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Nettle Powder and a Green Smoothie Bowl

Nettle Smoothie Bowl

I’m super excited about my latest green powder for my smoothies. It may not be an original idea, but it was original to me. As soon as I knew I was getting a dehydrator, I was stung into action, literally. The first thing I did was to try drying nettle leaves in the hope I could turn them into a fine green nettle powder.


Lemon Curd and a 3p Fruits Organic Box Giveaway #68

Lemon Curd

Giveaways, Preserves, ThermoCook | 24th December 2015 | By

A tangy zesty lemon curd which is a cinch to make in the Optimum Thermocook. But if you don’t mind a bit of stirring, it can easily be made by hand too. The recipe uses whole eggs, so if you don’t like waste, you’ll be delighted to not have leftover egg whites as you find in many curd recipes.


Blackcurrant Vinegar – Capture the Flavour of Summer

Blackcurrant Vinegar

Gifts, Preserves, Quick Recipes | 27th August 2015 | By

Fruit vinegars make a wonderful addition to many dishes. Vinegar captures the essence of the fruit beautifully reminding us of the season in which it was harvested. This blackcurrant vinegar gives a flavoursome tang to sauces, salads and desserts. It goes particularly well with beetroot. A little poured over simple vanilla ice-cream gives a real wow factor and mixed with water, it makes a refreshing drink.


Rose Syrup and What to Do with It

Bottle of homemade rose syrup with pink rose.

A deliciously fragrant and colourful rose syrup that captures the spirit of summer. If you have access to highly scented unsprayed roses, follow this super simple recipe. The syrup keeps really well and has many uses.


Chocolate Blackberry Jam – A Rich Luxurious Spread

Chocolate Blackberry Jam

Jam and chocolate? Yes, you read the title correctly. Who need chocolate spread? This seedless blackberry jam is made with apples to help it set and a big slab of chocolate for pure luxury. It’s a veritable breeze to make and it has a rich taste of both fruit and chocolate. Roll over chocolate spread.


Mini Orange Sponge Cakes with Blood Orange Curd

Mini Orange Sponge Cakes with Blood Orange Curd

A recipe for super cute mini orange sponge cakes filled with whipped cream and blood orange curd. They’re a little fiddly to make, but well worth it if you’re looking for dainty additions to  an elegant afternoon tea. There’s also a recipe for the curd which is sweet and zingy with an attractive strawberry pink colour. If you’re looking for more miniature treats, read on for a book review that might be of interest. Otherwise, head to the bottom of the post for the blood orange cakes recipe.


Chocolate Pavlova with Roasted Rhubarb and Curd

Dessert, Preserves | 6th June 2013 | By

The very name chocolate pavlova conjures up delight and decadence. These little chocolate pavlovas are perfect for individual desserts. The chocolate meringues are topped with rhubarb and elderflower curd along with roasted rhubarb. Pure bliss.


Dandelion Honey – a Fabulous Vegan Alternative to Honey

How to Make Dandelion Honey

Preserves, Vegan, Wild Food | 24th May 2013 | By

This dandelion honey was originally known as poor man’s honey. It’s made from dandelion flowers and sugar rather than something that’s been produced by bees. Although it may not be true honey, however, it really does look and more importantly, taste like honey. It’s also eminently suitable for vegans.


Chilli Chocolate Mincemeat – Your Fiery Festive Friend

Christmas, Gifts, Preserves | 2nd December 2012 | By

A recipe for homemade chilli chocolate mincemeat that you can easily adapt to suit your own taste and what is available in the cupboard. The chilli and chocolate take mincemeat up to a whole new level. They give extra depth, richness and spice, without either being easily identifiable.


Vanilla Apricot Jam – Summer in a Jar

Vanilla Apricot Jam

Preserves, Summer | 11th November 2012 | By

Is there a better way to capture summer than to make vanilla apricot jam? There might be, but this beautiful golden amber jam prettily flecked with vanilla seeds is not a bad way to attempt it. Tart and fruity, sweet and aromatic, this jam really is summer in a jar.