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Mincemeat Brownies – A Festive Crowd Pleaser

Festive Mincemeat Brownies

Festive brownies spiced up with mincemeat. Bite into a rich chocolate fudgy slice and be delighted with booze soaked fruit and slivers of crunchy nuts. These mincemeat brownies are a real crowd pleaser and perfect for using up any leftover mincemeat. They’re gluten-free too.


Lemon & Ginger Mincemeat – a Spicy Festive Treat

Lemon & Ginger Mincemeat

Christmas, Gifts | 21st December 2017 | By

Warming and refreshing, this homemade lemon & ginger mincemeat is easy to make and can be used in many different ways. Pot it into pretty jars to make a nice festive gift.


Simnel Mincemeat Easter Cake with Chocolate Truffle Apostles

Simnel Easter Cake

Easter, Large Cakes | 27th March 2016 | By

Easter just isn’t Easter without a suitable bake. And as far as I’m concerned it’s all the better for the inclusion of chocolate. So, with that in mind, I wish you all a very Happy chocolate filled Easter and hope you enjoy my Simnel Mincemeat Easter Cake with chocolate apostles.


Mincemeat Buns Flavoured with Aromatic Cardamom

Mincemeat Buns

Bread & Buns, ThermoCook | 22nd January 2016 | By

An enriched slightly sweet dough flavoured with cardamom which is then rolled up with a mincemeat filling. Slice and bake, then just pull apart these aromatic and delicious yeasted mincemeat buns and tuck in.


Fig and Mincemeat Christmas Bundt Cake

Fig Mincemeat Christmas Bundt Cake

Bundt, Christmas, We Should Cocoa | 25th December 2014 | By

A deliciously moist light fruit cake buzzing with flavour that can be made a few days in advance or right at the last minute. It can be made at any time of the year, but this fig and mincemeat cake works particularly well as a Christmas bundt in lieu of a traditional Christmas cake.


Chocolate Mincemeat Flapjacks – Easier Than Mince Pies

Chocolate Mincemeat Flapjacks

Christmas, Flapjacks, Gluten Free | 11th December 2014 | By

Festive flapjacks made with honey, apple and mincemeat. Try these chocolate mincemeat flapjacks as an alternative to mince pies. They’re excellent served warm from the oven with custard too.


Leftover Mincemeat Buns with Optional Banana

Leftover Mincemeat Buns

Do you ever have an annoying bit of mincemeat left in the bottom of the jar post Christmas? These leftover mincemeat buns provide a solution. They’re quick and easy to make and are really tasty too. In fact, many will argue they are nicer than mince pies.


Almond Mincemeat Slices and a Giveaway #45

Almond Chocolate Mincemeat Slices

These almond mincemeat slices are a true delight. You’ll find a short and crumbly biscuit base, followed by a layer of chocolate mincemeat which is topped with a light almond frangipane. They’re perfect for both lunchboxes and tea parties.


Chilli and Chocolate Mincemeat Slice

Chilli and Chocolate Mincemeat Slice

Christmas, Traybakes | 22nd January 2013 | By

If you’re a bit iffy about mince pies or just want a change, do try this chilli and chocolate mincemeat slice. It’s delicious. An oat and wholemeal base is covered with a layer of chocolate mincemeat which is itself topped with more of the oaty mixture.


Chilli Chocolate Mincemeat – Your Fiery Festive Friend

Christmas, Gifts, Preserves | 2nd December 2012 | By

A recipe for homemade chilli chocolate mincemeat that you can easily adapt to suit your own taste and what is available in the cupboard. The chilli and chocolate take mincemeat up to a whole new level. They give extra depth, richness and spice, without either being easily identifiable.