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Cheese Baps – Cranking up the Memories

Wholemeal cheese baps with butter and cress.

Filling, cheesy and delicious, there’s nothing quite like a cheese bap for lunch. If you like a good cheese sandwich, these baps are brilliant. The cheese is already inside the bread, so all you have to do is cut one in half, butter it and add a goodly sized portion of cress.


Asparagus Tarts with a Pesto Surprise aka Asparagoose Tarts

Asparagus Tarts

Nutty wholemeal pastry baked with a secret layer of pesto, filled with goose egg and topped with English asparagus. These seasonal asparagus tarts are ideal spring picnic fare as they are portable and easy to pick up and eat with your hands. Why asparagoose tarts? Read on.


Caramelised Onion and Yogurt Dip with Chocolate

Caramelised Onion & Yogurt Dip.

Yogurt mixed with caramelised onions, smoked paprika and a little chocolate for extra depth and flavour. This caramelised onion and yogurt dip is simple and quick to prepare. It also makes a perfect dip for any occasion or a dish to accompany a Middle Eastern mezze style meal.