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There are so many wonderful food blogs out there on the net now, it’s impossible to even find them all let alone read them. There are many that I follow and rate highly, but here are a few of the ones I particularly value for one reason or another.


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    Jean |
    22nd August 2017

    Choclette, I see some of my own favourites on this list! I only just discovered As Strong As Soup last week – not sure how. I’ll have to check out others on your list. It’s always sad to me when a blogger I like stops, but I suppose we *all* will one day! I like it when they leave the blog up, though.

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      22nd August 2017

      Good to hear from you Jean. I’m sure there are masses of amazing blogs out there and I do add to my list from time to time, but these ones I feel a greater connection to than others. It’s really sad when good bloggers give up, but even worse when their blogs disappear.

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    James Walsh
    23rd April 2018

    Hi Choclette, loving the website. So many great recipes & ideas. can’t wait to start exploring them further.

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