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I first discovered Lindt chocolate when I was an unsophisticated au pair in Lausanne – where better to be introduced to it than in its home country of Switzerland? On occasion, Madame B allowed me to try one of her special Lindor chocolates. To a teenager from a small Cornish village, these seemed like the height of chocolate luxury. Even though my palate has matured, I still have a soft spot for Lindor.

Chocolatiers since 1845, Lindt has long been one of the leading European chocolate brands. Lindor was first created in the 1960s. Made in the shape of baubles and with their distinctive red and white wrapping, these started life as a Christmas special. They proved to be so popular that they have been a stalwart of the Lindt range ever since. They are particularly noted for their smooth and creamy centres.

Recently I was sent a limited edition of Lindor to review – Stracciatella. With its icy blue and white box and matching wrapping, it conjures up the cold beauty of Switzerland, with its large blue lakes and high snowy mountains. In particular, it reminds me of the spring melt waters rushing from the mountain tops down to the lakes below. From the packaging, you’d almost expect a cool minty flavour, but no, this is almost the opposite, something warm and indulgent: cookies and cream.

Stracciatella is named after a delicious Italian gelato, which has fine particles of chocolate distributed through it. Unwrapping the first sphere, the resemblance was clear. A strong aroma of vanilla wafted upwards and the white chocolate shell was flecked with dark chocolate. On biting into it, I realised the dark flecks were in fact cocoa nibs rather than chocolate. These gave a delightful crunch and counteracted the sweetness of the filling. The filling was smooth and creamy as you would expect from a Lindor. It had an almost fruity quality to it and did in fact resemble vanilla ice-cream. I found these to be a welcome addition to the Lindor range. They are currently selling on the Lindt online shop at the special price of £3.25 for a 200g cornet.

Lindt have released a new range of Creation 100g chocolate bars, which I also got to try. These are filled bars and most contain small pieces of the main flavour ingredient which give an interesting texture and make the experience last longer than it might otherwise do. They are currently selling at the special introductory price of £1.25 from the Lindt online shop.

Divine Hazelnut – I think I might just go with the title of this one. This is a milk chocolate bar which is very hazelnutty. It has a smooth praline filling and is liberally studded with pieces of hazelnut.

Velvety Vanilla Almond – was my favourite. This has a strong vanilla aroma and flavour. Layers of caramel and cream enrobed with milk chocolate, worked well together and the almond slivers gave a lovely crunchy texture.

Luscious Caramel – I do like a good caramel, but combined with the milk chocolate, this one was too sweet for me. I would have preferred a salted caramel to counteract the sweetness and give additional interest.

Sumptious Orange – is lush and reminds me of jaffa cakes. The dark chocolate shell helps offset the sweetness of the orange filling. Pieces of orange give added interest to the texture.


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      20th September 2012

      I can see a Lindt fan club forming here. Although, I have it on reliable authority that Italian chocolate is the best.

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    belleau kitchen
    18th September 2012

    you had me at stracciatella! it’s one of my fave ice creams… now roll a little ball Lincolnshire way will you!

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    Galina Varese
    18th September 2012

    Stracciatella’s not for me. From six Lindt truffles flavours that come in a big box this is my least favourite flavour after the white chocolate one. I don’t like the Stracciatella gelato either, don’t know quite why, just cannot pinpoint what I dislike about it, I guess I just don’t like the white chocolate.

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      20th September 2012

      I completely understand about white chocolate, I usually find it too sweet and cloying to eat on it’s own. Strangely though, I was able to eat a few more of these than was good for me 😉

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    Recipe Junkie
    19th September 2012

    Yum. agree about salted caramel though :-). It’s funny those former experiences that stay with you – I au paired in France for 6 kids, and madame had a very strict rule that after lunch the kids went off for a siesta while she (and I) would drink a cup of coffee and allow ourselves one delicious chocolate (from which ever box she had open at the time) in peace and quiet. I have been known to raid the cooking chocolate box when the need to emulate her strikes me!

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      20th September 2012

      Now that sounds very civilised. You must be an expert on French chocolates. Bet it was tough looking after six kids though. I only had two and that was pretty full on.

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    19th September 2012

    What nice flavour combinations, vanilla and almond sounds very good.

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    Maya Russell
    18th May 2013

    I don’t like crunchy bits in chocolate – prefer them smooth so I don’t think I’d like the Stracciatella.

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