Discover Craft Cider with Crafty Nectar – Review and Giveaway #89

Craft Cider from Crafty Nectar

The apple is the king of fruits and plays an important part in our culture. Turning it into craft cider is a venerable tradition, complete with a whole slew of rituals, including wassailing. Virtually every farm had an orchard and labourers of yore were often paid in cider. Crafty Nectar are offering my readers the chance to win a discovery box of six craft ciders. No need to scythe a meadow first. Read on to find out more.

In Cornwall, cider runs in the veins. It was the first alcoholic drink I was allowed. I remember feeling very grown up when visiting my uncle as a child and being able to have a glass of sweet woodpecker cider with my meal. Later as a teenager, Cornish scrumpy was the booze of choice: it was a bit rough and ready, but hey, it was great for parties. Thankfully, things have moved on since those days and there is now a burgeoning industry in creating premium craft ciders, both in Cornwall and the rest of the country. 

Crafty Nectar

To this very day, I’d rather drink a good quality cider than wine or beer. Cue Crafty Nectar, a cider subscription club with a difference. It’s the club to belong to if you want to discover exclusive artisan craft ciders. Experts look for juice quality and content and only select those with no concentrates or artificial flavourings. You can choose from 3, 6 or 12 bottles a month and subscribe for one, three, six or twelve months. Your membership will also support small cider producers, which has got to be a good thing in my book.

I was hoping for some tasting notes to help me on my way, but when I unpacked the craft cider box, it was just three lone bottles. Oh well, I thought, I’ll just have to work it out for myself and reached straight for the bottle opener. 

Offer Code

As a bonus, Crafty Nectar are offering my readers a 10% discount on all cider fights and subscription boxes. So if you like a tipple, appreciate a good fermentation and like a bit of variety, then a Crafty Nectar subscription may be for you. Please use code: CRAFTY10 at checkout.

Craft Cider Bottles

Lancombe Rising (5%, 37.5 cl)

Lancombe Rising Craft Cider

This Dorset cider is fermented slowly and matures in the bottle, which results in a natural sparkling drink. Hence Lancombe Rising – geddit? It was dry and sparkling and left the palate feeling clean. It’s a good one to drink with dinner. CT and I shared the bottle as an accompaniment to a hearty lentil bolognese and it went down very well. Lancombe Rising is produced by West Milton Cider Company and it won Supreme Champion in the Royal Bath & West British Cider Championship 2017.

The Rouge (4%, 50 cl)

The Rouge Craft Cider

The red, referred to in the name of this limited edition cider from Colcombe House in Herefordshire, comes from rhubarb and strawberry. I’m particularly interested to try this one as I have a penchant for rhubarb. Rhubarb and strawberry are a classic combination and I can see that it might work well in a cider. I’m looking forward to trying it.

Grey Heron (5.5%, 50cl)

Grey Heron Craft Cider

We also haven’t yet tried the Grey Heron craft cider, but I like the idea that it’s a single orchard origin. It’s hand crafted by Perry’s in Somerset from their own farm apples; the varieties are Redstreak and Dabinett. The sparkling cider is bottled young and according to the label has a sweet fruity taste.

Leftover Cider

If by any chance you have some craft cider you’re not so keen on or are unable to finish, you could try making this almond apple cider cake. It’s a particularly good one. Alternatively this mulled cider is nice and warming on a cold winter’s night.

Crafty Nectar Subscription Box Giveaway

Crafty Nectar is offering one Tin and Thyme reader a one month subscription of six bottles of craft cider. To be in with a chance of winning, please fill in the Gleam widget below. You will need to leave a comment on this post, answering the question, which then gives you additional chances to enter if you so wish. Gleam will pick a winner at random from the entries received. If you are commenting anonymously, please give me some way of identifying you as I will be verifying the validity of entries. Any automated entries will be disqualified. This giveaway is only open to those with a UK postal address who are over 18 years old. Winners will need to respond within 7 days of being contacted. Failure to do this may result in another winner being picked. 
Prizes are offered and provided by Crafty Nectar and Tin and Thyme accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of said third party. Tin and Thyme reserves the right to cancel or amend the giveaway and these terms and conditions without notice.
Closing date is Monday 7 May 2018 
Do take a look at the Tin and Thyme giveaways page to see if there’s anything else you’d like to enter.

Craft Nectar Discovery Box – UK & Over 18s Only



  1. Leave a Reply

    Laura Jeffs
    7th April 2018

    I like cider because I find it sweet and refreshing and it’s a nice alternative to beer

  2. Leave a Reply

    Annabel Greaves
    7th April 2018

    I love cider, it is my drink of choice

  3. Leave a Reply

    Tania Atfield
    7th April 2018

    Cider is a great choice for a cool drink when you don’t want anything too strong.

  4. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018

    I like a cold glass of cider on a warm summer evening. It’s very refreshing.

  5. Leave a Reply

    Mary N
    7th April 2018

    I really like trying different types of cider. I like to try and often buy at food shows.

  6. Leave a Reply

    Jen Oconnell
    7th April 2018

    I really like cider – particularly the fruit flavoured varieties

  7. Leave a Reply

    Helen Thurston
    7th April 2018

    Cider is one of my usual drinks – especially when we’re out for a meal.

  8. Leave a Reply

    Ren Taylor
    7th April 2018

    I LOVE cider, especially now that (hopefully!) warmer weather is coming. Nothing better than a bottle of good cider while sitting in the garden! Thanks for the chance!

  9. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Rees
    7th April 2018

    I like cider but only on really hot summers days (usually at BBQs)

  10. Leave a Reply

    Paul Green
    7th April 2018

    Cant beat a lovely pint of ice cold cider

  11. Leave a Reply

    Rebecca Brown
    7th April 2018

    Cider is my go to favourite – crisp and cool for summer days and spiced and full-flavoured in the winter

  12. Leave a Reply

    Simon Hopley
    7th April 2018

    I have always drank cider over beer from legal drinking age much better drink.

  13. Leave a Reply

    Elaine Shaw
    7th April 2018

    I love cider, especially ice cold in the summer as a long drink over ice, and as an accompaniment to barbecue food. Cider always feels lively, and fun, so is perfect for garden entertaining…. Although when I was in my teens we used to drink it every weekend. Nowadays, it is good to try out lots of differing flavours, and enjoy and appreciate the labour of love of the many craft and artisan drinks available now.

  14. Leave a Reply

    Lynda Jones
    7th April 2018

    There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a glass of chilled cider, delicious

  15. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018

    I love trying different flavours of cider, and different craft ciders. They are delicious.

  16. Leave a Reply

    Brad Start
    7th April 2018

    Cider is so refreshing on a hot summer day. To be honest, it’s refreshing on a cold winters day too. Basically it’s just a pleasant refreshing drink.

  17. Leave a Reply

    Ed B
    7th April 2018

    I love cider, it is my dream to have an orchard so I can brew my own!

  18. Leave a Reply

    Tammy Westrup
    7th April 2018

    Personally I can take it or leave it but my hubby loves it, and loves trying new and different versions. That’s why I am entering to try and win a treat for him!

  19. Leave a Reply

    mick proctor
    7th April 2018

    Cider is great in summer but not so good in winter

  20. Leave a Reply

    Aidan Clark
    7th April 2018

    Cider is delicious when it’s good quality. I especially love cider from Normandy.

  21. Leave a Reply

    Amandeep Sibia
    7th April 2018

    This is a lovely prize, especially with Summer on the way!

  22. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018

    Nice and refreshing, especially in the summer. Though i do prefer cloudy cider.

  23. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018

    A light, clean, refreshing drink to have anytime and anywhere!

  24. Leave a Reply

    Harry Price
    7th April 2018

    Great chance to try different types of cider, got to give it a go

  25. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018

    I love cider because it’s yummy scrummy!

  26. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018

    I love cider in summer and at festivals especially when you can have different flavours 🙂

  27. Leave a Reply

    amy bondoc
    7th April 2018

    i love cider, its so refreshing perfect on a hot summer day. i especially like different flavours

  28. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018


  29. Leave a Reply

    maria bunting mcgeown
    7th April 2018

    Cider is perfect on a hot Summer’s day! Also love it mulled in the Winter. So many great types out there.

  30. Leave a Reply

    Stephanie Harrison
    7th April 2018

    Cider is delicious and so refreshing. I love trying different types and flavours.

  31. Leave a Reply

    iain maciver
    7th April 2018

    I love cider its my favourite drink love it

  32. Leave a Reply

    Keri Jones
    7th April 2018

    I love ice cold cider in the summer. Love going to cider festivals with my husband and trying all on offer x

  33. Leave a Reply

    G Parkinson
    7th April 2018

    You know, most people don’t know the difference between apple cider and apple juice, but I do.
    Now here’s a little trick to help you remember:
    If it’s clear and yella’, you’ve got juice there, fella!
    If it’s tangy and brown, you’re in cider town.

  34. Leave a Reply

    Rachel Craig
    7th April 2018

    Cider is a delicious and refreshing drink, and can be enjoyed socially with friends.

  35. Leave a Reply

    Emma Nixon
    7th April 2018

    Nothing better than an ice cold cider. Especially on a warm summers day. Love trying all the different flavours.

  36. Leave a Reply

    Jackie Howell
    7th April 2018

    Cider to me is a Summer drink as nothing better, also like a hot cider in the Winter

  37. Leave a Reply

    Karen Hughes
    7th April 2018

    This would be perfect. I love cider. Ever since going down to Somerset to see it made. So many varieties available.

  38. Leave a Reply

    Katherine Lucas
    7th April 2018

    I love that the craft Cider movement are creating all kinds of new and refreshing flavour combinations

  39. Leave a Reply

    Jo Jones
    7th April 2018

    I love cider so it is my first choice of alcoholic drink and there are so many flavours now.

  40. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018

    Cider is so delicious and refreshing especially on a hot summer day.

  41. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018

    Ah I love cider, most types actually taste good to me, something I can’t say for beer 🙂

  42. Leave a Reply

    Myron Kraweckyj
    7th April 2018

    I love cider it’s so tasty and goes well with any food.

  43. Leave a Reply

    jules eley
    7th April 2018

    I love a nice cold cider in the evening watching a film under blankets or out in the garden in the sunnier weather.

  44. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018

    I love cider, especially cloudy cider. I also really like cooking with it as well it is really versatile

  45. Leave a Reply

    Judith MacInnes
    7th April 2018

    I never drink draught or cheap cider, but I do like a really good quality one – especially in summer. I don’t think there’s a more refreshing drink on a hot day!

  46. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018

    Cider is delicious but only if it’s a quality brand.. like this one.
    Definitely a fantastic choice for the summer garden days

  47. Leave a Reply

    ruth robinson
    7th April 2018

    i like cider i enjoy a thatchers gold dash of lemonade and ice on a summers da yand think the fruit ciders are delicious

  48. Leave a Reply

    pete c
    7th April 2018

    I`ve tried a few of the well-known ones from supermarkets but am sure there are so may more to discover that cover a wide scope of styles and flavours

  49. Leave a Reply

    Andrea Upton
    7th April 2018

    I think cider is becoming more popular these days and there are lots more varieties to choose from, this is really nice to have a subscription box of different ones to try out. I really like the look of the cake recipe too!

  50. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018

    Cider is one of my favourite drinks. I like trying different types and different brands. It is very refreshing with ice in the Summer months.

  51. Leave a Reply

    Heidi Borchardt
    7th April 2018

    I love refreshing Cider, so I would love to win this Giveaway please.

  52. Leave a Reply

    Louise Comb
    7th April 2018

    I love trying different ciders. My favourite is probably pear cider. But I love any cider best on a hot summer’s day – which seems like something I haven’t experienced for a very long time!

  53. Leave a Reply

    Jennifer Bruce
    7th April 2018

    I enjoy cider on a hot summers day. My favourites are the fruity flavours, especially lime!

  54. Leave a Reply

    George Spedding
    7th April 2018

    Cider and summer go hand in hand

  55. Leave a Reply

    Katy Malkin
    7th April 2018

    Love good quality vegan cider… especially Cornish scrumpy!

  56. Leave a Reply

    Holly Thompson
    7th April 2018

    I love cider so much, it’s definiely my go to drink! It’s so easy to drink, especially still ones, and I love Wetherspoons cider festival because they have so many to try!

  57. Leave a Reply

    Louise A
    7th April 2018

    Cider was the first drink my dad bought me in a pub when I was just 16 (!) and imho its the ideal drink to serve with cheese fondue

  58. Leave a Reply

    Tee Simpson
    7th April 2018

    I like a cheeky cold cider especially on a summers day. I really like the fruity ones but will drink any lol

  59. Leave a Reply

    natalie crossan
    7th April 2018

    there’s nothing like cider on a warm summers day – it’s my absolute favourite x

  60. Leave a Reply

    7th April 2018

    Love cider ’cause it always reminds me of summer. Nothing feels like one of those carefree nothing to do days in a park like a glass of cider.

  61. Leave a Reply

    Jeanette Leighton
    8th April 2018

    I like cider it’s nice and refreshing

  62. Leave a Reply

    Ms C Bryan
    8th April 2018

    Cider is tasty and refreshing

  63. Leave a Reply

    Paul Chadwick
    8th April 2018

    Cider is my go to summer drink ,so refreshing on a hot summers day

  64. Leave a Reply

    Nikki Hayes
    8th April 2018

    I drink a variety of alcoholic drinks and, as I live in Bristol, I sometimes indulge in craft ciders and beers. I’m far from an expert but I love trying new ciders and new flavours – I have a pretty broad palette and enjoy most ciders from sweet to dry plus a variety of fruit flavours :o)

  65. Leave a Reply

    melanie stirling
    8th April 2018

    Cider is my sister’s favourite drink so I would gift it to her if I won.She has helped me a lot so she deserves it.

  66. Leave a Reply

    Dean T
    8th April 2018

    Love ice cold cider, pear cider is my fave and is all I will drink in a pub in the summer!

  67. Leave a Reply

    Kate Fox-Pope
    8th April 2018

    very refreshing on a hot summer’s day and rather lovely all round!

  68. Leave a Reply

    Chrissy Harris
    8th April 2018

    I love cider but really only drink it in the summer as it’s so refreshing and great in a big glass with lots of ice

  69. Leave a Reply

    Hannah Irish
    8th April 2018

    I love cider, brilliant for the upcoming months too as such a summery refreshing drink

  70. Leave a Reply

    8th April 2018

    i have always drank cider and it’s great to see how much it has progressed from the strongbow or blackthorn days!

  71. Leave a Reply

    Karen R
    8th April 2018

    I really enjoy cider, it’s the perfect way to chill on an evening xx

  72. Leave a Reply

    Emily Kerner
    8th April 2018

    Delicious and refreshing, great for a warm summer day

  73. Leave a Reply

    Susan Smith
    8th April 2018

    I have to say i do love Cider and enjoy it with the fruits, nice and cold, the perfect summer drink

  74. Leave a Reply

    C Parkin
    8th April 2018

    I like a fruity cider, with lots of ice.

  75. Leave a Reply

    Bob Clark
    8th April 2018

    It’s something for teenagers – I’ve grown out of it – but my wife still likes it

  76. Leave a Reply

    8th April 2018

    My thoughts on cider has to be i like the taste of it although if i had a choice between a glass of red wine or a cider then i would pick a glass of wine for sure.

  77. Leave a Reply

    Sandra Fortune
    8th April 2018

    Not a lover of cider but my hubby is he likes to try different brands so this would be great for him.

  78. Leave a Reply

    Elizabeth Smith
    8th April 2018

    I love cider, its the perfect drink for warmer weather

  79. Leave a Reply

    Rich Tyler
    8th April 2018

    Cider is amazing, ESP in the summer months, nothing else compares

  80. Leave a Reply

    Sheena Batey
    8th April 2018

    I love what I call proper cider not commercially produced stuff and i do for dry/medium rather than sweet

  81. Leave a Reply

    Kristy Brown
    8th April 2018

    I love a nice chilled cider with ice int he garden in summer

  82. Leave a Reply

    John Blair
    8th April 2018

    A nice cold glass (or bottle) of cider is a refreshingly complimentary way to enjoy a drink, especially at meal time.. Will try any cider and have not done so with this brand, so winning would be an introduction..

  83. Leave a Reply

    8th April 2018

    Cider with some rasberry cordial is great
    Thankyou very much

  84. Leave a Reply

    Rob Griffiths
    8th April 2018

    Love cider, this would be great, especially with summer just around the corner (fingers crossed)

  85. Leave a Reply

    emma franklin
    8th April 2018

    I generally don’t drink regular cider I prefer the fruity cider combinations

  86. Leave a Reply

    Alyssa Simpson
    8th April 2018

    We love trying new cider, we have a local cider festival every year and it’s so much fun trying the different varieties and flavours.

  87. Leave a Reply

    abigail edkins
    8th April 2018

    Cider….deffo my go to summer cold and preferably with a fruity twist

  88. Leave a Reply

    claire woods
    8th April 2018

    On a hot summers day a cider with ice is nice to drink.

  89. Leave a Reply

    Laura Pritchard
    8th April 2018

    I like pear ciders but I’m not keen on apple cider – I’d love to win these for my sister & her boyfriend who live near Brizzle and LOVE cider!

  90. Leave a Reply

    Simon Tutthill
    8th April 2018

    Fantastic drink certainly quenches the parts others can’t reach and so tasty too

  91. Leave a Reply

    chloe brill
    8th April 2018

    would love this cider for my boyfriend

  92. Leave a Reply

    jenna rothen
    8th April 2018

    im not a massive cider drinker but my dad loves it. He would love this

  93. Leave a Reply

    Mel Turner
    8th April 2018

    I like a glass of cider in the summer it’s refreshing

  94. Leave a Reply

    Tammy Tudor
    8th April 2018

    Cider is my favourite alcoholic drink, i like the flavour especially fruit cider and it is so refreshing!

  95. Leave a Reply

    Caroline H
    8th April 2018

    I like the occasional craft cider on a balmy summer day but it’s not my drink of choice. However, I always have a few interesting bottles of cider in because we have quite a few friends who are real fans and appreciate coming round and having a choice of something that tastes better than the mainstream.

  96. Leave a Reply

    John Jones
    8th April 2018

    I love ciders, both still and sparkling. They must be ‘real’ with no added sugar and preferably no preservatives.

  97. Leave a Reply

    John Jones
    8th April 2018

    I love ‘real’ cider, both still and sparkling, with no added sugar.

  98. Leave a Reply

    Alice Gilkes
    8th April 2018

    I really enjoy my bit of cider – responsibly of course. 🙂

  99. Leave a Reply

    helen tovell
    8th April 2018

    I like all the varieties you can get now expanding the use of peoples favourite fruits and not relying on apple

  100. Leave a Reply

    Amy Jo mclellan
    8th April 2018

    I really enjoy cider, especially in the summer as it tastes so great sat in the lovely, sunny outdoors 🙂

  101. Leave a Reply

    leanne weir
    8th April 2018

    I like a cold glass of cider on a nice summer night.

  102. Leave a Reply

    Kathleen marsden
    8th April 2018

    Cider is my choice of drink when I need to quench my thirst. It’s so refreshing.

  103. Leave a Reply

    Barbara Jane Shaw
    9th April 2018

    Lovely to drink on a warm summers day… preferably in good company and overlooking a fab location!

  104. Leave a Reply

    Margaret Clarkson
    9th April 2018

    I love cider, usually the traditional apple ones. I often have it with a meal instead of wine.

  105. Leave a Reply

    Helen B
    9th April 2018

    I live in Somerset and I love apples, what else is there to say

  106. Leave a Reply

    Gill Bland
    9th April 2018

    I’ve been off the booze due to pregnancy until last week. Cider was the hardest thing to miss out on when it was the tail end of summer – just one bottle in the sunset. Can’t wait for some nice weather and apple tipple!

  107. Leave a Reply

    laura banks
    9th April 2018

    i always find it really refreshing on a hot sunny day chilling in the garden

  108. Leave a Reply

    Victoria Morris
    9th April 2018

    I don’t drink a lot of alcohol because I hate the taste so for me cider is the perfect replacement! Fresh, fruity and makes me think of summer 🙂

  109. Leave a Reply

    Lorraine Mabbitt
    9th April 2018

    Love cider in the summer months lovely sweet and refreshing

  110. Leave a Reply

    Nhial Delaney
    9th April 2018

    Cider rather than beer, always! I can’t wait until the weather improves and I can sit outside to drink a craft cider.

  111. Leave a Reply

    Honey McKinley
    9th April 2018

    I love a dry cider that actually tastes of apples (or other fruit) rather than the metallic tasting Strongbow, Magners etc that you get on tap in most pubs so tend to look out for smaller breweries or cider festivals in pubs so that I can try different brands.

  112. Leave a Reply

    Lauren Read
    9th April 2018

    the best drink for quenching your thirst during the summer or at any time!

  113. Leave a Reply

    Ellen Stafford
    9th April 2018

    I love cider and so does my Dad!

  114. Leave a Reply

    Iris Tilley
    9th April 2018

    Cider has changed over the years It’s no longer boring and strong. It’s now more adventurous fruity and more fun to drink with lots of flavours to try. My favorite is Brothers Toffee cider.

    • Leave a Reply

      10th April 2018

      Gosh, toffee cider sounds rather splendid. Now you’e got me wondering.

  115. Leave a Reply

    Ellen Stafford
    9th April 2018

    I love cider and so does my Dad! Especially in the summer! Lets hope we get some sun soon!

  116. Leave a Reply

    mark cameron
    9th April 2018

    I love cider, it is my drink of choice in the summer

  117. Leave a Reply

    Lorna Roberts
    9th April 2018

    Cider is my favourite drink. I particularly like fruit mixes.

  118. Leave a Reply

    Judith Allen
    9th April 2018

    I don’t like beer, but I do like an occasional cider. These look rather special. Thanks!

  119. Leave a Reply

    9th April 2018

    Pefect in summer, nicely chilled, or mulled and warm in winter 🙂

  120. Leave a Reply

    Mark Finch
    10th April 2018

    The perfect drink with a BBQ and friends

  121. Leave a Reply

    Carolyn E
    10th April 2018

    Great article. It definitely piqued my interest in trying these ciders….. I especially liked the link for a cake recipe too.

  122. Leave a Reply

    Karen Lloyd
    10th April 2018

    Love cider, so refreshing and tasty. It’s got to count as one of my ‘five a day’ surely?

  123. Leave a Reply

    10th April 2018

    i love cider and going to cider festivals! i love the elk warning blackberry cider at the minute!

  124. Leave a Reply

    10th April 2018

    I love cider, its definitely my choice of tipple. I have tried a home brew kit which was ok but never tastes quite the same. I particularly like the mixed fruit ciders

  125. Leave a Reply

    Lori Darling
    10th April 2018

    I have loved cider for more years than I am willing to divulge and really love that their are so many different craft ciders around to try now.

  126. Leave a Reply

    Hayley Colburn
    10th April 2018

    I do love a nice dry cider every now and then, its not my first choice of drink if say we go out as it can get a bit too sickly for me but my husband loves it

  127. Leave a Reply

    CHERRY Lloyd
    10th April 2018

    We love ciders in our household and we are all different in our choices. Cider is a perfect drink for my husband because it is gluten free and he is Coeliac. He prefers the still ciders.
    I prefer sparkling, light ciders and I also prefer a cider that is not too strong in alcohol too.

  128. Leave a Reply

    Katie b
    10th April 2018

    Massive cider nerd, bit of a cider junkie!

  129. Leave a Reply

    Laura Chapman
    10th April 2018

    I love cider, but have to say, I haven’t drank it for a long while. I feel that it’s very hit and miss and would love to see more micro brewery ciders available in supermarkets etc. Sometimes I find it super sweet and overpowering – I am not really into sweet things.

  130. Leave a Reply

    10th April 2018

    I’ve found you meet some great folk drinking cider- no way can cider drinkers be stereotyped!

  131. Leave a Reply

    Sofie L
    11th April 2018

    Love cider, it’s so refreshing and I love the taste of apple/pear too

  132. Leave a Reply

    k head
    11th April 2018

    I love cider, it was one of the first alcoholic drinks i actually liked (particularly berry flavours). Cider has alot of good memories for me!

  133. Leave a Reply

    m hines
    11th April 2018

    Love a cider, especially during the summer months. Easy, light and refreshing.

  134. Leave a Reply

    11th April 2018

    I love trying new ciders. The Rouge sounds really good! Another way to use cider is in a slow cooker with gammon and a roughly chopped onion topped up with water. When its cooked ditch the onion and liquid and you are left with sweet tasting gammon. It’s lovely!

  135. Leave a Reply

    12th April 2018

    Love a bit of cider sparkle and there are some fab flavours around too

  136. Leave a Reply

    Debbie W
    13th April 2018

    I’m not a big drinker but when I do have a drink I love cider as it’s sweet and refreshing. It’s something I enjoy outdoors in summer time.

  137. Leave a Reply

    Mark R
    13th April 2018

    I like cider as a refreshing drink sat in a pub garden after a day walking in the Lake District.

  138. Leave a Reply

    Susan B
    14th April 2018

    Cider is like tea in that there are now so many fantastic producers out there that anyone who says they don’t like it probably hasn’t tried any of the great new varieties..

  139. Leave a Reply

    Emma Walton
    15th April 2018

    I really like cider, especially when it’s ice cold in a tall glass with ice. My husband is a massive lover of cider and is always scouring the supermarket shelves for different flavours to try. The one thing that worries me with the amount of cider he drinks is the sugar content. His stomach is definitely growing!

  140. Leave a Reply

    Emma C
    15th April 2018

    I love an ice cold glass on a warm summer’s day or a warm cup of mulled cider in winter.

  141. Leave a Reply

    cheryl hadfield
    15th April 2018

    I love to enjoy an iced cold glass of cider in the summer months

  142. Leave a Reply

    katrina walsh
    16th April 2018

    Ive only really liked cider since ive tried the fruity flavours. Anything strawberry, raspberry goes down a treat

  143. Leave a Reply

    claire griffiths
    17th April 2018

    i like cider it is refreshing and especially nice in the summer on a hot day

  144. Leave a Reply

    Susan Hoggett
    19th April 2018

    I’m quite new to it but after having a few varieties I really like it. It’s very refreshing and nice to drink on a summer evening.

  145. Leave a Reply

    Lisa Wilkinson
    19th April 2018

    Cider is my go to drink. It’s lovely and refreshing in the summer.

  146. Leave a Reply

    Natalie Turner
    20th April 2018

    I love a nice half glass of cider in the summer. It’s fruity and fizziness is really refreshing, but I enjoy the still cider more as it tastes less processed 🙂

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