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Hazelnut & Orange Torte – Cornwall CCC & Fairtrade

Hazelnut & Orange Chocolate Torte

Gluten Free, Large Cakes | 19th September 2012 | By

I was on leave from work last week, so I was able to attend my 3rd Clandestine Cake Club (CCC) meeting in Cornwall. This time it was in our lovely county city of Truro and in a newly opened cafe I’ve eyed up a couple of times, but not actually ventured into. Grounded specialises in coffee but also does some delicious sounding sandwiches to eat in or take away. Homemade cakes are also on offer.


St Clements Cake Truffles

For Mother’s Day this year, I decided to make some cake truffles. I had some left over lemon & poppy seed cake from the book swap event which, I thought, mixed with orange, would make some nice tangy St Clements Truffles.

This is what I did:

  • Creamed 1/2 oz unsalted butter with 1 oz icing sugar until very pale.
  • Crumbled in a square of lemon & poppy seed cake.
  • Beat this together until all incorporated and smooth.
  • Added a couple of teaspoons of orange liqueur & beat some more.
  • Formed into small balls and placed in the freezer for 30 minutes to harden.
  • Melted 60g dark chocolate (Green&Black’s 72% cook’s chocolate).
  • Dipped the cake balls into the chocolate and placed on some greasproof paper to set.
  • Almost immediately, placed a sugar flour on top of each before the chocolate set.
  • Placed in a pretty box and tied a ribbon around.
Oh my, these were delicious. It may not say much for the sophistication of my palate, but I’m becoming a real fan of cake truffles. They are a lot nicer than I would ever have believed and are set off so well when covered with a nice dark chocolate. I was a little concerned at how well the lemon flavour would go with chocolate, but I needn’t have been – sweet and sharp is a well known winning combination. The box found its way back to me empty, so I have to assume my mother quite liked them too.
A walk along the lovely Lerryn river following an early lunch at Duchy Nursery were to be the treat of the day. My mother is particularly enamoured of the leaf that appears in the froth on the top of their coffees, as can be seen in the above picture (sort of). Although the weather was showery, we didn’t get rained on, which was most fortuitous as, due to an oversight on the restaurant’s part, we had to sit outside for lunch. Luckily, my mother is a hardy soul and she really enjoyed her day.

Simnel Cake with Homemade Marzipan

Simnel Cake

Easter, Large Cakes | 5th April 2012 | By

This luscious simnel cake is a light fruit cake laden with homemade marzipan. As tradition dictates, it has a surprise squidgy layer of marzipan in the middle and a layer on top. It’s then decorated with eleven large balls of the stuff. Less traditionally, the cake contains pieces of chocolate. Scrumptious.


Parsnip and Walnut Cake with Chocolate Chips

Slice of parsnip and walnut chocolate chip cake.

Everyone’s heard of carrot cake. Indeed it’s said to be the nation’s favourite. So why not use parsnips in a sweet bake? This parsnip and walnut cake is so good, you might just prefer it. Especially as it contains chocolate chips.


Rhubarb & Orange Chocolate Cake

Since I started this blog, my friends seem to have had a lot of “significant” birthdays. Is this just a weird coincidence or is it because I’m more aware of these things now I’m doing my blog and always seem to have cakes on the brain – rhetorical question! Last year we went to a 30th, a 40th, a 50th, a 60th and a 70th birthday party – I thought that was rather unusual. A couple of weeks ago, we were off to the 2nd 60th birthday party this year. Part of the celebrations included painting a mural on a barn wall – what a lovely idea! Unfortunately, the rather wet weather we experienced prevented this happening. I suspected the planned bbq wouldn’t be going ahead either and to be honest it wasn’t a rip roaring success. Luckily there was still plenty of delicious food to be had in the house. So, with some rhubarb to use up, another rhubarb and chocolate cake is what I made. This time my inspiration came from the orange and strawberry cake that I made last year.

This is what I did:
  • Melted 100g dark orange spicy chocolate.
  • Creamed 175g unsalted butter with 200g dark brown sugar.
  • Beat in 3 duck eggs, the chocolate and the grated zest of one orange.
  • Sifted in 225g flour (100g wholemeal, 100g white 25g quinoa), 1 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp bicarb of soda, 1 tbsp cocoa and a pinch of salt.
  • Mixed together along with 50g water and 100g Greek yogurt.
  • Divided mixture between 2 x 21 cm sandwich thingies and baked at 180C for 30 mins.
  • Stewed 700g of cleaned and chopped rhubarb with 2 tbsp of water until most of the water had evaporated and the mixture was thickish. Left to cool.
  • Added 1 tbsp orange liqueur.
  • Whipped 250ml double cream into peaks, then folded into rhubarb mixture.
  • Sandwiched the cakes with the cream (I did have a substantial amount left over which we had over the following couple of days with strawberries – yum), then dusted the top of the cake with icing sugar.
Despite the wretched weather, the party was a lively and fun affair. Amazingly, or possibly not, given it was a birthday, one large table was completely laden with cakes. Spoilt for choice was an understatement. I was rather perturbed, wondering who would go for my relatively plain looking cake but hey, I need not have worried. It seems I have a following and those in the know homed straight in on my cake. I’m glad to say they were not disappointed. This was a great tasting cake. The sponge was even better than the one I had used for the strawberry cake and the rhubarb orange cream was gorgeous and complemented the chocolate really well.

Orange and Cardamom Birthday Cake

Cake, Celebratory Layer Cakes | 15th November 2009 | By

Goodness, I have got my first commission! My cupcake adventure around town during National Chocolate Week created a few waves and this was one of them – to make an enlarged version of one of my cardamom and orange cupcakes for a birthday. This is exciting but also rather scary and not the same as making a cake for a friend at all – it could all go horribly wrong and then what?

This is what I ended up doing:

  • Remembered to get butter (200g unsalted) out of fridge early and put it over the heater to warm.
  • Ground up seeds from 17 cardamom pods in a pestle and mortar.
  • Infused pods in 4 fl oz hot water.
  • Creamed softened butter with 200g of soft brown sugar, grated rind from 2 oranges, 1/4 tsp pink Himalayan salt and the ground cardamom until pale and fluffy. Then creamed it some more.
  • Beat in 4 large eggs (from customers own smallholding) alternately with some of the flour (which I’m just about to get to).
  • Sifted in 250g flour (1/2 wholemeal, 1/2 white spelt), 2 level tsp baking powder, 1 level tsp bicarb of soda and 50g cocoa.
  • Stirred in water (with pods sieved out) whilst still warm.
  • Mixed in 6 fl oz sour cream.
  • Divided mixture between 2 22cm silicone cake pans and baked at 180C for 25 mins.
  • Melted 200g 35% milk chocolate & left to cool slightly.
  • Creamed further 100g unsalted butter with 100g icing sugar.
  • Mixed in chocolate together with 2 tbsp orange liqueur.
  • Used half of the mixture to sandwich the cold cakes together, then spread remainder over the top.
  • Used minstrels to decorate.

Sadly, neither myself nor my chief chocolate taster got to taste this one, so I’ll just have to assume it was completely delicious!

Update December 2009

Hooray, the cake was indeed delicious, or that’s what the recipient told me anyway. She was delighted and the orange and cardamom birthday cake was just what she’d been hoping for.

Milk Chocolate Cupcakes with Cardamom & Orange

Cardamom orange milk chocolate cupcakes.

Cupcakes | 22nd October 2009 | By

You know how well orange and chocolate pair up? Well I can tell you that adding cardamom makes for an even better flavour combination. These cardamom & orange milk chocolate cupcakes are quite sensational. The sponge is lightly flavoured with chocolate and cardamom and has a good hit of orange. But the best bit is the milk chocolate icing on the cake. Literally!