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There’s a new baking magazine on the block, Baked & Delicious and I was sent the first issue to look at. I am a complete sucker for cookery books but in recent years have managed to restrain myself from buying magazines. Now temptation has crossed my path, I am trying hard to overcome my acquisitive instincts.

Although, the magazine is quite small & slim with only 26 pages, I was quite taken by it. I found it had a clear uncluttered layout and I didn’t feel overwhelmed by excessive content. The instructions are clear and simple, but sometimes assume a grasp of baking beyond novice level. For example, no mention is made of which part of the oven to bake in – often a critical factor. As one might expect, the pictures are gorgeous and made me want to get baking straight away. One of the things I particularly liked about this publication is that there is no advertising (other than for the magazine itself). In addition to the recipes, there was a technical section on making choux pastry and one on getting the best from silicone bakeware. Each recipe falls into one of seven categories:

  1. Classic Cakes
  2. Bread & Savouries
  3. Patisserie & Fancy Cakes
  4. Celebration Cakes
  5. Biscuits & Bakes
  6. Desserts
  7. Better Baking Techniques

As well as all of this, each issue comes with some silicone bakeware. The first issue came with six colourful silicone cupcake cases. As a keen user of silicone moulds, this alone is a siren call to subscribe. I haven’t yet used my cupcake cases, but will certainly have occasion to do so.

Retailing at £2.99 per issue (£1.99 for the first issue), this is perhaps not the cheapest way of acquiring recipes; there were only eight recipes in total in this issue. But as most of us know it’s not just about acquiring recipes – it’s the food porn photography, the anticipation of not knowing what’s coming next and the chance of finding something unexpected.

Here’s one I wasn’t expecting: Bitter chocolate puddings. This is how I made them:

  • Melted 125g 85% dark chocolate with 125g unsalted butter.
  • Whisked 4 duck egg yolks (meant to be 2 large eggs + 2 yolks, but I had some large egg yolks left over from making macaroons) with 150g caster sugar until thick and pale.
  • Beat in the chocolate mixture.
  • Folded in 2oz plain flour.
  • Divided the mixture between four buttered small pudding bowls and left in the fridge for a couple of days (another deviation from the instructions).
  • Baked at 200C for 15 mins.
  • Turned out onto plates and quickly got stuck in before they cooled down too much.
Mine may not have been the prettiest of puddings, my photographs certainly didn’t match those in the magazine, but my goodness were they delicious: each mouthful was pure heaven. Crispy on the outside and sweetly molten on the inside, these were rich and chocolatey – and yes those bitter chocolate notes came through. I can’t imagine many puddings tasting much better than this. I’ve made molton lava puds before, but I think these may be the best yet. Anyway, it left me with a smile on my face for some considerable time. Thank goodness I made four of these and not just two!


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    7th March 2011

    Very jealous lol. Looks like it produces some fab results juding by all the blog posts springing up. That chocolate pud looks like something I’d be able to dive nose first into.

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    7th March 2011

    Thoose sound great, I always find things I cook are never as pretty as they look in the magazine. It’s the taste that counts though!

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    Johanna GGG
    7th March 2011

    only 8 recipes in 26 pages! what! that just makes me feel short changed without even buying the magazine – like you I try and avoid buying too many magazines – so tempting when in a long supermarket queue but I have too many around the house already – puds look delish though

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    Joanna @ Zeb Bakes
    7th March 2011

    I rarely buy food magazines, I would rather read blogs and invest in cookbooks. I think magazines have a very specific target audience. Their marketing person contacted me about writing about this on my blog but I thought it wasn’t really for me as I wouldn’t buy this in ‘real life’.

    You’ve done a good job here though Choclette, and those puddings do look mega tempting.

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    Mia's Bakehouse
    7th March 2011

    The chocolate molten puddings look amazing…. the more gooey in the middle the better I say! One of my my favourite desserts 🙂

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    7th March 2011

    I must resist, I must resist. I am a sucker for a new magazine, but not for silicone bakeware. Your pud looks delicious all squidgy and chocolately. Yum.

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    Grazing Kate
    7th March 2011

    I have that ‘too many recipes, too little time’ feeling at the moment so seriously trying to curtail my recipe purchases.

    will have to ask your advice re silicone cookware. My only attempts with cupcakes and muffins have left half the precious cake inside the case. What am I doing wrong? They’ve been banished to a dark corner of a drawer and I try not to look at them, and use paper ones instead.
    Presumably you’ve tried Nigella’s chocolate pots before? They’re v similar to this recipe – so easy and so scrummy. In fact the only pud that my husband makes.

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    8th March 2011

    Gorgeous, definitely one to make very soon, ecstasy on a plate

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    9th March 2011

    Chele – indeed, diving nose first into this was pretty much what I did.

    Rhi – I guess it’s something to do with the fact we don’t use professional food stylists – or am I assuming too much?

    Manu – thank you

    Johanna – It’s the librarian collector in me – now I just want the complete set.

    Dharm – very quick and easy, so worth a go.

    Dom – thanks

    Joanna – yes, I wonder how hard food magazines have been hit by the proliferation of food blogs and the internet in general?

    SE – thanks for leaving a comment

    Carol – thank you

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    9th March 2011

    Mia’s Bakehouse – I’m with you on the goo 😉

    Gillian – way too nice in fact 😉

    Janice – I’ve heard several bloggers now state they don’t like silicone. Can I ask why? I love it.

    Grazing Kate – your husband makes a pudding! Lucky you. Have to admit I do use paper cases for cupcakes. Like you, the one time I tried using them direct, some of the cake was left behind. Less delicate things, like muffins generally work though. I’ve never had a problem with cake sticking in the larger cake moulds though.

    Brittany – thank you for being so kind.

    CC – Not sure, but you should be able to order a subscription at your local newsagent or direct on the internet.

    Suman – thank you

    Nic – what a lovely thing to say, thank you.

    Liz – you’ve got it!

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    10th March 2011

    This magazine sounds awesome! I hate that most magazines are almost half adverts.
    Bitter, bitter, bitter… you know I love any bitter dessert! The molten inside sounds so inviting. I think I have to bake these very soon!!

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    11th March 2011

    Your chocolate dessert sounds divine & I do feel that your baking result looks fine & ooh so appetizing too!

    MMMMMMM,…!!!! 🙂

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    13th March 2011

    Hazel, let me know what you thought if you do get around to baking these. Just use a really dark chocolate.

    Sophie – thank you, you say the nicest things 🙂

    Celia – thank you, it was all those egg yolks I think that made it extra special.

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    Maya Russell
    13th May 2013

    Looks like a good recipe book. (Cupcake silicone moulds don’t work for me as the cake sticks anyway!)

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      13th May 2013

      I use silicon moulds for virtually all of my baking and have done for years. But I do always run a butter paper around them before filling just to be safe. I’ve only had problems with sticking a couple of times.

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    Maya Russell
    6th November 2013

    Maybe I need to do the butter thing too! Had baked apples this week and poured chocolate sauce over them. Yum!

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