Bettys Christmas Gugelhupf – Review and Giveaway #17

Yorkshire is not a county I know that well, but even in my Cornish backwater I have heard of the famous Bettys tea rooms which first opened its doors in Harrogate in 1919. There are now six branches dotted around Yorkshire. When I knew I was headed to York on a work trip last year, there was one establishment I was determined to visit, no matter what. With only a few minutes to spare before my train departed, I managed to locate the tea rooms, heave a few lingering sighs over the array of delights surrounding me, ask for a Yorkshire curd tart and run. I had heard a lot about Yorkshire curd tart from an expat colleague who was always bemoaning the fact she couldn’t get them down in the South West. After savouring it on the train home, I understood what she had been mithering on about – it really was delicious. I recently had a go at making a chocolate version and although it was very tasty, it didn’t quite have the impact of that first one I tried from Bettys.

All of this is a rather long winded way of saying that when Betty’s asked if I’d like to review their Christmas Gugelhupf, I was not going to say no.

So whilst I waited for it to be delivered, I had ample opportunity to ponder on what exactly a Gugelhupf was?

Pronounced google-hoopf, it is the precursor to the American bundt type of cake. Originating from Southern Germany, Vienna, Switzerland and Alsace, the Gugelhupf is a fermented ring cake, dusted with sugar or covered in a chocolate glaze and eaten with a cup of coffee. The story goes that the three kings, travelling to or from Bethlehem, stopped off in Alsace. The residents there were so delighted, that they baked a cake in the shape of the the King’s turbans to honour the visit. Today, it is more common to make Gugelhupfs with baking powder rather than yeast and Bettys is one of these.

The cake came well wrapped, in fact within the cardboard box it looked, to all intents and purposes, as though it was wearing a coat of golden chain mail. It was surprisingly heavy for the size (a good sign in my opinion) and when I unwrapped it, I realised why, it weighs in at 730g.

After admiring its luxurious elegance and inhaling the heady chocolatey aroma, the first thing I did was look at the ingredients. I am always concerned that shop bought cakes will have far too many ingredients of which I’m likely to disapprove. I needn’t have worried. Betty’s is a high quality brand and as such doesn’t use junk ingredients. In supporting my case, I happily noted that butter was the first ingredient listed.

Ingredients: butter, sugar, egg, flour, hazelnuts, dark chocolate (65% cocoa solids), invert sugar syrup, maize starch, vanilla, raising agents, milk chocolate (38% cocoa solids) and white chocolate (36% cocoa butter).

We both really enjoyed this cake and if I had baked one this good, I would have been truly proud. The texture was firm, dense, but moist. The chocolate coating was nice and crunchy and offset the sweetness of the cake, which actually wasn’t overly sweet anyway. Although it was very well finished, it tasted homemade. The flavour, which was chocolate and hazelnut, was excellent. CT waxed even more lyrical than usual. Talking with his mouth full, he offered up these comments: “The chocolate has a smell you can taste before you put it in your mouth – it’s that strong. It tingles on the tongue and has a slightly caramelly Christmas taste and is utterly buttery. I wish I could eat more than a couple of slices, but it’s just too filling.  Loved the hazelnut hit. Can you make one of these for my birthday?”

My mother, who is extremely fussy about cake in general and highly suspicious of bought cake in particular was very impressed. So all in all, I can only say that this cake scored very highly.

Now, I really think it’s time I acquired a bundt mould!

If you cant get to a Bettys tea shop, you can take a look at Bettys online shop where you can buy this gugelhupf for £14.95 and any number of other scrumptious delights. Last order dates for Christmas are 19th December for UK mainland, 5 December for EU and 28th November for the rest of the world, which doesn’t give a lot of time.

Betty’s have kindly agreed to give one of my readers a luxury Christmas Gugelhopf too. To be in with a chance of winning, please fill in the Rafflecopter below. You will need to leave a comment on this post which then gives you additional chances to enter if you so wish. Rafflecopter will pick a winner at random from the entries received. If you are commenting anonymously, please give me some way of identifying you as I will be verifying the validity of entries. Any automated entries will be disqualified. This giveaway is only open to those with a UK postal address. Because of the Christmas rush, winners will need to respond within 2 days of being contacted. Failure to do this will result in another winner being picked.

Prizes are offered and provided by Bettys and Chocolate Log Blog accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of said third party.
Closing date is Saturday 8 December 2012

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  1. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    We no longer live near a Betty’s and I rather miss it. When we lived near Ilkley I used to treat myself to coffee and cake every so often, especially at this time of year when they had their Christmas treats on sale.
    You’re right about Yorkshire curd tarts, they’re delicious.

  2. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    I’ve always wanted to visit Betty’s and this would be the next best thing 🙂
    Anything with chocolate does it for me.

  3. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    I wish I lived near ‘Betty’s’!!
    I’d love to try a chocolate gugelhupf!

  4. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    After having a look at the chocolate and hazelnut Gugelhupf I can honestly say I can’t think of a better flavour! I’d love to try it. I think we might have to give the Christmas desserts at the supermarket a miss and order something proper!

  5. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    This sounds like my kind of cake! Chocolate and hazelnuts are a magnificent combination

  6. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    That’s a wonderful looking cake! I particularly like the crisp chocolate shell.

  7. Leave a Reply

    Tracy K Nixon
    26th November 2012

    A Choccie Gugelhupf would be a delicious treat! All the family would enjoy a chocolate one!

  8. Leave a Reply

    Jane Willis
    26th November 2012

    I can’t think of anything better than a chocolate and hazelmut one, although I used to love lemon cake baked in my Bundt tin before it died of old age, so I’ll say i’d like to try a lemon one

  9. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    Chocolate and hazelnut is a hard flavour to beat so that would be my choice.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  10. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    Chocolate and hazelnuts one sounds lovely 🙂

  11. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Maclean
    26th November 2012

    Chocolate and hazelnut flavour

  12. Leave a Reply

    belleau kitchen
    26th November 2012

    good lordy look at that beauty!… great review C… not going to enter because i’m already lucky enough to have worked with betty’s… I can smell that chocolate now! x

  13. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    I must admit, I’ve never even heard of one of these before and I’m rather sad about this! If I do win it’ll be Christmas come early :p

  14. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    Never heard of Gugelhupf before, but they look delicious – a chocolate one would probably be my first choice
    (Ben Offiler)

  15. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    Coffee/Cappuccino would be a nice flavour to try, my favourite. This cake looks scrummy

  16. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    Meeeeeeeeep! i’d like a chocolate one, cuppa tea, close my eyes and imagine i was in Betty’s.

  17. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    I love Betty’s, especially the one in Harrogate. I would love to try the chocolate one please

    Tracy Waldock Newton on Facebook

  18. Leave a Reply

    rosy petal
    26th November 2012

    Chocolate would be my first choice then try all the others as they sound delicious

  19. Leave a Reply

    Karen S Booth
    26th November 2012

    FABULOUS review and lovely cake! I KNOW Betty’s well as I used to work just up the road from their York branch and York is my home town! Karen

  20. Leave a Reply

    Jen Price
    26th November 2012

    After reading your comments and seeing the photos it has to be a chocolate one!

  21. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    Chocolate, definately chocolate, always chocolate, mmm chocolate

  22. Leave a Reply

    Penelope Hooper
    26th November 2012

    Chocolate – can’t beat chocolate

  23. Leave a Reply

    susan gough
    26th November 2012

    Chocolate would be lovely

  24. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    Chocolate of course!!! The only thing better would be double chocolate … but with the festive season fast approaching I should really try to control the old chocolate overload ;0)

  25. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    chocolate and hazelnut please. The world is so much better when covered in chocolate!

  26. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    The lemon sounds nice
    jen louise jackson

  27. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    I would love to try the chocolate one please 🙂

  28. Leave a Reply

    Marylyn Hammersley
    26th November 2012

    Chocolate sounds perfect, what a centre piece on the table at Christmas.

  29. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    Chocolate does it for me – the one you reviewed sounded delicious

  30. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    The chocolate and hazelnut sounds amazing! Anything containing chocolate is good enough for me im a chocoholic!

  31. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    Love the idea of chocolate AND hazelnut (my favourite flavour) but I also like a lemon and poppy seed Gugelhupf too!

  32. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    I’d love to try the chocolate & hazelnut. You have made it sounds so divine send I bet it’s even more delicious in reality xo

  33. Leave a Reply

    27th November 2012

    – NB the ecapture thing on the blog is awful, I had 8 attempts then. 🙁 each was correct.

  34. Leave a Reply

    27th November 2012

    I’d love to try the chocolate and hazelnut flavour! my favourite combination! xo

  35. Leave a Reply

    27th November 2012

    Anything chocolate for me, pleeeease!!!!

  36. Leave a Reply

    27th November 2012

    I’d want to try different flavours but I couldn’t not pick the chocolate one x

  37. Leave a Reply

    Lucy Taylor chedtaylor @ hotmail dotcom
    27th November 2012

    Plain chocolate, whisky & ginger would be a delicious flavour.

  38. Leave a Reply

    27th November 2012

    Hmmm…Of course, chocolate, but I would rather like apple, too.

  39. Leave a Reply

    Teresa Lee
    28th November 2012

    After reading your review its has to be the chocolate and hazelnut combo…sounds yum

  40. Leave a Reply

    28th November 2012

    chocolate gugelhupf looks scrummy

  41. Leave a Reply

    Susan Lindquist
    28th November 2012

    Wow! A different kugelhuph from the one I just baked! … You know? With that gorgeous chocolate coating, it reminded me of the little Lebkuchen cookie/cakes that we bought when we went to the Nurnberg Weinachtsmarkt … so spicy and chocolatey and good! Wish I lived in the UK so I could take a chance on receiving one to ‘taste test’!

  42. Leave a Reply

    28th November 2012

    The christmas one pictured sounds lovely. What more could you want, lovely cake with choclate and hazlenuts. scrummy

  43. Leave a Reply

    28th November 2012

    Chocolate & Hazelnut for me, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

  44. Leave a Reply

    Laura Dye
    28th November 2012

    What flavour Gugelhopf would you like to try? – I’d love to try a Chocolate & Hazelnut one.

    P.s. I love buying my Grandma things from Betty’s, as her name is Betty so she’s got biscuit tins etc. with her name on them!!!

  45. Leave a Reply

    28th November 2012

    I’d like the chocolate one

  46. Leave a Reply

    katrina walsh
    28th November 2012

    chocolate and hazlenut looks yummy x

  47. Leave a Reply

    29th November 2012

    I would love to try the chocolate one.

  48. Leave a Reply

    29th November 2012

    I love chocolate but trying to resist it at the moment so will say I would love to try a lemon one x

  49. Leave a Reply

    Sam Bisson
    30th November 2012

    Chocolate and hazelnut

  50. Leave a Reply

    Matt Hudson
    30th November 2012

    chocolate gugelhupf!


  51. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    I’d love to try the chocolate

  52. Leave a Reply

    Janet Bagnall
    2nd December 2012

    I think a lemon one would be pretty amazing (not that any of them wouldn’t be!)

  53. Leave a Reply

    Shelley Jessup
    6th December 2012

    Defintely chocolate & I’m so lucky to live only 30 miles away from Betty’s but when you can’t drive there it’s hell!

  54. Leave a Reply

    6th December 2012

    Another vote for chocolate – they all sound scrumptious 🙂 @pipersky1

  55. Leave a Reply

    6th December 2012

    I’d love to try this, looks delicious!!

  56. Leave a Reply

    Sally Peevor
    6th December 2012

    Chocolate obviously! Please!!!

  57. Leave a Reply

    7th December 2012

    The chocolate one is actually making my mouth water!!! Would love to try that one!!!

    Becci Cleary/@Beccicleary87/

  58. Leave a Reply

    7th December 2012

    Definitely Chocolate for me! I know I’d love it ^_^

  59. Leave a Reply

    Zebadia Jose-Biney
    7th December 2012

    chocolate version

  60. Leave a Reply

    Linda Guest
    7th December 2012

    chocolate and orange is a perfect combination. Rich, tasty and moist. yum yum

  61. Leave a Reply

    7th December 2012

    The chocolate and hazelnut Gugelhupf, coated in dark chocolate sounds heavenly, although I would love to suggest they try making a chocolate and mint one!!

  62. Leave a Reply

    7th December 2012

    I would love to try the chocolate gugelhupf, it sounds so delicious !!

    Sarah Williams

  63. Leave a Reply

    Jeremy Hards
    7th December 2012

    I have never heard of Gugelhupf but I would love to try it. Looks delicious.

  64. Leave a Reply

    7th December 2012

    I think a caramel and date one would be lovely (Mark Whittaker)

  65. Leave a Reply

    Wendy Tolhurst
    7th December 2012

    Chocolate hazelnut one sounds great to me (and one of my kids is allergic to nuts so will have to share with fewer people!!)

  66. Leave a Reply

    8th December 2012

    Chocolate Orange would be wonderful! Your review was great, I could almost taste it! Fabulous giveaway, Merry Christmas! xxx

  67. Leave a Reply

    Michelle Hughes
    8th December 2012

    If im honest I had never come across this product although I would love to try. I think the chocolate looks lovely.

  68. Leave a Reply

    8th December 2012

    I’d love the Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake……would be perfect for my 50th Birthday on Christmas Day! / @suewarr2

  69. Leave a Reply

    8th December 2012

    i have never even heard of these before, the christmas one looks absolutely amazing, and a nice change from the usual christmas cake that gets left uneaten til march!!!

  70. Leave a Reply

    8th December 2012

    Chocolate with hazelnut makes the perfect combination!

  71. Leave a Reply

    Leanne B
    8th December 2012

    I would like to try one flavoured with apple, cinnamon & ginger, I think that would be really Christmassy.

  72. Leave a Reply

    8th December 2012

    the chocolate and hazelnut sounds wonderful but would also love to try a cherry and almond one

  73. Leave a Reply

    Donna Mitchell
    8th December 2012

    I’d love to try the chocolate one

  74. Leave a Reply

    8th December 2012

    I would love a Coffee and Hazelnut one but could eat the chocolate one any day!

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