Chinese Walnut Cookies

Walnut Cookies

5 Star, Biscuits | 6th July 2015 | By

I’d not heard of The Dumpling Sisters until their newly published book passed my way recently. This endearing name for Amy and Julie Zhang highlights their passion for dumplings. It’s a lovely book with recipes for easy homemade Chinese food, but it’s heavily meat orientated, so not really one for me. However, there were a couple of baking recipes in the back which drew my attention and their sweet and salty walnut cookies were one of them.


Plump for a Pimms or Mash up a Mojito?


Drink Reviews, Drinks | 3rd July 2015 | By

Cocktails are apparently on the up in the UK. This is a trend that I, for one, am happy to see. Ever since I had my first glass of Pimms as a teenager, I perk up when I hear the word cocktail. Mojitos are a rather more recent discovery for me, but now I’ve had the odd, ahem, one or two, I’m finding it hard to make a choice. Would you plump for a Pimms or make friends with a Mojito?


We Should Cocoa – The July 2015 Challenge


We Should Cocoa | 1st July 2015 | By

Summer has arrived here in the UK for sure. In fact I’m already gasping in the heat and wishing it was cooler. But what, you are wondering, is the chosen ingredient  for this month’s We Should Cocoa?


Afternoon Tea at The Alverton

Alverton Cakes

Afternoon tea is one of my absolute favourite things. For me, there are few activities that are as indulgent, sociable and relaxing as this very British institution; whether it be a tea party in the house, sitting in a friend’s garden, visiting a cafĂ© or tea rooms or upping the anti at a luxury hotel such as The Alverton, the only 4 star hotel in Truro.


Berry and Rose Kefir Smoothie

Rose Berry Smoothies

Following on from the success of my Red Berry Smoothie in a Bowl, I thought I’d try a smoothie in a sundae glass and eat it with a spoon. If you are going to eat something with a spoon, it encourages you to sit down – and a sit down breakfast is a rare treat for me.


Rose Syrup and What to Do with It

Rose Syrup

Preserves | 24th June 2015 | By

I’m often asked for my rose syrup recipe and although it’s on the blog, it’s hidden in a summer cocktail post, so is hard to find. As it’s such a glorious concoction and now is the best season to make and use it, time for its very own moment in the spotlight, methinks.


Roasted Strawberry Chocolate Cupcakes – We Should Cocoa #58

Strawberry Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcakes | 21st June 2015 | By

When Kerry announced the theme for this month’s We Should Cocoa was going to be cupcakes, I was initially a little stumped. After all I have made many chocolate cupcakes in my time and was wondering what I could do that would be a little different.


Food Bites – June 2015

Baobab Pancake Stack

One of the many fascinating things about food is that there are so many ingredients and combinations in the world, that providing we are able to access them, the adventure never ends. Here are some of the food products that have landed on the kitchen counter at Tin and Thyme recently.