Fudgy Coconut Brownies

Feeling somewhat depressed after the election results, I was in need of cheering up. Something really sweet was required and having just seen Lucie’s Brownie post, I was sorely tempted. Not having much restraint in the food line, I very quickly gave in to the temptation and cooked up a batch myself. As follows:

  • Melted 250g unsalted butter in a large pan with 400g soft brown sugar and 100g cocoa.
  • Allowed to cool a little then beat in 4 duck eggs.
  • Stirred in 100g flour (80g wholemeal spelt & 20g quinoa), pinch of salt, 1 small tsp baking powder and 100g desiccated coconut.
  • Poured mixture into a 9″ square cake thingie and baked at 180C for 30 mins.
  • Scattered over a spoonful of desiccated coconut as soon as brownies were out of the oven.
  • Left to cool and cut into 16 pieces.

Unusually these brownies had cocoa powder instead of chocolate. This resulted in an unusually chocolatey brownie which wasn’t nearly as sweet as I was expecting. I was also somewhat ambivalent about using coconut, but it actually worked really well. They were not as dense as a normal brownie, but were delicious, dark, rich, and chewy with a lovely crunchy top. Adding the quinoa flour was a vain attempt to kid myself that these brownies would be good for me. They may not have done much for my waistline, but they certainly cheered me up.


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    24th May 2010

    I took note of this recipe to make sometime too. They look really, really good. I am definitely going to try these now 🙂

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    24th May 2010

    I fear for our waistlines, as I have a feeling we will be needing more and more of this comfort food lark over the next four years. Coconut brownies sound very comforting indeed.

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    24th May 2010

    Great recipe and they also look wonderful too. I love the addition of coconut.

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    24th May 2010

    You and Lucy are ganging up on me ~ just going to have to make a batch now!!!

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    24th May 2010

    Thanks for the mention. So glad you tried these. I loved them. Yours look so good – particularly with the coconut on top. Lucie x

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    24th May 2010

    These look super-lush. I can feel a batch coming on at the weekend; I’ve been wanting to make brownies for a bit and this might just have tipped me over the edge.

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    25th May 2010

    These look great! I always make brownies with cocoa ( and frozen raspberrries chucked in like marbles) but coconut – there’s a good thought – no – there’s a GREAT thought – a sort of Bounty Brownie..

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    25th May 2010

    These sound great – definitely need to go in my ‘must make’ pile. My chocolate loving daughter would be delighted with these!
    ‘Meanderings through my Cookbook’

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    26th May 2010

    TCC – well it’s not a thought I had had either – don’t kick yourself, just make some.

    Jac – look forward to seeing how yours turn out.

    Sushma – thank you

    Kath – trouble is, I don’t really need an excuse.

    Ananda – thank you

    Margaret – not a combination I would have thought of, but it’s a good one.

    Natalie – thanks for dropping by and saying nice things. Hope to hear from you again.

    Chele – oh good, this is a bit like Sweet & Simple bakes, only we’re not all making things at the same time.

    Vegboxboy – ooh, brownies on your blog – can’t wait!

    Lucie – thank you for bringing these to my attention

    Liz – yes a bounty brownie is a good way of summing up. Now feeling I need raspberries though – great idea.

    Wendy – thank you, they were good.

    Janice – you don’t sound to keen on the idea?

    Hopeeternal – always happy to help satisfy chocolate cravings

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    26th May 2010

    I am loving these brownies… coconut and chocolate are a match made in heaven.

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    27th May 2010

    Mmmm…beautiful brownies. With coconut added, it’s even better. I love it.

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    M D
    27th May 2010

    Good gracious! Lovely looking brownies. With wholemeal and quinoa, they must be healthy too!

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    27th May 2010

    Mmm, I love coconut with chocolate and these WILL be made at the weekend! Yours look delicious. 😀

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    27th May 2010

    I think you’re right and the next few years might be a bit lean, so all the more reason to try to fatten them up a bit with some cheering cake. Butter, sugar and chocolate are wholefoods too! Looks yum.
    Did your constituency turn blue? I was surprised at some of the results from the SouthWest

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    28th May 2010

    Thank you HH

    Pam – trouble is chocolate and so many things are a match made in heaven!

    Thank you MaryMoh

    MD – of course they are healthy ….!

    Lisa – thank you, look forward to seeing them on your blog.

    Oxslip – yes we did turn blue, bit of a shock – along with most of the rest of the South West it seems

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    28th May 2010

    Recipe bookmarked! Thanks for this! I like to make it more moist.

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    29th May 2010

    Cribs – Thanks for dropping by. These aren’t your typical gooey brownies, but they are quite moist.

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    30th May 2010

    Bounty bars are pretty much my favourite chocolate, so I don’t take much convincing that these are great! And I know what you mean about the election results.

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    10th June 2010

    WOw I’d never thought of putting coconut in with brownies! These look squidgy and delicious, I shall have to make some for my colleagues.

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    14th June 2010

    FoodyCat – Bounty Bars are pretty good aren’t they – especially the dark ones.

    Becs – Would love to know what you think if you do give them a go.

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