St Clements Cake Truffles

For Mother’s Day this year, I decided to make some cake truffles. I had some left over lemon & poppy seed cake from the book swap event which, I thought, mixed with orange, would make some nice tangy St Clements Truffles.

This is what I did:

  • Creamed 1/2 oz unsalted butter with 1 oz icing sugar until very pale.
  • Crumbled in a square of lemon & poppy seed cake.
  • Beat this together until all incorporated and smooth.
  • Added a couple of teaspoons of orange liqueur & beat some more.
  • Formed into small balls and placed in the freezer for 30 minutes to harden.
  • Melted 60g dark chocolate (Green&Black’s 72% cook’s chocolate).
  • Dipped the cake balls into the chocolate and placed on some greasproof paper to set.
  • Almost immediately, placed a sugar flour on top of each before the chocolate set.
  • Placed in a pretty box and tied a ribbon around.
Oh my, these were delicious. It may not say much for the sophistication of my palate, but I’m becoming a real fan of cake truffles. They are a lot nicer than I would ever have believed and are set off so well when covered with a nice dark chocolate. I was a little concerned at how well the lemon flavour would go with chocolate, but I needn’t have been – sweet and sharp is a well known winning combination. The box found its way back to me empty, so I have to assume my mother quite liked them too.
A walk along the lovely Lerryn river following an early lunch at Duchy Nursery were to be the treat of the day. My mother is particularly enamoured of the leaf that appears in the froth on the top of their coffees, as can be seen in the above picture (sort of). Although the weather was showery, we didn’t get rained on, which was most fortuitous as, due to an oversight on the restaurant’s part, we had to sit outside for lunch. Luckily, my mother is a hardy soul and she really enjoyed her day.


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    15th April 2012

    They are so pretty! I am not generally a fan of fruit and chocolate together (I don’t count prunes or cherries because they almost ARE chocolate) but there is something about citrus that just works.

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    Hotly Spiced
    15th April 2012

    I do love the look of these. They are very elegant and pretty and perfect for Mother’s Day. xx

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    15th April 2012

    They look so lovely. I keep meaning to try cake truffles – my mum loves them too!

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    Dom at Belleau Kitchen
    15th April 2012

    so pretty! and a little like cake pops but just more sophisticated!… love them!… sounds like a wonderful day… proper April showers eh?

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    Johanna GGG
    15th April 2012

    cake balls, a lovely cafe and a walk in wonderful surrounds – sounds like a great mother’s day – I am quite enamoured of the cake balls or truffles – keep eyeing off old cake in the freezer and wondering if it is the day for it!

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    15th April 2012

    If you fancy venturing further down into Cornwall, try taking your mother to Relish in Wadebridge or 108 Coffee in Truro – both do very fancy things with the froth on their coffees!

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    15th April 2012

    Oranges and lemons these look good! I’ve made a similar mix for cake pops but I much prefer this idea x

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    15th April 2012

    I have to agree with you on this. I tried out various cake truffles for a cookery class and found that lemon sponge works extremely well just as much as orange cake did. I love how easy they are to make in comparison to regular choc truffles too. And as they gift they are always so well received.
    Bet your mum thoroughly enjoyed herself too!

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    15th April 2012

    Oh so pretty, the little sugar flower against the dark chocolate is lovely, I can almost smell that orange chocolate combo!

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    Hazel - Chicken in a Cherry Sauce
    15th April 2012

    These sound wonderful! I have never tried making cake truffles but they sound very inviting indeed. I love the addition of orange liqueur. Citrus and dark chocolate is a very winning combination. Great recipe, Choclette! 🙂

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    15th April 2012

    Haven’t had a cake truffle for years, used to be the only kind we knew of! Yours sound good.

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    15th April 2012

    making your own chocolate gift for your mother for mother’s day was a very special thing to do..i’ve never heard of cake truffles but i know i’d like them especially with the orange liqueur..yum..:)

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    16th April 2012

    I have never made cake truffles but you make them sound very tempting!

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    Phil in the Kitchen
    16th April 2012

    They sound great and an excellent way of using up leftover cake. Not that I’m suggesting that leftover cake is very common – well, it’s not in my experience, anyway.

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    17th April 2012

    They look fabulous, I would love to make truffles – great for giving away as gifts!

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    Javelin Warrior
    18th April 2012

    You make this look and sound so simple, but I can guarantee mine would not turn out looking this good. Anything that requires careful piping or fussing ends in misery for me 😉

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    Baking Addict
    19th April 2012

    I am a new convert to cake truffles (discovered after a baking disaster) Much less hassle than cake pops and just as good if not better! Yours look lovely and sophisticated.

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