What could be more tempting than truffles? Karen from Lavender and Lovage offered us these gorgeous chocolate orange cake truffles for day twelve of her advent calendar fest.

Now how about this for a perfect roll? This chocolate and orange cream roulade from Yummy Choo Eats sounds as good as it looks.

And hot on the heals of one roll comes another with this Christmas Chocolate Log from Mari’s World – first time with WSC. If you want to see how it’s done you’ll find a video showing you how.

The love of French baking runs strongly in the veins of Phil from As Strong As Soup and it is France that has inspired these delicious nonnettes with white chocolate chips. I actually know these are delicious because I’ve just baked them – superb!

Using a bag of Chocolate Spice Puddles as inspiration, Baking Addict of The More Than Occasional Baker came up with these really pretty and enticing chocolate orange and cranberry cookies.

As an added bonus to these delicious looking party stollen from Kate of What Kate Baked, you can also take part in her festive quiz to find out just how much you get into the party spirit.

Both festive and to celebrate her birthday, Jean of Baking in Franglais was organised enough to bake these rich chocolate orange muffins before going to work in the morning – impressive indeed!

Shaheen of Allotment 2 Kitchen has my mouth watering over another “I now must bake” brownie recipe with these juicy orange Jaffa brownies.

Chocolate orange banana bread is the unusual combination brought to us by the Hungry Hinny. The addition of orange curd adds a note of lushness that I find particularly appealing.

Another first timer Fleur of Homemade by Fleur made these scrumptious chocolate covered orange lebkuchen all prettily packaged for her Christmas hampers.

A perfectly rolled and lush looking chocolate orange roulade comes from Dom of Belleau Kitchen who is well on his way to world domination and is now out to impress Eric Lanlard.

Suelle of Mainly Baking was hoping to bake something else for WSC, but I was really taken with these orange cranberry and chocolate muffins with their use of oats and toasty topping.

Jaffa Cake Christmas Trees in true festive style is a WSC first entry from English Mum. With CT a huge Jaffa cake fan, I might have to hide this one or he’ll be clamouring for me to make it!

I am truly shocked and horrified to find out that Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe is the ONLY one in her family to appreciate chocolate in her Christmas cake. With figs, prunes (orange of course) and lots of chocolate, this is my sort of fruit cake – chocolate and fig fruitcake.

Now how cute are these mini chocolate and orange bundt cakes? Very I’d say. An early Christmas present for Kath of The Ordinary Cook was responsible for these beauties.

Hooray, I was hoping someone would make these chocolate dipped candied oranges and Chele of Chocolate Teapot made them with bells and whistles too, using spices in the mix and keeping some of the flesh on.


Variations on orange and chocolate make up these divine sounding chocolate orange cupcakes from Laura of Laura Loves Cakes.

I’ve made so many things with chocolate and orange this month, I wasn’t sure which one to submit to WSC. In the end it was the shoes that convinced me and I went for this triple orange and chocolate cake.

A twist on a traditional favourite, these melt in the mouth chocolate orange Canada cornstarch shortbread cookies got a raised eyebrow when Michelle of Food, Football and a Baby presented them. Luckily they were enjoyed by all – it’s amazing what a bit of crystallised ginger can do!

Ginger must have been in the air because Shu Han (another WSC first timer) of Mummy, I Can Cook came up with the same winning combination. Inspired first by Spain and then Nigella, this flourless chocolate orange and ginger cake was born.

A pruny hazelnutty Nigella inspired chocolate Christmas cake has become a Christmas tradition in the Brownieville Girl household and no wonder I say.

A warming and festive recipe that particularly appealed were these mulled chocolate and orange marshmallows by Matthew from Salty Plums. As if this wasn’t enough decadence he accompanied them with chocolate and orange cookies.
First timer, Janine of Cake of the Week came up with these festive looking white chocolate, orange and ginger flapjacks. The photos of them packaged up for gifts look especially good.


Orange fudge topped with chocolate sounds wonderfully decedent. No wonder this chocolate orange fudge disappeared so quickly when Hannah from Corner Cottage Bakery made it just before Christmas.

Now cream cheese in a cake sounds utterly intriguing and I want to go and try it out immediately – pretty much along with all the other entries – oh my! C of Cake, Crumbs and Cooking has adapted a Dan Lepard pound cake to come up with this lush looking cream cheese and chocolate orange cake.

Just right for the lead up to Christmas, or Boxing Day or even New Year’s Day, this chocolate and orange wreath brought to us by The KitchenMaid looks highly festive.



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    31st December 2011

    Brilliant round up! There are so many inspiring recipes! Dom I think I might just make your roulade for my contribution to the buffet (love a buffet) for tonight’s party.

  2. Leave a Reply

    Rolling Pin Claire
    31st December 2011

    Wow, they’re all amazing. Have bookmarked this page and there are a few recipes I want to try. Well done on the round up

  3. Leave a Reply

    31st December 2011

    I’m not a huge lover of chocolate and orange, but I would happily try all of these! And hog the box of the choc-dipped candied oranges.

  4. Leave a Reply

    31st December 2011

    Which one to dive head-first into first? They all look so delicious. Brilliant round up Choc, and Happy New Year xx

  5. Leave a Reply

    31st December 2011

    Aren’t they a great looking bunch of chocolatey-orange treats? I’d happily eat any of them.

  6. Leave a Reply

    Susan's blog
    31st December 2011

    Lovely round up…such talented cooks too…not my thing as flavours go but in awe of all the goodies.
    Happy new year everyone. xxx

  7. Leave a Reply

    Mari's World
    31st December 2011

    Oh My Goodness, I have died and gone to Heaven. A page with so many chocolate and orange recipes on, it was lovely to be a part of this and I’m looking forward to discovering January’s challenge and improving my standards!
    Happy New Year

  8. Leave a Reply

    Baking Addict
    31st December 2011

    Amazing round up! I never knew there were so many ways you could bake with chocolate and orange!! I want to try every single recipe!! Happy New Year and I look forward to another year of We Should Cocoa. x

  9. Leave a Reply

    31st December 2011

    Yum , yum and yum! So litte time, so much beckons and jostles me for my time.Thanks so much for sharing these luscious-looking works of art!

  10. Leave a Reply

    Karen S Booth
    31st December 2011

    Brilliant and what a GREAT turn out for the Orange and Chocolate combo…..LOVELY recipes and photos, thanks!

  11. Leave a Reply

    31st December 2011

    They all look great Choclette – thanks for doing the round up so we can all share what each other has made – it must have taken you ages!!!

  12. Leave a Reply

    1st January 2012

    Wow – what a lot of chocolate and orange combo’s there really are. Fantastic result for this month’s challenge, thanks so much to everyone for taking part.

  13. Leave a Reply

    1st January 2012

    Oh a big yum to all of them! I was too slow again, but I did think chocolate and orangey thoughts… does that count?
    happy 2012 Choc 🙂

  14. Leave a Reply

    1st January 2012

    Wow! I didn’t think I liked chocolate orange until reading this post now I may have to raid the kids stockings for theirs! I’m expecting to see you in the honours list for services to chocolate! Have a happy new year x

  15. Leave a Reply

    1st January 2012

    Another great round up, thanks Choclette! Several things I’m going to be bookmarking and making in the future. Looking forward to another year of WSC challenges!

  16. Leave a Reply

    Johanna GGG
    1st January 2012

    wonderful round up – yes my family are philistines when it comes to chocolate and fruit cake but all the more for me (though there were a few at work who would have willingly helped after sampling) – am off to browse and drool now

  17. Leave a Reply

    1st January 2012

    36 entries! That’s really impressive! Well done everyone, there are some really delicious things here.

  18. Leave a Reply

    Motorcycle Cables
    3rd January 2012

    Although cakes and cookies are amazing delicious. I think that you have shown holidays melt. I am curious for Chocolate recipes. I like to make although recipe as soon as possible.

  19. Leave a Reply

    4th January 2012

    I have no idea how you manages to choose someone from that huge list. Wow is all I can say what an amazing load of talented people.

  20. Leave a Reply

    Phil in the Kitchen
    5th January 2012

    Great roundup. I’m deeply flattered that you made some nonnettes. Maybe we’ll start a trend and they’ll become the next big thing – I had some excellent raspberry nonnettes not long ago that I might try to bake at some point. Apologies for the delay in commenting – it was a nightmare Christmas of hospitals and viruses away from kitchens and computers.

  21. Leave a Reply

    Louise - Comida y Vida
    7th January 2012

    what a great collection of recipes, defintely want to give some of them a go.

    Sadly only thing I managed to do in Chocolate Orange was devour 2 of those round brown things in segments that are in my stocking every Christmas!! Has to be dark chocolate one though!

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