A Day at River Cottage

River Cottage Collage

A day out at River Cottage HQ on the beautiful Devon Dorset border has much to recommend it, especially when the sun is shining. A few days ago, I had the pleasure of visiting for a second time.


Caramelised Blueberry Blondies

Brownies & Blondies | 26th September 2015 | By

The British blueberry season is still in full swing, well maybe not quite full swing, but my mother is still picking blueberries here in Cornwall, so there are certainly some around. Blueberries pair very nicely with white chocolate, so when I was commissioned to create a recipe for Wayfair last month, I used this combination to make some caramelised blueberry blondies.


Apple Crumble and Custard Mini Cakes – Perfect for an Autumnal Party

Apple Crumble and Custard Mini Cakes

Cupcakes | 23rd September 2015 | By

Back along, I made these mini chocolate surprise cakes for a friend’s celebration, along with these dairy and gluten free lemon and almond coconut cakes. It so happens that I also made some rum and raisin cupcakes and these rather fun apple crumble and custard mini cakes for the same occasion.


Food Bites – September 2015

Herb Omelette

Trying out new foods and products is one of the joys of being a food blogger. Food Bites is an occasional series showcasing some of the edible offerings that have landed on the kitchen counter at Tin and Thyme recently. This month it’s mostly about liquids: alternatives to meals as we know them, condiments, dessert wine and then wrapping up with a few sweet treats.


Cucumber and Celery Smoothie or Summer Soup

Cucumber and Celery Smoothie

A couple of months or so ago, I decided we needed a change from fruity smoothies for our morning breakfast. Delicious as they are, I’m more used to having something savoury at this time in the morning – it just feels right somehow. This cucumber and celery smoothie is so versatile it doubles up as a cooling summer soup.


Spelt and Freekah Apricot Vanilla Buns

Apricot Vanilla Buns

Small Cakes | 14th September 2015 | By

Far from putting me off them forever, judging the Liskeard Bun has reignited my love for all things bun. Yeasted or not, plain or fancy, there is something rather wonderful about the British bun.


Crank Up Your Lunch with a Wholesome Sandwich – Giveaway #62

Falafelly Good Sandwich

Giveaway | 11th September 2015 | By

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again no doubt; Cranks and I go back a long way. For those not in the know, Cranks is a fabulous vegetarian cafe at Dartington, Devon; it also has a bakery arm in Wiltshire that makes delicious and wholesome slow rise breads, sandwiches and wraps. To find out more, read my cheese and leek bread pudding post from earlier this year.


Honey Apple Cardamom Mini Bundt Cakes and a Cornish Cliff Top Walk

Honey Apple Cardamom Mini Bundt Cakes

Some say Autumn starts here in the Northern Hemisphere on 1 September, some say the 22nd. Either way the apple season has started and to me that means one of my favourite times of year with morning mists, clear warm days and cold nights – if we’re lucky. The first few apples have been gathered from my mother’s garden and honey apple cardamom mini bundt cakes were calling.


Double Blackberry Chocolate Galette – Autumn is Here – We Should Cocoa

Double Blackberry Chocolate Galette

Tart, We Should Cocoa, Wild Food | 5th September 2015 | By

When Kate announced that blackberries were to be the special ingredient for this month’s We Should Cocoa, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. Ever since my first rustic gooseberry galette earlier in the year, I was dying to try one with blackberries. But it wasn’t going to be any old galette, it was a double blackberry chocolate galette.


Courgette and Chickpea Pancakes with Mango and Cucumber Chutney

Courgette Chickpea Pancake

The courgettes, otherwise known as zucchini, continue to flourish in the way only courgettes know how to. Having enjoyed the spiced courgette fritters I made recently and with plenty more courgettes developing, I couldn’t resist this chickpea pancake version when I spotted it in the February 2005 issue of Delicious.