Chocolate Shortbread Hearts


Back along, in return for a product placement, I received a voucher from CSN to spend at their online store. It wasn’t for a particularly large amount, but I decided to treat myself to a couple of things that I would never normally buy. This set of cutters were one of the items I bought. Other than a standard set of three round cutters in varying sizes and a gingerbread man, I don’t have any fun ones suitable for biscuits. It was the teapot in the set that won me over.

The cutters are sturdy and well made, which is just as well as they retail at nearly £11. The shapes and colours are fun, suggesting a tea party, with cake slice, cupcake (that’s the round one apparently) and teapot. The resulting biscuits are quite large though, so not for the faint hearted. I rather feel that my decorating skills might be put to the test at some point.

I was making some chocolate shortbread to line a couple of tart cases so thought I’d make some extra dough in order to try out one of my new cutters. However, I was feeling in a loving mood the day I made it, so it was the hearts I used rather than the teapot. The recipe for these will follow along with the tarts, but suffice it to say, the hearts were tasty and kept well.



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    21st May 2011

    Sorry I had a mistake, I love these chocolate hearts, look delicious, have a nice Saturday, gloria

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    21st May 2011

    They look delicious, looking forward to seeing the recipe!

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    Dom at Belleau Kitchen
    21st May 2011

    oooh I love chocolate shortbread!… I’ve never had much success with funny shaped cutters, they always seem to fall apart on me… yours look fun and I do love the tea pot the best, can’t wait to see you make something with that one ! x

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    21st May 2011

    Looking forward to that recipe. These are cute; and I love the teapot shaped cutter as well.

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    Baking Addict
    21st May 2011

    ooh how cute! Not sure I’ve had chocolate shortbread before but I’d really like one of yours 🙂 Looking forward to the recipe and what you get up to with the rest of the cookies cutters.

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    22nd May 2011

    I love the teapot cutter, I want one! I have a set of dinosaur cutters, they’re my favourites.

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    22nd May 2011

    Gloria – thank you and thanks also for your well wishes. We had a lovely Saturday and went for a lovely coastal walk.

    C – thank you. I’ve got all out of kilter with my posts. am now not sure which one to post next.

    Dom – ha ha, what are you doing to your cutters to make them fall apart? Getting rather worried about what I’ll do with the teapot, sort of feel it would need something special – getting very worried now.

    Angela – thank you. The teapot seems to be a general favourite.

    Janice – the pressure is building :-S

    Baking Addict – I’d never had it before I started making it, but it’s well worth trying.

    Torview – thank you

    CityHippy – I think you are most probably right there 🙂

    Aveen – dinosaurs sound a bit more scary than a teapot.

    Maria – thank you.

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    28th May 2011

    Choc, this post made me smile. Your hearts look perfectly chocolately good.. 🙂

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    Maya Russell
    12th May 2013

    I like bigger biscuit cutters because it takes less time to make the biscuits. Is one of them a genie’s lamp or is it a teapot? Quite cute.

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      12th May 2013

      Hi Maya – It’s meant to be a teapot and although I really like it, I think I’ve only used it once – just too many things to try.

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    15th May 2013

    I love cookie cutters – have a wide selection. The best ones I have are a range that I got for my friends baby shower – lovely little babys rattles, bottles, onesies, teddies, actual babies and rocking horses. So cute! xoxo

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    28th October 2013

    very cute. Not sure about the teapot cutter though. Could be the angle of the photo though.

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    Maya Russell
    21st December 2013

    I definitely like them all. I have a whole collection of shapes but not of a teapot or cake slice.

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