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Summertime and the living is easy – or at least it is when the good people of Lindt send me a box of chocolates to try. It’s good to ring the changes as well as reacquaint oneself with familiar stalwarts. So as well as a selection of their new fun summer range Hello, it was reassuring to receive a bar of Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa which I know well. Also included was another Lindt Excellence bar I’ve seen before but never tasted: a Touch of Sea Salt. This dark 47% bar is not for the vegan in your life as it contains butterfat. It is however rather tasty  even if a “touch of sea salt” is a bit of an understatement. I would describe this as distinctly salty. So what else did I get? Down to business:

Chocolate Bits – a box of nine chocolates designed to lighten your mood.
Nougat crunch – I went to this one first as I love nougat. It was a smooth milk chocolate with a creamy filling and lots of crunchy bits. I didn’t find it to be particularly distinctive and I couldn’t detect any honey flavour.
Caramel Brownie – this was my favourite. It had a layer of rich liquid caramel on top of a dark chocolate truffle base with some sort of crunchy bits.
Cookies and Cream – this had plenty of crunchy dark cookie pieces amongst a creamy white filling. I liked the contrast in colours and textures, but it was very sweet.

I preferred the bars – 39g of punchy flavour in six bite size pieces. The Summer of Love may be more than forty years ago, but there is a breezy optimism in these bars which are a tonic to middle aged cynicism.

Coconut Love – white chocolate filled with a coconut cream. As soon as I opened the packet, the scent of coconut pervaded the room. It contained pieces of chewy coconut which gave additional texture – a bit like a Bounty bar, but creamier. There were fruity undertones which I particularly liked.

Berry Affair – white chocolate filled with a fruity cream and bits of real cherry and blackberry. The cherry was the dominant flavour, but I got a faint hint of blackberries too.

Lime Splash – solid white chocolate with a mouth puckering lime flavour which is tasty and painful both at the same time. A damn fine antidote to the sickliness that too much white chocolate can engender.

Strawberry Kick – solid white chocolate with a kick of lime and strawberry bits embedded within. This had a good strawberry flavour whilst being nice and tart; no overwhelming sourness as in the case of the Lime Splash. Most of all, it reminded me of sherbert. It wasn’t too sweet either. This was my favourite bar.

Coffee Blast – milk chocolate covering a coffee cream with crunchy pieces of real coffee. Blast is the right word said CT. Being the coffee lover in the household, he got to eat this one. The coffee is good and strong with the bitterness trumping the sweetness and a smokiness permeating through – like a cup of coffee round a camp fire. Enough already, put that harmonica away.

These are a fun addition to the Lindt range and you can buy them at the Lindt shop.

I made some wonderful salted butterscotch chocolate fondants from the “touch of sea salt” bar which I shall be blogging about soon. It worked really well in this bake where the saltiness was a big bonus.


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    Aimee / Wallflower Girl
    23rd August 2013

    I love lindt bars, they are my go to chocolate treat and I especially LOVE the sea salt flavour so cannot wait to see your fondant recipe!

    Angie, I tried the 99% one and liked it but would suggest slowly working your way up to it. So trying 85% then 90% first and getting used to the taste. The 90% bar is just right for me I found 🙂

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    Baking Addict
    23rd August 2013

    Lindt is one of my all time favourite chocolates. I particularly like the dark and the touch of salt bar.

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    Tracy K Nixon
    23rd August 2013

    Love this brand!!! Must try the Coconut Love and Coffee Blast! Thanks for sharing Choclette!

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