Apricot and Cardamom Curd

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Another post which isn’t a chocolate one – yet! It will be used for a future chocolate recipe though. Apricots are the ingredient chosen by Chele for this month’s We Should Cocoa. Don’t you just love the colour of apricots? I certainly do. When I saw a recipe for Apricot Curd over at Home Baked, it seemed like a useful thing to have to hand. Not that I have yet decided what I’m going to make – several ideas are still circulating in my mind. I used a slightly different method to Hannah as I’d heard whisking the lemon juice into the eggs helped to “cook” the eggs, so wanted to do that bit first. I also used a little less sugar as I don’t like things too sweet and the sugar I used was cardamom sugar – an idea I got from hearing about Vanessa Kimbell’s book Prepped.

This is what I did:

  • Simmered 4 large stoned and chopped apricots (225g) in a splash of water for about 10 minutes until soft.
  • Grated the zest from an organic lemon and squeezed out the juice.
  • Whisked this together with 2 duck eggs in a bowl large enough to sit on a pan of simmering water.
  • Placed the bowl on the pan and whisked in 200g cardamom sugar.
  • Added the apricots and continued to whisk.
  • Whisked occasionally until the mixture was thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.
  • Strained through a sieve (there were a few hard threads in the apricots which would have given an unpleasant texture).
  • Poured into 3 small sterilised jars.
This tasted divine – creamy apricot with a refreshing zing, what’s not to like? It set better than the lime curd and had a firmer texture. Since writing the above, I’ve used it in some cupcakes which will feature in a later post.


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    16th July 2011

    Loving the colour of that curd. I’ve bookmarked a recipe for apricot curd in Jamie’s latest magazine so I’m really keen to give it a go now. Can’t wait to see what you use the curd in ;0)

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    16th July 2011

    If only I didn’t need to go out in the rain to get the apricots! It sounds gorgeous.

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    16th July 2011

    Delicious and beauty! I bookmarked I have to do foir next summer, I adore apricots, the colour is wonderful, LOL gloria

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    16th July 2011

    This sounds fabulous! I absolutely love apricot. Sounds very interesting with cardamom. I would love some of this on a cupcake, or my toast!

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    16th July 2011

    mmm apricots (not sure Homer Simpson would agree but you know what i mean) Not sure about the curd, is it sharp enough for a curd? Would find it diffiuclt to make this as I just want to eat them raw!

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    16th July 2011

    Chele – I loved the colour of this too and it tastes divine 🙂

    Corina – yes, that did occur to me later – sorry!

    Anna – thank you. I feel I should make some more before the apricot season is over.

    VBB – you’ll have to wait for the chocolate 😉 And that stuff is brill – thanks for saying so.

    Nic – thank you, it’s almost worth it for the colour alone, but it does taste pretty damn good too 🙂

    Gloria – I expect next summer feels like a long time away, but hope you manage to make it.

    Hazel – the cardamom sugar is quite subtle but I’m convinced it’s added a certain something 😉

    Janice – eating them raw is going to be much better for you and ripe ones are so delicious. These were actually quite sharp so the curd was definitely zingy and there was lemon juice too.

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    16th July 2011

    Wow, that looks lovely. And I can’t wait to see the cupcakes. And I am intrigued by the cardamom sugar – is that just sugar with cardamom pods sitting in it, like vanilla pods? If so, any idea how long you’d have to leave them to infuse before you get a cardamomy flavour to the sugar? And also, do you reckon this is a good thing for unripe apricots? It’s just that I know that my local fruit and veg shop has some unripe ones (or they were when I bought them yesterday) so it might be a good thing to use them for. Or do you think ripe ones would be better?
    Sorry to bombard you with questions! xxx

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    Carol Oldham
    16th July 2011

    Oh I will be trying both of these recipes as soon as my new range is in situ sounds glorious. I bet it would be heavenly sandwiches in a dark dark chocolate cake. x

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    Brownieville Girl
    16th July 2011

    Like Nora I love the sound of the cardamom sugar ….. I’m going to give it a go, nice thing to have in the cupboard.

    Looking forward to the cupcakes!

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    17th July 2011

    Wow this looks amazing! I’ve never seen apricot curd before but love the idea. It sounds so fresh and summery. Interesting idea to pair it with cardomom. What a gorgeous colour too

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    17th July 2011

    Now that sounds like summer in a jar. I’ve found you summer bloggers are really taunting me this year with your stone fruit, especially apricots as I haven’t had any good ones for years now! Yum, oh so yum.

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    17th July 2011

    I made an apricot curd a couple of years ago – very delicious and very versatile!

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    17th July 2011

    Wow, I love that colour! The colour of the sunshine we aren’t having…. 😉

    Can’t wait to see the finished bake!

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    17th July 2011

    Ooh – I like what you’ve added to it. Thanks so much for linking back to me :o)

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    17th July 2011

    Nora – weirdly the cardamom has more of a citrus flavour when combined with the sugar and it’s quite subtle, but that could be because I haven’t put in enough pods. I just bunged a whole load of cardamom pods in a jar of caster sugar and left for a week before using, then just keep topping it up. As for the apricots, I would have thought sour ones would work well as it’s good to get a bit of sour zinginess in there to contrast with the creamy curd texture. Let me know how it turns out if you do try it.

    Carol – I think you are absolutely right. Good Luck with your new range and let me know how things turn out if you do make this.

    BVG – I’ve fallen in love with the cardamom sugar and have been using it in just about everything recently. Such an easy thing to do.

    Katie – thanks, just right for summer and it appeals to me more than strawberry or raspberry curd does – not that I’ve tried them!

    CityHippy – he he, it’s just too bad. You’ll be doing the same to us in a few months time!

    Foodycat – I wonder why we don’t hear more about it, apricots make such a good curd.

    C – I know, the weather is rather grim isn’t it? So, as you say it’s good to have something that makes us feel as though it’s summer occasionally 🙁

    Hannah – thank you for the idea.

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    17th July 2011

    That sounds just perfect. I do love curd. I don’t know why I don’t make it more often. Can’t wait to see ehat you make with it 🙂

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    18th July 2011

    WLM – Agree, it’s hard to have a favourite spice, but cardamom is up in the top few.

    Jac – I hadn’t made any for years until this year – it’s obviously something we need to be reminded of 😉

    CC – Strangely, I’ve never been a fan of lemon curd, but I suspect it’s because I’ve never had home made before. I certainly enjoyed the lime curd I made. Will have to give lemon a try.

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    18th July 2011

    Ren – it is pretty damn good and a great thing to have on standby too.

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