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Homemade Easter Eggs with Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Popcorn

Homemade Easter Eggs

Easter, Vegan | 13th April 2017 | By

Wow your friends and family with your very own homemade Easter eggs. This recipe is for dark chocolate Easter eggs filled with crunchy salted caramel popcorn lusciously coated in more chocolate. But you could always make them with milk chocolate if you prefer.


Chocolate Easter Eggs: The Best of the Nest

Chocolate Easter Eggs

Chocolate Reviews | 29th March 2017 | By

Easter will soon be upon us and the search for Easter eggs is on. Look no further. We have a veritable Easter Feaster for you here with this review of several high quality chocolate Easter eggs.


Easter Chocolate Bites – A Review

Easter Chocolate Bites - The Meaningful Chocolate Easter Egg.

Chocolate Reviews | 30th March 2015 | By

Well the festival of chocolate is nearly upon us. I do know, of course that Easter is a very special occasion in the Christian calendar and for many others is about the celebration of Spring, but for us chocoholics, it’s a very good excuse to indulge. So here’s a review of some Easter chocolate bites.


Surprise Easter Egg Cupcakes with Almond & Lemon

Easter Egg Cupcakes

Cupcakes, Easter | 24th March 2015 | By

Almond and lemon cakes made with marzipan and containing a secret treasure within. Shhh, don’t let on, there may be Easter eggs about. Perfect for entertaining, everyone will adore these surprise Easter egg cupcakes.


Leftover Easter Egg Chocolate Ice Cream

Leftover Easter Egg Chocolate Ice Cream

A creamy but light and not overly sweet no churn choc-chip ice-cream flavoured with vanilla and a hint of mint. Ideal for using up all those leftover bits of Easter chocolate. Serve this leftover Easter egg chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce if desired.


An Easter Eggstravaganza – Get Stuck In

Thorntons Broken Egg - An Easter Eggstravaganza.

Chocolate Reviews | 14th April 2014 | By

Easter will very soon be upon us, so there’s no time to lose. Here I’m highlighting the Easter eggs that have come my way this season. It’s an Easter Eggstravaganza.


Extra Thick Chocolate Egg from Hotel Chocolat

Extra thick chocolate egg from Hotel Chocolat.

Chocolate Reviews | 24th March 2012 | By

Who’s up for an extra thick chocolate egg for Easter? Hotel Chocolat have you covered. And to get you in the mood, I’ve reviewed a couple of them for you here.