We Should Cocoa – the February Challenge – Giveaway #2

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Leftovers were a popular theme and we had a record number of entrants to the January challenge. Chele did her usual excellent round up and I am, once again, wishing I could try everything that has been produced. Thank you to all who participated. Do go and have a look if you haven’t already done so.

Ever since I first came across Matcha Chocolat, I’ve been wanting to experiment with what was a fairly new concept to me: tea and chocolate. I had a bash back in July when I made green tea cupcakes and chocrhutea, but I’ve been saving any further trials until I thought the time was right to use this combination in a We Should Cocoa challenge. So, there you have it, this month’s special ingredient is tea.

To add a bit of additional spice this month, we have Katie Christoffers of Matcha Chocolat awarding a prize to one lucky participant – a box of Masala Chai Caramels. These are, I promise you, very well worth having. This prize can only be shipped to a UK address though, so apologies to any overseas participants. Katie will pick the entry that she personally likes best  – a very difficult task I’m sure. Let me assure you that Chele and I will be exempt  – so no shady deals or cooking the books – drat!

All entries need to be in by the 25th of February. If you need a reminder as to how to take part, head to We Should Cocoa


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    1st February 2011

    Ouch! This is a difficult challenge; let’s hope we can all rise to it!

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    1st February 2011

    I LOVE baking with tea but haven’t yet teamed it up with chocolate. Can’t wait to try it ;0)

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    1st February 2011

    Never done tea and chocolate before, but those chocolates look good. Thinking cap on then.

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    Brownieville Girl
    1st February 2011

    This one is HARD!!!!

    (I’m not a tea fan – might have to stretch the limits on this one – maybe peppermint tea???????!!!)

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    The KitchenMaid
    1st February 2011

    I agree with BVG, I’m completely lost on this one. I do drink a lot of peppermint tea though…

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    1st February 2011

    Suelle – I have complete faith in you all – it wouldn’t be fun if it easy 😉

    Hanna – glad you like it.

    Dom – am gutted about the beetroot cake, but hoping you will appease by giving us a superb tea and chocolate creation.

    Victoria – glad to hear you’re up for this.

    Chele – glad this is a new combination for you and looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Kath – as I said to Suelle, it wouldn’t be fun if there was no challenge involved.

    BVG and Kitchenmaid- I’m not really a tea fan either, though I did start drinking roibos a few years ago and then, green and white teas a bit later. But tea does work surprisingly well with chocolate and it doesn’t have to be strong.

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    Chocolate Here
    1st February 2011

    Ohhh tea – great!!!

    But I miss living in the city where I had access to some beautiful leaves 🙁 Ah well, will it be Barrys, Lyons or Bewleys breakfast tea ? 😉

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    1st February 2011

    Gillian – I’m sure you can pull in a favour or two from those left behind in Dublin 😉

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    2nd February 2011

    Oooh, that is a GREAT idea! Promise to join in this time. After all, tea and chocolate is one of the greatest combinations ever. 😀

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    Domestic Goddess Wannabe
    2nd February 2011

    Think I am going to take part this time – have loved reading the round-up for January’s challenge. Thinking cap is firmly on…

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    2nd February 2011

    Nora – Glad you approve and look forward to seeing what you come up with 😉

    Domestic Goddess – glad to have you on board

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    5th February 2011

    Tea! One of my favourite things! Wonderful idea. I better get my thinking cap on 🙂

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    catering ny
    15th February 2011

    There are lot of delicacies made from cocoa. Especially in making pastry and candies.

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    23rd February 2011

    I’m so envious – I want to play baking with matcha!

    My kitchen is just an empty room right now though… don’t think there’s much I can bake in a microwave in my bedroom is there? Any ideas welcome if there is!

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