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Dried Mushroom Risotto with Chocolate

Dried mushroom risotto with chocolate.

This dried mushroom risotto is the perfect recipe for when you’ve got virtually no fresh vegetables in the house. It’s a store-cupboard staple which is not only filling, but delicious too. As long as you have an onion and a bit of garlic, you’re good to go. Oh, and chocolate!

Welcome to my 101st post (just noticed). It’s not quite the Cloud Forest Cake which I said was going to be the first thing I made from Willie’s Chocolate Factory Cookbook, but a vegetarian dinner recipe instead. This chocolate and dried mushroom risotto is my take on Willie’s porcini & chocolate risotto recipe.

Chocolate & Dried Mushroom Risotto

I love mushroom risotto, it always seems to turn out well and has a satisfyingly earthy flavour. This is the first time I’ve ever made it with only dried mushrooms, and although it didn’t have quite the bite to it that it does if made with fresh mushrooms, it was still very tasty.

This is also the first time I’ve made mushroom risotto with chocolate. And yes, the answer you’ve all been waiting for? I thought it worked really well as it contributed to the depth of flavour without making itself obvious. In fact mushrooms and chocolate pair very well.

I’ve added parsley and rocket to this recipe as I happen to have them growing in the garden. But they are entirely optional. If it’s a store cupboard meal you’re after, leave them out or substitute for whatever greens you happen to have to hand.

Dried mushroom risotto is a nice simple supper dish as well as being a great store cupboard standby and I will most certainly be making it again. If you substitute a bit of extra olive oil for the butter and don’t add the cheese on top, you have a tasty vegan meal.

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Chocolate & Dried Mushroom Risotto

Dried Mushroom Risotto with Chocolate – The Recipe

Dried mushroom risotto with chocolate.
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Dried Mushroom Risotto with Chocolate

Filling and delicious, this is the perfect recipe for when you have no fresh veg in the house. The parsley and rocket are entirely optional.
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time30 mins
Soaking Time30 mins
Total Time1 hr 5 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: chocolate, mushrooms, parsley, risotto, vegan, vegetarian
Servings: 2 people
Calories: 325kcal


  • 50 g mixed dried mushrooms
  • 1 tbsp tamari
  • a few drops of hot chilli sauce I used my homemade chilli sauce
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • ½ onion - finely chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic - finely chopped
  • 15 g butter
  • 125 g arborio rice
  • 1 tbsp grated dark chocolate I used Willie's cacao
  • a good handful of rocket - finely chopped (optional)
  • handful of fresh parsley - finely chopped - (optional)
  • a good grinding of black pepper
  • a few shavings of your favourite hard cheese (I used Ilha Graciosa - an unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese from Portugal).


  • Place the mushrooms in a pan and soak in 600 ml hot water in a pan for ½ an hour. Bring them up to a near simmer and keep it at this temperature.
  • Add the tamari and chilli sauce.
  • Fry the onion and garlic in the olive oil over a low heat until translucent. Add the butter and rice. Stir and leave for a few minutes for the rice to absorb some of the butter.
  • Pour some of the mushrooms and stock into the rice and stir until the liquid is absorbed. Continue to do this until the stock is finished. Cover with a lid, turn the heat off and leave for a few minutes to ensure the liquid is fully absorbed and the rice properly cooked.
  • Stir the chocolate, cacao, pepper, parsley and rocket (if using). Serve in bowls and scatter with the cheese.


For a quick evening meal, get the mushrooms soaking before you leave for work.
You can easily turn this meal into a vegan one by substituting the butter for more olive oil and either leaving out the cheese or substituting it for some vegan cheese.
Please note: calories and other nutritional information are per serving. They're approximate and will depend on serving size and exact ingredients used.


Calories: 325kcal | Carbohydrates: 26.8g | Protein: 13g | Fat: 19.5g | Saturated Fat: 9g | Cholesterol: 32mg | Sodium: 673mg | Potassium: 125mg | Fiber: 14.1g | Sugar: 4.1g | Calcium: 154mg | Iron: 1mg


  1. Katie

    20th May 2010 at 6:54 am

    At first I thought this sounded odd but thinking about it I can imagine the earthy mushroom working really well with the dark bitter chocolate. Thanks for making me think outside the box!

  2. Gill the Painter

    20th May 2010 at 7:16 am

    What a lovely combination!

  3. Ananda Rajashekar

    20th May 2010 at 7:23 am

    Congrats :)….Wow, very rare combination, great to know! am looking fwd for your cloud forest cake :p

  4. Lucie

    20th May 2010 at 8:39 am

    What a wonderful combination – this looks so tasty. I love mushroom risotto too. Thanks for your kind messages about Rosie – we’ll all miss her. Lucie x

  5. Jacqueline

    20th May 2010 at 9:14 am

    I love mushroom risotto. Haven’t added chocolate before. Must try it. I do add it to my chilli, so it is not such a strange concept. Where did you get Willy’s chocolate from?

  6. Sushma Mallya

    20th May 2010 at 8:35 am

    Very unique combo but def looks worth a try

  7. somesaycocoa

    20th May 2010 at 9:17 am

    Ah I saw this recipe and thought it might work but now you have absolutely confirmed it for me! I bet it really charged up the mushroom flavour too!

  8. M D

    20th May 2010 at 9:18 am

    Awesome looking Mushroom & Chocolate Risotto. I sure thaey must have been a hit! That must be a nice combo.

  9. MaryMoh

    20th May 2010 at 10:52 am

    Congrats on your 101th post! Well Done! Your risotto looks delicious though this is the first time I see grated cocoa added. I’m sure it adds flavour and colour.

  10. Catherine

    20th May 2010 at 11:49 am

    This seems like one of those “so odd it might just work” recipes, I can imagine it would taste surprisingly good! Congrats on your 101st post thats amazing! 🙂

  11. Wendy

    20th May 2010 at 11:51 am

    What a great recipe – I have been reading up on South American recipes recently (we are off to Argentina in 2 weeks!) and have tried cooking meat dishes with chocolate. I guess this is the next thing I sghall try! Thanks, Choclette!

  12. Pam

    20th May 2010 at 3:24 pm

    Wow – what a beautiful and unique risotto.

  13. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    20th May 2010 at 7:50 pm

    I’ve tried this as well, Choclette, and was astonished how well the cacao went with the mushrooms! It’s an amazingly good combo, provided you don’t go to heavy on the chocolate. Yours looks delicious, must try it again with dried mushrooms. I also added a little white wine to mine.

  14. Choclette

    20th May 2010 at 8:28 pm

    Katie – I guess it’s often good to step outside one’s boundaries sometimes.

    Gill – it did work well.

    Ananda – thank you. Yes I need to get on with that cake, it’s just there are so many interesting cakes to make!

    Sushma – do you think you might give it a try?

    Lucie – thank you. It’s horribly sad news. I had a look at all the comments over on Maria’s site and it sounds as though she will indeed be very much missed.

    Jacqueline – Waitrose sell his cocoa and his chocolate and it’s a lot cheaper than buying it on his own website, although still not that cheap. A little does go a long way though.

    Gillian – mushrooms well and truly charged.

    Thank you MD

    MaryMoh – thank you, it sure is worth a try.

    Catherine – thank you, I’m rather surprised myself and didn’t know I could be so prolific!

    Wendy – oooh, Argentina sounds very exciting. Shall have to take a look at your blog to see what you are up to.

    Pam – thank you although it was Willie’s idea not mine.

    Celia – yes thank you for warning me about the amount of cocoa used. I can see that too much might have tipped the balance. If I’d had any white wine open, I would have used that too. Neither CT and I are great drinkers so it never seems worth it to open a bottle for cooking if we are unlikely to polish it off. It does give a nice finish to risotto though.

  15. Kath

    21st May 2010 at 10:41 am

    It looks and sounds delicious. That cheese sounds worth a try, I have never heard of it.

  16. Chele

    21st May 2010 at 4:14 pm

    Happy 101st post Hun. Still not sure how I feel about chocolate / cocoa in savory food. But maybe I should actually give it a try before I rule it out …

  17. Choclette

    21st May 2010 at 6:17 pm

    Kath – the cheese was good, we got it in Waitrose (it was on offer).

    Chele – you keep saying that…..!

  18. oxslip

    21st May 2010 at 7:08 pm

    Congratulations, that’s a lot of blogging. I love the sound of that cheese too.

  19. cityhippyfarmgirl

    22nd May 2010 at 10:20 am

    101 posts- well done! Thats a funky combo for a risotto. I love trying different cheeses, they can really bring out the most of a risotto- I had a hard spanish goat one at tapas a few nights ago- deelicious.

  20. Chocolate Cardamom Cappuccino

    22nd May 2010 at 2:31 pm

    Historically as you know chocolate was actaully savoury because the Aztecs used a very bitter chocolate that was nearly a hundred per cent cocoa. It was only when the Spaniards brought it back and mixed it with cream and sugar to get milk chocolate that chocolate changed. There are still many recipe in Mexico today with chocolate such as mole sauce. Try a cube of dark bitter chorolate in your chillli con carne and watCh it come alive.

  21. Choclette

    22nd May 2010 at 7:58 pm

    Oxslip & CityHippy – thank you. Along with chocolate, cheese is another one of my downfalls!

    CCC – I know that chocolate is used in savoury dishes in parts of Central and South America, it’s just difficult for us Brits to get our heads around – we are so used to the sweet stuff. I do use cocoa when making refried beans, but haven’t actually tried chocolate so thank you for that tip – can see a batch of chilli coming up soon (without the carne though as I’m vegetarian).

  22. Liz

    23rd May 2010 at 7:27 am

    I often make risotto with dried mushrooms because I’m a forgetful shopper, but I think the chocolate would add a lovely dark edge -definitely one to try, and I guess the same might go for a soup with similar ingredients…

  23. Foodycat

    23rd May 2010 at 3:53 pm

    I’ve made a few savoury chocolate dishes, but I never thought to add it to risotto! This sounds really interesting and good.

  24. Joanna

    23rd May 2010 at 6:57 pm

    I’m another one of the never tried savoury chocolate dishes people out there. But I always make mushroom risotto with a combo of dried porcini and fresh mushrooms, one day I’ll brave the savoury chocolate dishes, something like strawberries with black pepper and balsamic vinegar, sounds odd but really good, I bet!

  25. Choclette

    23rd May 2010 at 8:32 pm

    Liz – crikey soup, that is pushing the boat out, but you’re right it could work. I’ll await with interest to see if you can find a suitable festival for chocolate soup.

    Foodycat – I’ll have to go back and check out your blog now and see what you’ve been making.

    Joanna – I have tried strawberries with balsamic and pepper and it was good, but not quite what you expect from a bowl of strawberries.

  26. Johanna GGG

    27th May 2010 at 11:26 am

    wow I love chocolate in savoury dishes – have actually had finely grated chocolate on beetroot risotto and loved it – and I think this sounds wonderful

  27. Choclette

    27th May 2010 at 5:43 pm

    Johanna – umm like the idea of beetroot risotto and can see that chocolate would go very well with that. I still haven’t really got my head around chocolate and savoury so keep forgetting to try it out on things.

  28. Grazing Kate

    27th May 2010 at 7:30 pm

    Hi Choclette, I made the cloud forest cake a few months ago – it is squidgy, rich and yummy, but expensive and it takes the whole of the Willi’s bar of chocolate. It was good, but I wanted to save my li’l barrel of choc and not squander it all in one go!

    Worth making though – but it’s not going to be one of my regular ‘must makes’

  29. Choclette

    28th May 2010 at 6:07 am

    Kate – yes I’ve heard from many that this cake is really good, but it has been the expense that’s put me off a bit. I will get there, but feel it needs to be a special occasion cake, just waiting for the right occassion. I’m trying to find a cheaper source of 100% cocoa chocolate over in the UK, but haven’t had much luck yet.

  30. Anonymous

    1st December 2010 at 9:03 am

    willies cloud cake is excellent takes about three times longer to cook it than the recipe says……
    so where’s the chocolate log recipe? if this is a true chocolate log blog. I’m looking for a recipe that I can bastardise and use loads of willies chocolat in

  31. Choclette

    1st December 2010 at 6:42 pm

    Ha ha, caught me out. I did try and remedy the situation last Christmas and made a Chocolate Chestnut Log.

    I guess it really depends how you define a chocolate log. Also made a blackcurrant roulade earlier this year which you’ll find under the label roulade.

    Thanks for the cloud cake tip – still looking forward to making that one 😉

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