Basbousa (Egyptian Semolina Cake) and Long Live Lebara.


In my youth, when it was rare to know anyone who had travelled abroad, I was a lot more adventurous than I am now. At just eighteen I set off to work in a Swiss hotel in order to learn French, something I hadn’t managed to pick up at school. At various times I hitchhiked from home to France, to Spain and to Switzerland and when I had only just turned seventeen I went to stay with relatives of relatives in Egypt for a month.


We Should Cocoa – the No-Bake Round-Up

We Should Cocoa Badge

We Should Cocoa | 29th April 2015 | By

Sometimes you want something sweet and lush, but really don’t want to go to the bother of putting the oven on and baking. That’s where no-bake comes in. This month bloggers have been getting creative with their no-bake recipes for We Should Cocoa.


A Super Duper Chocolate Hamper – Review and Giveaway #58

Miniature Green & Black's

Well I’m pleased to say that after a brief lull in chocolate consumption post Easter, my chocolate cravings have been indulged. KC Hampers came handsomely to my rescue with a beautiful wicker hamper packed full of chocolate delights.


Quick Tomato Sauce with Seaweed – No Cooking Required

Quick Tomato Sauce with Seaweed

Pasta is one of those standbys that is perfect for meals in a hurry. I often make tomato sauce to go with pasta and add carrots and onions and any other vegetables I happen to have around – parsnips work well. The other day, I was in even more of a hurry than usual and so I thought I’d try blending a raw tomato sauce instead. I was a little surprised at just how good this quick tomato sauce with seaweed was.


Mini Chocolate Surprise Cakes

Chocolate Surprise Cakes

Cupcakes | 24th April 2015 | By

It’s rare for a week to go by without me baking something, but I don’t always manage to bake ninety six cakes all in one day. Admittedly, they were mini cakes, not large ones, but I still felt like it was a bit of an achievement.


Capturing Cornwall: Spring at Caerhays Castle

Caerhays Castle

Capturing Cornwall | 22nd April 2015 | By

Waffles with Rhubarb and Rose Compote and Rose Cream

Rhubarb and Rose Waffle

Ever since getting my hands on these silicone waffle moulds, I have become somewhat addicted to these doughy crispy delights. They are just as good for a dessert as they are for breakfast or brunch. The light and airy sweet waffles I tried in Belgium were either served in the morning with coffee, or at tea time. They don’t have to be sweet of course, savoury waffles are equally delicious. Either way, I never add sugar to my waffle batter as I don’t see the need – it’s all in the topping.


Sunshine Grapefruit Smoothie

Grapefruit Smoothie

Grapefruit is grown in many places and although there’s plenty of sunshine here at the moment, Cornwall isn’t one of them. Florida, however, is a different story. Citrus fruit thrive in Florida’s sub tropical climate and grapefruit have been grown there since 1823. Many of us in the UK blame rain and cold weather for making us feel dull and unproductive in the winter, but perhaps we just need some of that captured sunshine to give us a much needed boost? Cue sunshine grapefruit smoothie.


Freshness Frozen and Icy Ideas

Ice Pizzaria

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It’s hard to imagine where we’d be now without our freezers. I grew up with one and each summer and autumn it was filled with the bounty from the garden that was then enjoyed throughout the winter months – freshness frozen indeed. Capturing the freshness of produce soon after harvest by freezing it has to be the next best thing to eating it straight from the plot. The tradition started by my mother so many years ago, is one I have continued whenever I’ve been lucky enough to be able to grow some of my own produce.


Capturing Cornwall: Diaspora Gardens, Heartlands

Capturing Cornwall | 15th April 2015 | By

Heartlands' Kiwi

Go south young man. Cornish miners followed the lodes and travelled the world.