Cut Caffeine, Bring on the Barleycup – Barleycup Hamper Giveaway #80

Barleycup Hamper

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Barleycup and I go back a long way. I grew up in a health conscious household and this, rather than coffee, was the drink of choice. When I moved away from home, Barleycup moved with me. If I want an uplifting invigorating drink that isn’t tea, it’s this roasted barley and chicory root beverage I turn to. It has similar bitter notes and aromas to those associated with coffee but with an underlying nuttiness which I really enjoy. Barleycup are currently running a #CutCaffeine campaign and as part of this are offering up a hamper prize to one lucky Tin and Thyme reader. Here’s what they have to say.

With recent research revealing that a third of us are consuming five or more cups of caffeinated tea or coffee a day – more than the European Food Safety Agency recommended limits – Barleycup is encouraging people to #CutCaffeine for the month of September. Barleycup drinks are the natural alternative to tea and coffee, perfect for those following a healthy balanced diet. As well as being gluten free (certified by Coeliac UK), caffeine free and with only 10kcals per cup, it has an excellent aroma and coffee-like flavour. 

Available in four different varieties: Barleycup Powder, Barleycup Granules, Barleycup Organic and Barleycup with Dandelion; it’s an instant hot drink that the whole family can enjoy. It’s free from artificial additives and contains only natural ingredients, including roasted barley and chicory roots.

Barleycup is offering daily tips on how you can reduce the amount of caffeine from your diet on its Twitter page (@BarleycupUK) and they’re offering an exciting (and energising!) caffeine free hamper of goodies to giveaway to one lucky reader!

The hamper includes one jar of each variety, Explore’s new pulse pasta, a set of four pretty pastel mugs, an album of 100 running songs and a book of logical brain games – all aiming to stimulate the brain and keep you alert through the day – with no need for caffeine!

This is a sponsored post and apart from the top paragraph, not written by me. However, I only feature content that I’m interested in and hopefully that my readers will like too.

Barleycup Hamper Giveaway

Barleycup is kindly offering one Tin and Thyme reader a hamper worth around £50 (contents listed above). To be in with a chance of winning, please fill in the Gleam widget below. You will need to leave a comment on this post, answering the question, which then gives you additional chances to enter if you so wish. Gleam will pick a winner at random from the entries received who will then be contacted via e-mail. If you are commenting anonymously, please give me some way of identifying you as I will be verifying the validity of entries. Any automated entries will be disqualified. This giveaway is only open to those with a UK postal address. Winners will need to respond within 5 days of being contacted. Failure to do this may result in another winner being picked. There are no cash alternatives. 

 Barleycup Hamper

 The hamper is offered and provided by Barleycup and Tin and Thyme accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of said third party. Tin and Thyme reserves the right to cancel or amend the giveaway and these terms and conditions without notice.
Closing date is Friday 7 October 2016 
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Barleycup Hamper


  1. Leave a Reply

    Tracey Peach
    7th September 2016

    Everything in moderation, I think that’s where a lot of people go wrong including myself 🙂

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      Lisa D
      12th September 2016

      I used to drink Barleycup as a child. Gorgeous taste. Reminds me of winters where we had snow going for a walk with my mum and coming home to a cup of Barleycup with hot milk. Yum.

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        12th September 2016

        I’m getting lots of nostalgic memories coming from this post – so interesting.

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      6th October 2016

      Be kind and laugh. Take in the fresh air. Look Up. Eat well.

  2. Leave a Reply

    Clare B
    7th September 2016

    I think that drinking plenty of water or caffeine & alcohol free drinks is very important for health

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    Rebecca Nisbet
    7th September 2016

    i believe you can have treats, but once in a while, and you can have really tasty meals, but make them from scratch rather than from a jar as they are usually full of salt.

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    Jackie Allum
    7th September 2016

    If you are stressing for no reason, always give yourself an extra 10 minutes to be quiet and mindful in your own skin.

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    7th September 2016

    The ‘healthy living’ tip which makes the most sense to me is eating a wide range of fruit and vegetables, of different colours if possible, and get at least 5 portions a day.

  6. Leave a Reply

    Henk Kooiman
    7th September 2016

    If you want to indulge in something ‘unhealthy’, count to ten first and if you still want to have it: enjoy it to the fullest !!

  7. Leave a Reply

    7th September 2016

    Not eating too many processed foods (which are high in sugar and salt) and walking everywhere instead of driving.

  8. Leave a Reply

    7th September 2016

    Eat lots of veg for vitamins and fibre, find a food you find comforting but still has health benefits and let yourself have a complete blowout every so often 🙂

  9. Leave a Reply

    Iris W
    7th September 2016

    I try to eat fairly healthy with lots of vegetables and often a side salad to fill me up, also no wine during the week but I find it harder to stick to my healthy eating at the weekends. I also do long walks with the dog everyday and at least one exercise class most days

  10. Leave a Reply

    Richard Eldred Hawes
    7th September 2016

    There is no need to cut out everything that people say ius ‘bad’ for you, moderation is the aim and a little of what you fancy occasionally is alright

  11. Leave a Reply

    Anne Perry
    7th September 2016

    I stay healthy by eating organic and saying no to gmos.

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    7th September 2016

    Try to mainly eat foods which look as close to their original appearance as possible! If you can’t identify something from its appearance, it’s likely to have been processed into oblivion 🙂

  13. Leave a Reply

    kellyjo walters
    7th September 2016

    veganism and being plant based for me.. I changed in the new year and not looked back I feel so much more healthy for doing it, more energy, my skin is glowing

  14. Leave a Reply

    7th September 2016

    Everything in moderation!! and keep walking, every day!

  15. Leave a Reply

    frances hopkins
    7th September 2016

    Lots of exercise and just treat myself now and again to the naughty food

  16. Leave a Reply

    Rosemary Guthrie
    7th September 2016

    I’ve made a conscious decision to reduce my caffeine intake and drink more water, but I miss coffee & tea during the daytime. I’m really interested in the Barleycup alternative.

    • Leave a Reply

      8th September 2016

      That’s a brave decision Rosie. If you’re a coffee lover, don’t expect the same taste, but it’s definitely worth a try. It makes for a comforting and reviving hot drink.

  17. Leave a Reply

    Natalie Crossan
    7th September 2016

    Eat tonnes of veg and walk every day

  18. Leave a Reply

    Helen Thurston
    8th September 2016

    Increase the amount of whole food plant based foods you eat – and try to cut out meat, dairy and highly processed foods. Drink plenty of water, listen to music and have walk each day.

    • Leave a Reply

      8th September 2016

      That sounds pretty comprehensive Helen. I like it, although I might have issues with the dairy bit.

  19. Leave a Reply

    Samantha O'D
    8th September 2016

    Having a positive attitude

  20. Leave a Reply

    Stuart Robinson
    8th September 2016

    I could really do with cutting down on caffeine day to day, it’s such a difficult addiction to kick.

  21. Leave a Reply

    8th September 2016

    Balance – for me, be it in food specifically or life in general. That and being kind to yourself.

  22. Leave a Reply

    melanie stirling
    8th September 2016

    Eat unprocessed food,drink plenty of water and get lots of fresh air.

  23. Leave a Reply

    8th September 2016

    Drink lots of water. Use smaller plates

  24. Leave a Reply

    8th September 2016

    I spend two hours daily doing Suryanamaskar, which is yoga that stretches every part of your body. It makes me calmer and happier.

  25. Leave a Reply

    laura banks
    8th September 2016

    a little bit of what you fancy wont do you any harm

  26. Leave a Reply

    Spencer Broadley
    9th September 2016

    The best tip I am told is to drink lots of water through the day – but you can also be naughty sometimes

  27. Leave a Reply

    Elaine Appleby
    9th September 2016

    Deny yourself nothing, but think about what you are eating. Exercise well, but not too much. Enjoy life.

    • Leave a Reply

      10th September 2016

      Sound philosophy. Everything in moderation, although I’m not so great at that.

      • Leave a Reply

        Elaine Appleby
        10th September 2016

        Choclette, it has taken me 63 years to reach this point. I am obviously a slow learner!

        • Leave a Reply

          10th September 2016

          Hahaha, I have yet to get there, so it doesn’t say a lot for my learning skills either.

  28. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca Smith
    10th September 2016

    Reduce your sugar and caffeine, you’ll notice a massive difference

  29. Leave a Reply

    Kim Styles
    11th September 2016

    exercise daily for at least 1/2 hour,eat sensibly and avoid smoking or excessive drinking!

  30. Leave a Reply

    Harline Parkin
    11th September 2016

    Always look at your portion size and get active

  31. Leave a Reply

    Wendy butcher
    11th September 2016

    Love the hamper it’s really lovely I’m crossing my fingers for this one

  32. Leave a Reply

    laura stewart
    11th September 2016

    drink lots of water

  33. Leave a Reply

    Tania Atfield
    11th September 2016

    Lots of water, treats here and there, lots of veg, pulses and fruit and only a little meat.

  34. Leave a Reply

    Graham Ross
    11th September 2016

    Drink .plenty of water,cut down on salt and sugar and red meat products

  35. Leave a Reply

    11th September 2016

    Eat less, enjoy more, moderation, laughter, joy, having fun with the kids and appreciating the small blessings in life

  36. Leave a Reply

    Gaynor banks
    11th September 2016

    Drinking plenty of water and eating lots of steam fresh vegetables

  37. Leave a Reply

    Ann Marie Gould
    11th September 2016

    Everything in moderation and keep active every day. my nan always said a little bit of what you fancy does you good!

  38. Leave a Reply

    Peter Watson
    11th September 2016

    The best thing to do for your health is give up smoking tobacco and ,if you do not smoke tobacco,don’t start.

  39. Leave a Reply

    11th September 2016

    Be kind to yourself; remember that you deserve looking after just like anyone else.

  40. Leave a Reply

    11th September 2016

    Try to make more healthy choices and less unhealthy one.

  41. Leave a Reply

    michelle smith
    11th September 2016

    Eat sensibly and drink plenty of water

  42. Leave a Reply

    11th September 2016

    Base your meals on starchy carbohydrates

  43. Leave a Reply

    Carolynn Woodland
    11th September 2016

    Remember the maxim ‘you are what you eat’, plus fresh air and exercise.

  44. Leave a Reply

    11th September 2016

    its a good trick to say to yourself, ‘yes, you can have the chocolate/cake/donut but before you do eat an apple’. Nine times out of ten you feel full up so don’t reach for the sweet treat!

    • Leave a Reply

      12th September 2016

      This is an excellent tip too. They’re coming in thick and fast 🙂

  45. Leave a Reply

    Julie T
    11th September 2016

    Chop up raw veggies into bite sized pieces to keep in the fridge for those moments when the ‘snacking demon’ grabs you. Try and shake the demon off and grab those veggies instead, it should work (most of the time).

    • Leave a Reply

      12th September 2016

      That is a brilliant idea Julie. It was the only type of snack I was allowed as a kid. Pre-preparing makes it more likely for me to eat more raw veg. Must do it!

  46. Leave a Reply

    Andrea Fletcher
    11th September 2016

    Eat lots of fruit and veg and get plenty of sleep and exercise.

  47. Leave a Reply

    11th September 2016

    what a lovely prize,would be great to share with my daughter

  48. Leave a Reply

    Joanne Darnell
    11th September 2016

    listen to your body it will tell you if you really need something or if your eating for the sake of it

  49. Leave a Reply

    Cthek Goru
    11th September 2016

    Plenty of walks with the grandkids on our local nature trail

  50. Leave a Reply

    Jennifer Toal
    11th September 2016

    Going for walks regularly

  51. Leave a Reply

    gemma raines
    11th September 2016

    getting enough sleep as sleep is vital for the body to repair and lots of us dont get enough sleep

  52. Leave a Reply

    Danielle Spencer
    12th September 2016

    A healthy mind helps keep a healthy body – trying to find at least one positive in your day will help see you through. Always focus on the positives as we all tend to see the negatives and it distorts our way of thinking.

  53. Leave a Reply

    Emily Knight
    12th September 2016

    Even the smallest changes can add up to make a big difference. Switch from sugar to natural sweetener, snack on fruit instead of chocolate, or switch your crisps at lunch for carrot sticks. Make more changes as and when you’re used to those you’ve already made, and it’ll become far easier to eat healthily!

  54. Leave a Reply

    barbara daniels
    12th September 2016

    positive thinking, lots of walking, and lots of fruit and vegetables and treats every so often.

  55. Leave a Reply

    amy bondoc
    12th September 2016

    A little exercise daily, and everything in moderation! you can have treats but dont over do it!

  56. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca williams
    12th September 2016

    I buy organic as much as possible and exercise 4 times a week.

  57. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca England
    12th September 2016

    Drink plenty of water, sleep enough hours. Take time out to properly relax and switch off worries. Avoid processed food – cook from scratch so you know what’s in your meal and bonus….it tastes better!

  58. Leave a Reply

    sarah mackay
    12th September 2016

    drink lots of water as you will feel a difference

  59. Leave a Reply

    Jennifer Haden
    12th September 2016

    When your starting to make changes to move to a healthier lifestyle and diet, do it in small stages. You want this to stick, to make it a habit, so go slowly, you want it as a habit, a routine. Too many changes at once, your less likely to stick to things. x

  60. Leave a Reply

    Kerry Kilmister
    12th September 2016

    Treats should be eaten in moderation. TRy to eat plenty of fruit and Veg, and keep up your water intake daily.

  61. Leave a Reply

    Lara Latchem
    12th September 2016

    If you want to make a few chances , do one at a time to make it more achievable

  62. Leave a Reply

    Tracey Ryder
    12th September 2016

    drink plenty of water and excercise daily

  63. Leave a Reply

    Ruth Harwood
    12th September 2016

    My top tip would be to drink decaf coffee if any at all, though I have to admit I do have filter coffee in the morning. I get more sleep now I’ve switched though, and that’s really beneficial to my health xx

  64. Leave a Reply

    Ashleigh Ryan
    12th September 2016

    Cooking from scratch means you know exactly what goes into a meal and you can also hide extra veg in sauces so the kids don’t realise!

  65. Leave a Reply

    Emily Hallett
    12th September 2016

    Take your time when eating. It takes time for your brain to realise you are full.

  66. Leave a Reply

    Bob Clark
    12th September 2016

    plenty of regular healthy exercise – always walk EVERYWHERE if possible

  67. Leave a Reply

    fozia Akhtar
    12th September 2016

    Eat everything in moderation and drink plenty of water

  68. Leave a Reply

    12th September 2016

    Try to get plenty of sleep by having a good sleep routine.

  69. Leave a Reply

    Zoe C
    12th September 2016

    Try to cook where possible from scratch, cheaper, healthier and you know what’s in it,

  70. Leave a Reply

    Liam Bishop
    12th September 2016

    Sleep is very important, make sure you get a decent uninterrupted sleep and that will do wonders for all aspects of health!

  71. Leave a Reply

    12th September 2016

    Worrying achieves nothing – I try to live by the mantra What will be will be – doesn’t always work but it helps x

  72. Leave a Reply

    Jen Schofield
    12th September 2016

    Try and eat a balanced diet – it’s easier to keep up with and follow

  73. Leave a Reply

    Karen R
    12th September 2016

    Try to eat more natural and less processed foods – and avoid stimulants

  74. Leave a Reply

    Jayne Townson
    12th September 2016

    Drink plenty of water, eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, get plenty of sleep and have a brisk walk every day.

  75. Leave a Reply

    Alice Fox
    12th September 2016

    I always take Acai Berry Tablets. My hair, skin, nails have improved so much and they are good for keeping weight down to 🙂

  76. Leave a Reply

    Katie Witherington
    12th September 2016

    drink plenty of water, if you think your hungry have a glass of water and if still hungry half hour later then you really are,

  77. Leave a Reply

    12th September 2016

    My tip would have to be to remember to drink your daily amount of water and instead of getting the bus places why not walk instead.

  78. Leave a Reply

    Fay Smith
    12th September 2016

    Eat little but often, helps keep your metabolism going.

  79. Leave a Reply

    Claire Stewart
    12th September 2016

    Portion control and natural foods, dont deprive your body

  80. Leave a Reply

    Alison Johnson
    12th September 2016

    Be conscious of everything you consume. Try to balance it out – if you have a heavy day of eating & drinking, eat lighter, healthier foods the next day. Always to to drink 2 litres of water a day.

  81. Leave a Reply

    Caroline H
    12th September 2016

    Even if you hate cooking, learn to make a range of healthy meals from scratch. That way you know exactly what you are eating – and there’s a lot of quick and quite simply lovely dishes out there.

  82. Leave a Reply

    Michael Griffin
    12th September 2016

    Eat plenty of fruit and drink water

  83. Leave a Reply

    Laura H
    12th September 2016

    Be sure to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water and exercise daily

  84. Leave a Reply

    Laura Jeffs
    12th September 2016

    Eat lots of fruit and veg and cut down on saturated fat and sugar 🙂

  85. Leave a Reply

    Jo Carroll
    12th September 2016

    Try to experience as many things as life has to offer as you possibly can even if it’s just the once and you’re bound to come across the things that make you happy and they may come in the least expected places. x

  86. Leave a Reply

    sam macaree
    12th September 2016

    cut down on bad fats and processed carbs. exercise regularly too.

  87. Leave a Reply

    Maggie Coates
    12th September 2016

    A varied diet – everything in moderation.

  88. Leave a Reply

    Maggie Coates
    12th September 2016

    I have just noticed I was supposed to comment in 10 words or more. I thought it was ten words or less.
    So in addition to what I said before, I would say plan what you are going to eat, don’t go shopping when you are hungry and just enjoy a sensible balanced diet.

  89. Leave a Reply

    Natasha M
    12th September 2016

    Dont deprive yourself of anything but try and find a selection of healthy food you really enjoy

  90. Leave a Reply

    Julie Booth
    12th September 2016

    Not to eat too many carbs especially bread as they make you put on weight and feel bloated. Eat a high protein diet with lots of fruit, veg and water

  91. Leave a Reply

    Jim Milligan
    12th September 2016

    Avoid processed food, and cook healthily a mixed diet with plenty of green veg

  92. Leave a Reply

    Ellie Wood
    13th September 2016

    Drink lots of water and try and keep a track of how much veg you eat with an app

  93. Leave a Reply

    Susan Ellins
    13th September 2016

    Eat loads of fruit and drink loads of water

  94. Leave a Reply

    13th September 2016

    try to eat natural food, stay active, focus on the positives

  95. Leave a Reply

    Cherry Edwards
    13th September 2016

    Fresh air, laughs, friendship, socialising, ex recipe and fruit and veg. Do all of these regularly and you will feel good.

  96. Leave a Reply

    Adele Knight
    13th September 2016

    Eat and drink healthy allow yourself the occasional treat

  97. Leave a Reply

    Jamie Millard
    13th September 2016

    eat little and often. Small meals regularly way better than big meals You know when you are full easier so you don’t over-eat

  98. Leave a Reply

    13th September 2016

    Drinking plenty of water is key to staying healthy and active.

  99. Leave a Reply

    Lisa Wilkinson
    13th September 2016

    I drink lots of water everyday and do a small amount of exercise whenever I can

  100. Leave a Reply

    Gerri Tennant
    13th September 2016

    Cut down on sugar and processed foods. Drink lots of water, build in some excercise everyday, and try to reduce your stress levels.

  101. Leave a Reply

    13th September 2016

    Eat lots of fruit and veg. It’s recommended that we eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and veg every day. A 150ml glass of unsweetened 100% fruit juice or smoothie can count as one portion, and vegetables cooked into dishes also count.

  102. Leave a Reply

    Susan Hoggett
    14th September 2016

    eat in moderation and exercise for at least 20mins every day to get your heart rate up

  103. Leave a Reply

    Tee simpson
    14th September 2016

    Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and vegetables and exercise regularly

  104. Leave a Reply

    Jessica M
    15th September 2016

    I always try to drink lots of water and make time for exercise.

  105. Leave a Reply

    leanne weir
    17th September 2016

    drink water before 10am and have a daily walk in the evening

  106. Leave a Reply

    Warren Jacobs
    17th September 2016

    Step out of your comfort zone at least once a day!

  107. Leave a Reply

    Becky Duffy
    17th September 2016

    I believe that at least 5 a day is a must when it comes to fruit and veg

  108. Leave a Reply

    Beky Austerberry
    17th September 2016

    I don’t live as healthy as I should – to start I should sleep properly and drink a lot more water.

  109. Leave a Reply

    Jodie harvey
    18th September 2016

    A healthy balanced diet, plenty of water and exercise 2/3 times a week

  110. Leave a Reply

    janine atkin
    18th September 2016

    drink plenty of water and avoid sugar where possible. easier said than done!

  111. Leave a Reply

    Miss Tracy Hanson
    18th September 2016

    Eat a wide range of foods to ensure that you’re getting a balanced diet and that your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs

  112. Leave a Reply

    CLAIRE woods
    18th September 2016

    healthy food and exercise.

  113. Leave a Reply

    Rachel Craig
    18th September 2016

    Stay positive, think of the benefits:- Endorphins, natural feel good hormones. Can build on the positive i.e. make more improvements.

    Whereas being negative, tend to give up through feelings of already failed.

  114. Leave a Reply

    Colin Bancroft
    18th September 2016

    A balanced vegetarian diet with lots of fresh fruit and veg

  115. Leave a Reply

    Elaine Fitzpatrick
    18th September 2016

    I aim to cut out caffeine plus my SIL has a gluten freed iet – it’s love;y to have nice treats in for when she visits

  116. Leave a Reply

    Louise Bridgwater
    18th September 2016

    Get pregnant. Then you’re forced into reducing it… Then you’re used to having none and can carry on! LOL.

  117. Leave a Reply

    Denise Cross
    18th September 2016

    drinking lots of water and enjoying life to the full

  118. Leave a Reply

    Heather brannan
    18th September 2016

    Don’t deny yourself the things you love. Everything in moderation!

  119. Leave a Reply

    pete c
    18th September 2016

    drink plenty of water and exercise regularly; something everyone can do in their lives

  120. Leave a Reply

    Richell Lever
    18th September 2016

    Eat protein at every meal, so have some eggs for breakfast. Eat around 1g of protein per 1lb of body weight per day as a minimum.

  121. Leave a Reply

    Laura Nice
    18th September 2016

    Keep and food diary and prepare meals as much as you can!

  122. Leave a Reply

    18th September 2016

    Change all your cooking oil to coconut oil

  123. Leave a Reply

    18th September 2016

    I would say balance is the key – everything in moderation – make the healthiest choices you can and listen to your own body – don’t follow the crowd as what works for one person may be different for you.

  124. Leave a Reply

    Claire a Toplis
    19th September 2016

    I have never heard of barkeycup I’m intrigued to try it though

  125. Leave a Reply

    Helen Stratton
    19th September 2016

    Be as active as possible – it makes you look and feel better.

  126. Leave a Reply

    19th September 2016

    i find drinking water helps to keep your skin and body healthy!

  127. Leave a Reply

    Kim M
    19th September 2016

    I try and drink lots of water and get some sunshine everyday if I can x

  128. Leave a Reply

    Paula Readings
    20th September 2016

    Swop ‘sweet’ snacks for fruit ones.

  129. Leave a Reply

    Alexis Pettie
    20th September 2016

    I try to keep healthy by drinking plenty water, eating as healthy as I can and to get out walking. Having the dog helps, he needs out at least twice a day.

  130. Leave a Reply

    Catherine Goodwin
    20th September 2016

    Sounds like this is what I could do with as I am a proper caffeine addict

  131. Leave a Reply

    22nd September 2016

    Exercising can really help your overall health plus drinking lots of water

  132. Leave a Reply

    Tammy Stevenson
    22nd September 2016

    I think that the most important aspect of getting a healthier diet and routine has to be your attitude. You have to actually want to live healthily in order to succeed and wanting to diet just isn’t enough usually!

  133. Leave a Reply

    Melissa Crowe
    22nd September 2016

    cut down on sugar, cook meals fresh yum

  134. Leave a Reply

    sarah fielding
    22nd September 2016

    I drink so much green tea, It’s great for you!!

  135. Leave a Reply

    Helen Moulden
    24th September 2016

    I think to make sure you get plenty of exercise (or at least go for walks), and make sure you always drink enough water.

  136. Leave a Reply

    Kelly Hirst
    24th September 2016

    Think about what your drinking as much as eating, try to drink a lot of water and steer clear of too much caffeine

  137. Leave a Reply

    Patricia Avery
    24th September 2016

    We are lucky enough to be able to grow/freeze/cook/eat a wide variety of our own fruit and veg organically. Keeps us fit too although now retired we also spend a couple of hours a day on a gym and swim. We are great believers in exercise to keep you fit, healthy and happy 🙂

  138. Leave a Reply

    Marie Jacobs
    25th September 2016

    Drink loads of water so u flush out all the toxins in your body and make smoothies

  139. Leave a Reply

    Gillian Holmes
    25th September 2016

    Half the size of your portions – right now.

  140. Leave a Reply

    emily omara
    25th September 2016

    eat balanced healthy meals and make sure you exercise for at least 30 mins a day!

  141. Leave a Reply

    Joanna Ford
    25th September 2016

    Make sure you have veg with every meal and fruit as a pudding!

  142. Leave a Reply

    Angela G
    27th September 2016

    Exercising more and cutting down on sugar, salt and sweets.

  143. Leave a Reply

    27th September 2016

    Keep well hydrated. I drink 3 litres of water each day & go for a walk

  144. Leave a Reply

    Maralyn Smith .
    27th September 2016

    Cut out sugar and salt…..there is plenty of both occurring naturally in our everyday fresh foods.

  145. Leave a Reply

    Shirley Evans
    27th September 2016

    All things in moderation,”A little of what you fancy does you good”

  146. Leave a Reply

    Rich Tyler
    28th September 2016

    Plenty of fresh air and water, plus not too many naughty’s!

  147. Leave a Reply

    Jennifer Carroll
    28th September 2016

    write a shopping list and stick to it, don’t write it when you’re hungry

  148. Leave a Reply

    Mary Chez
    28th September 2016

    Eat sensibly and try to exercise daily

  149. Leave a Reply

    carole nott
    28th September 2016

    my top tip is to keep hydrated coupled with plenty of exercise,

  150. Leave a Reply

    jessica catherine
    29th September 2016

    go for a walk every day and eat in moderation. yay

  151. Leave a Reply

    Kristyn Harris
    29th September 2016

    I go for a walk each day for half an hour and drink lots of water

  152. Leave a Reply

    Michaela Smith
    29th September 2016

    Reduce the sugar content in your diet and eat lots of vegetables 🙂

  153. Leave a Reply

    Maria P
    30th September 2016

    Eat freshly prepare food and try to avoid the pre-prepared meals as usually they are full of sugar (even the pasta sauces)

  154. Leave a Reply

    Kerry Locke
    30th September 2016

    A vegan diet with lots of exercise is the perfect way to a healthy lifestyle

  155. Leave a Reply

    Jo Hutchinson
    1st October 2016

    My ‘healthy living’ tip Try not to think of certain foods as “bad.” When you ban certain foods it is natural to want those foods more, and then feel like a failure if you give in to temptation. try reducing the portion size instead.

  156. Leave a Reply

    suzi moore
    1st October 2016

    clean healthy living, and herbal tea

  157. Leave a Reply

    Samantha R
    1st October 2016

    I really think using apps like Myfitnesspal helps keep track of food and makes you realise how many calories are in things.

  158. Leave a Reply

    Helen W
    2nd October 2016

    Get plenty of sleep! The importance of good quality sleep is often overlooked.

  159. Leave a Reply

    Eliza james
    2nd October 2016

    I would love to try this as an alternative to coffee! I drink too much I think!

  160. Leave a Reply

    Allan Fullarton
    2nd October 2016

    Drink a lot of water, it helps wash away and bad thoughts. Plenty of exercise helps.

  161. Leave a Reply

    Kay Broomfield
    2nd October 2016

    Everything in moderation.

  162. Leave a Reply

    hannah igoe
    2nd October 2016

    Don’t let yourself get really hungry as you are more likely to snack on bad stuff, plan snacks ahead.

  163. Leave a Reply

    2nd October 2016

    keep saturated fats low and cook majority of meals from scratch

  164. Leave a Reply

    sam cartlidge
    2nd October 2016

    drink plenty of water

  165. Leave a Reply

    2nd October 2016

    Drink water, cook healthy food at home and stop smoking 🙂

  166. Leave a Reply

    Sandra Clarke
    3rd October 2016

    Try and stick to natural food without any additives & no sugar.

  167. Leave a Reply

    Karen Barrett
    3rd October 2016

    Everything in moderation, buy local and fresh, in season and most importantly, laugh a lot! 🙂

  168. Leave a Reply

    3rd October 2016

    cooking fresh meals without using jars will be a lot healthier

  169. Leave a Reply

    grainne marnell-fox
    3rd October 2016

    everything in moderation and drink lots of water to keep hydrated

  170. Leave a Reply

    Kimberley Ryan
    3rd October 2016

    Drink plenty of water, take more exercise, cut down on sugary treats and portion control

  171. Leave a Reply

    tricia cowell
    3rd October 2016

    Cut down on processed foods and drink plenty of water

  172. Leave a Reply

    Michaela Smith
    3rd October 2016

    Lots of vegetables – Walking my Dog – Green tea and water 🙂

  173. Leave a Reply

    maureen moss
    3rd October 2016

    Eat plenty of fruit and veg and always remember you are what you eat..AND choose well

  174. Leave a Reply

    Tina Nichols
    3rd October 2016

    Hot tea is always nice on a cool, autumn night.

  175. Leave a Reply

    Carly Belsey
    3rd October 2016

    I recently got a nutri bullet blender and this is amazing for getting fruit and veg into your daily diet easily

    • Leave a Reply

      4th October 2016

      High power blenders are just brilliant. I have a smoothie most mornings now.

  176. Leave a Reply

    Laura Harrison
    4th October 2016

    Try to eat home cooked food instead of microwave ready meals, drink lots of water and eat a well balanced diet xxx

  177. Leave a Reply

    Sadiyya Maryam
    4th October 2016

    Drinking lots of water throughout the day and walk as much as you can, it all helps. Have also found that getting the whole family involved in making healthy choices has been so beneficial as it helps teach my daughter good health habits and my husband and I can support each other. Some great tips here, thanks!

  178. Leave a Reply

    Allan Wilson
    4th October 2016

    Get plenty of walks and drink fresh water as often as possible.

  179. Leave a Reply

    4th October 2016

    try not to over eat and eat heavy meals late at night, also try to give yourself 1 treat a day

  180. Leave a Reply

    Anthea Holloway
    4th October 2016

    Grow your own fruit and vegetables and herbs and use lots of them in your cooking and cut down on the meat side. You will feel healthier and stronger as a result.

    • Leave a Reply

      4th October 2016

      I would if I could Anthea. Pretty much all of our fruit and veg got eaten by one critter or another – it’s been the worst year I’ve ever known.

  181. Leave a Reply

    Tina Glover
    4th October 2016

    Drink water with lemon in a morning to flush out your body

    • Leave a Reply

      4th October 2016

      I do Tina and have done since I can’t remember when – warm water, not cold.

  182. Leave a Reply

    michelle o'neill
    4th October 2016

    30 minutes of daily exercise, cooking without fat

  183. Leave a Reply

    Vic JD
    4th October 2016

    Go to bed early to get plenty of sleep

  184. Leave a Reply

    Marty Gardiner
    4th October 2016

    Eat right, drink plenty of water and excercise

  185. Leave a Reply

    Ali Thorpe
    4th October 2016

    Find the fitness method that suits you. There is one for everyone, you simply have to find it. Mine’s yoga.

  186. Leave a Reply

    4th October 2016

    Try making as much as possible from scratch. Then you avoid excess sugar, salt, fat chemicals and preservatives.

  187. Leave a Reply

    Victoria Prince
    4th October 2016

    My top tip is not to deprive yourself of anything, but eat it in moderation 🙂 and make small changes little by little – soon they’ll become such habit you won’t even notice!

  188. Leave a Reply

    Emma Livesey
    4th October 2016

    Do things that are good for the mind as well as the body. Try to laugh everyday.

  189. Leave a Reply

    Debbie Preston
    4th October 2016

    Don’t smoke. Drink plenty of water every day

  190. Leave a Reply

    michelle speight
    4th October 2016

    everything in moderation but try drinking water first to see if your thirsty not hungry first

  191. Leave a Reply

    david cavender
    5th October 2016

    early to bed, early to rise, excercise, don’t eat or drink to excess, have lots of good friends

  192. Leave a Reply

    marie miles
    5th October 2016

    during the week i try to eat as healthy as i can, with plenty of exercise but weekends i tend to have anything i like and lapse greatly on my healthy eating but always pick up again on the monday but a trick really i use is soup often before a meal as soup is very filling and nutritious and it means i do not over indulge on my dinners.

  193. Leave a Reply

    Mary H
    5th October 2016

    Ditch meat, eat plenty of seasonal fruit and veg. Pickle and preserve when you have a glut in Summer, to spread your produce throughout the year. Move around a bit

  194. Leave a Reply

    Cheryl Miller
    5th October 2016

    I live on 26 prescriptions every day! I’m now trying different herbal medications. It sounds so nice your coffee!

  195. Leave a Reply

    Sharon Lou Johnson
    5th October 2016

    fresh air and plenty of water x

  196. Leave a Reply

    Michael W
    5th October 2016

    I’m still working on achieving healthy living, but apart from falling in love with someone who loves you right back, I would suggest do what ever you to get a good nights sleep.

  197. Leave a Reply

    Mark Scott
    5th October 2016

    Try not to have night time binges especially after 7 pm and get plenty of exercise.

  198. Leave a Reply

    Christina Hedges
    5th October 2016

    I Personally need to work on reducing Caffeine..working in an office I drink far too much coffee. More water, exercise and positive mental attitude helps. Also Law of Attraction 🙂

  199. Leave a Reply

    jo liddement
    5th October 2016

    A good nights sleep always makes is easier to accomplish things the next day and also getting outdoors for a walk every day keeps the muscles toned.

  200. Leave a Reply

    Laura Kevlin
    5th October 2016

    Keep moving – sit rather than lie down, stand rather than sit, walk rather than stand, run rather than walk etc. I find this works better than intense bursts of ‘structured’ exercise.

  201. Leave a Reply

    Fiona Sanderson
    5th October 2016

    My top tip is SOUP!!! I make a batch of soup at the begining of each week to take in for lunches for that week. They are super tasty as homemade and also great for you! Best of all you can make soup SOUPer cheap 😀 Healthy for the body and the wallet!

  202. Leave a Reply

    Jo McPherson
    5th October 2016

    Buy as much fresh food as possible rather than relying on ready meals. Also get plenty of exercise, walking is great

  203. Leave a Reply

    Donna Caldwell
    5th October 2016

    I try and eat a healthy diet , not to much red meat and plenty of fruit and veg , it’s quite difficult in today society as everything’s quick and easy food

  204. Leave a Reply

    Sheri Darby
    5th October 2016

    Simply try and go for a walk everyday, doesn’t have to be a long one

  205. Leave a Reply

    Hayley Elvin
    5th October 2016

    Drink lots of water and cut down on sugar. Prepare things from scratch and you know exactly what you are eating!

  206. Leave a Reply

    Kristy Brown
    5th October 2016

    Get out and about with a good friend – walk to the coffee shop and drop your burdens on the way so that you can laugh and love!

  207. Leave a Reply

    Charlotte Burford
    5th October 2016

    Drink plenty of water and surround yourself with people who make you laugh!

  208. Leave a Reply

    Magdalene Drummond
    5th October 2016

    Lots of water 🙂

  209. Leave a Reply

    Natalie Jones
    6th October 2016

    Drink lots of water, adequate sleep and laugh plenty, keeps everything balanced

  210. Leave a Reply

    Jenny Prest
    6th October 2016

    Every thing in moderation, have a walk everyday and cook your own meals so you know whats going into them.

  211. Leave a Reply

    Petra Hora
    6th October 2016

    Walking instead of driving.

  212. Leave a Reply

    Jeanette Davenport
    6th October 2016

    Drink plenty of water to flush out the bad toxin’s in your body. And eat a apple a day to keep that doctor away xx

  213. Leave a Reply

    Geoff Hibbert
    6th October 2016

    A full English breakfast (done in beef dripping) every day with thick slices of white bread and a large glass of full cream milk – done me alright for 70 years.

  214. Leave a Reply

    Joanna Coleshill
    6th October 2016

    Walk as much as you can! I always get off the bus at least one stop early to maximise my walking!

  215. Leave a Reply

    Victoria Dixon
    6th October 2016

    Eat in moderation, drink plenty of water and try to exercise at least 3 times a week, its a great way to de stress x

  216. Leave a Reply

    elaine stokes
    6th October 2016

    eat what you want but eat in moderation, try to have your five a day, and exercise

  217. Leave a Reply

    6th October 2016

    I exercise at least three times a week and eat many fruits and veg

  218. Leave a Reply

    Sam parkes
    6th October 2016

    Eat clean and fresh. I tend to make majority of our meals from scratch so know what’s in it.

  219. Leave a Reply

    6th October 2016

    Eat in moderation, drink plenty of water. And keep active if only walking.

  220. Leave a Reply

    lynn neal
    6th October 2016

    Eat plenty of colourful fresh fruit and veg!

  221. Leave a Reply

    Lucy Robinson
    6th October 2016

    Everything in moderation.

  222. Leave a Reply

    Julie Djendi
    6th October 2016

    Keep hydrated. Eat mindfully. Get enough sleep. Engage in some resistance exercise. Practise random acts of kindness

  223. Leave a Reply

    Amanda Davis
    6th October 2016

    Everything in moderation, exercise and drink plenty of water

  224. Leave a Reply

    sharon martin
    6th October 2016

    to drink plenty of water ( stay hydrated) and to eat in moderartion

  225. Leave a Reply

    carol boffey
    6th October 2016

    drink plenty of water and alot of walks

  226. Leave a Reply

    Abigail Cullen
    6th October 2016

    To do adequate exercise, drink plenty of water and a maintain a good skin regime.

  227. Leave a Reply

    6th October 2016

    Make a big portion of food but freeze it in small portions. Eat the small portion and wait 10 mins, if still hungry go defrost another… little and often but 9 times out of 10 the small portion is enough once its had time to settle

  228. Leave a Reply

    Lauren Old
    6th October 2016

    Drink plenty of water, eat a varied diet and regularly exercise

  229. Leave a Reply

    Lorna Beattie
    6th October 2016

    get outside, even just for a 10 minute walk – once you’re out, you’ll probably walk further!

  230. Leave a Reply

    Lorraine Langham
    6th October 2016

    Find fruit and vegetables that you enjoy eating – experiment with what’s in season. And drink lots of water!

  231. Leave a Reply

    Jessica Hutton
    6th October 2016

    Go for lots of country walks with the dogs and cook all your meals from scratch xx

  232. Leave a Reply

    Hayley Todd
    6th October 2016

    Eat a balanced diet, don’t skip breakfast, drink water!

  233. Leave a Reply

    Marie Rule
    6th October 2016

    My top healthy tip is to drink plenty of water. I know it’s simple, but it works!

  234. Leave a Reply

    6th October 2016

    Including lots of fruit and vegetables in your diet, drinking plenty of water and less of fizzy drinks. Also plenty of walks and games outside 🙂

  235. Leave a Reply

    Stev Rigby
    6th October 2016

    I have been drinking Barleycup for years; my mother introduced me to it when I was a child and she is still going strong at 92.

  236. Leave a Reply

    Lynsey Buchanan
    6th October 2016

    Drinking lots of water and cutting out the sugary drinks and alcohol

  237. Leave a Reply

    Chris Fletcher
    6th October 2016

    As I’ve got older you realise how much you need to take care of yourself! My tip is get into a habit of healthy living when young (If you still have the chance of course!) It is much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle than to convert to one!

  238. Leave a Reply

    Cerys John
    6th October 2016

    Lots of walking and vegetables- with a treat thrown in now and then 🙂

  239. Leave a Reply

    EJ Dunn
    6th October 2016

    Cut down on sugar and caffeine! I have done this, lost lots of weight and feel so much better for it!

  240. Leave a Reply

    Caroline Signey
    6th October 2016

    Eat clean unprocessed foods and drink lots of water

  241. Leave a Reply

    6th October 2016

    Lots of Fresh air and exercise. Also good food and drinking plenty of water

  242. Leave a Reply

    Elspeth MacMillan
    6th October 2016

    Drink lots of water. Eat lots of fruit and veg and try to take a brisk walk every day 😀

  243. Leave a Reply

    Hayley Colburn
    6th October 2016

    As simple as it sounds, getting into the habit of drinking at least 1.5 litres of water per day and walking where possible really makes a difference, I try to steer clear of most processed foods these days and eat fresh, since sticking to these rules I have felt so much more energetic and generally much healthier, don;t get me wrong, if I want a cream cake every now and then I will have one, everyone deserves a treat now and then 😀

  244. Leave a Reply

    donna l jones
    6th October 2016

    l like go for a walk every day for at least 1 hour

  245. Leave a Reply

    Paula Cheadle
    6th October 2016

    we eat and drink in our house quite heathly, as I am gluten and dairy free diet, so I make 99% of the food we eat

  246. Leave a Reply

    Champaklal Lad
    6th October 2016

    make your OWN food – you know what’s in it

  247. Leave a Reply

    Adrian Bold
    6th October 2016

    Walk if you don’t need to drive!

    • Leave a Reply

      7th October 2016

      I’m so with you on this one Adrian – walk unless you absolutely have to drive even 🙂

  248. Leave a Reply

    Jane Middleton
    7th October 2016

    Drinking plenty of water and limiting sugar intake

  249. Leave a Reply

    Jill Fairbanks
    7th October 2016

    I think it’s all about drinking plenty of water

  250. Leave a Reply

    Madeline Johns
    7th October 2016

    Oh wowie, i think i could defo do with this! Rely way too much on caffeine all day to keep me going!

  251. Leave a Reply

    Natasha R-M
    7th October 2016

    Always keep things in perspective, lead a balanced life and remind yourself to slow down from time to time and “take time to smell the roses”.

  252. Leave a Reply

    Oksana Fitzgerald
    7th October 2016

    Sleep plenty, sleep is crucial for your cell restoration. Drink plenty, Exercise and eat organic.

  253. Leave a Reply

    angela edmonds
    7th October 2016

    plenty of rest and fruit and veg of course

  254. Leave a Reply

    karen watt
    7th October 2016

    I have reduced my caffeine intake now drink more green tea and started powerwave classes love them 20 min workout equlivent to 1hr

  255. Leave a Reply

    stephanie whitehurst
    7th October 2016

    Drink lots of water and add lots of fruit and veg into your diet. Eat in moderation and take up a new exercise it could be walking for people who are not able to do more physical exercise

  256. Leave a Reply

    claire knott
    7th October 2016

    drink lots of water-warm or cold and smile a lot-it really makes you feel better !

  257. Leave a Reply

    Caroline James
    7th October 2016

    Drink lots of water and have more that 5 fruit and veg each day. Walking is the best and cheapest excercise too.

  258. Leave a Reply

    Ellen Stafford
    7th October 2016

    Drink plenty of water and get out walking.

  259. Leave a Reply

    Helen Craigs
    7th October 2016

    Lovely to have an alternative to tea or coffee, especially as a night time drink before bed.

  260. Leave a Reply

    Emma choonage
    7th October 2016

    I would love to win this and gift it to my grandmother. Fingers crossed x

  261. Leave a Reply

    Susan Williams
    7th October 2016

    All things in moderation and plenty of fresh air.

  262. Leave a Reply

    Dale Dow
    7th October 2016

    if you think you need sugar, then reduce it gradually, you will soon get to the point where you can’t taste the difference

  263. Leave a Reply

    Ruth Liddle-Howden
    7th October 2016

    I think moderation in all things is the key to a healthy lifestyle

  264. Leave a Reply

    Keith Hunt
    7th October 2016

    Fresh, frozen, tinned and 100% fruit juices all count!

  265. Leave a Reply

    7th October 2016

    fresh air and freshly prepared food

  266. Leave a Reply

    Beverley Cousins
    7th October 2016

    Reduce the sat fat intake

  267. Leave a Reply

    tammi nutting
    7th October 2016

    green tea is my love it wakes my mind and body up

  268. Leave a Reply

    Karen Howden
    7th October 2016

    Snack on pieces of fruit and veg instead of sweets

  269. Leave a Reply

    Jade Marie
    7th October 2016

    Grown it yourself and teach the kids x

  270. Leave a Reply

    Kirsti Peters
    7th October 2016

    I would reccommed drinking Green Tea especiallt Matcha as part of your daily food/drink intake

  271. Leave a Reply

    7th October 2016

    All in moderation mostly, but just as important to enjoy life’s pleasures

  272. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Cooper
    7th October 2016

    Find an sport or exercise that you love. I have found running.

  273. Leave a Reply

    Angela Cringle
    7th October 2016

    Cook from scratch it takes time but well worth it

  274. Leave a Reply

    Charlotte Foy
    7th October 2016

    Try to find a moderation for your favourite fatty guilty food. There is almost always a substitute and then you don’t feel bad eating it 🙂 Also, switch up your exercise regime so it doesn’t get boring. Home workouts mixed with sports are my recommendation 🙂

  275. Leave a Reply

    Kyomi Johnson
    7th October 2016

    Everything in moderation

  276. Leave a Reply

    Julie Camm
    7th October 2016

    Don’t listen to fads and advice saying don’t eat this that and the other…. everything in moderation is what you need.

  277. Leave a Reply

    Philip Underwood
    7th October 2016

    Do exercise and make healthy smoothies at least once or twice a week!

  278. Leave a Reply

    Keith Dixon
    7th October 2016

    I’ve been vegetarian for 30 years and am now trying to be vegan.

  279. Leave a Reply

    Natalie Gillham
    7th October 2016

    Live and eat healthily, keep active, treat yourself every now and again, take time out to reflect and relax

  280. Leave a Reply

    jen s morgan
    7th October 2016

    Try as much as much as you can to cook from Strachan to cut down on added sugars and salt x

  281. Leave a Reply

    alice lightning
    7th October 2016

    eat a variety of foods in moderation healthy and a naughty treat too,this will help you keep in balance more

  282. Leave a Reply

    becki gates
    7th October 2016

    at least 4 cups of water a day and 3 pieces of different fruit

  283. Leave a Reply

    Beryl drake
    7th October 2016

    I think its important to eat natural , stay hydrated and caffine free

  284. Leave a Reply

    sarah evans
    7th October 2016

    I say a little of what u fancy does u good, everything in moderation

  285. Leave a Reply

    Ali Fanstone
    7th October 2016

    have fun, dont take life too seriously enjoy it, sleep well and drink lots of water.

  286. Leave a Reply

    chris bull
    7th October 2016

    I’d say allow yourself to have treats but when you do, set aside a time and enjoy every mouthful 🙂

  287. Leave a Reply

    amanda greensmith
    7th October 2016

    drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruit and veg

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