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Guylian Sea Shells Review

Vegetarian I might be, but I am not averse to devouring creatures in chocolate form. When I was offered a box of Guylian’s signature chocolate sea shells to review I was not going to say no. Indeed, these were the high treat of the decade when I was young and I felt very privileged to partake on the odd occasion they were offered at family events.

I received a 250g box of 22 shapely chocolate sea shells containing praline. The shells are beautifully swirled in white and milk chocolates to create a stunning multi coloured effect. The shells come in 11 unique shapes, I say shells, but two of them are in the form of seahorses.

Seahorses are very important to Guylian who are the main sponsor of Project Seahorse. As its name suggests, this marine conservation organisation aims to protect seahorses which are a good indicator of healthy coastal ecosystems. By protecting these wonderful little creatures, they also help to protect the world’s oceans.

Although these days, pralines are generally a little too sweet for my taste, these were nonetheless delicious. They had a lovely smooth texture that is still oddly reminiscent of the crunch of hazelnuts. This could be because their taste is really quite powerful and remains in the mouth long after the chocolate has faded away.

The ingredients speak for themselves, you will not find any vegetable fats here, oh no, just sugar, hazelnuts and chocolate made with milk and cocoa butter to the same original recipe first used when Guylian was founded in 1960 by husband and wife team Guy & Liliana Foubert. There are a number of lookalikes on the market, but none of them can begin to compare with Guylian. Without mincing words, they are just not as good.

In addition to the seashells, Guylian have plenty of other offerings available at most large food retailers, including a range of Easter Eggs.

Praline Coffee Chocolate Cake – We Should Cocoa 2

It was the last day of my holidays and having seen the lovely scones created by two of my favourite food bloggers Kath of The Ordinary Cook and MangoCheeks of Allotment 2 Kitchen, I sort of thought it would be nice to invite some friends over for tea.  Scones, cake and tea, what could be better?


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