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Brown Butter Biscuits with Optional Cardamom

Brown Butter Biscuits cooling on a rack.

Biscuits | 17th March 2020 | By

Butter biscuits are delicious of course. But brown that butter and you’ll ramp the flavour up several notches. These brown butter biscuits are crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. If you’re not fond of cardamom, swap it for another spice or just leave it out altogether.


Brown Butter Cupcakes with Jaggery & White Chocolate

Brown Butter Cupcake cut in half.

Cupcakes | 11th June 2014 | By

These brown butter cupcakes are a little unusual, but so very good. They’re made with browned butter, white chocolate and jaggery which give delicious caramel overtones. The icing is also made with browned butter and jaggery, but it’s not your standard buttercream frosting. It’s smoother and less sugary.