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Rhubarb Pasty Pie made with Almond Cream

Rhubarb Pasty Pie

A truly indulgent dessert. This rhubarb pasty pie combines wonderful tart fruit with a rich creamy filling. And to top it all, the white chocolate and yoghurt pastry is just fabulous.


A Miscellany of Chocolates

Chocolate Reviews | 19th November 2012 | By

This is one of my regular chocolate review round-ups. From time to time, I get sent the chocolate treat, so I tend to wait a while until I have enough to actually write about. So welcome to my latest, a miscellany of chocolates.


Chocolate Macarons, but not as we know them, Jim

Awards Plus | 13th October 2012 | By

Now who would have thought the perfect chocolate macarons would ever feature on my blog? Not me for sure, Gallic sophistication is hardly my style. I can and have made some very tasty chocolate macaroons, but not something that looks as elegant and polished as these French macarons.

I knew I couldn’t fool you for long. I must have done something right recently as I have just won these chocolate macaron earrings from Jill of Mad About Macarons. From across the Channel, these have travelled all the way from that well known capital of haute cuisine, Paris. They arrived beautifully packaged and were well protected, wrapped in the pretty floral cloth shown above. Made by Patricia Bourdell of the French Bakery, these charming earrings are not only fantastic replicas of chocolate macarons, but are also made with 14 carat gold. The French Bakery specialises in necklaces, earrings, rings and other jewellery inspired by French bakes.

Lady luck has been on my side in the past few months as evinced by the following wins:

Gorgeous Puddings by Annie Bell from Food Magazine


Hamper Tower packed with preserves from Homemade by Fleur


Russell Hobs food processor and blender from Fabulicious Food


Breakfast Muffins & Green Seasons Cookbook

Breakfast muffins with ground cherries and dark chocolate.

Muffins for breakfast are a real treat, especially if you eat them warm from the oven. These ones are slightly healthier than the average. They’re made with spelt flour and contain yoghurt, berries and dark chocolate.


Double Chocolate Buns – Quick, Easy & Delicious

Double Chocolate Buns

Small Cakes | 6th October 2011 | By

When is a bun not a bun? Who knows, it all gets rather confusing. Some might call these double chocolate buns American muffins, some cupcakes or maybe even fairy cakes. Whatever you call them, they are easy to make and really delicious.


In My Kitchen One – August 2011

Awards Plus | 28th August 2011 | By

And now for something a little different. Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial does a superb monthly series of In My Kitchen and it’s a firm favourite of mine. There is always so much going on in her kitchen and she has such delightful things to show and tell. She has generously invited others to do their own In My Kitchen and finally, I have got my act together to do so. Welcome to In My Kitchen One.


Not So Jammy Dodgers with Hazelnut Mascarpone

No So Jammy Dodgers with Hazelnut Mascarpone Cream

Biscuits | 2nd June 2011 | By

Short and sweet these not so jammy dodgers are a real delight. Also known as Anglesey cakes, they’re shortbread biscuits filled with a layer of jam. Or, in this case, a hazelnut mascarpone spread. Although there are some jam ones too.


Giveaways Galore and Thoughts Thereon

Homemade Chocolate Bar

Awards Plus | 9th February 2011 | By

It’s giveaways galore here on Tin and Thyme. Some recent wins and why bloggers host them.