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Ribollita – A Delicious, Hearty and Satisfying Vegan Tuscan Soup

Ribollita - Vegan Tuscan Soup

Yes, spring has most definitely sprung. It’s been a long time coming. Soups may not be on the top of everyone’s list of things to eat as they bathe in the sunshine today, but the night’s are still chilly and a good bowl of soup is satisfying at almost any time of the year. Ribollita is a hearty vegan Tuscan soup made from cannellini beans, stale bread and kale. It may not sound that appetising, but it’s delicious.


Beetroot Leaf Green Smoothie and the Nutri Force Extractor

Beetroot Leaf Green Smoothie in the Optimum Nutri Force Extractor

If you’re lucky enough to have leaves with your beetroot, don’t throw them away. This beetroot leaf green smoothie is an easy and nutritious way to use them. But if you can’t get hold of beetroot leaves, it works equally well with chard or spinach.


Green Split Pea Curry Recipe & The £2 Challenge

A bowl of green split pea curry.

A frugal but delicious vegan curry. Serve with brown rice for a filling and nutritious meal. This green split pea curry recipe is ideal for vegetarians, vegans and those on a gluten-free or nut-free diet.


Cheese and Leek Bread Pudding with Cranks

Cheese and Leek Bread Pudding

Dinner, Events, Leftovers | 9th April 2015 | By

An easy vegetarian savoury pudding flavoured with leeks and cheese which is just as good (if not better) than its sweet counterpart. If you’ve not tried this cheese and leek bread pudding recipe from Cranks, you’re definitely missing out.


Chocolate Bean Burgers To Go – With Hot Chilli Sauce

Chocolate Bean Burgers served with hot chilli sauce.

 A versatile and tasty veggie burger with a good grating of chocolate to give extra richness and flavour. Although quick and cheap to make, these chocolate bean burgers contain egg so are not suitable for vegans.


24 Thrifty Homemade Chocolate Cakes for £1

24 Thrifty Homemade Chocolate Recipes for £1 - Title plus 6 of the cake photos

Gosh, I have so enjoyed this month’s challenge, even though it was a particularly tough one. Who would have thought you could make a delicious chocolate cake for £1 or under? I wasn’t at all sure it was possible. Well, as you will see from the following 24 thrifty homemade chocolate cakes in this month’s We Should Cocoa, not only is it possible, but there is more than one way to make a frugal but delicious chocolate cake.


Malted Hot Chocolate Cake for £1

Large Cakes | 6th May 2014 | By

This quick and easy malted hot chocolate cake is not only a frugal one, but it’s delicious too. It’s made with drinking chocolate and Horlicks for flavour and includes both free range eggs and organic sunflower oil. The ingredients cost less than £1 and it produces a decent sized 8″ (20cm) round cake.


£1 Banana Chocolate Vegan Honey Cake

Vegan Banana Honey Cake

Did you ever think it was possible to make a decent sized chocolate cake for a £1? I certainly didn’t. Not, that is, until I set myself the challenge of doing so. This £1 banana chocolate vegan honey cake is not only delicious, but it can be cut into eight generous slices.


Leftover Easter Egg Chocolate Ice Cream

Leftover Easter Egg Chocolate Ice Cream

A creamy but light and not overly sweet no churn choc-chip ice-cream flavoured with vanilla and a hint of mint. Ideal for using up all those leftover bits of Easter chocolate. Serve this leftover Easter egg chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce if desired.


Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies – Simple and Delicious

Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies

Biscuits, Quick Recipes | 19th January 2014 | By

Quick and easy to make, these super tasty chocolate chip oat cookies are packed full of chocolate. Brilliant for filling up the biscuit tin and snacking on when needed. Choose your favourite type or brand of chocolate and make them your own.