Chocolate Refrigerator Cake for Adults

No Bake, Speedy | 13th December 2009 | By

I may not have managed to do much in the way of Christmas baking this year, but I did get to make a rather rich and fruity version of a “no bake cake” today. We may not have mince pies to offer the good folk who drop in to alleviate some of CTs boredom as he continues to languish on the sofa, but I do now have an alternative Christmas offering!

This is what I did:
  • Melted 200g Maya Gold (dark orange spiced chocolate) with 4oz unsalted butter and 4 tbsp double cream.
  • In a large bowl, broke up 8oz digestive biscuits into small pieces (but not crumbs) with the end of a rolling pin.
  • Added 4oz walnut pieces (again not too small), 2oz goji berries, 2oz crystallised ginger – chopped and 2oz dried figs – chopped.
  • Mixed in chocolate mixture until all thoroughly combined, but taking care not to break up the biscuits and other pieces too much.
  • Turned out into a 9″ sq cake thingy and left in the cold for a couple of hours. Normally, one would expect this to go into the fridge to set, but our kitchen is so cold, fridge was not needed.
  • When set cut into 24 rectangular pieces.
As well as being truly scrumptious, this is such a quick and simple thing to make. Lots of healthy fruit and walnuts and with no additional sugar, this was just the right side of sweet for our taste. Very rich and choclatey, this is definitely an adult version of a kids’ favourite and a little goes a long way. Not quite the sort of cakes I was planning on doing for Christmas, but the figs give it that festive flavour. And who knows what I might be able to squeeze in next weekend!


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    13th December 2009

    Oh how weird, great minds think alike as they say, our tummy’s must have rumbled at the same time and we must have had the same solution as I made this on Friday and posted it on my site too! x

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    13th December 2009

    This looks wonderful, I have not tried Maya – I will look out for it. I love it that you put healthly elements into such lovely treats. Lucie x

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    14th December 2009

    oh yum haven’t made anything like that for years. The Maya Gold would make for a great taste too.

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    19th December 2009

    Mmmm – just heading to the kitchen …

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