House of Dorchester Luxury Assortment – Review and Giveaway #44

HOD Chocolates

It’s the month of chocolate and Valentine’s Day is not far off. There was no way I was going to disappoint you by not offering some chocolate on the blog. I have teamed up with the House of Dorchester to offer one lucky Chocolate Log Blog reader the chance of winning a box of their luxury assortment.

Based in Poundbury, Dorset, the House of Dorchester produces chocolates right here in the South West of England and announce proudly that they are “the home of great British Chocolates”. They started off life in 1963 making handmade chocolates in a high street shop in Dorchester, The Dorset Maid. Now with a factory and a whole team of chocolatiers they supply chocolates not only around the UK, but around the world. Admittedly they are not a Cornish company, but I will try not to hold that against them 😉

The Luxury Assortment arrived in perfect condition, with not a single chocolate broken or out of place. The presentation was particularly good with an attractive, yet sturdy keepsake box which I can see being used for a number of different purposes. In fact it is just the right size for gifting a batch of fairy cakes or mini cupcakes – now there’s an idea.

HOD Chocolates

The assortment contained a 400g mix of dark, milk and white chocolates. With 16 flavours and 32 chocolates, this is a box for sharing. I found nothing particularly surprising or innovative in the box in terms of the flavours offered, but they all sounded good. I’m guessing these are aimed more at the traditional market than the new wave of chocolate lovers. However, I was particularly looking forward to trying the violet and rose creams, which are hard to find and for which I have rather an old fashioned penchant. The chocolates were large with a plentiful amount of filling and the chocolate casings were equally generous. I found, they all erred towards the sweet side and when it comes to chocolates I prefer less sugar rather than more. Do take a look at the online shop, where you will find a number of bars, hot chocolate mixes and chocolate selections. This box costs £19.99.

I’ll start off with my favourites – after all, for the purposes of review, what could I do but try them all?

The violet creme was the first one I tried and the flavour was sublime. The sweet filling was offset by the dark chocolate and it looked very pretty with its drizzle of violet over the top.

The sea salt caramel had to be next as this is probably my favourite chocolate filling ever. The caramel was just how I like it, soft but not too liquid with a perfect amount of sea salt. The thick dark chocolate encasing it complimented the caramel well and was nicely proportioned – something that I haven’t always found to be the case.

The rose creme was as delicious as the violet, it tasted of rose and again the sweetness was offset by the dark chocolate casing.

The raspberry caramel wasn’t at all what I was expecting, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The flavour of raspberry was very much present, although it wasn’t in the least tart which was a bit of a shame. The caramel was chewy, not in a pull-your-teeth-out kind of way, but in a much more pleasant, stays-in-the-mouth-longer kind of way.

The pecan parfait was another chewy offering. I really liked this one which wasn’t overly sweet due to the dark chocolate casing. The pieces of pecans added crunch, interest and flavour.

The caramel heart was also delicious, although not quite so much as the sea salted one. Again the dark chocolate offset the caramel, which was liquid with a soft vanillary flavour.

The strawberry cheesecake had a good flavour with some tartness coming through. It was firmer than I was expecting, but had a nice chewy texture with pieces of strawberry scattered throughout.

The praline bouchee, whilst being rather sweet had a lovely flavour of roast almonds. You could taste the pistachio in the white chocolate coated pistachio mousse, which in my experience not many chocolates seem to manage.  The latte crisp contained real ground coffee which gave a lovely crunch and flavour. CT reckoned the cafe noir had a good coffee flavour too. I enjoyed the combination of fruit and champagne in the strawberry marc de champagne and thought the white chocolate worked well in this instance. The orange creme was covered in dark chocolate and had a good flavour.

Not all of the chocolates were as good as I was hoping. Coconut and chocolate seem to be an under represented combination in the chocolate world, so I was looking forward to trying the coconut creme. Sadly, I found this to be overly sweet and have a rather artificial coconut taste. I enjoyed the texture of the roast nut praline with its pieces of caramelised nuts giving surprise and crunch, but didn’t find it had a particularly nutty flavour. The alcohol in the marc de champagne truffle was noticeable and the flavour was good, but it did leave a rather cloying feeling in my mouth after I’d finished it.

Thanks to the House of Dorchester for the chocolates given to me to try. There was no requirement to write a positive review and as always all opinions are my own.


House of Dorchester have kindly agreed to give one of my readers a 400g Luxury Assortment too. To be in with a chance of winning, please fill in the Gleam widget below. You will need to leave a comment on this post which then gives you additional chances to enter if you so wish. Gleam will pick a winner at random from the entries received. If you are commenting anonymously, please give me some way of identifying you as I will be verifying the validity of entries. Any automated entries will be disqualified. This giveaway is only open to those with a UK postal address. Winners will need to respond within 7 days of being contacted. Failure to do this will result in another winner being picked.

Prizes are offered and provided by House of Dorchester and Chocolate Log Blog accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of said third party.
Closing date is Friday 7th March 2014
Do take a look at the Chocolate Log Blog giveaway page to see if there is anything else you would like to enter.
HOD Chocolates


House of Dorchester Luxury Assortment


  1. Leave a Reply

    7th February 2014

    rugged coastline yet beautiful countryside – not often a county has both

  2. Leave a Reply

    jenny morgan
    7th February 2014

    beautiful coastline and peace and quiet

  3. Leave a Reply

    7th February 2014

    Lovely scenery and coastline, distinctive local accent!

  4. Leave a Reply

    7th February 2014

    These sound like good chocolates, my daughters love rose and violet creams too. I hope you aren’t getting too wet in all these storms.

    • Leave a Reply

      7th February 2014

      Thanks Kath – so glad not all the old traditions are dying out. We’re OK here in Liskeard thanks, but it’s pretty bad around the coast and more storms to not look forward to tonight 🙁

  5. Leave a Reply

    Louise A
    7th February 2014

    at the moment – floods!!!! which is a shame because it has some lovely countryside

  6. Leave a Reply

    7th February 2014

    Seaside harbours, rugged coastline, beautiful untouched countryside, shallow fast flowing rivers and quaint white cottages.

  7. Leave a Reply

    7th February 2014

    Fabulous rolling countryside, and amazing little seaside towns

  8. Leave a Reply

    7th February 2014

    Karen d Lovely fishing villages like on doc martin, tea rooms and pasties.

  9. Leave a Reply

    8th February 2014

    Pastoral scenes, pretty coastlines, peace and quiet.

  10. Leave a Reply

    sairz eastham
    8th February 2014

    countryside and cream teas

  11. Leave a Reply

    ali thorpe
    8th February 2014

    My brother, sis-in-law and their boys, who moved to Dorset a few weeks ago!

  12. Leave a Reply

    8th February 2014

    Dorset has always been the well heeled county of the West Country for me, my sales manager lived there in a very posh house, so it always reminds me of that.

  13. Leave a Reply

    Gerri Tennant
    9th February 2014

    Swanage and holidays we had when my children were small. Pretty villages and friendly people.

  14. Leave a Reply

    9th February 2014

    sunny rolling fields of countryside
    -katrc3 on IG

  15. Leave a Reply

    Ruth Harwood
    10th February 2014

    Dorset brings images of fast moving wide rivers and rolling fields interspersed with the occassional farmhouse 🙂

  16. Leave a Reply

    faye huntington
    10th February 2014

    peaceful scene of serenity, lovely weather and cosy b&b’s! with love, faye xx

  17. Leave a Reply

    11th February 2014

    beautiful countryside but at the moment unfortunatly flooding

  18. Leave a Reply

    12th February 2014

    Beautiful beaches & countryside love visiting with friends

  19. Leave a Reply

    13th February 2014

    Countryside with rugged coastline

  20. Leave a Reply

    Stephanie Whitehouse
    14th February 2014

    Dorset makes me think of rich cream, and Poundbury of classy English tradition with modern innovation – so an ideal blend for chocolates

  21. Leave a Reply

    16th February 2014

    Chocolate is good for you. How many of us ate is kids and are still here? Ignore the sandal wearing doom mongers.

  22. Leave a Reply

    16th February 2014

    Peaceful walks along the coast

  23. Leave a Reply

    16th February 2014

    The funny lady at work and her amazing accent! 🙂 These descriptions have me salivating, yum yum!

  24. Leave a Reply

    16th February 2014

    memories of family holidays in a perfect english county

  25. Leave a Reply

    16th February 2014

    Beautiful country side, spectacular shorelines
    Amanda Deacon

  26. Leave a Reply

    karen usher
    18th February 2014

    Country side, relaxing and lovely people!

  27. Leave a Reply

    20th February 2014

    The sea and lots of beautiful scenery x
    Twitter @tjsi1963

  28. Leave a Reply

    melanie betteridge
    21st February 2014

    pretty and quaint

  29. Leave a Reply

    23rd February 2014

    Lovely coastline, Thomas Hardy, beautiful clear rivers, Tolpuddle Martyrs, historic houses and castles, Sherbourne Abbey, Chesil Beach, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, Lyme Regis and Jane Austin, fossils & dinosaurs,

  30. Leave a Reply

    Julie H
    24th February 2014

    Summer fun with the family

  31. Leave a Reply

    Miriam Said
    24th February 2014

    I’ve never been to Dorset, but I imagine that there are lots of beautiful scenic, rural views and wonderfully peacefull and friendly places to visit and stay.

  32. Leave a Reply

    Helen Bailey
    24th February 2014

    Beautiful scenery, a mix of rolling countryside and coast land – peace and tranquility!

  33. Leave a Reply

    Karen A
    24th February 2014

    Rolling green hills, swaying flowers and pure bliss!

  34. Leave a Reply

    Danielle Stevenson
    26th February 2014

    I’ve never been to Dorset, but I imagine it to be a lovely seaside town with picturesque views and friendly people 🙂


  35. Leave a Reply

    Charmian Filewood
    28th February 2014

    The backstroke, :(, but flooding apart, cream teas, Oooer oooer, farmers markets and the beautiful sound of silence 🙂

  36. Leave a Reply

    1st March 2014

    The coastline plus we had the very best meal ever in Dorset

  37. Leave a Reply

    Victoria Easton
    2nd March 2014

    truffles to tiramisu – both my favourite! – love this review – not good for my stomach though!

  38. Leave a Reply

    2nd March 2014

    Dorset is near to my hometown, so it reminds me of trips to Bournemouth beach with my friends when I was a teenager!

  39. Leave a Reply

    caroline cordery
    3rd March 2014

    Lyme Regis and Jurassic cliffs, in winter

  40. Leave a Reply

    maureen moss
    3rd March 2014

    the birth of my son in Dorset

    • Leave a Reply

      4th March 2014

      Doesn’t sound as though you’re like to forget Dorset that quickly Maureen 🙂

  41. Leave a Reply

    Lorna MacFadyen
    4th March 2014

    I went to Dorest on holiday as a child and I remember very long car journeys (from Scotland!) to get there but the drives were worth it. Lots of lovely family memories on the beach and the surrounding countryside. and lots of lovely ice cream!

  42. Leave a Reply

    Georgia Keogh
    4th March 2014

    Family holidays camping by the sea, visiting great places and eating delicious ice-cream.

  43. Leave a Reply

    5th March 2014

    Rugged coastline , beautiful houses overlooking the sea & countryside

  44. Leave a Reply

    5th March 2014

    A lovely little cottage that my parents use to rent for our holidays & walks along the beautiful beach.

  45. Leave a Reply

    5th March 2014

    The coast but also the logo for Dorest cereal LOL

  46. Leave a Reply

    5th March 2014

    Rose and violet creams are my favourite too, but the really descriptive comments on the other chocolates has my mouth watering. Love to try them all!

  47. Leave a Reply

    Tracy Moore
    5th March 2014

    Chocolate Box cottages and quaint villages, Awesome countryside & as far as the eye can see coastline x

  48. Leave a Reply

    6th March 2014

    Dorset conjures for me the picture of a beautiful part of our English countryside

  49. Leave a Reply

    Donna Rudziak
    6th March 2014

    Cream Teas, beautiful countryside, chocolate box villages and The Famous Five!

  50. Leave a Reply

    Trudee Hartley
    6th March 2014

    I live in Winterbourne abbas, just outside Dorchester, heard so much about your chocs, but never tried them xxx

  51. Leave a Reply

    Georgia McAllister
    6th March 2014

    Fantastic beaches and friendly people.

  52. Leave a Reply

    6th March 2014

    The county in which I live and which I love – beautiful countryside and wonderful coastline too.

  53. Leave a Reply

    6th March 2014

    I think I’m turning into my Mum as I’m loving tranquility and teashops

  54. Leave a Reply

    6th March 2014

    The Durdle Door and Thomas Hardy

  55. Leave a Reply

    6th March 2014

    Beautiful countryside, very peaceful

  56. Leave a Reply

    Deborah Bird
    6th March 2014

    countryside and beaches x

  57. Leave a Reply

    Laura Vitty
    6th March 2014

    Visiting my auntie, uncle and cousins!! I’m from Newcastle so rarely see them xx

  58. Leave a Reply

    6th March 2014

    the countryside and its beauty
    from samantha price

  59. Leave a Reply

    Ellen Stafford
    6th March 2014

    Love Dorset. Weymouth is my second home. As a kid we used to go there about 4 times a year. I still visit as an adult with my family. Such a beautiful county.

  60. Leave a Reply

    6th March 2014

    Dorset makes me think of The French Lieutenant’s Woman, fossils, swans and seaside

  61. Leave a Reply

    7th March 2014

    coastline and countryside beautiful

  62. Leave a Reply

    7th March 2014

    Calm tranquil beach and beautiful countryside with quaint villages and afternoon tea, with scones and jam

  63. Leave a Reply

    vicky varley
    7th March 2014

    Coastal scenery and ice cream

  64. Leave a Reply

    7th March 2014

    I’ve never been to Dorset but the impression I have is of beautiful coastline, beautiful scenery and countryside and fabulous fossil hunting!

  65. Leave a Reply

    Judy Beba-Thompson
    7th March 2014

    Walking along the Cobb at Lyme with my partner – and then having a gorgeous meal at the Mill!

  66. Leave a Reply

    7th March 2014

    Scenic, serene and a typical welcoming English county.

  67. Leave a Reply

    7th March 2014

    My beloved great grandmother lived in Dorset, always makes me think of my many visits to her little chalet as a kid.

  68. Leave a Reply

    7th March 2014



  69. Leave a Reply

    Kathi Crane
    7th March 2014

    Beautiful English countryside

  70. Leave a Reply

    Wendy Guy
    7th March 2014

    The beautiful of England garden

  71. Leave a Reply

    Diane Wood
    7th March 2014

    I’ve never been but have always wanted to visit that part of the country, in my visions I see the sea, lots of greenery, plenty of sunshine and lashings of ginger beer

  72. Leave a Reply

    Happy Homebird
    7th March 2014

    Long coastlines, Corfe Castle, steam trains and the Famous Five. Oh and lashings of ginger beer of course.

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