Chocolate Brazil Cookies Revisited – Random Recipes 9

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We are well and truly being kept on our toes with this challenge. For some reason Dom doesn’t think we are being as random as we should be in his Random Recipes challenge. To get around this, he has teamed us up with another blogger this month, who is responsible for selecting the book and page number for us. This reduces the chance to cheat somewhat. NOT, I hasten to add, that I have ever done such a thing. I was teamed up with Miss Cake Baker of What I Baked This Weekend and in a series of exchanges via Twitter she selected Chocolate Brazil soft-baked biscuits from Green & Black’s Unwrapped. I am always terrified I’m going to get something really difficult, but once again, I was lucky.

I had already made these, way back in the early days of my blog but they hadn’t turned out quite as I’d imagined. So rather than asking MCB to choose again, I thought it would be good to give them another go, use a less dark chocolate and add a bit more milk.

This is what I did:

  • Roughly chopped 50g Brazil nuts and 125g milk chocolate (46%).
  • Creamed 75g unsalted butter with 60g vanilla sugar (granulated) until soft and fluffy.
  • Beat in 1 duck egg and 1/4 tsp vanilla extract.
  • Sifted in 175g wholemeal flour, 1 tsp baking powder and a pinch of salt.
  • Stirred in 2 tbsp milk.
  • Folded in the nuts and chocolate.
  • Placed 20 teaspoonfuls on lined baking trays then flattened them with a fork dipped in water. The recipe stated the dough should be rolled out, but I couldn’t see how that would be possible with all those chocolate lumps and bumps and the mixture was a little too moist anyway.
  • Baked at 180C for 12 minutes.

The biscuits didn’t spread this time either, but I managed to flatten them more than I did in my first attempt and they thus had a better texture. They weren’t too sweet and were delicious warm whilst the chocolate was still melted. A definite improvement on the first time. CT got his cold, but he also thought they were delicious.


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    Dom at Belleau Kitchen
    23rd October 2011

    well they look divine… I’m actually rubbish at making cookies, not sure why, I think I lack patience (believe it or not) but this recipe looks pretty damn fine… thanks so much for taking part and for NOT ever cheating, for which I am eternally grateful xx

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    23rd October 2011

    They look great! There is nothing nicer than warm out the oven cookies. I love it when the chocolate is still gooey. Ummmmm! Thanks for being a good random recipe partner!

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    Baking Addict
    23rd October 2011

    yum yum yum can I have some please? I remember trying this recipe ages ago and it didnt really turn out as I expected. Perhaps its time to try them again in my kitchen?

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    23rd October 2011

    They look great – I’ve remade a couple of recipes recently, and sometimes it’s nice to get a second chance at something, and especially pleasing if it turns out better 🙂

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    24th October 2011

    I have the Green & Blacks chocolate book and have this recipe bookmarked! I’ve not yet got around to trying it so interested to see how yours turned out. Can imagine they are at their absolute best when piping hot from the oven and really squidgy.

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    24th October 2011

    they look really good, I have never used duck eggs in baking before.

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    24th October 2011

    I shall be making these. One of my favourite combinations is nut & chocolate, especially those choc coated brazil nuts you get at Christmas!

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    Please Do Not Feed The Animals.
    24th October 2011

    I’m a nut and chocolate fan too. It is nice sometimes to have the time to go back and try to improve a recipe – well done!
    Hope you have plenty of time set aside each night for polishing your halo…

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    24th October 2011

    These look like my kinda cookies. And brazil nuts too … heaven!

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    24th October 2011

    Dom – thank you. I might just hold you to that eternal gratefulness 😉

    Simply Food – thank you, they were pretty good, especially if you like Brazils.

    MCB – It was fun, I enjoyed this although am sorry I didn’t pick you something as good as what you picked for me.

    Baking Addict – Of course, help yourself 🙂 I think the recipe is too dry. It worked better this time adding more milk and a large egg.

    C – I used to have my old favourites which I made all the time. Since starting this blog, I hardly ever bake the same thing twice, so it was good to give them another go.

    Little Loaf – mmm, piping hot and squidgy is good. If you do make though, my advice would be to add more liquid than the recipe states.

    A Trifle Rushed – thank you.

    Ruth – duck eggs are the queens of baking. Do give them a try if you get a chance.

    Laura – melting chocolate and crunchy Brazils, you can’t go wrong!

    Louise – always time for halo polishing 😉

    Sue – thank you. I did luck out, but the cookies were sadly eaten long ago.

    Chele – your kind of cookies is an excellent compliment. Thank you 😉

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    24th October 2011

    Great random recipe Choclette! I really, really must try and get that book- all the recipes sound so delicious. Have they all been a success?

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    25th October 2011

    Kate – Ha ha, no such thing as always successful, but lots of very tasty recipes in there. Have you got the G&B newest book – might be a better option?

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    The Caked Crusader
    25th October 2011

    I’ve never baked with brazil nuts but adore them covered in chocolate – especially at Christmas. These look delish

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    Johanna GGG
    31st October 2011

    blogging is great when you have notes of what worked and didn’t work last time – and how strange to have these come back again – I think I would love them

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    15th March 2013

    These look good. These will have a real crunch too when you bite into them.

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