How To Make Your Raw Chocolates More Interesting

Cashew Cream Raw Chocolates

Raw chocolates are easy to make. They are also said to be much better for you than regular chocolate; more of the beneficial active ingredients in raw cacao are retained. However, I find plain old raw chocolate on its own can be just a teeny bit boring. So I’ve come up with a few ways to make them a bit more interesting.


Kefir Raw Cocoa and Goji Berry Smoothie

Kefir Cocoa Goji Berry Smoothie
 As predicted, since acquiring my super speed Optimum 9200 blender a couple of weeks ago, I have fallen in love with it and have used it nearly every day. Read my Froothie review to find out more. Kefir smoothies are one of the things we like to have for breakfast, but we were somewhat limited to the ingredients we could use in our old blender. Now there is no limit to what we can find and grind.


Raw Chocolate Banana Mousse

Banana Chocolate Mousse

The combination of avocado and chocolate is my no means a new one. It is seen as a fruit in many parts of the world and treated as such, with chocolate sauce often smothering it. However, it’s a completely new combination to me. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time now, but was finally spurred on by Louise’s recipe for chocolate mousse that she posted earlier this month.


Raw Chocolate Truffles – We Should Cocoa #29

Dates are something I have a long association with, not just at Christmas. I grew up on date and banana sandwiches and I scoffed a fair few fresh ones during my various stays in Egypt. Fresh dates are something else all together, but as these are very hard to come by in the UK, Medjool dates are the next best thing and are in fact known as the “Fruit of Kings”. If you haven’t tried these before, they are big, plump, soft, fleshy and very sweet with a rich honeyed caramel flavour and make an excellent sweet treat all on their own. I was sent a beautiful gold box of twenty Medjool dates to try before Christmas. Apart from eating some of them just as they were, I had plans to stuff them with homemade marzipan and dip them in chocolate. Sadly, time ran out as time does and these plans didn’t materialise. Post Christmas, I’m keen to have something healthier, but I still want to make use of them as an ingredient.