Cranking up the Ideas for Autumnal Slow Food and Giveaway #82

Cranks Slow Food

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October is such an exciting month. It does includes National Chocolate Week and National Curry Week, after all. The leaves are turning, it’s a time for walks and slow food comes into its own. And most excitingly of all I’ve staged a takeover of the Cranks website. I already have a giveaway running for a Hotel Chocolat box of autumnal chocolates and now I have five copies of the Cranks Bible up for grabs.

So in what way have I taken over the Cranks website, you may well ask? Don’t worry, I didn’t muscle my way in and hold a piping bag to their heads. I’ve done nothing more dastardly than write three autumnal slow food posts for this lovely month of October.  You can read about my early association with Cranks in the first post along with my not-to-be-missed recipe for roasted squash, pepper and leek tart with a walnut crust. My second post is all about slow food and comes with 12 autumnal slow food ideas – it’s well worth a look. The third post hasn’t been published yet, so I’ll have to keep you in suspense on that one.

Slow Food Roasted Squash Tart

Cranks started life back in the swinging sixties as a vegetarian restaurant in Carnaby Street. Several other restaurants followed in various locations, including the one I remember as a child, based at Dartington in Devon. This is the only one that now remains. I would recommend a visit. Cranks also has a number of popular vegetarian cookery books to its name. The Cranks Bible: A Timeless Collection of Vegetarian Recipes is particularly close to my heart. I’ve been cooking with it for many years now and it has some fabulous recipes. The author, Nadine Abansur is an accomplished vegetarian cook who worked with Cranks for many years. However, this paperback edition includes one of my very own recipes and I am totally thrilled. For a detailed review, have a look at my Cranks Bible post from earlier this year.

NB 2 November 2106 – I can now reveal my final recipe which has just been publish on the Cranks site. It’s this comforting barley bean bowl with hazelnuts, mushrooms, black beans and cabbage. Perfect for autumn.

Barley Bean Bowl

5 Copies of the Cranks Bible Giveaway

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Cranks Bible

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  1. Leave a Reply

    19th October 2016

    Curry week and chocolate week? A good month indeed!

  2. Leave a Reply

    Tracey Peach
    19th October 2016

    I’m not 100% sure what slow foods mean to me it means a meal that it’s nutrients are released over time which leaves you feeling fuller for longer

    • Leave a Reply

      19th October 2016

      I like your thoughts on slow food. Not quite thought about that aspect before. Apologies for the confusion and thanks for coming back to comment.

  3. Leave a Reply

    Tracy K Nixon
    19th October 2016

    Slow food is an alternative to fast food and is all about creating recipes using traditional wholesome ingredients such as meat, vegetables, pulses etc either homegrown, or from small businesses.

    • Leave a Reply

      19th October 2016

      Yes, that’s pretty much my understanding of it too Tracy. Thanks for coming back to comment.

  4. Leave a Reply

    19th October 2016

    Slow food in the form of slow cooking (which I think you are referring to) means comforting winter casseroles from cheaper cuts of meat, which are made succulent through long cooking at low temperatures.

    • Leave a Reply

      19th October 2016

      It’s interesting to hear what everyone’s take on slow food is. For me, it’s not so much slow cooking, although that’s part of it, it’s about good food cooked from scratch.

  5. Leave a Reply

    19th October 2016

    Slow Food?? cooked from scratch with natural ingredients and love!

  6. Leave a Reply

    Samantha Fernley
    19th October 2016

    Slow food makes me think rustic and made with fresh ingredients like when I cook from scratch using my allotment goodies and herbs from the garden.

  7. Leave a Reply

    Henk Kooiman
    19th October 2016

    My whole life is slow, so preparing slow food is a natural part of it. Meals are nearly always from scratch. Even after all these years I can still look forward to the simple act of slicing fresh vegetables and washing salads. Just one thing after the other. No rushing. Classical music in the background. Taking deep breaths once in a while. Looking out of the kitchen window into the garden. Lovely smells, delicous food …..

    • Leave a Reply

      19th October 2016

      It all sounds so wonderful Henk. One day I will get a bit more time in my life. A slow life sounds totally dreamy.

  8. Leave a Reply

    19th October 2016

    love Cranks! Slow Food means winter warmth and the most amazing aromas wafting through my home and tasty tasty food…

    • Leave a Reply

      19th October 2016

      Dom, there are always amazing aromas wafting through your home and loads of tasty tasty food.

  9. Leave a Reply

    Helen Thurston
    19th October 2016

    Slow cooking to me means something that takes some time to prepare, so usually cooking from scratch, i.e. peeling and preparing veg, soaking and cooking beans, lentils, etc, and either cooked in the oven like a casserole or crumble, in a saucepan like a stew or curry or slowcooker.

  10. Leave a Reply

    19th October 2016

    I think of slow food as being meals that are cooked from scratch and generally healthy as well.

  11. Leave a Reply

    Kim M
    19th October 2016

    Healthy, hearty stews with lots of winter veg – no fuss in my slow cooker x

  12. Leave a Reply

    19th October 2016

    Slow cooked food means comfort, and warmth and all things lovely to me. And maximum return for minimal effort!

  13. Leave a Reply

    19th October 2016

    I know I don’t qualify to enter for the Cranks book, but I was sad to see that Cranks of Carnaby Street was no longer around. I used to work a few steps from this shop and many times enjoyed a lovely lunch there. I’m sure the surviving Cranks still serves beautiful healthy food. Slow cooking – the way I always cook!!!

  14. Leave a Reply

    laura banks
    19th October 2016

    slow food to me means cooking something from scratch

  15. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca Nisbet
    19th October 2016

    i think slow food means, food that is cooked slowly to make meats more tender and allow the flavour to really soak into the meat.

  16. Leave a Reply

    Samantha O'D
    19th October 2016

    Healthy wholesome food prepared from scratch. Rare in my house, I love convenience

  17. Leave a Reply

    Jayne Sullivan
    19th October 2016

    A meal which has been lovingly cooked in the oven when you get on with all those other household tasks

  18. Leave a Reply

    Spencer Broadley
    20th October 2016

    Slow cooking is great – once you have prepared everything and put it on to cook you can just sit back and put your feet up. Makes for a quick leftovers meal the following day in the microwave

  19. Leave a Reply

    Shane Holland
    20th October 2016

    Slow Food is about food which has values: It can be summed up in three words, Good, Clean & Fair

    It means food which tastes good and sustains our communites, food which doesn’t damage the environment in its production or that is full of preservatives, and that both the farmer and shopper get a fair deal in price.

    It means a more abundant way of eating – we have 4000 varieties of apple in the UK, yet 70% of all those we eat are from 3 varieties, and 70% of those apples are imported.

    It doesn’t have anything to do with cooking speed – a beautiful autumnal mushroom omelette would be Slow Fast Food!

    Find out more at www . slow food

    • Leave a Reply

      20th October 2016

      Great explanation Shane. I was hoping someone would mention the Slow Food movement.

  20. Leave a Reply

    Sara Goodman
    20th October 2016

    Thanks for a fantastic giveaway. In my younger days, when there was a lovely Cranks close to where I worked, I spend many happy hours there!!!! This is a lovely reminder of a wonderful time in my life. Thank you 🙂 x

    • Leave a Reply

      22nd October 2016

      Lots of people have fond memories of Cranks, it’s good to hear them Sara.

  21. Leave a Reply

    Kim Styles
    20th October 2016

    I think slow food is slow cooking at a low heat over a long period of time either in the oven or in a slow cooker with older cuts of meat ie oxtail stew or mutton

  22. Leave a Reply

    20th October 2016

    Slow food is what I love best, whether it’s in my slow cooker, casseroles in the oven or nice slowly baked fruit cakes. And of course it is also about food being grown, reared slowly in its own time, not forced.

    • Leave a Reply

      22nd October 2016

      I agree, how the food is produced is a key factor. You’ve got me all fired up to make a fruit cake now.

  23. Leave a Reply

    Hayley williams
    22nd October 2016

    slow…means taking it easy taking your time to make things just perfct specially when cooking

  24. Leave a Reply

    Heather brannan
    22nd October 2016

    Slow cooking meat helps retain all the good nutrients.

  25. Leave a Reply

    Victoria Prince
    22nd October 2016

    I’ve actually never heard the expression “slow food” before, but to me it means recipes you can just throw a load of ingredients in together and then leave to potter on whilst you do other things!

  26. Leave a Reply

    Angie S
    22nd October 2016

    Slow food? Home-cooked food prepared from scratch, sometimes including some of the remaining beets dug out of my garden 🙂

  27. Leave a Reply

    23rd October 2016

    Slow food means using fresh, healthy ingredients to make wholesome and delicious food from scratch rather than getting a take out or popping a ready made meal in the microwave. It takes longer to make but its so worth it 🙂

  28. Leave a Reply

    Jennifer Bruce
    24th October 2016

    Slow food is food that is slow to prepare. Back to basics, cooking home grown ingredients, giving a wholesome meal.

  29. Leave a Reply

    24th October 2016

    For me ‘Slow food’ conjures up images of autumnal and winter recipes, pots and pans that have been bubbling away all day, condensed flavours, bowls being refilled- again and again and again. Yummy

  30. Leave a Reply

    Lorraine Stone
    24th October 2016

    Slow food to me means nourishing food. Something to come home too, and something that fills you up!

  31. Leave a Reply

    iain maciver
    24th October 2016

    slow food means cooked perfectly and soft and tender

  32. Leave a Reply

    Jane Willis
    24th October 2016

    To me, slow food means nothing about it has been done in a hurry – no rush to the growing or raising of the ingredients, shopped for and prepared with love, and enjoyed as a family, no hasty dashes to the supermarket for a ready meal to fling in the microwave, one person at a time

  33. Leave a Reply

    suan watts
    24th October 2016

    I think of slow food as food cooked in a slow cooker but it may be slow release into the body

  34. Leave a Reply

    24th October 2016

    nourishing, nurturing comfort food

  35. Leave a Reply

    Natalie Crossan
    24th October 2016

    nourishing warm hearty food

  36. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca H
    25th October 2016

    That tart looks amazing! Slow food to me is made from scratch and that effort means you must savour every bite -slowly!

  37. Leave a Reply

    Debbie Callender-O'Neill
    25th October 2016

    Slow cook means to me releasing wholesome, nutritious flavours into the food and at the same time achieving a work/life balance!

  38. Leave a Reply

    Emily Knight
    25th October 2016

    To me it’s all about traditional food – food that’s cooked with local traditions in mind, and using ingredients that are local and grown with care.

  39. Leave a Reply

    rachel h
    25th October 2016

    Food that is cooked from scratch, healthy and takes a long time to prepare – the opposite of fast food

  40. Leave a Reply

    25th October 2016

    All good things take time and care, and that applies to making great food too.

  41. Leave a Reply

    25th October 2016

    Taking time to cook food slowly and thoroughly combine different flacours.

  42. Leave a Reply

    Laura Jeffs
    25th October 2016

    Slow food means that the food is prepared according to local traditions, normally using local ingredients.

  43. Leave a Reply

    Evelyn Johnston
    25th October 2016

    Slow food means to me shopping local cutting down on carbon footprint and seasonally.

  44. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca Williams
    25th October 2016

    To me slow food is cooking from scratch with healthy ingredients, my mum always did this when I grew up 🙂

  45. Leave a Reply

    Jen Schofield
    25th October 2016

    Food that has been made slowly so it’s really tasty

  46. Leave a Reply

    Laura Nice
    25th October 2016

    Food thats been allowed to let the flavours come out as its been cooked over long time

  47. Leave a Reply

    Julie T
    25th October 2016

    Tasty home cooked food that someone has taken the time to prepare for the whole family to enjoy.

  48. Leave a Reply

    Jim Milligan
    25th October 2016

    For me, slow food is all about thoughtfulness in our food, taking time to consider where is comes from and seasonality, how it’s prepared in traditional ways, and time to savor and enjoy.

  49. Leave a Reply

    laura stewart
    25th October 2016

    it means i’ll have tea at tea time 🙂

  50. Leave a Reply

    Barbara Knight
    25th October 2016

    For me slow food is about quality of food, seasonality, sourcing locally and then taking the time to prepare and cook it well.

  51. Leave a Reply

    C Kennedy
    25th October 2016

    To me it means cooking food the long (slow) way round! Preparing and cooking meals from scratch rather than buying pre-prepared

  52. Leave a Reply

    Corinne Henson
    25th October 2016

    Cooking from scratch using natural/fresh ingredients which takes a lot longer hence the term slow food

  53. Leave a Reply

    26th October 2016

    Slow food to me means taking time and careful preperation to make meals cooked with love. This includes sourcing ingredients locally. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for you.

  54. Leave a Reply

    Caroline H
    26th October 2016

    Slow food for me is a recycling bin devoid of excess packaging, ready meal trays and bits of plastic, hazard tape across the microwave door and really enjoying sourcing great ingredients, trying new recipes and loving my time spent in the kitchen.

    • Leave a Reply

      26th October 2016

      Great explanation Caroline. Especially love the hazard tape across the microwave 🙂

  55. Leave a Reply

    Jo Carroll
    26th October 2016

    For me ‘Slow Food’ is food cooked with care and attention to detail, not simply thrown together but using ingredients that takes thought and intuition when it comes to what tastes fit together.

  56. Leave a Reply

    Michaela Smith
    26th October 2016

    I think it has something to do with regional food traditions.

  57. Leave a Reply

    26th October 2016

    It is a global, grassroots movement that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment. It works to build links between producers and consumers.

  58. Leave a Reply

    Magdalene Drummond
    27th October 2016

    To me its a meal that takes time to prepare and cook, in our house that would be my veggie casserole which I tend to start making the night before 🙂

  59. Leave a Reply

    sarah rees
    27th October 2016

    cooking from scratch, maybe in a slow cooker, getting all the nice flavours out

  60. Leave a Reply

    27th October 2016

    For me it is about taking time to create something proper – it doesnt even need to be a long time. Using proper ingredients and making it from scratch. Makes all the difference

  61. Leave a Reply

    Tricia Cowell
    27th October 2016

    Good wholesome ingredients, cooking from scratch. Tastes so much better than ‘ready meals’ and much more nutritious

  62. Leave a Reply

    leanne weir
    27th October 2016

    Slow food to me is about using ingredients and carefully planning a healthy meal

  63. Leave a Reply

    Deborah Clarke
    28th October 2016

    Slow food to me is cooking from scratch. Using healthy wholesome ingredients. Basically the opposite to ‘ fast ‘ or ‘ junk ‘ foof

  64. Leave a Reply

    James Harris
    28th October 2016

    Slow food is about cooking food from scratch using quality ingredients. Another side to it is eating the food in a relaxed and leisurely manner with good company i.e. not eating on the move.

  65. Leave a Reply

    Ellie Wood
    28th October 2016

    Slow food is somethings I take time over and think about the ingredients and where they came from.

  66. Leave a Reply

    Sally Collingwood
    28th October 2016

    Slowly cooked to keep in the goodnesss

  67. Leave a Reply

    Claire Nutman
    29th October 2016

    Wholesome and healthy homemade foods with optimal flavour x

  68. Leave a Reply

    Gemma Godfrey
    29th October 2016

    Slow food means more traditional kind of food to me – stews, soups etc. Things that take a while longer to cook but are much more nutrional, filling, and warming.

  69. Leave a Reply

    Jenna Hegarty
    29th October 2016

    Oops, ,it’s my comment in the name box by mistake! Ah well, here I go again… To me slow food is all about slowing things down. Taking the time to cook properly (doing the opposite of fast food) and then the time to savour it with loved ones.

  70. Leave a Reply

    29th October 2016

    To me, slow food means cooking from scratch with ingredients sourced as locally and seasonally as possible.

  71. Leave a Reply

    Karen Taylor
    30th October 2016

    Slow food means to me the freedom to spend my day enjoying the great outdoors then coming home to the welcome aromas of a delicious hearty meal!

  72. Leave a Reply

    Ruth Harwood
    30th October 2016

    slow food cooking is when you put something in your slow cooker and make a lovely filling hot pot or stew 🙂

  73. Leave a Reply

    CLAIRE woods
    30th October 2016

    slow food as being meals that are cooked from scratch and with lots of vegetables.

  74. Leave a Reply

    Elaine Savage
    30th October 2016

    slow food means early preparation, then a long delicious anticipation with no disappointment at the end of it!

  75. Leave a Reply

    Laura Pritchard
    30th October 2016

    Food that takes time & care to prepare, with nothing pre-made.

  76. Leave a Reply

    30th October 2016

    It means warming, tasty and healthy. And the lovely smell of ‘proper’ grub wafting through the house.

  77. Leave a Reply

    pete c
    30th October 2016

    1st thoughts were that the food is cooked for longer at lower temperatures to maybe keep the flavour in better

  78. Leave a Reply

    Liz T
    30th October 2016

    Slow food is about taking your time to wait for food that is made from fresh ingredients and cooked just for you.

  79. Leave a Reply

    Helen Humphries
    30th October 2016

    I think from a cooking point of view something cooked from scratch, minimizing packing and waste. I also thought it also was about food miles too, not sure if that’s true though! So buying local fresh produce supports local economy, minimizes environmental impact etc

  80. Leave a Reply

    Helen Humphries
    30th October 2016

    *aagh* I think you may have said ten words or less but can’t get back in to check the question so may have dreamed it, if not the shortened version!

    “simple wholesome food, cooked well from scratch.”

  81. Leave a Reply

    Lisa Parker
    30th October 2016

    To me slow food means healthy, homecooked food that is cooked slowly (possibly in a slowcooker) and is slower to digest, leaving you fuller for longer

  82. Leave a Reply

    30th October 2016

    Healthy wholesome food which is cooked from scratch

  83. Leave a Reply

    Joanna Coleshill
    30th October 2016

    Simple unprocessed food cooked with local ingredients

  84. Leave a Reply

    Lynne Durkin
    31st October 2016

    Not entirely sure but to me it would mean either slow as in takes more time and effort to prepare and cook from scratch or slow to release energy therefore keeping you full for longer x

  85. Leave a Reply

    31st October 2016

    cooking from scratch,no short cuts

  86. Leave a Reply

    Mrs F
    31st October 2016

    Slow food to me means lovingly prepared from scratch – the opposite of fast food. In our household we tend to make things ourselves rather than buy convenience food. We don’t do takeaways, we don’t even own a microwave. It takes time to prepare meals but at least we know what goes in them and what doesn’t.

  87. Leave a Reply

    Susan Hoggett
    1st November 2016

    to me it means cooking authentic homemade dishes from scratch with locally produced ingredients and growing your own if you can

  88. Leave a Reply

    yvonne cooke
    1st November 2016

    just pop your food into slow cooker and go to work, come back and the dinner is ready.x Great prize, always wanted one.xx

  89. Leave a Reply

    Peter Shillito
    3rd November 2016

    Slow food is any food that takes longer than 15 minutes from declaration of intent to the moment you start eating. Faster than that and odds are it’s probably not very healthy haha!

  90. Leave a Reply

    Judith Allen
    4th November 2016

    Food that takes a while to grow and a while to cook, because that’s just how it is.

  91. Leave a Reply

    4th November 2016

    To me slow food means one pot hearty casseroles and soups – warming food for the cold Winter days ahead

  92. Leave a Reply

    Nicola McC
    5th November 2016

    Slow food means home-cooked foods, made with wholesome ingredients!

  93. Leave a Reply

    Katherine McDonald
    7th November 2016

    To me, slow food is food which takes more then a couple of hours to complete – stews, belly pork etc.

  94. Leave a Reply

    emilia nastaly-howard
    8th November 2016

    Healthy, cooked for few hours, yummy stew 🙂

  95. Leave a Reply

    Allan Wilson
    8th November 2016

    To me – Slow cooking is gently cooking through at a low temperature to retain and enhance the flavouring of meat.

  96. Leave a Reply

    Fiona jk42
    8th November 2016

    Slow food is what used to be everyday food, made at home from real ingredients not mass-produced fast food full of addictive saturated fats and additives.

  97. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca B
    10th November 2016

    Slow food is the opposite of fast food, so to me means home cooked non-processed foods that are nutrient rich

  98. Leave a Reply

    carole nott
    10th November 2016

    slow food means a meal cooked easily.

  99. Leave a Reply

    nicola ingram
    11th November 2016

    slow food is a meal that a lot of effort and time is put in when making it and thought about who is going to be eating it

  100. Leave a Reply

    Rachel Butterworth
    11th November 2016

    Slow food. I’ve never heard this term before. Does it mean food that releases energy slowly, throughout the day – like porridge?

  101. Leave a Reply

    12th November 2016

    Never heard of slow foods before. Thought they were from the slow cooker

  102. Leave a Reply

    Richard Tyler
    13th November 2016

    It means you can savior all the taste, slow is the future!

  103. Leave a Reply

    Maxine G
    13th November 2016

    For me it definitely means warming and comforting food, best enjoyed when the weather starts to become colder. I love this book – I’ve got a copy of a previous edition, but I admit that many of the pages are stuck together with food splashes! Always a sign of a good cookbook that has been used over and over, but I’d love a shiny new copy and promise to look after it!

  104. Leave a Reply

    13th November 2016

    I think slow cooking is taking the time to gather all your ingredients together from great sources be they your allotment, farmers markets or independent shops. Then preparing them with love and sharing your food with friends and family.

  105. Leave a Reply

    13th November 2016

    Forget to say well done on the recipe inclusion! Looks delicious.

    • Leave a Reply

      13th November 2016

      Thank you Ness, lovely to hear from you. I keep forgetting about Love Cake until it’s too late. Will try to enter this month. BTW #WeShouldCocoa has no specific theme anymore, just any recipe that includes chocolate as a main ingredient.

  106. Leave a Reply

    Emma Rawlinson
    13th November 2016

    To me slow food means preparing meals from scratch using fresh ingredients

  107. Leave a Reply

    Chris Andrews
    13th November 2016

    What does slow food mean to you (comment in ten words or more). . . . . . two words . . . tender and tasty . . . . . home cooking at its best

  108. Leave a Reply

    Rosie Holloway
    13th November 2016

    Fresh ingredients cooked from scratch over a long period of time to develop the flavours.

  109. Leave a Reply

    Nancy Bradford
    13th November 2016

    Food that has a lot of thought and effort put into keeping the max nutritional content.

  110. Leave a Reply

    Eileen Tingle
    14th November 2016

    To me slow food means the veggie stews that I put in my slow cooker before I go to work then a lovely meal is ready when I walk through the door.

  111. Leave a Reply

    Joanna Ford
    14th November 2016

    It’s a meal that has slow releasing energy that will maintain you throughout the day.

  112. Leave a Reply

    Susan Ocock
    14th November 2016

    Cooked from scratch and made with care

  113. Leave a Reply

    Ann Skamarauskas
    15th November 2016

    Food that you take your time over, in prep, cooking and eating ….the antidote to fast food

  114. Leave a Reply

    Mary H
    16th November 2016

    Slow food means weekend cooking. Taking the time to source the best recipes, best ingredients I can afford and spending a whole day preparing a delicious feast.

  115. Leave a Reply

    Samantha R
    16th November 2016

    It’s convenient but also means the food gets cooked properly and you have more control over flavourings etc.

  116. Leave a Reply

    Lisa Wilkinson
    16th November 2016

    Food cooked over a longer period to enhance flavour and add succulence

  117. Leave a Reply

    Sandra Clarke
    17th November 2016

    I haven’t heard the term ‘slow food’ but imagine it refers to meals cooked in a slow cooker.

  118. Leave a Reply

    Elisa Cartwright
    17th November 2016

    Meals cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients and then cooked slowly to get the full flavours.

  119. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Wilson
    17th November 2016

    Food that is more flavourful, which is prepared from scratch.

  120. Leave a Reply

    Samantha McDonough
    17th November 2016

    Slow food to me just means cooking from scratch with all natural ingredients.

  121. Leave a Reply

    sonny richardson
    17th November 2016

    slowcooking equals hearty comfort food

  122. Leave a Reply

    Lauren Old
    17th November 2016

    I like the idea that slow food is opposite to fast food and therefore more nutritious and natural

  123. Leave a Reply

    Kristy Brown
    17th November 2016

    I’ve never heard the term slow food but I hope that porridge is included!

    • Leave a Reply

      19th November 2016

      I think porridge is definitely included 🙂 Slow food is a concept of taking care about the food we eat, how it is produced and where it comes from as well as cooking from scratch – or that’s how I understand it anyway!

  124. Leave a Reply

    sion gibby
    17th November 2016

    slow food to me is just nice and relaxed steady cooking- no rush, no stress

  125. Leave a Reply

    val young
    17th November 2016

    Slow food is food cooked from scratch using healthy ingredients cooked with love

  126. Leave a Reply

    christine westlake
    17th November 2016

    slowly cooked- means fuller flavour, tastier meals which save time as you can do other things while it cooks

  127. Leave a Reply

    Dominique Clarke
    17th November 2016

    I can prepare it, leave it cook slowly while i tend to the children and still enjoy a fresh great tasting family meal at the end of our day. xx

  128. Leave a Reply

    Beryl drake
    18th November 2016

    Slow food , the use of good natural wholesome home grown preferred organic in recipes .

  129. Leave a Reply

    carol boffey
    18th November 2016

    nice warm hearty food

  130. Leave a Reply

    jo liddement
    18th November 2016

    I like to make a vegetable chilli and then leave it overnight to marinade all the flavours together

  131. Leave a Reply

    Lucy D
    18th November 2016

    I love to cook from scratch for the family, usually with one for the freezer for those times when there isn’t time to be slow!

  132. Leave a Reply

    Elspeth MacMillan
    18th November 2016

    Slow food I think is another name for slow cooked which is a wonderful way to cook in flavours and is always lovely and tender 😀

  133. Leave a Reply

    Eleanor Harrison
    18th November 2016

    Slow food is all about taking the time to create a magical and nutritious meal, never compromising on flavour

  134. Leave a Reply

    Ann Williams
    18th November 2016

    To me slow food is food prepared from scratch, respecting the time and care involved in producing or raising those ingredients and then appreciating their qualities as you eat.

  135. Leave a Reply

    Kirsty Woods
    18th November 2016

    I think slow food is food that slowly releases energy and stops you feeling hungry for longer

  136. Leave a Reply

    sallyanne rose
    18th November 2016

    cooking from scratch I think

  137. Leave a Reply

    Toni Glenn
    18th November 2016

    My husband’s had to go veggie because he’s got gout! This book looks great and would be really helpful.

  138. Leave a Reply

    Sheri Darby
    18th November 2016

    I haven’t heard of Slow foods, but I do love to slowly enjoy food.

    • Leave a Reply

      19th November 2016

      Good one Sheri. It’s so true that in a busy world we probably don’t take the time we probably should to enjoy our food 🙂

  139. Leave a Reply

    Rowena Wood
    18th November 2016

    A curry full of flavours to make sure they are given enough time to infuse together to make one delicious meal!

  140. Leave a Reply

    David Greenhalgh
    18th November 2016

    slow food is not an expression I am familiar with..but I guess if takeaways are fast food then food prepared at home is slow food…………….maybe??

    • Leave a Reply

      19th November 2016

      Sort of David. Slow food is a concept of taking care about the food we eat, how it is produced and where it comes from as well as cooking from scratch – or that’s how I understand it anyway!

  141. Leave a Reply

    Pauline Dring
    18th November 2016

    Slow food to me means cooking from scratch and making a good dish with a longish cooking time.

  142. Leave a Reply

    18th November 2016

    I guess slow food for me could have two meanings – your traditional ‘slow cooked’ stews and hearty winter broths, or dishes that are properly home made with everything prepared from scratch.

  143. Leave a Reply

    Amanda Young
    19th November 2016

    To me it means something that you take your time over when you’re making it

  144. Leave a Reply

    paula cheadle
    19th November 2016

    I think slow cooking means:- low temp over long time

  145. Leave a Reply

    Jamie C Millard
    19th November 2016

    Slow food – not fast food. Good quality, healthier, prepared from scratch meals.

  146. Leave a Reply

    ellie spider
    19th November 2016

    slow food is food thats made slowly using wholesome ingredients that keeps you fuller for longer

  147. Leave a Reply

    Joanna Kasznicki
    19th November 2016

    Slow food is healthy and nutritious to me. It can even take a while to cook.

  148. Leave a Reply

    Karl Borowy
    19th November 2016

    slow release of energy while digesting over 2 –3 hours

  149. Leave a Reply

    CARA-JANE Hunter
    19th November 2016

    Tasty and healthy!!!

  150. Leave a Reply

    Sheila Reeves
    19th November 2016

    Slow food means a couple of things to me, food I’ve cooked from scratch in my slow cooker, coming home to warming aromas is wonderful at this time of year – also food that is grown or produced locally to me

  151. Leave a Reply

    Natalie Russell
    19th November 2016

    I’ve had the pleasure of tasting some of these recipes – yum!!! Would love a bible of my own!

  152. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca roberts
    19th November 2016

    A meal That’s yummy and time and love spent on it

  153. Leave a Reply

    19th November 2016

    My younger sister is a vegetarian so I am always on the lookout for new and exciting meals to make her!

  154. Leave a Reply

    Hayley Todd
    19th November 2016

    Slow Food to me is the whole ethos of taking your time to savour and enjoy your food and meals – not eating on the run, wolfing down your meals as part of your busy life but taking the time out to sit, relax and savour every single mouthful.

  155. Leave a Reply

    Matty Or
    19th November 2016

    I love slow cooking, but always do the same recipes, so need some more, b ut with working so much, slow cooking means that I can get good wholesome food

  156. Leave a Reply

    Jo McPherson
    19th November 2016

    Healthy, tasty homecooked food

  157. Leave a Reply

    Julie Edwards
    19th November 2016

    Slow food to me is the opposite to fast food. Food that is cooked from scratch from quality local ingredients and with love, care and attention.

  158. Leave a Reply

    Allan Fullarton
    19th November 2016

    Slow means to me, hearty food that you’d eat in the winter.

  159. Leave a Reply

    claire davey
    19th November 2016

    slow cooked food means fresh nutritious and slowly prepared so all the flavours get absorbed and makes it extra tasty.

  160. Leave a Reply

    Kathryn vyse
    19th November 2016

    Slow food to me is cooking from scratch without using processed ingredients

  161. Leave a Reply

    Dale Dow
    19th November 2016

    Slow food to me means being able to start cooking your food in the morning and leaving it on all day while you get on with work/chores, a good home cooked meal will be ready for you upon your return

  162. Leave a Reply

    Dave Wills
    19th November 2016

    Im Omniverous…but love Veggie food !

  163. Leave a Reply

    claire toplis
    19th November 2016

    slow food to me is either the cooking style or actually sitting round to enjoy the food slowly and chat

  164. Leave a Reply

    Laura Harrison
    19th November 2016

    Cooked with healthy and natural ingredients xx

  165. Leave a Reply

    19th November 2016


  166. Leave a Reply

    Margaret Abram
    19th November 2016

    Slow food is homemade, healthy food.

  167. Leave a Reply

    Louise Whittaker
    19th November 2016

    A meal that has had thought put into it, using responsibly sourced natural ingredients. The opposite of fast food and junk food

  168. Leave a Reply

    claire stewart
    19th November 2016

    It means to mean cooking from scratch with none processed ingredients

  169. Leave a Reply

    Averil Lea
    19th November 2016

    Slow food to me means making a dish with all ingredients added and cooking slowly so all flavour combine….like in a stew

  170. Leave a Reply

    19th November 2016

    Something cooked well and using good ingredients.

  171. Leave a Reply

    Helen Metcalfe
    19th November 2016

    To me slow cooking is doing it the right way, all from scratch. Its wholesome & hearty, good for body and soul. I feel I’m providing for my family more when I cook proper meals rather than a fast, easy, open box and stick it into the oven meal!

  172. Leave a Reply

    19th November 2016

    Slow Food was initially founded by Carlo Petrini and a group of activists in Italy during the 1980s with the aim of defending regional traditions, good food, gastronomic pleasure and a slow pace of life. In over two decades of history, the movement has evolved to embrace a comprehensive approach to food that recognizes the strong connections between plate, planet, people, politics and culture.

    • Leave a Reply

      19th November 2016

      Yay Helen, that’s about the most comprehensive response yet and the one that I understand slow food to be.

  173. Leave a Reply

    natalee gosiewski
    19th November 2016

    stew or slow roasting

  174. Leave a Reply

    kirsty broadhead
    19th November 2016

    Food cooked well, using only the best ingredients 🙂

  175. Leave a Reply

    Kevin Pike
    19th November 2016

    slow cooked food is by far the best and most tasty

  176. Leave a Reply

    19th November 2016

    Longer cooking time meaning lots of really deep and intense flavours, something to be done on a cold and wet weekend.

  177. Leave a Reply

    lauren porter
    19th November 2016

    Slow food – the opposite of takeaways – cooking from scratch at home 🙂

  178. Leave a Reply

    Julie Camm
    19th November 2016

    All the ingredients put into the crock pot and left for hours to slowly cook

  179. Leave a Reply

    19th November 2016

    Slow Food (Grassroots) ” Picked to Pot to Plate ” either grown by yourself or locally

  180. Leave a Reply

    MICHELLE Stewart
    19th November 2016

    unprocessed made from scratch

  181. Leave a Reply

    claire little
    19th November 2016

    food cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients

  182. Leave a Reply

    Colin Gault
    19th November 2016

    food that is produced or prepared in accordance with local culinary traditions

  183. Leave a Reply

    Tammy Neal
    19th November 2016

    slow cooked food is by far the best and most tasty like a slow cooked stew! #Yumm

  184. Leave a Reply

    George Wright
    19th November 2016

    I’d say it was something you spent time making from scratch, with love, therefore it’s tasty & nourishing.

  185. Leave a Reply

    Hannah Igoe
    19th November 2016

    I think it’s where it cooks on a lower heat for a much longer period of time

  186. Leave a Reply

    Adrian Bold
    19th November 2016

    Slow cooked food means comfort, warmth and all things lovely to me.

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