A Trifle Rushed

4 Star, Dessert | 3rd August 2014 | By

When CT requested a trifle for his birthday, I was just a little relieved. Time and I don’t seem to get on so well these days and the day before his birthday was a particularly busy one. I’d been concerned that I might not be able to fit a cake in, but a mere trifle?


Amaretto Pots au Chocolat

5 Star, Dessert | 17th March 2014 | By

The Belgian chocolate brand, Godiva, recently launched its first ever chocolate challenge in the UK. The aim of the competition was to create the best ever chocolate dessert taking into account taste, texture and presentation. From a shortlist of ten, four finalists will be invited to create their desserts in front of a panel of judges, including William Sitwell and Mark Hix. The winner will have their dessert served in one of Hix’s London restaurants and all four finalists get a five star trip to Belgium. A nice prize all round and I was keen to get involved. I was sent some Godiva white and dark chocolate pearls to create a dessert for this very purpose.


White Chocolate Yogurt Custard

Dessert | 9th October 2013 | By

Twitter can be a great place for stimulating ideas – who would have thought of yogurt custard? Well, following a Twitter conversation with Dom of Belleau Kitchen and Total Greek Yogurt a challenge was born. Dom was to have a go at making yogurt custard and I was going to try a chocolate version. Dark chocolate custard was what I had in mind as it would of course be delicious, but at the last minute I decided I would make a white chocolate custard which I thought would go particularly well with a fruity crumble.

As it happened, I never got around to making the crumble, which is a shame as, served hot, this custard would have been perfect for it. However, it made a fantastic dessert in its own right, served cold in individual bowls with a little grated white chocolate on top. It was such a lovely tangy and creamy custard and it didn’t form a skin. I can see this being made again.

Thanks go to Total Greek Yogurt for sending me this “cool” bag containing some of their delicious full fat Greek yogurt. I am a big fan and use it a lot, both in my baking and with savoury dishes. It’s a lovely treat on breakfast muesli or granola too. I’m familiar with the 500g tub and the smaller 170g size but I hadn’t realised until I was sent one, that they do a 1k tub too – how wonderful is that?

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White Chocolate and Yogurt Custard

by October-6-2013
A tangy runny custard when hot and thick when cool, this is perfect with a good old fashioned crumble or as a stand alone dessert in it’s own right.
  • 2 egg yolks (large)
  • 40g vanilla (golden caster) sugar
  • 400g Greek yogurt
  • 50g white chocolate
1 Whisk the egg yolks in a pan with the sugar until smooth. Then whisk in the yogurt.2. Heat the pan gently whisking from time to time to ensure no lumps form and the mixture doesn’t get so hot that it curdles. The mixture will thin initially, but keep going until it thickens again – about 15 minutes.3. Remove from the heat and add the chocolate. Stir until melted and smooth.4. Use immediately or pour into individual pots and leave to set in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Total time: Yield: 4-6 servings

Chocolate, Date & Walnut Trifle

Dessert | 7th January 2011 | By

Some of you may remember that I made this date & walnut cake for last month’s We Should Cocoa challenge. Well, with so many goodies on offer, this poor cake got sadly neglected – CT it seems, is also not a great fan of dates.  It was a jolly good cake and one I shall make again – moist, tasty and luckily long lasting, but only a few slices were taken.  With this month’s We Should Cocoa challenge being set to use up leftovers, I had initially thought I would use this cake as my offering. But what to do? Well not being blessed with a lot of creative imagination, I opted for the first thing that came into my mind – which was trifle. I then started to think this was perhaps a bit cheeky using virtually the same thing for two challenges in a row BUT by now my mind was very much set on making this trifle anyway. Julia of A Slice of Cherry Pie and Scott of Real Epicurean run a monthly blogging event which I am not usually able to enter, but the ingredients for In The Bag this month are chocolate, cream and nuts – well really! It was clearly meant to be. My cake already had the requisite chocolate and nuts in it – all I needed to do was add some cream.  I did add a bit more chocolate and a few more nuts just to make sure though.

This is what I did:

  • Cut three large slices of the date and walnut cake and cut them into roughly 1 inch cubes.
  • Placed these into a glass bowl.
  • Spooned over 6 tbsp of damson liqueur and a couple tbsp of orange syrup (leftover from the candied orange peel).
  • Made 1 pint of custard, left to cool then poured over the cake pieces.
  • Whipped 250ml double cream until it just held it’s shape then spooned this over the custard.
  • Toasted a handful of slivered almonds.
  • Grated 20g of Maya Gold then scattered over the cream.
  • Finally scattered the almonds over the chocolate.
This was very different from a normal fruity trifle; different yes, but delicious just the same. It had an aromatic spicy taste from the Maya Gold and wasn’t too sweet. The light creamy top combined with the grounding damson soaked date cake and crunchy nuts gave a complementary mouth feel and taste.  This was an excellent way to use up a cake that wasn’t loved as much as it should have been. Two bowls at one sitting is, perhaps, sufficient.