Chocolate Coated Caramel Brazils

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These chocolate Brazils may not be quite as healthy as the sugar-free We Should Cocoa challenge I have set for January, but they were jolly delicious and contained only a small amount of sugar. Brazil nuts are high in selenium, a trace element we are short of in British soils. This is a shame as it is reputed to be mood enhancing, immune system boosting and has anti-cancer properties. It’s also good for the skin and circulatory systems. The chocolate coating was a dark 72%, so also quite healthy really.

There was plenty of chocolate left over from making the rosemary chocolate truffles last month, so I thought I’d try experimenting with my own version of chocolate Brazils. I envisaged a Brazil nut coated in crunchy praline then enrobed in dark chocolate – now to  see if I could make it happen.

This is what I did:

  • Poured 150g caster sugar into a large pan and placed over a low heat.
  • When the sugar had liquified and turned a light caramel colour, added 200g of Brazil nuts and stirred to coat.
  • Poured onto a wooden board, separating out the Brazils so they didn’t stick together and left to set.
  • Dipped each one into melted dark chocolate (G&B Cook’s 72%) and left to set.
These turned out exactly as I hoped they would and were delicious. I was so tempted to save them all for myself, but I womanfully packaged them up into bags and boxes along with the truffles to be given as Christmas gifts. CT did get a bag of them in his stocking and he generously shared, so I didn’t do too badly after all. My Christmas chocolates made a surprising nine boxes of chocolates plus one bag – not a bad total.


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    3rd January 2013

    They sound wonderful! I used to get macadamia nuts given a similar treatment and they were so delicious!

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    belleau kitchen
    3rd January 2013

    I used to love those boxes of chocolate covered brazils you used to get, with them all lined up neatly in rows… my grandma used to bring them to London when she came to stay… LOVED them!… yours look wonderfully rich too and I think they are quite healthy too!… no?

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    3rd January 2013

    Mmm… these are really yummy Choclette. I could not resist to Brazils… a good start of the year indeed.X

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    3rd January 2013

    They sound delicious and I love how you used dark chocolate, great contrast to the sweet caramel. I love choc brazils but they must be dark chocolate in my opinion. Yum
    Quite healthy too, all the better for munching on 🙂

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    Janice Pattie
    3rd January 2013

    Chocolate brazils are my husband’s favourite and these sound even better with the caramel. Well done on managing to part with them too!

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    Jen Price
    4th January 2013

    I love chocolate brazil nuts and I like the sound of the caramel layer as well, not sure I would have been so good at letting them go though!

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    Recipe Junkie
    4th January 2013

    These look just divine, especially with the praline. I didn’t make any foodie Christmas presents this year 9to my shame) – I would have bee delighted to get a box of these, although like Jen,, I’m not sure I’d have been able to give too many of them away if I’d actually made them!

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    Laura Loves Cakes
    5th January 2013

    Yum these look great…the purple brazil one with caramel was always my favourite in the quality streets!! 🙂

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    Phil in the Kitchen
    6th January 2013

    I’ve often combined chocolate and nuts in recipes and even coated nuts in chocolate but I’ve never used brazil nuts for inexplicable reasons. I must correct that. Happy New Year.

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    6th January 2013

    Yum! They look lovely. I love the look of the boxes too, I would have been very happy receiving one of them.

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