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Energising Chestnut Chia Chocolate Pancakes & Maple Tahini Sauce

Chocolate Pancakes

When I ordered my latest supplies from Suma, it was around Pancake Day so I had pancakes very much in mind. I wasn’t quite sure what sort I would make, but I ordered a few things which might be suitable. With Easter fast approaching, I finally plumped for some uber healthy yet delicious chocolate pancakes for Easter, which I thought a fine idea.


Baileys Chocolate Ice-Cream with Chocolate Sauce

Easy Baileys Marbled Chocolate Ice-Cream with Baileys Chocolate Sauce.

Ice Cream, Sauces | 3rd May 2015 | By

A quick but luscious no-churn ice cream flavoured with Baileys and marbled with dark chocolate. Chocolate sauce with a slug of Baileys adds the finishing touch to. This easy Baileys chocolate ice-cream will make you everyone’s best friend.


Quick Tomato Sauce with Seaweed – No Cooking Required

Quick Tomato Sauce with Seaweed

A super speedy no-cook quick tomato sauce for hot pasta made in a blender. Added carrots and seaweed give extra flavour as well as nutrients and there’s chilli for a bit of heat.


Spiced Kefir Pancakes with Manuka Honey and Crème Fraîche Chocolate Sauce

Spiced Kefir Pancakes with manuka honey and crème fraîche chocolate sauce.

Who can resist a stack of delicious spicy pancakes topped with bananas and an amazing chocolate sauce? No need for resistance. These spiced kefir pancakes are a healthy and delicious take on the much loved British drop scone or Scotch pancake.


Chocolate Sundae Royale – We Should Cocoa

Chocolate Sundae Royale

This Chocolate Sundae Royale is a decadent chocolate ice-cream extravaganza. It’s made with dark and white chocolate ice-creams, chocolate caramel fudge sauce, blackcurrant brownies and some blackcurrant sauce to cut through the richness. All you need is a suitable celebration to justify the calories.


Leftover Easter Egg Chocolate Ice Cream

Leftover Easter Egg Chocolate Ice Cream

A creamy but light and not overly sweet no churn choc-chip ice-cream flavoured with vanilla and a hint of mint. Ideal for using up all those leftover bits of Easter chocolate. Serve this leftover Easter egg chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce if desired.


Oven Baked Waffles with Maple Chocolate Sauce

Oven Baked Waffles with Maple Syrup Chocolate Sauce

You don’t need a waffle iron to make these delicious waffles with maple chocolate sauce. They’re oven baked waffles but still have that lovely fluffy interior and nice crispy exterior you expect from a good waffle.


Apple and Raisin Pancakes with Chocolate Sauce

Stack of buckwheat apple and raisin pancakes smothered with chocolate sauce.

Thick sugarless apple and raisin pancakes made with buckwheat flour. Flavour them with cinnamon, cover with a rich honeyed chocolate sauce and you’ll have a delicious dessert ready in no time. Ideal for those with a gluten intolerance.


White Chocolate Sauce – Random Recipes #16

Pudding, Sauces | 27th May 2012 | By

Well how exciting. For the very first time, Dom is allowing us to have a choice for this month’s Random Recipes – a limited choice perhaps, but nevertheless a choice. It’s a chance for those sadly neglected first and last recipes in a book to have their day and hopefully shine. So I collected all of my chocolate books together (and they are slowly growing) and asked CT to do his usual and select a random number between 1 and 10. Dah dah – for the second time For Chocolate Lovers by our local celebrity chefs the Tanner Brothers took centre stage. The first recipe in the book was for banana and chocolate souffle pancakes, the last for white chocolate sauce. Oh a difficult choice here, which to go for? Actually, it wasn’t in the least bit difficult because neither CT nor myself are particularly fond of bananas. White chocolate sauce it was then.

This hardly rates as a recipe at all. A simple process of melting chocolate with milk and stirring. I used a slightly less fussy method to the one in the book to reduce on washing up, but didn’t do anything fancy. I used Green&Blacks white chocolate because it is particularly vanillary. It would be fun to experiment with other flavours though – chilli, citrus zest, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper to name but a few.

This is how I did it:

  • Broke up 100g bar of white chocolate (G&B) into a pan.
  • Added 125ml milk.
  • Placed on a low heat and left until the chocolate had melted.
  • Stirred until smooth.
  • Poured into a jug.

This was very sweet but quite tasty and was especially good over unsweetened strawberries. I also tried it over the chocolate ice-cream which will be featuring in my next post. As it’s such a quick and easy sauce to make and works well either hot or cold, it would be good served hot to spruce up anything that would normally be served with custard or cold as a substitute for cream.

The Best Chilli Sauce You Will Ever Taste

Chilli Sauce

Gifts, Preserves, Sauces | 11th November 2009 | By

This recipe really is for the best chilli sauce you will ever taste. It’s a medium hot ketchup style chilli sauce, but is packed with flavour. It can be used as an ingredient in recipes, but is at its best drizzled over the top of eggs, tomato dishes or spread into a cheese or tofu sandwich.