Granny’s Apple Pie with Wholemeal Spelt and a Food Processor Giveaway

Granny's Apple Pie

Calling this Granny’s apple pie is perhaps a bit far fetched. My Grandmother made the best pastry ever and wonderful apple pies to boot, but I very much doubt she’d have even heard of spelt and she’d never have used wholemeal flour. She also made her pastry by hand. This pastry was made using my new VonShef 1000W food processor. Read on to find out how to enter the giveaway for a chance of winning one for yourself.

Wholemeal Spelt Pastry

Normally I would make my pastry by hand, just like my granny, but I thought I’d give it a try in the VonShef as I wanted to put it through its paces. I can confidently report that it’s a lot easier and faster using the food processor method, though there is a bit more washing up to do. All I had to do was throw the ingredients into the bowl of the food processor and press a button. Well that maybe over simplifying it slightly, but not by much. I added the flour, butter, salt and nutmeg first and blitzed for a few seconds. Then I added the yoghurt and whizzed for a few more seconds until the mixture gathered itself into a dough.

VonShef Food Processor

If you’re wandering about the yoghurt, I generally use it to bind my wholemeal dough, which is otherwise tricky to handle. It helps to make a flaky and very tasty pastry turning Granny’s apple pie into even more of a treat. I prefer wholemeal pastry as it’s not only much healthier but has a nutty quality to it which enhances the flavour.

Granny's Apple Pie

Coincidentally, it was pastry week on The Great British Bake Off on Tuesday. Some of the pies looked and sounded fantastic. I feel I now need to make a savoury pie and have a go at pasteis de nata, otherwise known as Portuguese custard tarts. However, I’ve noticed no-one on #GBBO is ever brave enough to make wholemeal pastry.

Granny’s Apple Pie

Once you’ve made the pastry, all the work for Granny’s apple pie is almost done. This is a super simple recipe which requires no pre-cooking of the apples. Simply slice them up and add a bit of sugar. The only fiddly bit is cutting out pastry decorations. The bit of pastry you can see looking lost on the top was my inept attempt at a leaf. I must try harder.

Granny's Apple Pie

Apple season is now in full swing. I’m finding apples everywhere I go. Colleagues are bringing them into work, I see help yourself boxes of them sitting on people’s doorsteps and best of all I have the next door neighbour’s apples falling into my new garden. I do love autumn. The pastry was beautifully flaky and crisp on the bottom. No soggy bottoms for me. Now that Mary Berry is no longer part of #GBBO, maybe that’s now a thing of the past anyway. The pie is wonderful eaten hot straight from the oven, with or without clotted cream or custard. But it’s almost as good eaten cold the next day.

Granny's Apple Pie

VonShef 1000W Food Processor

My aunt recently told me she’d been having problems finding a food processor that had stainless steel attachments rather than plastic. I’m pleased to report that the six chopping, shredding, slicing and grating blades that come with the VonShef 1000W Food Processor are all made of stainless steel. The only plastic attachment is the dough blade which I used to make Granny’s apple pie. The bowl is bigger than my last food processor (3.5 litre capacity), but it’s a lot more compact than you might think and doesn’t take up much more space. It’s taller than it is wider, but still sits comfortably on the workbench and under the kitchen cabinets.

VonShef Food Processor

It does everything you’d expect a good food processor to do and comes with a 1.8 litre capacity blender jug. Smoothies are very much an option as are soups, dips, sauces, coleslaw and any number of other delights – including pastry of course. It has a two speed control for versatility plus the ever useful pulse function.

My absolute favourite feature is the handy drawer at the bottom which holds the attachments. No longer do I need to hunt around in the back of the cupboard every time I need to change the grater to a slicer or chopper. They all fit snugly into the drawer and will never be lost again. The 1000W motor is powerful so it has an in-built thermal cut-out device in case the food processor begins to overheat.

You can buy the VonShef 1000W Food Processor online via Domu for £59.99.

Granny’s Apple Pie – The Recipe

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Granny's Apple Pie
Granny's Apple Pie with Wholemeal Spelt Pastry
Prep Time
20 mins
Cook Time
30 mins
Total Time
50 mins
A simple but super tasty apple pie made with delicious flakey, buttery wholemeal spelt pastry.
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: British
Servings: 6
Author: Choclette @ Tin and Thyme
  • 250 g wholemeal spelt flour
  • 150 g unsalted butter
  • pinch sea salt
  • grating of nutmeg I used 3 drops of spice drops
  • 3 tbsp natural yoghurt
  • 3 large cooking apples or 4-6 windfalls - peeled cored, quartered and sliced
  • 50 g golden granulated sugar I used vanilla sugar
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  1. Insert the dough blade into the bowl of the food processor. Add the flour, butter, salt and nutmeg and pulse until the mixture has formed something resembling rough breadcrumbs. Add the yoghurt and switch to speed 1 until the mixture has formed a dough - about 20 seconds.
  2. Halve the dough and roll out to about 4mm thick.
  3. Line the bottom of a 22 cm pie dish and trim the edges to fit.

  4. Whisk the cinnamon into the sugar or  or place in a jar and give a good shake.
  5. Layer in the apples and all but 1 tbsp of the sugar. It's best to mound them up higher than the dish as they will sink when cooking.
  6. Roll out the remaining pastry to about 4mm thick and cover the top of the pie.
  7. Trim the edges and crimp the sides or use a fork to press the pastry together. You can also use some of the pastry scraps to create some decorations to go on top.
  8. Sprinkle the remaining sugar over the top and slash the pastry in order for some of the steam to escape.
  9. Bake in the middle of a preheated oven at 200℃ for about 30 minutes or until the pastry is golden and the apples are soft.
  10. Serve hot or cold with clotted cream or custard.
Recipe Notes

Any remaining pastry will keep in the fridge for a couple of days or it can be frozen.


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Granny’s Apple Pie. PIN IT.

Granny's Apple Pie

 VonShef 1000W Food Processor Giveaway

Domu is kindly offering one Tin and Thyme reader a VonShef 1000W Food Processor worth £59.99. To be in with a chance of winning, please fill in the Gleam widget below. You will need to leave a comment on this post, answering the question, which then gives you additional chances to enter if you so wish. Gleam will pick a winner at random from the entries received who will then be contacted via e-mail. If you are commenting anonymously, please give me some way of identifying you as I will be verifying the validity of entries. Any automated entries will be disqualified. This giveaway is only open to those with a UK postal address. Winners will need to respond within 5 days of being contacted. Failure to do this may result in another winner being picked. There are no cash alternatives. 

VonShef Food Processor

The VonShef 1000W Food Processor is offered and provided by Domu and Tin and Thyme accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of said third party. Tin and Thyme reserves the right to cancel or amend the giveaway and these terms and conditions without notice. 

Closing date is Saturday 4 November 2017

VonShef Food Processor

 I was sent the VonShef  1000W Food Processor to try out. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are, as always, my own.


  1. Leave a Reply

    Tracy Nixon
    4th October 2017

    I would be dying to make a warming and comforting Apple & Blackberry Crumble!

  2. Leave a Reply

    Gill Benner
    4th October 2017

    I would use it to grate my abundance of courgettes from the garden and make lots of spicy courgette fritters to freeze.

    • Leave a Reply

      4th October 2017

      Oh well done on your courgettes. We didn’t grow any this year and the young plants were all eaten last year – I really missed wondering what on earth I was going to do with them all.

  3. Leave a Reply

    Laura Jeffs
    4th October 2017

    I’m dying to make my favourite spinach pesto and also a nice raw vegan chili.. I haven’t got a food processor at the moment so winning one would be amazing for me!

    • Leave a Reply

      4th October 2017

      Oh raw vegan chilli sounds interesting Laura. I’m going to have to investigate that.

  4. Leave a Reply

    Lynne Small Acorns Large Oaks
    4th October 2017

    Please give me a VonShef 1000
    I’m dying to have a go
    If you have ever seen me make pastry by hand
    Its terribly messy and slow
    So give me a VonShef 1000
    I need all the help I can get
    Then I could spice up our meal times
    And produce pastry that isn’t soggy and wet.

    I thank you, and look forward to receiving my prize

    ***Bows out gracefully***

    • Leave a Reply

      4th October 2017

      Hahaha Lynne, that’s brilliant. If it was all about the talent, you’d be winning this for sure. You’ve definitely won a new follow on Instagram though.

      • Leave a Reply

        Lynne Small Acorns Large Oaks
        5th October 2017

        Haha, why thank you very much and thank you for the follow…I am soon to be starting a blog of my own 🙂

  5. Leave a Reply

    Lynn Neal
    4th October 2017

    I am dying to make my own coleslaw wit red cabbage!

  6. Leave a Reply

    Laura S
    4th October 2017

    I would love to make my husband’s favorite pie when he was growing up, but it is a lot easier to chop up and mix the cookie crumb crust in a food processor!

  7. Leave a Reply

    Kim M
    4th October 2017

    I’ve seen a vegetable tart that looks lovely, the slicer attachment would make slicing the veg easier x

    • Leave a Reply

      4th October 2017

      Thanks Angie. I pretty much always use wholemeal spelt in my pastry. In fact I’ve never tried making pastry with only white flour.

  8. Leave a Reply

    sam macaree
    4th October 2017

    i would love to try and make a crumble for my family

  9. Leave a Reply

    4th October 2017

    Mmm what a delicious pie, I must try making pastry in my vonShef food processor!

  10. Leave a Reply

    Mary Heald
    4th October 2017

    I would use it to make pastry…we love pies in our house and this would be ideal

  11. Leave a Reply

    Eileen Sumner
    4th October 2017

    Would love to make my favourite winter pudding an apple crumble

  12. Leave a Reply

    Tracey Peach
    4th October 2017

    It would have to be pastry for a beef & onion pie I really fancy one!

  13. Leave a Reply

    laura banks
    4th October 2017

    it would take the hard work out of making pastry as i always do it by hand

  14. Leave a Reply

    Stephanie Coals
    4th October 2017

    I’d love to make spicy tomato and grilled pepper soup in preparation for the cold winter evenings!

  15. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca Sutton
    4th October 2017

    i would make a yummy soup.

  16. Leave a Reply

    Katie Skeoch
    4th October 2017

    I’d use it to make the base of my butterscotch cheesecake

  17. Leave a Reply

    Anne Perry
    4th October 2017

    I would love to make Maca Macaroons and Keto Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

  18. Leave a Reply

    Frances Sunshine Hopkins
    4th October 2017

    I nice crumble, they never seem to be as good when you do them by hand

  19. Leave a Reply

    Iris W
    4th October 2017

    I would make pastry for sure as I’m always doing pastry by hand. That pie looks delicious

  20. Leave a Reply

    melanie stirling
    4th October 2017

    We have an apple tree groaning with the weight of apples so I’d make some apple coleslaw and the food processor would save me chopping by hand.We also have a lot of pears so I could use it to make apple and pear crumble.

  21. Leave a Reply

    Kayleigh Watkins
    4th October 2017

    This would be perfect to make homemade dinners for my 7 month old daughter, I’m always buying mini pasties so I’d love to try to make some at home too xXx

  22. Leave a Reply

    Anthony Harrington
    4th October 2017

    Pineapple Upside Down Pudding, my fav!

  23. Leave a Reply

    Keri Jones
    4th October 2017

    I would use it to grate, grate, grate! Potatoes for soup, cheese for sandwiches and carrots for salads, yum! x

  24. Leave a Reply

    4th October 2017

    A chocolate fudge cake because it’s chocolate. What’s not to love?

  25. Leave a Reply

    Laura Denman
    4th October 2017

    I’d live to make more low fat hummus. My stick blender doesn’t get it really smooth

  26. Leave a Reply

    Dee Dmonte
    4th October 2017

    lemon meringue pie, I can never get meringues right by hand so a food processor would be awesome for all sorts actually 🙂

  27. Leave a Reply

    Felicity Smith
    5th October 2017

    I would love to make a classic crumble – they are just so moreish

  28. Leave a Reply

    john prendergast
    5th October 2017

    I would use it for making and preparing soups also like to make my own pastry

  29. Leave a Reply

    Simon C
    5th October 2017

    Your apple pie looks amazing. I’d definitely have to give that a try.

  30. Leave a Reply

    5th October 2017

    I love making chutney but preparing the fruits and onions by hand takes ages – this would speed things up so much!

  31. Leave a Reply

    Angela / Only Crumbs Remain
    5th October 2017

    To be honest I’ve never used a food processor and have always been intregued to know if pastry made in a food processor is as good as that made by hand. Looking at the pastry you’ve made for your apple pie it certainly looks to be as good. Love the idea of using yogurt in the pastry too – sound gorgeous!
    Angela x

    • Leave a Reply

      8th October 2017

      I mostly make my pastry by hand, but it’s just as good in a food processor and possibly better.

  32. Leave a Reply

    Judith Allen
    5th October 2017

    We would try making pesto. Did you read the news yesterday about how ready made pesto is higher in salt now than a few years ago? Shocked me into thinking we really must make our own. I mean, I like salt, but there’s a limit!

    • Leave a Reply

      8th October 2017

      Yes I heard that Judith. I think that’s true of most ready made items. Homemade is generally best, though not always convenient or even possible.

  33. Leave a Reply

    Peter Gill
    5th October 2017

    Interesting recipe. The food processor would be great for making the pastry.

  34. Leave a Reply

    Clare B
    5th October 2017

    I’m dying to try making my own pastry rather buying ready made in all that packaging and with who knows what in it – palm oil for one!

  35. Leave a Reply

    Kirsty Greer
    5th October 2017

    As a busy self employed wife and mum of two this would save me loads of time x

  36. Leave a Reply

    jenny paulin
    5th October 2017

    I love apple pie and i always use my nanny’s sweet pastry recipe because it is the best one. I love the colour of your pastry, made from using spelt flour. it looks so crisp and buttery
    thank you for linking to #GBBOBloggers2017
    The food processor looks great too, so versatile

  37. Leave a Reply

    Karen Usher
    5th October 2017

    wow, awesome giveaway, loving the apple pie, you made, making my mouth water! I personally would love to try and make a bread, like a sundried tomato bread, this is my fav and you cant buy it in the shops, so its up to me to make!

    • Leave a Reply

      8th October 2017

      Thanks Karen. I’ve never tried sundries tomato bread – sounds delicious.

  38. Leave a Reply

    Sharon Morrison
    5th October 2017

    I’d use it to make roasted butternut squash and red pepper soup. I made some earlier this week and used a hand blender to blend and ended up with soup splashes everywhere to clear up!

  39. Leave a Reply

    5th October 2017

    My mum used to make wholemeal pastry and I grew up on it so I definitely prefer it to plain white pastry. I will have to get some spelt flour to try your recipe and try adding a little yoghurt as it can be difficult to work with and I often find my finished bakes look a little more ‘rustic’ than I’d like! Thanks so much for sharing with #CookOnceEatTwice.

    • Leave a Reply

      8th October 2017

      Snap. I grew up on wholemeal pastry too and I love the texture and flavour of it, but until I discovered the yoghurt trick I used to hate making it.

  40. Leave a Reply

    Lindsey Stuart
    5th October 2017

    WOW this would be wonderful for making tasty homemade soup!
    I would make homemade tattie soup like my grannys fine thick soup 🙂

  41. Leave a Reply

    S Edwards
    5th October 2017

    I would be dying to make some warming and comforting Apple Pie with these dark nights drawing in x

  42. Leave a Reply

    Annabel Greaves
    5th October 2017

    I would love to make an apple and blackberry pie, I love a nice warm pie in the Autumn

  43. Leave a Reply

    Annabel Greaves
    5th October 2017

    I would love to make an apple and blackberry pie xxx

  44. Leave a Reply

    Jade Hewlett
    5th October 2017

    I would like to make an apple and blackberry crumble and think the food processor would make it easy.

  45. Leave a Reply

    clair downham
    5th October 2017

    i would buy some nice sirloin and grind it down to make burgers

  46. Leave a Reply

    tracey hunt
    5th October 2017

    lots of grating, and make a lovely homemade apple crumble

  47. Leave a Reply

    Henry Little
    5th October 2017

    ideal for my bread making efforts and fruit cake!

  48. Leave a Reply

    Susan B
    5th October 2017

    I find creaming butter and sugar together rather messy and sometimes tiring so every baking recipe that I have that starts with the words cream butter and sugar.

  49. Leave a Reply

    Mary H
    5th October 2017

    This would be fab for making everything from soups to cakes & pasrty.

  50. Leave a Reply

    Ritchie Dee
    5th October 2017

    I’d go for a vegan version of this recipe – with hard vegan margarine / fat (Tomor or Trex) instead of butter and soya yoghurt instead of dairy yoghurt.

  51. Leave a Reply

    jo liddement
    5th October 2017

    I would use the processor to make some homemade veggie burgers.

  52. Leave a Reply

    Tony C
    5th October 2017

    A lovely crumble. Would make it so easy.

  53. Leave a Reply

    Sheena Batey
    5th October 2017

    It would enable me to make some hearty vegetable soups just in time for the winter.

  54. Leave a Reply

    fiona waterworth
    5th October 2017

    I would use it to grate and slice the vegetables Having RA in the wrists makes doing this painful

  55. Leave a Reply

    Julie T
    5th October 2017

    This would be useful to me because I have been making my pastry by hand and this would speed up the process for me enormously.

  56. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Carter
    5th October 2017

    I would love to make a carrot cake using a food processor, its the best season for carrot cake plus it has always been a family favourite

  57. Leave a Reply

    Katie S
    5th October 2017

    I’d love to try making my own nut butters, think of all the different flavour combos! Cinnamon and cashew or pistachio and lemon. It would also save a lot of chopping when making homemade salads and coleslaw 🙂

  58. Leave a Reply

    sarah rees
    5th October 2017

    my son loves his apple pies, could mix up a lovely one with that

  59. Leave a Reply

    Iona Cornish
    5th October 2017

    I’d use it to make my savoury cheese biscuits for my colleagues at the office

  60. Leave a Reply

    Andrea Fletcher
    5th October 2017

    I would make an Eve’s Pudding with the apples we have on our apple tree in the garden.

  61. Leave a Reply

    Tania Atfield
    5th October 2017

    Love pie especially apple and pear so would love to make that

  62. Leave a Reply

    Cliff Davis
    5th October 2017

    A bit boring but I would use it to grate. I love grating but always fear for my finger tips!

  63. Leave a Reply

    Hazel Rea
    5th October 2017

    I’d make lots of different soups – it would certainly speed up the process! It would also be great for the pastry when making my home-made glutenfree mince pies.

  64. Leave a Reply

    Liam Woodbine
    5th October 2017

    I will definitely be making the Chickpea, feta and butternut squash pie, sounds amazing

  65. Leave a Reply

    Sandra Bald
    5th October 2017

    I would use it to make courgette & lemon soup & home made bread rolls to go with it.

  66. Leave a Reply

    Jo / Jo's Kitchen Larder
    5th October 2017

    Lovely pie! I have never made wholemeal pastry before as thought it might be a bit tricky to handle. It’s great to know it’s not really the case (will be trying the yoghurt for binding). I tend to use food processor for my pastry all the time as it’s so much quicker plus my hands are too hot to handle the pastry too much lol. VonShef looks like a great processor and storage drawer is a fantastic idea! x

    • Leave a Reply

      8th October 2017

      Thanks Jo. Pastry used to be my nemesis until I discovered the yoghurt trick. I’ve only ever made wholemeal pastry though – or sometimes half and half.

  67. Leave a Reply

    Graham Ross
    5th October 2017

    This food processor would be excellent in making an apple crumble

  68. Leave a Reply

    A S,Edinburgh
    5th October 2017

    Energy bars! I’d love to be able to whizz up a load of dates and nuts, then just add any flavours you like and you’re done. That would be fabulous.

    • Leave a Reply

      8th October 2017

      I make loads of energy balls now – it’s so easy with a food processor and they are so delicious.

  69. Leave a Reply

    Emily C
    5th October 2017

    I would love to make my own curry pastes – went on a Thai cooking course and haven’t been able to manage any of the recipes at home because a mortar and pestle doesn’t quite cut it (literally!).

  70. Leave a Reply

    Helen Thurston
    5th October 2017

    bean burgers, vegan ‘cheesecake’ and flapjacks, fruit crumbles and pastries.

  71. Leave a Reply

    Lorna Ledger
    6th October 2017

    My very good friend is vegan, and I would love to make her a 5 course meal, including a big cake!

  72. Leave a Reply

    Monika Dabrowski
    6th October 2017

    I love the fact this is such a healthy pie recipe! Apart from being delicious:) I’ve been using spelt four lately myself with good results, but haven’t tried the wholewheat version. Thank you for bringing your lovely pie to #CookBlogShare!

    • Leave a Reply

      8th October 2017

      Wholemeal all the way Monika. Give it a try. All that bran really helps in bakes to mitigate against ingredients that might not be quite so good 😉

  73. Leave a Reply

    mia vine
    6th October 2017

    i love fruit milkshakes using real fruit, so this would be ideal to mash up the fruit i;e bananas, before adding some ice cream and milk

  74. Leave a Reply

    joanne casey
    6th October 2017

    I’d love to make rhubarb crumble I’ve never had a food processor before and have wanted one for ages

  75. Leave a Reply

    6th October 2017

    I’d love to make a apple and blackberry pie, love the storage facility on this food processor

  76. Leave a Reply

    Tracey Parker
    6th October 2017

    I would my make pastry with orange zest for my mince pies ready for Santa and his little elves

  77. Leave a Reply

    pete c
    6th October 2017

    an apple and pear strudel as had one a couple of weeks ago; was delicious and would like to replicate it

  78. Leave a Reply

    Natalie Crossan
    6th October 2017

    I’m desperate to make my own homemade lamb burgers and red cabbage coleslaw! 😀 Think that’d make me very popular x

  79. Leave a Reply

    Angie McDonald
    7th October 2017

    It would be perfect for making a good cheesecake! Perfect for grinding the base and then afterwards mixing or grinding the nuts for the topping!

  80. Leave a Reply

    7th October 2017

    I would love to try making different nut butters because I buy and use them all the time but they can be quite expensive

  81. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Dunne
    7th October 2017

    Carrot Cake would be exciting or Cheese Cake! Yum!

  82. Leave a Reply

    Claire C
    7th October 2017

    I would like to make Jamie Oliver’s snack balls, this would crush the ingredients brilliantly.

  83. Leave a Reply

    Lydia A
    7th October 2017

    I’d love to make hummus in a food processor.

  84. Leave a Reply

    C Philip
    7th October 2017

    I would use it to grind the breadcrumbs and cheese to top stuffed mushrooms. It takes ages to do it properly by hand so this would solve the problem.

  85. Leave a Reply

    Hassina Begum
    8th October 2017

    Well now winter is fast approaching. I think is time to makes some warm hearty soups. Mine has to be tomato soup.

  86. Leave a Reply

    Ruth Harwood
    8th October 2017

    would love to make a nice pea and ham soup with my own ingrewdients – a food processor would definitely come in useful for that!!

  87. Leave a Reply

    8th October 2017

    With school & Brownie autumn and Christmas fayres looming, I need to get making and baking (and possibly freezing!!!)

  88. Leave a Reply

    claire woods
    8th October 2017

    A nice warming vegetable soup.

  89. Leave a Reply

    8th October 2017

    i would use it help with the pastry for my cornish pasties…soooo yummy

  90. Leave a Reply

    Laura Nice
    8th October 2017

    I would love to make my own pie after seeing that one! I would also love to make my own coleslaw too!

  91. Leave a Reply

    Jessica Barber
    8th October 2017

    I’m really keen to start making my own hummus and experimenting with different flavourings like caramelised onion or harissa!

  92. Leave a Reply

    8th October 2017

    Love to win this,I need all the help I can get in the kitchen,love to cook.

  93. Leave a Reply

    bell smyth
    9th October 2017

    After my TIA left me with only one working arm so had to cut down on my baking, so if i won one of these the first thing id make is a crumble and breadcrumbs for some chicken, so thank you for the chance x

    • Leave a Reply

      9th October 2017

      Oh goodness. One working arm sounds hard. Good luck with the giveaway.

  94. Leave a Reply

    judy kennedy
    9th October 2017

    My apple tree fell down thsi year and could not be saved. so I would make a pear cake with pears donated from my neighbours tree

  95. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca Beesley
    9th October 2017

    I love that you made spelt pastry – i’m always looking for ways of incorporating different flours into baking! #gbbobloggers2017 I’d use the food processor to make short work of shortbread! x

    • Leave a Reply

      16th October 2017

      Ooh, never thought of making shortbread in it. What a good idea. It would probably be spelt shortbread 😉

  96. Leave a Reply

    Dean T
    9th October 2017

    I would love it because I cook a lot of casseroles and soups and this is far more powerful than my current little blender which struggles (it is about 8 years old now I guess a trip to the great blender in the sky approaches)

  97. Leave a Reply

    9th October 2017

    oh I do love an apple pie, and I’m loving how neatly you’ve laid your apples! I haven’t made an apple pie this apple season yet, and we have so many apples!

  98. Leave a Reply

    Caroline Hunter
    9th October 2017

    I’d make a rhubarb and plum crumble for my husband. It’s his favourite 🙂

  99. Leave a Reply

    barbara daniels
    9th October 2017

    that would be lovely tomato soup with red peppers

  100. Leave a Reply

    Adam Miller
    9th October 2017

    I would use it to make a bearnaise sauce for our favourite family dinner. After wearing my wrist out and spilling half the butter all over the hob, a helping hand from a brand new VonShef will save me from trying to be ambidextrous.

  101. Leave a Reply

    Tee Simpson
    9th October 2017

    Im dying to make pasyry. I really want to make a meat and potato pie

  102. Leave a Reply

    Valerie Seal
    9th October 2017

    apple scones are my most popular

  103. Leave a Reply

    10th October 2017

    i hate the feeling when making a crumble on your hands and that it all sticks after. id love it for this to make an apple crumble

  104. Leave a Reply

    Gemma Howard
    10th October 2017

    I would bake some yummy cakes

  105. Leave a Reply

    Mark R
    11th October 2017

    I’d use it for chopping and grating the homegrown ingredients for coleslaw.

  106. Leave a Reply

    Amanda Baggott
    11th October 2017

    Broccoli and stilton soup. Homemade is the best and it’s my favourite! 🙂

  107. Leave a Reply

    Elaine Savage
    11th October 2017

    I think pastry is unbeatable in the food processor . Unfortunately I have only ever had a mini processor and that really doesn’t work for pastry!

  108. Leave a Reply

    Margaret Clarkson
    11th October 2017

    I would use it for chopping lots of vegetables to make a lovely vegetable soup.

  109. Leave a Reply

    Tracey S Anderson
    11th October 2017

    I’m itching to make my own chutneys and curry pastes 🙂 x

  110. Leave a Reply

    12th October 2017

    Definitely apple crumble. It’s one of my favourites but I can’t stand doing it by hand and having all the mixture stuck under my nails, yuck

  111. Leave a Reply

    Patricia Avery
    14th October 2017

    When hubby bought us a stand mixer I made the mistake of getting rid of my ancient food processor which made great pastry. I’ve not made any good pastry since.

  112. Leave a Reply

    Clare Hubbard
    14th October 2017

    An apple crumble sounds a fab idea!

  113. Leave a Reply

    Yet Another Blogging Mummy
    17th October 2017

    I’ve only got a mini-blender which is too small when I want to do breadcrumbs for making breaded chicken or fish. I have to part at a time, tip it out and start again, so this would be so much more convenient

  114. Leave a Reply

    Mary H
    17th October 2017

    This food processer would be so handy. I would whip up everything from curry pastes to soups, hummus to chopping lots of veg. They’re also great for combining butter and flour for pastry.

  115. Leave a Reply

    Lynsey Buchanan
    17th October 2017

    To make lots of healthy warming soup in the winter/

  116. Leave a Reply

    17th October 2017

    I would love to attempt to make a vege soup, and to pursue a healthier lifestyle of more homecooked meals and tasty healthy food.

  117. Leave a Reply

    19th October 2017

    Pastry for pies! I just find it so time consuming to do it by hand and I want to make my own pies again.

  118. Leave a Reply

    David Paterson
    19th October 2017

    Excellent prize, perfect and just in time for Christmas

  119. Leave a Reply

    Louise Comb
    19th October 2017

    I know it’s a simple recipe, but the thing I most want to make is humus. I’ve never used a food processor before, so I would love to be able to do some of the simple things, that others seem to do without thinking about it 🙂

  120. Leave a Reply

    Caroline H
    19th October 2017

    I’d love to make my own nut loaf but have always been put off by the amount of nuts that need chopping, so this would be perfect!

  121. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Mackay
    19th October 2017

    I love making soup so probably a sweet potato and parsnip soup

  122. Leave a Reply

    Kim Draper
    19th October 2017

    I would use it to make a variety of soups. Finally started making homemade soup and my husband loved it!

  123. Leave a Reply

    Edward Guerreiro
    19th October 2017

    There are a lot of different bread recipes I have collected over the years that I would love to try, such as Portuguese rolls. I am always put off by the kneading process. I always struggle with all aspects of it, like the mess is creates and simply the amount of effort it takes. So, if the dough blade works as advertised, I would be willing to make bread much more often.

  124. Leave a Reply

    19th October 2017

    I would use it to make Carrot cake as my family loves it.. Food processor would make my recipe so easy

  125. Leave a Reply

    Steven Young
    20th October 2017

    I’ve been using my mum’s food processor to make my Thai Green Curry Paste. It’s a bit of a palaver jumping into the car and driving over to hers for that reason (although always nice to catch up over a cup of coffee). So this would be very useful and time saving too

  126. Leave a Reply

    Fiona K
    20th October 2017

    I’d like to make a decent apple crumble

  127. Leave a Reply

    Heather Haigh
    20th October 2017

    It would make making breadcrumbs so much easier – I make my own for coating fish and chicken as I need gluten free ones. Also nut-roast would be much easier.

  128. Leave a Reply

    20th October 2017

    Inspired by my eldest son I have, over the past year become a vegan and I am finding vegan cookery quite time consuming. A food processor would speed up the preparation of salads with a lot of grated veg and bean burgers or bean and walnut spreads.

  129. Leave a Reply

    Emily Henley
    20th October 2017

    It’s pastry for me. I haven’t got the patience to do it and a food processor would save time!

  130. Leave a Reply

    kim jackson
    20th October 2017

    I would use it to make some Vegan Pumpkin Brownies 😀

  131. Leave a Reply

    kim jackson
    20th October 2017

    I would use it to make some Vegan Pumpkin Brownies 😀

  132. Leave a Reply

    amy bondoc
    20th October 2017

    i love homemade soup so id use this to make them, my favourite is spinach chick pea and chorizo

  133. Leave a Reply

    20th October 2017


  134. Leave a Reply

    20th October 2017

    I have loads of basil and really want to make pesto but need a food processor !!

  135. Leave a Reply

    barbara daniels
    20th October 2017

    I am definelty going to bake this apple pie, i love that youve used wholemeal flour.

  136. Leave a Reply

    Marc Chivers
    20th October 2017

    I would make a nice apple crumble with the kids as they would enjoy making it and eating it.

  137. Leave a Reply

    Kathleen marsden
    20th October 2017

    I’m dying to make my mums meat and veg plate pies but I can’t use my right hand very well anymore so this would be heaven.

  138. Leave a Reply

    20th October 2017

    I’m dying to do pastry again. My last processor blew up and my hands just aren’t cold enough.

    • Leave a Reply

      Pauline Hill
      20th October 2017

      we will use it for everthing SOUP SAUCES MIXTURES EVEN CMOOTHIES

  139. Leave a Reply

    tim poole
    20th October 2017

    Using it to make my pizza doughs,so much better that shop bought.

  140. Leave a Reply

    Bev B
    20th October 2017

    I’d like to try making different nut butters, and this is definitely a job for a processor!

  141. Leave a Reply

    mary chez
    20th October 2017

    I would like to make an apple and blackberry pie

  142. Leave a Reply

    Heather T
    20th October 2017

    I still have a glut of end of season tomatoes in the green house and this would be great to whizz up a soup.

  143. Leave a Reply

    Judith MacInnes
    20th October 2017

    I’m dying to make my own pork pie this christmas. I have no fears about the hot water crust pastry – I’ve made it before, & it soooo easy to handle! I think it would be nigh on impossible to mince the meat & mix without a food processor though, and I don’t want big chunks.

  144. Leave a Reply

    Chrissy Harris
    20th October 2017

    I would love the be able to make my own pesto and all different salad dressings in a food processor

  145. Leave a Reply

    Rob Griffiths
    20th October 2017

    A nice apple crumble – I always mess it up when I try to make the crumble by hand

  146. Leave a Reply

    claire glace
    20th October 2017

    I do a lot of home cooking, but am yet to really master baking, so this would be fab and i would try out cherry pie for hubby first!

  147. Leave a Reply

    lyn Burgess
    20th October 2017

    I’d love to be able to make decent shortcrust pastry and I’ve heard how good this machine is for pastry.

  148. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Rees
    20th October 2017

    I would like to make my own hummous and also colslaw

  149. Leave a Reply

    Kim Neville
    20th October 2017

    Would like to try making Cream of Broccoli Soup as one of my favourite vegetables and soup

  150. Leave a Reply

    leanne weir
    20th October 2017

    I would love to have one so that I can make much better soups

  151. Leave a Reply

    Rich Tyler
    21st October 2017

    I’d love to make my own american’slaw & home made soups

  152. Leave a Reply

    Sidrah Ahmed
    21st October 2017

    I would love to make a cheese and onion pie as i am always buying them and would love to make my own

  153. Leave a Reply

    Chris Michael
    21st October 2017

    This looks a great bit of kit, I would love to give ti a go.

  154. Leave a Reply

    Yolanda Davis
    21st October 2017

    i’d like to try and make a christmas pudding this year

  155. Leave a Reply

    Lorraine Tinsley
    21st October 2017

    I’d like to make an apple crumble with a food processor as I’ve seen it on TV, when I try to do it manually my hands are a bit warm and it’s more like pastry!

  156. Leave a Reply

    Lauren L
    21st October 2017

    I’d like to make nut free pesto so my husband can actually eat it!

  157. Leave a Reply

    Helen Tovell
    21st October 2017

    I would give it to my son at uni so he can start to make some basic home food quicker and easier

  158. Leave a Reply

    Soph H
    21st October 2017

    I’ve been inspired by this year’s bakeoff and want to start to bake some more so this would come in really handy.

  159. Leave a Reply

    Susan Trubey
    22nd October 2017

    I would love to try your Granny’s Apple Pie with Wholemeal Spelt

  160. Leave a Reply

    Sally Collingwood
    22nd October 2017

    Lots of soups for the winter

  161. Leave a Reply

    Emma Rawlinson
    22nd October 2017

    I’d love to make a carrot and coriander soup for the winter

  162. Leave a Reply

    David Nicolson
    22nd October 2017

    I’d make Cherry Pie… home versions especially when you pair it with vanilla ice cream

  163. Leave a Reply

    ashleigh allan
    22nd October 2017

    Rhubarb crumble or apple and raspberry crumble!

  164. Leave a Reply

    Daniel Austin
    22nd October 2017

    I’m dying to make home-made naked slaw, and this would save so much time chopping up veg!

  165. Leave a Reply

    kate hester
    23rd October 2017

    I would love to make soup so would find this really useful, and crumble for pudding!

  166. Leave a Reply

    Melanie stanbridge
    24th October 2017

    We love apple pie with custard but we have never tried a different flour, looks yummy.

  167. Leave a Reply

    Becky John
    24th October 2017

    Would use it to make a delicious rhubarb crumble, when I do it by hand the crumble is never small enough as my hands are too hot.

  168. Leave a Reply

    Debbie W
    24th October 2017

    We love homemade pasties with all sorts of savoury and sweet flavours. The kids are always asking for them but they take me forever to make. I’ve used ready made pastry a couple of times when I’ve been really busy but they can always tell and they’re none too happy about it! This would speed up the pastry making part no end and I could even use it to chop up the fillings. Then the only time consuming bit will be rolling it out. Do you think they might invent a Vonshef with a rolling pin attachment too?!

    • Leave a Reply

      1st November 2017

      Haha. I’m waiting for the day when we have robots that can do all the chores leaving us with just the fun bits.

  169. Leave a Reply

    Claudia Carroll
    24th October 2017

    I love making soups and this would be perfect!

  170. Leave a Reply

    Mary Baldwin
    25th October 2017

    I’d love it to make all types of pastry – I have really warm hands and so rather than rubbing the butter in, I tend to melt it in which doesn’t make for a good bake.

  171. Leave a Reply

    ceril Roberts
    25th October 2017

    There is something very comforting and homely about apple pies’ This looks really delicious. I prefer making sponges – I always struggle with pastry! I would love to be able to make it properly.

  172. Leave a Reply

    Jayne Townson
    25th October 2017

    I would love to use this to make some nice winter homemade veggie soups. Thanks for the lovely giveaway, your apple pie looks lovely.

  173. Leave a Reply

    becki gates
    26th October 2017

    some lovely rock cakes for my nan, they are her favourite

  174. Leave a Reply

    Suzanne Jackson
    26th October 2017

    Love to make lots of curry pastes from scratch. We’re big fans of curry.

  175. Leave a Reply

    Helen Adams
    26th October 2017

    I would like to try some gluten free pastry. I can never face making it by hand

  176. Leave a Reply

    Chanette Kennedy
    26th October 2017

    A peach cobbler 🙂

  177. Leave a Reply

    paula baylis
    27th October 2017

    The one gadget that I don’t have.

  178. Leave a Reply

    Rachel white
    27th October 2017

    As it’s coming up to Christmas I’d like to make my Italian chocolate salami with it! Yummy

  179. Leave a Reply

    Jo Carroll
    27th October 2017

    After reading your fab review I’m convinced that this machine may finally be the solution to my nemesis…which is pastry making? 😉

  180. Leave a Reply

    Mel Turner
    27th October 2017

    My Grans pea soup boiled bacon stock water, grated swede and carrots,onion,celery and split peas I borrow my brothers but I would love to have my own

  181. Leave a Reply

    28th October 2017

    I would love a food processor, would be really useful for making breadcrumbs and pastry

  182. Leave a Reply

    Kelly Hirst
    28th October 2017

    If I had a food processor I’d love to make some soups – chicken and vegetables would be lovely

  183. Leave a Reply

    lorraine kirk
    29th October 2017

    I would love to make some salmon Thai fishcakes. This would be great for mixing the ingredients, making breadcrumbs etc.

  184. Leave a Reply

    Carole Nott
    29th October 2017

    this looks excellent for making a quick pastry mix – ideal for apple pies

  185. Leave a Reply

    Julie Thomas
    29th October 2017

    With the festive season approaching I’d like to prepare Christmas cake and pudding in this machine, it would certainly cut down the preparation time and give improved results

  186. Leave a Reply

    Michaela Smith
    30th October 2017

    I would first make make leek and potato soup and then apple crumble 🙂

  187. Leave a Reply

    Victoria Prince
    30th October 2017

    I’m dying to make a nut roast, and this food processor would be so useful for that! We’ve had a decent walnut crop this year so need to put them to good use 🙂

  188. Leave a Reply

    Christina Palmer
    30th October 2017

    I would love to be able to make some nice warming healthy soups now that winter is on its way. Never made my own before but if I won this it would give me the incentive to have a go

  189. Leave a Reply

    hannah igoe
    30th October 2017

    Soup – you really need a blender thats enclosed to zizz it up in and I have a few soup ideas I want to try out!

  190. Leave a Reply

    Kirsteen Mackay
    31st October 2017

    I’d use it to process lots of veggies into sauces to persuade my children to eat more vegetables with their meals.

  191. Leave a Reply

    Kerry Kilmister
    31st October 2017

    My mother in law has so many great cake and crumble recipes. This would be great to make them with

  192. Leave a Reply

    Deirdre M
    31st October 2017

    Energy Balls! Especially cocoa/mint or date/nut. I pay ~£2 a pop for them on the go, so to be able to make them at home instead would be amazing!

    • Leave a Reply

      1st November 2017

      I think you definitely need to start making them at home. Imagine what you’ll be able to buy with the money saved 🙂

  193. Leave a Reply

    Nigel Soulsby
    31st October 2017

    Fantastic prize for making my short crust pastry

  194. Leave a Reply

    Lynda Jones
    31st October 2017

    My friend has given me her recipe for Oreo Cheesecake, which is amazing, but I do need a mixer to make it properly, fingers crossed xxx

  195. Leave a Reply

    Kristy Brown
    1st November 2017

    This would be ever so useful to help create my cheesecake bases for my thursday treat day

  196. Leave a Reply

    James Travis
    1st November 2017

    I would like to make Christmas Cake with it, especially with Christmas not far away

  197. Leave a Reply

    Katie Bryson
    1st November 2017

    What a tasty looking pie! I could just tuck into a slice of this right now to warm up after a chilly dog walk on the beach! Thanks for joining in with Simple and in Season this month xxx

    • Leave a Reply

      5th November 2017

      Thanks Katie. We’re just back from a chilly walk in the path and would be happy to tuck into a slice too 🙂

  198. Leave a Reply

    Laura Warwick
    1st November 2017

    I want to make my own coleslaw

  199. Leave a Reply

    Natalie Turner
    1st November 2017

    I really want to make smoothies! Banana and avocado with some milk or almond milk. Perfect breakfast!

  200. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)
    1st November 2017

    I usually mix cakes by hand, but would like to try a food processor. Also for things like grating carrots for a carrot cake.

  201. Leave a Reply

    Michael Clarke
    1st November 2017

    Butternut squash soup

  202. Leave a Reply

    sheri Darby
    1st November 2017

    I would love to use it to make quiches

  203. Leave a Reply

    1st November 2017

    I’d love it for the perfect soup – one my daughter wouldn’t be scared to eat!

  204. Leave a Reply

    Ursula Hunt
    2nd November 2017

    I would enjoy making Apple Crumble with my mum’s apples. I find it hard to make the crumble topping so this would be great

  205. Leave a Reply

    louise bailes
    2nd November 2017

    I would love to try make a gluten free pie as they are so hard to come by!

  206. Leave a Reply

    Charlotte Jones
    2nd November 2017

    I’d love to try to make homemade pesto – I love a simple spaghetti with pesto and to try a homemade one would be fab!

  207. Leave a Reply

    greig spencer
    2nd November 2017

    love to make my own curry pastes so i can do home made currys

  208. Leave a Reply

    Debbie Nichols
    2nd November 2017

    It is coming up to soup, soup and more soup weather (I love soup). One of these would be ideal for getting the smoothness I require of my veggie soups. Or the crumbles for a nice warm winter berry crumble.

  209. Leave a Reply

    natalie wallace
    2nd November 2017

    I would make a christmas cake to share with my family this christmas when they come to visit

  210. Leave a Reply

    Kyomi Johnson
    2nd November 2017

    Some curry mixes and pastes

  211. Leave a Reply

    EJ Dunn
    2nd November 2017

    I would love to use this to whizz up soups. I’ve been wanting to make soups for ages, but don’t have a blender/food processor to do this.

  212. Leave a Reply

    francis lee
    2nd November 2017

    I would mainly use this to make smooties, try and loose some weight

  213. Leave a Reply

    Jodie A Green
    2nd November 2017

    i think i would make a crumble, Apples are a big favourite for my kids so probably an apple crumble and a food processor would certainly speed up the process and save me from ‘mum is it done yet’

  214. Leave a Reply

    Gayatri Gogoi
    2nd November 2017

    I’d love to make felafel

  215. Leave a Reply

    Jason Tolliss
    2nd November 2017

    Really would like to start baking again, which I’ve not done for ages, this would save so much time and elbow work

  216. Leave a Reply

    Sylvia Smith
    2nd November 2017

    I would use it to make spicy carrot and lentil soup – lovely and warming on a cold, dark evening.

  217. Leave a Reply

    Linda Spencer
    2nd November 2017

    This is boring but true – I’d be dying to make home made cheese and onion pie. Onions by hand have a really bad effect on me. My gran used to make me one, it was so gorgeous but nobody since. I’ve tried to persuade my sis who is a MUCH better cook than me to do it but she’s having none!

  218. Leave a Reply

    2nd November 2017

    I’ve been dying to make haleem which I had recently. Lentils and meats

  219. Leave a Reply

    Anthea Holloway
    2nd November 2017

    I am dying to make my Christmas puddings and Christmas cake and a food processor would be so useful for the breadcrumbs, chopping nuts and generally mixing it all together.

  220. Leave a Reply

    Maxine G
    2nd November 2017

    Using one to help make healthy cauliflower rice would make this a much quicker meal to prepare!

  221. Leave a Reply

    Laura Pritchard
    2nd November 2017

    A really good vegetable soup, chopping just doesn’t do the job!

  222. Leave a Reply

    kirsty broadhead
    2nd November 2017

    I would love to make a cauliflower rice – I’ve never tried it before, let alone made it so it would be good to try!

  223. Leave a Reply

    Chris Fletcher
    2nd November 2017

    We are trying to cut down on our meat consumption at the moment, and I’ve been wanting to make my own falafel. Would love the processor to try some different recipes out!

  224. Leave a Reply

    2nd November 2017

    This looks so scrummy and I can’t wait to try it. mmmmmmm

  225. Leave a Reply

    2nd November 2017

    I want to make pasties, really good at quickly getting the pastry together and chopping the filling perfectly

  226. Leave a Reply

    Emma Gibson
    2nd November 2017

    It would definitely be something warm like soup.

  227. Leave a Reply

    Cat Williams
    2nd November 2017

    I’d love to win the Von Sheef mixer so I could make lighty and airy cakes instead of the lumpy ones I currently make

  228. Leave a Reply

    Naz M
    2nd November 2017

    Coleslaw! I hate the chopping, it takes ages and with a food processor it would only take a few minutes.

  229. Leave a Reply

    Jenny Barker
    2nd November 2017

    I have bags of frozen blackberries so would have to be an apple and blackberry pie yum yum :0)

  230. Leave a Reply

    Paula Phillips
    2nd November 2017

    I’d love to use this to make some corned beef pasties. I had a lovely home made one off a friend today and it was delicious so I’d like to try and make some the same.

  231. Leave a Reply

    jamie Millard
    2nd November 2017

    would love to try making my own pastry – for apple pies and other treats.

  232. Leave a Reply

    2nd November 2017

    I would love to win this so I can try out your recipe! My family loves apple pie!

  233. Leave a Reply

    amanda greensmith
    2nd November 2017

    i’d love to make apple and blackberry pie perfect for Autumn

  234. Leave a Reply

    Jo McPherson
    3rd November 2017

    Carrot cake, to save me grating all those carrots

  235. Leave a Reply

    Joseph Jones
    3rd November 2017

    Such a great prize one thing our kitchen is lacking

  236. Leave a Reply

    elaine stokes
    3rd November 2017

    looking forward to making my partners birthday cake… and a fresh loaf of bread to

  237. Leave a Reply

    Deborah Bird
    3rd November 2017

    I would love to make some hummous!

  238. Leave a Reply

    Nikki Hunter-Pike
    3rd November 2017

    homemade chicken teryaki dippers! It’s impossible to blitz the chicken breast without a food processor – i tried using my blender and blew up the motor!

  239. Leave a Reply

    Sirley Young
    3rd November 2017

    It would help with food prep

  240. Leave a Reply

    Glyn Blackburn
    3rd November 2017

    I would like to make a traditional Christmas Cake instead of buying one. This processor would really help make it turn out right.

  241. Leave a Reply

    Monika Bascombe
    3rd November 2017

    I’d love to use it to make my sun dried tomato sauce

  242. Leave a Reply

    Linda Bird
    3rd November 2017

    Fruit Crumble is always a welcomed treat this time of year. Blitzing the crumble mixture in a food processor would save time and ensure an even and fine topping.

  243. Leave a Reply

    Dom Ralf
    3rd November 2017

    Homemade Mincemeat for Christmas Pies

  244. Leave a Reply

    Rachel Low
    3rd November 2017

    I actually LOVE apple pie! This recipe sounds delish! My husband is a chef by trade so I do all the cooking at home 🙂

  245. Leave a Reply

    Sam parkes
    3rd November 2017

    My mums recipe for bread sauce, it’s my favourite but currently buy packet as don’t have a processor to mix the bread crumbs

  246. Leave a Reply

    Jem Walinck
    3rd November 2017

    The prize looks nearly as nice as that pie. That would be the first thing I made with it thats for sure.

  247. Leave a Reply

    Rachel Bonness
    3rd November 2017

    I would like to use it to make my own coleslaw as chopping by hand is so tedious!

  248. Leave a Reply

    Rachael Ashmore
    3rd November 2017

    I would love to make homemade coleslaw as I have never made it as slicing all that veg so finely seems like to much hardwork

  249. Leave a Reply

    james wright
    3rd November 2017

    i wouldnt know what i could use in it till i got one or won one i do know one thing i would put in it and thats garlic 🙂

  250. Leave a Reply

    Nico @ yumsome
    3rd November 2017

    I thought I’d already commented on this! I love old-fashioned apple pie, and yours looks fab, especially with the spelt pastry. I bet it’s so filling too.

    I’m so looking forward to moving back to Britain… not least because it means I can retrieve my Magimix from storage! I hate making pastry by hand, I really do!

    • Leave a Reply

      5th November 2017

      Hahaha. I understand the pastry thing completely. I used to avoid pastry making like the plague.

  251. Leave a Reply

    Karen Dixon
    3rd November 2017

    A beautiful apple pie with added cinnamon and mixed spice as its xmas

  252. Leave a Reply

    Julia Mason
    3rd November 2017

    I love making any & all pastry dishes. This would save so much time so I could make twice as many 🙂

  253. Leave a Reply

    Louise Heaton
    3rd November 2017

    I’d make chocolate cake and leek and potato soup….Though not at the same time of course! :O Perish the thought! Haha!

  254. Leave a Reply

    Lynne OConnor
    3rd November 2017

    I’d use it for chopping vegetables, especially onions. I use onions in nearly every meal but hate chopping them by hand

  255. Leave a Reply

    Lesley Bain
    3rd November 2017

    I would use this for so many things, but to make better pastry for my homemade steak pie would certainly please my son! x

  256. Leave a Reply

    Michelle Carlin
    3rd November 2017

    I like to make huge pots of vegetable soups for the winter. I freeze them in individual portions to make quick, easy meals. This would make the job even easier!

  257. Leave a Reply

    Kevin Cannon
    3rd November 2017

    We love any kind of kitchen gadet – especially ones that make life easier

  258. Leave a Reply

    Jayne Kelsall
    3rd November 2017

    I would love to try making bread, and pastry is a great idea .x

  259. Leave a Reply

    Susan M Jackson
    3rd November 2017

    I’m vegetarian so I would find this so useful for chopping nuts and vegetables to make a nut roast for Christmas,

  260. Leave a Reply

    3rd November 2017

    I would like to make chocolate pudding with my nieces when they visit.

  261. Leave a Reply

    leanne perrett
    3rd November 2017

    i love to make apple pies my neighbour has a few trees and always lets me pick some when there ready 🙂

  262. Leave a Reply

    Fiona Johnstone
    3rd November 2017

    I would use it to make some lovely fruit coleslaw. Delicious with a ham and cheese sandwich

  263. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Wilson
    3rd November 2017

    I would love to start making my own soups, especially now the cold weather is here.

  264. Leave a Reply

    janine atkin
    3rd November 2017

    id like to try out some different soups. im not a great cook but having this would inspire me!

  265. Leave a Reply

    3rd November 2017

    I don’t know what I would use it for, bit grannys apple pie look delicious

  266. Leave a Reply

    3rd November 2017

    This would be amazing to whizz up some of my lovely humous

  267. Leave a Reply

    Eliza Tomlinson
    3rd November 2017

    Oh yes! I love a good spelt recipe, it makes it so much easier for me and my husband to enjoy without fear of bloating!

  268. Leave a Reply

    Sharon Witney
    3rd November 2017

    I’m about to make a batch of pumpkin pies, having grown the most enormous pumpkin ever

  269. Leave a Reply

    Jane Gorton
    3rd November 2017

    I would use it for Apple Crumble but my Son would love to use it for his cupcakes. Fantastic prize, thank you x

  270. Leave a Reply

    Melanie Burton
    3rd November 2017

    I really want to give Apple crumble another go, and I’m sure if I had this it would certainly turn out a lot better than the last one I tried to make by hand!

  271. Leave a Reply

    3rd November 2017

    I would love to make Pumpkin Pie filling – because I have never tried it and because I need to find some way of using up all the discarded pumpkin carving efforts we have 😀

  272. Leave a Reply

    angela sandhu
    3rd November 2017

    I would have a go at Apple Crumble. Its a family favourite

  273. Leave a Reply

    Beverley Cousins
    3rd November 2017

    Would love to make gluten free pastry,I find it hard to make it by hand to get that elasticity texture.

  274. Leave a Reply

    Jane Middleton
    3rd November 2017

    I’d like to try to make cakes with chocolate and vanilla cream filling

  275. Leave a Reply

    Gillian York
    3rd November 2017

    ideal for making pastry, very useful for people with arthritis, apple pie would be my first make

  276. Leave a Reply

    chirag patel
    3rd November 2017

    would be the perfect incentive to make homemade cakes

  277. Leave a Reply

    sarah fielding
    3rd November 2017

    I would love to make some delicious pesto, owning this would make it much easier!

  278. Leave a Reply

    Misty Miller
    3rd November 2017

    i have so many pumpkins that could do with a whizz

  279. Leave a Reply

    Donna Caldwell
    3rd November 2017

    We had and abundance of cooking apples this year so I’d be making crumbles

  280. Leave a Reply

    Ellen Stafford
    3rd November 2017

    I would love to make some soups over the winter

  281. Leave a Reply

    Alison Macdonald
    3rd November 2017

    Wanting to make some energy balls for snacking and for kids to take to school as a healthy snack. Would come in useful for choppjng the nuts/fruit and binding all together to suitable consistency x

  282. Leave a Reply

    Cerys John
    3rd November 2017

    I’d make a blackberry and apple oaty crumble!

  283. Leave a Reply

    Adrian Bold
    3rd November 2017

    I’d make an apple and rhubarb crumble.

  284. Leave a Reply

    3rd November 2017

    I’d love to try making some houmous, as I love it, and a decent blender would be ideal for this.

  285. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Ann Roberts
    4th November 2017

    I’m fairly new to baking and i’m loving it. I would love to do more adventurous bakes and cakes especially cheesecakes but my hand mixer the cheesecake seems to separate. I checked online and they said l need a decent mixer, so would really love to expand and carry on with my baking journey! .

  286. Leave a Reply

    alison fisher
    4th November 2017

    i would use it to make a hash brown based pizza. The potato and onion take ages to by hand this would do that trick no problems!

  287. Leave a Reply

    Danielle Pooley
    4th November 2017

    The apple pie looks amazing & it happens to be my fiancés favourite, so I would def make that!

  288. Leave a Reply

    Deborah Clarke
    4th November 2017

    I’d make a lovely cheesecake. Maybe a salted caramel one. It’s very tedious to do by ham. This looks fab would love to be your lucky winner

  289. Leave a Reply

    paula cheadle
    4th November 2017

    I am going to make your wholemeal spelt apple pie, as I have always used the white spelt

  290. Leave a Reply

    Lydia Graham
    4th November 2017

    My 12 year old really wants a food processor. She cooks and cakes an awful lot and now wants to make her own pasta and has read that a food processor will make it so much easier

  291. Leave a Reply

    alice lightning
    4th November 2017

    wow looks amazing ,love cooking hubby loves fruit pies children loves sausage rolls and with my daughters wedding I,m catering for and Christmas parties we will be having a lot of food being made and blimey this magnificent machine could help me make short work of a lot of pastry making and cakes too fantastic prize giveaway everything crossed

  292. Leave a Reply

    Jennifer Baker
    4th November 2017

    I would love to make a vanilla cheesecake with an Oreo biscuit base x x x

  293. Leave a Reply

    Simon Tinsley
    4th November 2017

    I’m thinking of making a dark chocolate cheesecake so this would be ideal for chopping up bourbon biscuits for the base!

  294. Leave a Reply

    Petra Beck
    4th November 2017

    I’m dying to make a proper, home-made Christmas cake! We used to be given a boxed cake at work so I was never really encouraged to do one myself – well, we don’t need two cakes, do we? But now that I am semi-retired I could bake my own and I am convinced it will be miles better than the shop bought ones.

  295. Leave a Reply

    rebecca courtney
    4th November 2017

    first thing id try would be my xmas cakes

  296. Leave a Reply

    sue mcdermott
    4th November 2017

    I’ve got a recipe for cheese & olive scones that are lovely at Christmas but quite fiddly, any help from this food processor would be appreciated!

  297. Leave a Reply

    Maya Russell
    4th November 2017

    I’m dying to make my own grated parmesan cheese. Our family uses parmesan liberally & so would be much cheaper to grate a huge quantity myself. Like the idea of using a food processor for quick work.

  298. Leave a Reply

    Maria Jane Knight
    4th November 2017

    Im desperate to give homemade mustard a go….i watched James Martin give it a go and it looked amazing!

  299. Leave a Reply

    Hayley Todd
    4th November 2017

    I would love to make a delicious, comforting Leek & Potato Soup, the perfect winter warmer after being in work all day!

  300. Leave a Reply

    Louise Tring
    4th November 2017

    I want to make my own almond butter!

  301. Leave a Reply

    Geoff Hibbert
    4th November 2017

    My friend gave me a recipe for mushroom soup using porcini mushrooms – love to do that.

  302. Leave a Reply

    Chris Hobbs
    4th November 2017

    I have become a vegetarian and 6 months in I am having so much fun experimenting with different foods and recipes. I have enjoyed making quinoa, butterbean fritters the most adding spices and flavours. Have also been cooking apple cake apple pie and apple chutney with the vast amount of apples in my garden.

    • Leave a Reply

      5th November 2017

      Well done. It can be a big step. But as you say lots of fun to be had discovering new ways of cooking. I’m envious of your apple tree(s).

  303. Leave a Reply

    Paul Ballantine
    4th November 2017

    Between watching #GBBO and this article it’s time I tried some home cooking.
    The first thing I’d use it for would be a nice simple corned beef and potatoe pie then who knows after that

  304. Leave a Reply

    Melanie Pennie
    4th November 2017

    I have a food processor recipe for Fish Cakes with Sweet Chilli Sauce which I would love to try as they sound delicious 🙂

  305. Leave a Reply

    Marie Rule
    4th November 2017

    I love making different soups, especially in the colder months. The food processor would be great for this.

  306. Leave a Reply

    Erica Price
    4th November 2017

    I’d like to make more soups now winter is here so it would be a help with chopping.

  307. Leave a Reply

    Joanna Ford
    4th November 2017

    I would love to make a classic vegetable soup so this would be really useful!

  308. Leave a Reply

    Paula T
    4th November 2017

    Oh wow your apple pie looks so yummy!!
    I’ve always fancied making my own sauces for meats and pasta, especially with hidden veggies in for the kids xx

  309. Leave a Reply

    jayne hall hall
    4th November 2017

    i would like to use it to make apple pies and cheese straws

  310. Leave a Reply

    Emma Price
    4th November 2017

    Soups for winter and baby food in the new year!

  311. Leave a Reply

    Tess D
    4th November 2017

    Spicy Winter coleslaw – processor would be perfect for shredding the cabbage and carrots x

  312. Leave a Reply

    sharon stanley
    4th November 2017

    I would love to try out your apple pie recipe.

  313. Leave a Reply

    Pauline Dring
    4th November 2017

    I’d use it for blending my home made soups

  314. Leave a Reply

    Serena La Pietra
    4th November 2017

    How good does cheesy potatoes sound? Very! I would slice the spuds and grate the cheese with the processor in record time with great precision. I’m also a big salad fan and would love to try making my own dressings in the machine.

  315. Leave a Reply

    Daniel G
    4th November 2017

    With the cold weather coming first ting I’ll be making is lots of soups.

  316. Leave a Reply

    Dale Dow
    4th November 2017

    Stuffng would be really handy to make using a foot processor as it would save me making pieces smaller by hand

  317. Leave a Reply

    4th November 2017

    Nigella always uses a food processor for her Victoria Sponge and other cakes – so I’d love to try it for that as well as to help with all the veggie dishes I love.

  318. Leave a Reply

    Catherine L
    4th November 2017

    I would make a lovely apple crumble! Yum

  319. Leave a Reply

    4th November 2017

    This would be useful for all sorts of things. Homemade soup has to be my favourite and this would be ideal for chopping all those onions and tough ingredients like butternut squash.

  320. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Heath
    4th November 2017

    I would use it to make the pastry for my mince pies, so much easier than doing it by hand.

  321. Leave a Reply

    Charlie Brunton
    4th November 2017

    I’d love to make lots of warming vegetable soups for the winter months! Maybe a nice fruit crumble for puddings!

  322. Leave a Reply

    Jacqueline Roberts
    4th November 2017

    I’d make some home made fruit pies now I’ve been inspired by your recipes

  323. Leave a Reply

    4th November 2017

    Anything from Jamie’s 15 or 30 minute meals – without a food processor they currently take me about an hour and a half 😀

  324. Leave a Reply

    Karen Durrant
    4th November 2017

    I would love to make some pastry and scones with the food processor . The family love apple and pear pie and my chicken and leek in white sauce pie. I could make them a lot quicker with this processor and batch make them for the freezer

  325. Leave a Reply

    Linda Rothen
    4th November 2017

    the apple pie looks amazing i would love to give this a try

  326. Leave a Reply

    Lorraine Stone
    4th November 2017

    Would love to make snuggly comfort food this winter and quickly too! Apple crumble yum.

  327. Leave a Reply

    Debbie Hawkins
    4th November 2017

    Both my children love homemade over shop bought and their favourite is my homemade hummus especially when served in wraps with chilli bean paste (it’s a bit like refried beans) and salad. The hummus and bean paste is all prepared with a food processor but sadly I’m struggling to make it as my current one went up in smoke last month.

  328. Leave a Reply

    Maria Hackett
    4th November 2017

    wow! i would love to make some pastry! always been making by hand and this looks beautiful too.

  329. Leave a Reply

    Victoria Easton
    4th November 2017

    A Victoria Sponge – I hope this would help make it lighter than air (plus I like fresh cream in the middle…)

  330. Leave a Reply

    tammi nutting
    4th November 2017

    we love baking and only have a hand blender this would be so good and save arm ache . my fave bake is a apple crumble

  331. Leave a Reply

    Jessica Hutton
    4th November 2017

    I would love to make some vegetable soup. Perfect for a cold winter dat xx

  332. Leave a Reply

    Sammie Hodges
    4th November 2017

    It’s about that time of year for Parsnip soup! So that would be what I would make. I really love sweet soups and parsnip is my favourite

  333. Leave a Reply

    Lisa Mauchline
    4th November 2017

    I would use it to grate vegetables for making a lovely soup

  334. Leave a Reply

    Susan Ocock
    4th November 2017

    Lots of things for Christmas when I have family visiting. Biscuits, mince pies and a Yule log for the children

  335. Leave a Reply

    Emma Davison
    4th November 2017

    Lemon meringue pie. I love it and have made it before but it can be a bit of a faff.

  336. Leave a Reply

    Gwyn Sharps
    4th November 2017

    I’m vegan so lots of my recipes require a processor like this. I would make vegan blueberry cheesecake and I make the base with dates and almonds which I need to blend. I make the ‘cheese’ with blended cashews and soya milk.

  337. Leave a Reply

    4th November 2017

    I would love to make my favourite Carrot Cake. The processor would be so useful for shredding and blending all the lovely ingredients!

  338. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Addey
    4th November 2017

    I would make a nice hot winter soup just love them

  339. Leave a Reply

    Zoe Spinner
    4th November 2017

    Lemon Meringue Pie. My mum always makes it for us so would be nice to return the favour

  340. Leave a Reply

    Tracey Belcher
    4th November 2017

    It is that time of year when casseroles and stews are so warming so I would start with a bulk load for a casserole and then lots of homemade pies will be on the list

  341. Leave a Reply

    Derek Wilson
    4th November 2017

    Smoothies. I buy lots of frozen fruit (like summer berries) for convenience, so a food processor would be ideal for making healthy drinks.

  342. Leave a Reply

    sharon martin
    4th November 2017

    i’d love to try making meringues and make my own pavlovas, my favourite dessert, yum

  343. Leave a Reply

    Kate Davies
    4th November 2017

    I love making my own coleslaw but it can be a tedious process, a food processor would make it so much easier and quicker.

  344. Leave a Reply

    Em S
    4th November 2017

    I would love to be able to make sweet pastry from scratch so I could bake some homemade mince pies. My hands are too warm to make pastry!

  345. Leave a Reply

    Polly Klidaras
    4th November 2017

    I love your apple pie recipe, it is my next to do bake! When I don’t have apples I sometimes use courgettes and make a fake apple pie, it’s amazing but you can hardly taste the difference!

  346. Leave a Reply

    Eliza James
    4th November 2017

    I’d love to be able to make peanut butter! I find it kinda magical he you can turn plain peanuts into peanut butter in just a few seconds!!

  347. Leave a Reply

    Glynis O'Halloran
    4th November 2017

    I would love to be have a food processor in time for Christmas. I have a stack of recipes that I would love to try ranging from cakes to sauces and a processor would be a great help.

  348. Leave a Reply

    4th November 2017

    I would love this super food processor to great pasty and cakes. I have arthritis in my hands and it would make much better mixes than I can do.

  349. Leave a Reply

    Kirsty Woods
    4th November 2017

    I would make some soup with my lovely veg I grow on my allotment

  350. Leave a Reply

    Kuli Lombardelli
    4th November 2017

    I would love to bake a vanilla sponge cake. I have not baked for years. This would definitely motivate me.

  351. Leave a Reply

    Zach Hudson
    4th November 2017

    Rhubarb crumble/pie – Mmm my fav or sticky toffee pudding

  352. Leave a Reply

    Kim Willing
    4th November 2017

    I’d like to make cakes and bread, anything really as I can’t beat mixture by hand any more as I have arthritis in my hands.

  353. Leave a Reply

    Marjoleine Kok
    4th November 2017

    I would love to use this to make the perfect Butternut Squash soup x I want to make it using our South African recipe- something I haven,t done since leaving years ago , as can’t face chopping all the squash up !

  354. Leave a Reply

    Kim W
    4th November 2017

    Hi again, not sure why but when I went to subscribe to your RSS feed I get pages of this:

  355. Leave a Reply

    Kim W
    4th November 2017

    Sorry, it hasn’t come out, it’s pages of coding and nowhere to click

  356. Leave a Reply

    kimberley grant
    4th November 2017

    I would make a lot of cakes and other sweet treats

  357. Leave a Reply

    Fiona jk42
    4th November 2017

    I’d use it to grate the mouli when my husband makes stuffed parathas. Grating them by hand is a real chore and I invariably grate my knuckles

  358. Leave a Reply

    ellie spider
    4th November 2017

    some tomato and onion bread twists asI hate mixing the bread mix by hand and then I’d make home made potatoe and leek soup too

  359. Leave a Reply

    Terrie-Ann Wright
    4th November 2017

    I would love to make some different chutneys to give to some family members for Christmas, in particular a caramelised onion chutney as this is all our favourite.

  360. Leave a Reply

    Laura Lee
    4th November 2017

    I really want to make bread and think this would help with the dough making

  361. Leave a Reply

    Tamsin Dean
    4th November 2017

    I use a lot of chopped fruit and veg like tomatoes for cooking like sauces so this would be perfect for this

  362. Leave a Reply

    nolene oneill
    4th November 2017

    Any kind of crumble pie atm it’s all my LO will eat! Sweet or savoury

  363. Leave a Reply

    Carol Cliffe
    4th November 2017

    I’d love to use it to make lots of delicious and warming soups to see us through the winter months.

  364. Leave a Reply

    Karen Howden
    4th November 2017

    I would make my daughter some coleslaw

  365. Leave a Reply

    Lia Burns
    4th November 2017

    I love to make sticky toffee pudding, especially this time of year, however my food processor broke a few months ago and I have a 3 month old, it’s a bit too much extra work without my food processor so I haven’t made any for quite some time x

  366. Leave a Reply

    Anne Woodthorpe
    4th November 2017

    I would make my sister a special vegan meal as she deserves a treat and this would help big time.

  367. Leave a Reply

    Jeanette Leighton
    4th November 2017

    Would love to make some soup for winter

  368. Leave a Reply

    George Wright
    4th November 2017

    I’d use it to make pastry and breadcrumbs for a treacle tart because it’s my partner’s favourite! 🙂

  369. Leave a Reply

    Su Brett
    4th November 2017

    I make a lot of different soups – this would really help and save a lot of time chopping etc

  370. Leave a Reply

    Mcj ESmith
    4th November 2017

    This would be great to make the pastry for my squash and mushroom tarts.

  371. Leave a Reply

    Diane Duggan
    4th November 2017

    I’d like to make various pastries for savoury pies. A food processor would make it so much easier and quicker.

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