Chilli Corn Chocolate Muffins – Random Recipes #34

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It’s back to basics with Random Recipes over at Belleau Kitchen this month. Randomly pick a book and then randomly pick a recipe from it. I headed straight over to Eat Your Books (EYB), where I found to my astonishment I now have 100 recipe books. I picked a number using a random generator and got 37. Counting down on EYB, I got Charlotte Pike’s wonderful book, The Hungry Student: Vegetarian Cookbook. The random generator gave me page 185 which happened to be a simple recipe for chilli corn muffins. The recipe looked most enticing, especially as it was nearly lunchtime – all it needed was a bit of chocolate. I dashed down to the kitchen and promptly made some. It was all done and out of the oven in 35 minutes. Apart from adding 100% chocolate for extra umami, I used some of Mrs Middleton’s lovely cold-pressed rapeseed oil and substituted most of the flour for wholemeal spelt. Oh and I added some garlic – you can never have too much garlic.

This is how I made:

Chilli Corn Chocolate Muffins

  • Sieved 250g flour (200g wholemeal spelt, 50g white) with 2 tsp baking powder, a pinch of salt and 1/4 tsp paprika.
  • Grated in 100g cheddar cheese and 20g 100% dark chocolate.
  • Added a grating of black pepper.
  • Finely chopped half of one of our manzano chillies and a clove of garlic and added this to the bowl with 100g of frozen sweetcorn.
  • Stirred until all was evenly mixed.
  • Made a well in the centre and broke in 2 duck eggs.
  • Stirred the centre, then added 4 tbsp rapeseed oil.
  • Stirred again, then slowly added 200ml sour milk whilst incorporating into the dry mix.
  • As soon as the mixture was just combined, spooned into 12 large muffin moulds.
  • Baked at 180°C for 22 minutes until well risen and golden brown.

The muffins were so good, especially straight out of the oven, that I couldn’t help myself and ate four of them for lunch. They had enough heat in them from the chilli to make you sit up and take notice, but that didn’t detract from the other flavours. The sweetcorn made them nice and chewy and the chocolate added just a touch of sophistication. CT’s demeanour visibly improved when he was presented with a couple of these on his arrival home that evening.

So over to Dom at Belleau Kitchen with these Chilli Corn Chocolate Muffins.

As these are perfect for lunch and are easily portable, I am submitting them to November’s Family Foodies where the theme is Lunchbox Ideas. Hosted by Vanesther of Bangers & Mash and Lou of Eat Your Veg.


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    6th November 2013

    Interesting these muffins. Chocolate and cheddar cheese are an interesting combination! Very yummy Choclette!

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    belleau kitchen
    6th November 2013

    well, these could not be more beautiful… loving the spelt flour too, i think i’m going to get back to creative flours this month… I have to get that cookbook too, it looks brilliant… thanks so much for the early and wonderful entry xx

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    Johanna GGG
    6th November 2013

    brilliant muffins – love corn muffins and am intrigued at the chocolate addition – you are building up a most creative savoury chocolate repertoire

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    6th November 2013

    Brilliant recipe. I’m always intrigued with the flavours you use! Especially the contrast with chocolate!! Love it xx

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    Jen @ Blue Kitchen Bakes
    6th November 2013

    I’ve often eaten a piece of strong cheddar followed by some dark chocolate or vice versa but have never actually combined them before, this is a great idea especially with the chilli. Must try these! 🙂

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    Charlotte Charlotte'sKitchenDiary
    6th November 2013

    Hi Choclette,

    These look fantastic and I am just so thrilled to see you’ve been cooking from one of my books again. It’s just the nicest thing for an author to see. I do like the idea of chocolate as an addition – I must try that. I made so many batches of these muffins whilst developing the recipe. So pleased you like the recipe.

    Very best, Charlotte (the author! : ) )

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    Baking Addict
    7th November 2013

    This sounds like an interesting flavour combination especially with the chocolate in it! I do wish I could try one so I may just have to make a batch for myself.

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    Reeni Pisano
    10th November 2013

    What a flavorful combo! I bet the chocolate makes them extra delicious and super interesting tasting!

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    20th February 2014

    I’m beginning to like the idea of chillies in baked products more and more.

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