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Bounty Full Chocolate Biscuit Birthday Cake

Birthday Tiffin

No Bake | 22nd August 2015 | By

Last year I asked CT what he would like for his birthday. A trifle was his response. OK. I duly made a trifle and very nice it was too, but this year I didn’t ask. I know he’s very fond of tiffin, otherwise known as biscuit cake or refrigerator cake. If Prince William can have one for his wedding, I couldn’t see any reason why CT shouldn’t have one for his birthday.


For the Love of Chocolate Tiffin

Chocolate Fig Tiffin

Chocolate Reviews, No Bake | 31st October 2014 | By

Although I prefer less rather than more sugar in my confectionary, there is no doubt about it, I have a sweet tooth – a sweet tooth combined with a love of chocolate. And I am not alone it seems. According to the Belgian chocolate company Callebaut, two out of three people are more likely to choose a chocolate dessert over a non-chocolate one.


Nectarine Pecan Slice – A Late Summer Traybake

Nectarine Amaretto Pecan Slice

Traybakes | 3rd April 2014 | By

A classic oaty traybake with added chocolate chips and pecans, layered with nectarines marinaded in Amaretto. This nectarine pecan slice is perfect for high summer when nectarines, plums, peaches and apricots are almost dripping of the fruit bowl.


Pecan & Chocolate Streusel Cake – Random Recipes 13

Loaf Cakes | 24th February 2012 | By

It’s Random Recipe time again and as a tribute to the birth month of this fabulous event, we have been given the task of picking a recipe from the book we used when we first took part in this challenge. I was mightily pleased about this as I was panicking rather at having to use the Valrhona chocolate book which CT gave me for Christmas. There isn’t a single simple recipe in it – in fact they all look way beyond my capability. Divine by Linda Collister is a much more accessible book. Last year I made butterscotch swirl brownies which were a great success; what would this year bring I wondered?