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What is Spelt Flour and How to Use It

Wholemeal spelt flour in a bowl with wooden spoon.

Ingredients | 3rd September 2019 | By

If you’ve been wondering why so many bakers have been extolling the virtues of spelt flour in recent years, read on. Here you’ll find out some of its benefits and why spelt is the baker’s friend. Is it really healthier than other flours? How do you bake with it and where can you buy it from? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this post.


Palm Oil – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be suspicious of any product that lists palm oil in the ingredients. Production of this crop has been responsible for ravaging tropical rainforests in our never-ending pursuit of cheap food. However, not all of it is bad and in one of my occasional series on ingredients, I give you sustainable palm oil. 


Rose Syrup and What to Do with It

Bottle of homemade rose syrup with pink rose.

A deliciously fragrant and colourful rose syrup that captures the spirit of summer. If you have access to highly scented unsprayed roses, follow this super simple recipe. The syrup keeps really well and has many uses.


Wholegrain Flours – Healthy Baking Tips

Wholegrain Flours

Gluten Free, Ingredients | 30th October 2009 | By

When it comes to baking, are you never quite sure what flour you should use? Would you like to bake with healthier flours, but you’re not really sure where to start? This post should give you a bit more idea as to some of the flours you can use. Plus how to start baking with wholegrain flours.


Green & Black’s Ain’t What It Used To Be

Green & Black’s being my favourite brand of good quality but affordable chocolate, I was devastated when it was taken over by Cadbury’s. I’m not a huge fan of multi-nationals where they care more about profit than they do about good food.


Duck Eggs Are Perfect for Baking – Here’s Why

Basket of duck eggs with a goose egg and chicken eggs alongside.

Ingredients | 2nd July 2009 | By

Did you know that duck eggs are really good for baking? I use them in my cakes whenever I’m lucky enough to get hold of some. Read on to find out why they perform better than chicken eggs.


Key Ingredients for Healthier Baking

Ingredients | 6th March 2009 | By

Why it’s important to buy and use whole foods where you can. If you want to prepare and eat good food, ingredients are the key. This is especially true when it comes to baking. Here you’ll find a guide to some of those baking basics.


Cut the Chocolate Log

Ingredients | 14th February 2009 | By

Like many people, I have to confess to a decided penchant for chocolate. It started off many years ago when, as a child, I would save up my pocket money until I had enough to buy a bar of “Old Jamaica”. It’s ended up with something a little more sophisticated – preferably organic and with a much higher cocoa content.