Mexican Mole Muffins and a Dr Oetker Chocolate Giveaway #15

Cornwall is my home and I hate to leave it. However, the pull of friendship can be strong, so this weekend, we headed upcountry to some chocolate loving friends in Glastonbury. With time in fairly short supply, I decided to make some chilli muffins from Unwrapped, the Green & Black’s Original chocolate cookbook. These Mexican Mole Muffins appealed, not only because they were quick to make, but also because they had a lot of chocolate in them – ideal for the aforementioned chocoholics. With the cold winds and hail storms we’d been experiencing, the chilli seemed like a nice warming idea too.

Luckily I had recently been sent a load of chocolate goodies from Dr Oetker, so I had plenty of chocolate to choose from. As the above recipe called for a high cocoa content milk chocolate, the 33% Cook’s chocolate was ideal.

This is how I did it:

  • Chopped 100g 33% milk chocolate into shreds with a sturdy knife.
  • Chopped half a de-seeded rocoto chilli finely.
  • Sifted 200g flour (half wholemeal, half white) into a bowl along with 1 tsp baking powder, 25g cocoa powder and 1/2 tsp fine sea salt.
  • Added 110g vanilla (caster) sugar. 
  • Stirred in the chocolate and chilli.
  • In a large jug, beat 2 medium eggs with 100ml sunflower oil.
  • Whisked in 225g milk and 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract.
  • Made a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and poured in the wet.
  • Mixed together gently until just incorporated.
  • Divided the mixture between the muffin cases, making a complete mess as I did so – the mixture was very runny.
  • Baked at 180C for 20 minutes.

They didn’t rise as much as I expected, but they were nonetheless delicious. The rocoto generated a gentle heat, which allowed the flavour of the chilli to come through. But after the muffin had gone, that same chilli buzzed around the mouth and was much more noticeable. Although liberally studded with chocolate, which gave a satisfying sweet crunchy burst, the chips had sunk to the bottom half, which was a bit disappointing but inevitable given the wetness of the batter. Anyway, between us we managed to devour most of them in fairly short shrift and used them to power us to the top of Glastonbury Tor.

Many thanks to Dr Oetker for this great chocolate themed toolbox. I’m looking forward to making lots of fun things with the remaining items, although I have already made some scrumptious cookies with the white choc chips – recipe to be posted later.

This is what I received:

  • 150g bar of cook’s 33% milk chocolate
  • 150g bar of cook’s 54% dark chocolate
  • 150g bar of cook’s 72% dark chocolate
  • 100g bag of white chocolate chunks
  • Pack of chocolate ready to roll icing
  • Giant milk chocolate stars
  • Chocolate flavour writing icing
  • Milk and white chocolate flakes
  • Chocolate flavour strands
  • Vanilla extract with seeds
  • Cake release spray

If you would like a chance at getting your hands on this chocolate baking and decorating extravaganza just in time for Christmas, then please fill in the Rafflecopter below. You will need to leave a comment on this post which then gives you additional chances to enter if you so wish. Rafflecopter will pick a winner at random from the entries received. If you are commenting anonymously, please give me some way of identifying you as I will be verifying the validity of entries. Any automated entries will be disqualified. This giveaway is only open to those with a UK postal address.

Closing date is Sunday 2 December 2012

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  1. Leave a Reply

    5th November 2012

    I buy plain chocolate, and try to buy good quality but sometimes I do go with the cheap stuff!

  2. Leave a Reply

    belleau kitchen
    5th November 2012

    the chilli and chocolate combo is always a wonderful success and that undertone of heat is so un-expected… I love the look of their cracked tops… when you going to come up to Lincs, we’d love to have you x

  3. Leave a Reply

    Lisa {Sweet 2 Eat Baking}
    5th November 2012

    I always prefer to use plain/dark chocolate as it’s more rich. If I’m coating with chocolate, it’s always a dilemma whether to use dark or milk chocolate.

    The mexican mole muffins sound so different. Up until now, I haven’t been a chilli fan. I like it when it’s warming but not hot. I love that they’ve also got vanilla caster sugar in them too.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  4. Leave a Reply

    5th November 2012

    I’m a bit of a tart when it comes to baking with chocolate, which ever crosses my path first is the one I will go with. I think I would prefer to mostly use white, however, if a recipe calls for dark I generally even out the bitterness with some milk chocolate too … if it calls for milk chocolate I add a bit dark chocolate for that lovely intense colour. See what I mean?? A total tart ;0)
    Lovely of you to make these muffins to bring to your friends too, such a nice gesture and they look amazing.

  5. Leave a Reply

    5th November 2012

    I definitely bake with dark chocolate the most, but the quality I use does vary – if it’s for something where chocolate is really the star ingredient, like a brownie or ganache, then it has to be the good stuff, but if it’s chocolate chips in a muffin or to be melted into sugary icing, I tend to go cheap…

    Interested to see how you find the cake release spray, I’ve been umming and ahhing over whether or not it’s worth investing in!

  6. Leave a Reply

    Galina Varese
    5th November 2012

    Milk chocolate, because my guys prefer it, personally I love the dark one.
    Your choc muffins look lush!

  7. Leave a Reply

    5th November 2012

    We have some catering dark choc on the go at the moment, it’s very silky, amazing melted down!

  8. Leave a Reply

    5th November 2012

    Depends what I’m making. I use dark chocolate for chocolate frosting but milk chocolate if making decorations for the top of cupcakes

  9. Leave a Reply

    Catherine McAlinden
    5th November 2012

    I usually only cook with milk chocolate

  10. Leave a Reply

    Garden Tea Cakes and Me
    5th November 2012

    I like to bake with dark however if I only have white or milk in the house and I am in the baking mood then any will be used


  11. Leave a Reply

    5th November 2012

    These are my kind of muffins, with a kick of chilli just perfect to eat after a nice walk in some beautiful countryside. I have this book so will be looking them up to make and have plenty of home grown chillies to hand too!

  12. Leave a Reply

    5th November 2012

    I prefer cooking with dark chocolate, always gives a nicer flavour when cooked

  13. Leave a Reply

    6th November 2012

    70% cocoa solids is usually sufficient for a proper chocolate hit

  14. Leave a Reply

    Johanna GGG
    6th November 2012

    the muffins look so perfect – I am always unsure about trying to get the right balance of chilli but I love the idea of mole muffins

  15. Leave a Reply

    6th November 2012

    I cook with dark chocolate as it is our favourite. I have been known to cover a cake with 85% dark chocolate!

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  16. Leave a Reply

    Alex Cox
    6th November 2012

    Dark chocolate is my favorite to cook with, the more chocolaty the better! ♥

  17. Leave a Reply

    tracey gibbons
    6th November 2012

    got to be the proper chocolate nothing less than 85%

  18. Leave a Reply

    Kate O'Neill
    6th November 2012

    I prefer good quality dark chocolate, but as I’m permanently skint I tend to use whatever I lay my grubby little paws on

  19. Leave a Reply

    donna davis
    6th November 2012

    Dark choc is always scrummy as the flavour is more intense 🙂

  20. Leave a Reply

    Sue McCarthy
    6th November 2012

    I use ordinary milk chocolate, cooking chocolate is too expensive.

  21. Leave a Reply

    Isabel O'Brien
    6th November 2012

    It depends on what I’m baking. Dark and milk chocolate are both good for cookies, milk chocolate seems to work best with muffins.

  22. Leave a Reply

    6th November 2012

    Plain Chocolate is definately my favourite to bake with!! rich and yummy!!! nom nom nom!!!


  23. Leave a Reply

    6th November 2012

    milk or white if it’s for children, dark with chilli if it’s adults only

  24. Leave a Reply

    ali thorpe
    6th November 2012

    It depends what I’m making. I use white with raspberries and lighter puds, milk for children and dark for me!

  25. Leave a Reply

    Lisa Day
    7th November 2012

    Milk chocolate but depends on what i’m making a sometimes i also use dark chocolate too.

  26. Leave a Reply
    7th November 2012

    White chocci

  27. Leave a Reply

    7th November 2012

    I’m not keen on dark chocolate so tend to stick with milk or white chocolate (my favourite LOL )

  28. Leave a Reply

    Jackie Walter
    7th November 2012

    All chocolate is good with me!!!


  29. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Maclean
    7th November 2012

    Dark Chocolate usually

  30. Leave a Reply

    7th November 2012

    Dark Chocolate & half wholemeal, these muffins could almost be described as healthy! Look forward to trying the recipe

    Jenny b

  31. Leave a Reply

    7th November 2012

    I like chocolate with bits in that i can use in brownies. Or, I like really dark chocolate to offset the sweetness

  32. Leave a Reply

    M Neeson
    7th November 2012

    I like to use Milky Bar White Chocolate. Delicious.

  33. Leave a Reply

    7th November 2012

    Either dark (for the strong taste) or white (for the creaminess).

  34. Leave a Reply

    8th November 2012

    I always use a good quality dark chocolate at least 70% cocoa solids, but when baking for the kids i use a good quality milk chocolate

  35. Leave a Reply

    Jane Brown
    8th November 2012

    Depends on what it is for and who it is for!

  36. Leave a Reply

    Sheila O'Donoghue
    9th November 2012

    I dont use white chocolate very often I find the dark chocolate and the milk chocolate more to my taste.

  37. Leave a Reply

    Lucy J Morgan
    9th November 2012

    I just use drinking chocolate usually.

  38. Leave a Reply

    zoe little
    10th November 2012

    I prefer to use milk or white chocolate xx

  39. Leave a Reply

    10th November 2012

    I like to use dark chocolate and have found that the Rylands brand (in Tesco) has a really good flavour and is cheaper than the quality baking brands.

  40. Leave a Reply

    11th November 2012

    Looks like you got a better selection of goodies than I did a couple of years ago…. mine included chocolate flavoured cake covering….. !?! Yuk! Out of choice I always use 70% choc, aside from when I think my colleagues will find it too bitter.

  41. Leave a Reply

    11th November 2012

    It depends what I’m making! Plain gives a more intense flavour, but I do like to use milk if I’m making something for little ones.

  42. Leave a Reply

    carolyn joyce
    12th November 2012

    white chocolate. I make a chocolate muffin with the melted chocolate in the middle and then top it with raspberries!

  43. Leave a Reply

    Jan Richards
    13th November 2012

    Good quality dark chocolate every time. x

  44. Leave a Reply

    15th November 2012

    Depends what I’m cooking – I’ve cookies in the oven with milk and white chocolate chips but a chocolate cake, for example needs dark chocolate with a high cocoa content

  45. Leave a Reply

    Cas Philip
    15th November 2012

    It depends on what I am baking. If it is cakes or cookies I always use dark chocolate (min 70% cocoa). However if I am making chocolate decorations I always use milk chocolate (35% cocoa) as otherwise the kids won’t eat them.

  46. Leave a Reply

    Herbert Appleby
    17th November 2012

    pure cocoa powder if I can get it, then I’m totally in control of the intensity of the choconess. If not a standard bar of plain dark but never cooking chocolate it reminds me of candy.

  47. Leave a Reply

    18th November 2012

    I like making cheesecakes, i find Galaxy works the best. Not a fan of cooking chocolate at all.


  48. Leave a Reply

    19th November 2012

    Chocolate buttons are always easier to melt rather than breaking up bars of chocolate

  49. Leave a Reply

    21st November 2012

    I like to cook with dark chocolate but will use ANY chocolate given half a chance, fab giveaway 🙂

  50. Leave a Reply

    rachael jones mann
    25th November 2012

    Dark chocolate

  51. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    Plain chocolate’s much easier to work with, but I don’t like chocolate with a very high percentage of cocoa solids.

  52. Leave a Reply

    29th November 2012

    Dark chocolate
    jen louise jackson

  53. Leave a Reply

    Jo Mapp
    29th November 2012

    Dark chocolate is better to cook with. My children aren’t too keen on dark chocolate, but adding a splash of double cream helps

  54. Leave a Reply

    29th November 2012

    I prefer to cook with white, but my daughter likes milk better.

  55. Leave a Reply

    Lisa Sturrock
    29th November 2012

    always dark chocolate

  56. Leave a Reply

    Rachel mccraith
    29th November 2012

    Milk Chocolate, yummy 🙂

  57. Leave a Reply

    29th November 2012

    Milk chocolate is best in cookies, when I’m baking cakes I prefer dark x

  58. Leave a Reply

    29th November 2012

    I prefer to cook with dark chocolate.


  59. Leave a Reply

    29th November 2012

    Any chocolate, whatever happens to be the cheapest. Not usually cooking chocolate as for some reason its far more expensive than buying general chocolate bars.

  60. Leave a Reply

    jo munn
    29th November 2012

    I prefer milk chocolate except for a few recipes for which i use dark

  61. Leave a Reply

    29th November 2012

    Depends on what I am cooking. For sweets it has to be high cocoa content dark chocolate, slightly bitter. For everyday stuff then milk and for muffins then i prefer white. Always chocolate bars not cooking – never tastes as good!

  62. Leave a Reply

    Georgia McAllister
    29th November 2012

    I always use milk chocolate chips, they’re very child friendly. I always buy extra so we can taste them to make sure they’re ok.

  63. Leave a Reply

    Barbara Bunning
    30th November 2012

    Depends what I am making – chilli is lovely with a square of dark chocolate added, but I prefer milk chocolate on the top of cakes

  64. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    I know all the food experts say to use good quality plain chocolate but I hate the taste of it so i always use milk chocolate instead and I’ve never been disappointed with the results (mainly because when something has chocolate in it I have low standards of excellence!) x

  65. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    Good quality dark chocolate, green and blacks gives a wonderful taste and theres all the other flavours if you need something a little tasty

  66. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    milk chocolate is the BEST- so nice and creamy and not too sickly or bitter

  67. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    Milk Chocolate – so I can eat most of it while I am prepping 🙂

    Becci Cleary/@beccicleary87/

  68. Leave a Reply

    Red Rose Mummy
    1st December 2012

    Milk chocolate here, no-one else would eat it if I used Dark. (That isn’t necessarily a bad thing!)

  69. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    milk chocolate for me, my children prefer it

  70. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    Depends what I’m baking but I tend to use mill chocolate

  71. Leave a Reply

    Emma O
    1st December 2012

    I prefer to bake with milk chocolate but use white chocolate sprinkles as decoration 🙂

  72. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    Milk chocolate, nobody except me is keen on the rich flavour of dark x

  73. Leave a Reply

    Janet Bagnall
    1st December 2012

    White chocolate (@Janbagnall)

  74. Leave a Reply

    sairz eastham
    1st December 2012

    Depends what I am cooking, but as a general rule I prefer dark chocolate

  75. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    I use plain cheapo chocolate! Works really well for me! 🙂

  76. Leave a Reply

    Holly Boyd
    1st December 2012

    I cook with green and blacks, because it has a higher cocoa content.

  77. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    Love the taste of milk choc yum… Know dark chocs better for you. do use it in baking, always seems to work & taste good

  78. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    Dark chocolate as very versatile and not as intense when used in cooking

  79. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    I like using different types of chocolate for different things!

  80. Leave a Reply

    Sally Peevor
    2nd December 2012

    Definately dark chocolate for me

  81. Leave a Reply

    Rosie Dean
    2nd December 2012

    all depends on what i’m baking, white chocolate for cake pops
    Dark truffles/ganache and milk for everything else!
    My personal fave is milk though

  82. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    for me it has to be dark chocolate. it tastes better for cooking than milk or white chocolate

  83. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    Dark chocolate, one high in cocoa solids

  84. Leave a Reply

    Michelle Hughes
    2nd December 2012

    We like to vary what we use at the moment we re using a lot of white chocolate and milk chocolate honeycomb x

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