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Serenata Flowers

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Who doesn’t feel a little weak at the knees when an unexpected bouquet of flowers arrives on the doorstep? I know, on the rare occasions it’s happened to me, I feel decidedly emotional. When those flowers are accompanied by a box of luscious chocolate truffles, my cup runneth over.

It may not have been unexpected, but I was still delighted to receive an Aztec Sun bouquet from Serenata Flowers recently as well as a box of salted toffee French dusted truffles. I am extremely fond of roses and lilies and the vivid colours in this bouquet have been brightening up my sitting room during some rather grey and dismal days. I can’t help but smile whenever I look at them. As for the chocolate truffles, they were as good as they sound; dark and rich with a sumptuous texture and flakes of sweet and salty toffee embedded within. I may have sampled rather more than was good for me….

Serenata Flowers

Serenata Flowers offer a whole host of beautiful postal bouquets as well as a varied range of food and drink hampers, chocolates, wines and plants. You can order as late as 10 pm for free next weekday delivery, which seems like an excellent service to me.  The salted toffee French dusted truffles are £14.99 for a 250g box and the Aztec Sun bouquet is currently on offer at a remarkable £19.99.

Thanks to Serenata Flowers for the flowers and chocolates. There was no requirement to write a positive review and as always all opinions are my own.


Serenata Flowers has kindly agreed to give one of my readers a £35 voucher to spend on flowers and/or chocolates of your choice. To be in with a chance of winning, please fill in the Gleam widget below. You will need to leave a comment on this post, answering the question, which then gives you additional chances to enter if you so wish. Gleam will pick a winner at random from the entries received. If you are commenting anonymously, please give me some way of identifying you as I will be verifying the validity of entries. Any automated entries will be disqualified. This giveaway is only open to those with a UK postal address. Winners will need to respond within 7 days of being contacted. Failure to do this may result in another winner being picked.  

 Prizes are offered and provided by Serenata Flowers and Tin and Thyme accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of said third party. Tin and Thyme reserves the right to cancel or amend the giveaway and these terms and conditions without notice.
Closing date is Sunday 14 June 2015

Do take a look at my giveaway page to see if there is anything else you would like to enter.

Serenata Flowers Voucher


  1. Leave a Reply

    Tracey Peach
    15th May 2015

    My favourite flowers are Roses they are so beautiful xxx

  2. Leave a Reply

    Tracy K Nixon
    15th May 2015

    I love freesias as they come in such lovely colours and smell gorgeous!

  3. Leave a Reply

    Elaine Fitzpatrick
    15th May 2015

    Gladiolus – they look stately & eye catching

  4. Leave a Reply

    Sara Goodman
    15th May 2015

    Fuschia, because they are so pretty 🙂
    Gorgeous prize, thank you x

  5. Leave a Reply

    Janette Arnold
    15th May 2015

    Protea reminds of a lovely holiday in South africa

  6. Leave a Reply

    Debra Winfield
    15th May 2015

    There’s nothing better than a beautiful bouquet of flowers and some delicious chocolates!

  7. Leave a Reply

    Helen Battle
    15th May 2015

    Sweet peas as they remind me of a lovely elderly couple who used to look after me as a child

  8. Leave a Reply

    Becki Explorer
    15th May 2015

    My absolute favourites are Alstromeria. They are so beautiful. The look so impossibly delicate but more often than not they pack a massive punch in the colour department! And their scent is divine.

    Small but perfectly formed in every single way. I love them!

    B x

  9. Leave a Reply

    15th May 2015

    Roses for no other reason than because I think they are beautiful.

  10. Leave a Reply

    tracy sinclair
    15th May 2015

    My favorite are Red Roses because red is my favorite colour and roses are just so beautiful x

  11. Leave a Reply

    Jayne T
    15th May 2015

    My favourite flowers are daisies as they remind me of being a child and making daisy chains. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

    • Leave a Reply

      15th May 2015

      Thank you Jayne, that’s a lovely thought. I remember spending hours making daisy chains.

  12. Leave a Reply

    ashleigh allan
    15th May 2015

    Lilies they are pretty and elegant!

  13. Leave a Reply

    Kim Neville
    15th May 2015

    I like tulips as bright and colourful

  14. Leave a Reply

    William Gould
    15th May 2015

    I like daffodils as they are colourful and signal the start of spring and the warmer weather!

  15. Leave a Reply

    kellyjo walters
    15th May 2015

    I love lillies as they come in different colous and smell lovely

  16. Leave a Reply

    Jane Willis
    16th May 2015

    Freesias are my favourite. I love the beautiful colours, so bold and bright for such delicate looking flowers, and the gorgeous fragrance.

  17. Leave a Reply

    Sally H
    16th May 2015

    Lilac – the scent always takes me back to when I was little and still living at home.

  18. Leave a Reply

    Donna Loxton
    16th May 2015

    White roses because I think they look beautiful

  19. Leave a Reply

    katie skeoch
    16th May 2015

    Sunflowers, like having sunshine in the house!

  20. Leave a Reply

    debbie smith
    16th May 2015

    i love daisys simple yet beauiful x fab giveaway x

  21. Leave a Reply

    Martina Pichova
    16th May 2015

    Jasmine – it’s a pretty flower with a lovely smell. I even named my daughter after it.

  22. Leave a Reply

    Kelly Lawton (@Jakeysmummy2006)
    16th May 2015

    Tulips – I love the vibrant colours!

  23. Leave a Reply

    Leona S Fisher
    16th May 2015

    Lillies as I love how they look and smell great!

  24. Leave a Reply

    laura jayne bates
    16th May 2015

    lillies as they are stunning flowers and act as a natural air freshner

  25. Leave a Reply

    julie thomas
    16th May 2015

    I adore stargazer lillies and used to grow big tubs of them – glorious! Unfortunately we were hit by the dreaded lilly beetle and can no longer grow them.

  26. Leave a Reply

    laura banks
    16th May 2015

    i like daisies always reminds me of being a kid and making chains

  27. Leave a Reply

    Monika S
    16th May 2015

    lilies, always liked their look the most

  28. Leave a Reply

    Isabell Whitenstall
    16th May 2015

    I love orchids, they last for ages, look beautiful and take no looking after.

  29. Leave a Reply

    Natalie Crossan
    17th May 2015

    Lilies, they’re so classically beautiful xx

  30. Leave a Reply

    Angela McDonald
    17th May 2015

    The lily as they are beautiful and intriguing! Their leaves themselves give a beautiful widespread look that when open, unveils seeds and more colours

  31. Leave a Reply

    Jess Mary
    17th May 2015

    I love roses, because they are so romantic and I’m a super romantic person 🙂 x

  32. Leave a Reply

    tracey ryder
    17th May 2015

    my fav flowers are roses, so many different varities and they smell lush

  33. Leave a Reply

    Paul Wilson
    17th May 2015

    At the moment, daisies, there are about a million of them in the garden right now.

  34. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Lamb
    17th May 2015

    My favorite flowers are fuschias because I love the colour.

  35. Leave a Reply

    Fiona K
    17th May 2015

    Gerberas because they always attract my eye. Beautiful in any colour

  36. Leave a Reply

    justine meyer
    17th May 2015

    Tulips I had them at my wedding

  37. Leave a Reply

    Emily Hutchinson
    17th May 2015

    I love freesias, they just smell so gorgeous and the colours are nice too.

  38. Leave a Reply

    17th May 2015

    I like orchids – I’ve always liked looking at them since I was small and we went to the garden centre to see Santa(!) but now I’m an adult I still find them incredibly elegant flowers and they’re available in some beautiful colours.

  39. Leave a Reply

    Maureen findley
    17th May 2015

    my favourite are roses. i love all colours bur especially pink ones

  40. Leave a Reply

    Maureen findley
    17th May 2015

    my favourite are roses. i love all colours bur especially pink ones

  41. Leave a Reply

    Paula Readings
    17th May 2015

    I like Gladioli, they stand tall and majestic in the garden & always catch your eye, But try as I will I have had nil success in growing them 🙁

  42. Leave a Reply

    Jennifer C
    17th May 2015

    My favourites are definitely stock and freesias, not least because they both smell beautiful 🙂

  43. Leave a Reply

    charley foulds
    17th May 2015

    i love larkspurs, they are my birth flower of july and are gorgeous!

  44. Leave a Reply

    17th May 2015

    I love flowers but my favourite are lilies

  45. Leave a Reply

    Karin Mortensen
    17th May 2015

    My favourites are freesias, the smell always make me happy 🙂

  46. Leave a Reply

    Holly Gibson
    17th May 2015

    Roses because they remind me of pure beauty and romance – receiving a bunch . I love that you can get so many colours and they smell incredible

  47. Leave a Reply

    Janet Dring
    17th May 2015

    I love roses especially red ones when my husband buys them for me

  48. Leave a Reply

    Tony Teece
    17th May 2015

    Tulips and Freesias – stunning and fragrant 😀

  49. Leave a Reply

    Zoe G
    17th May 2015

    I love Sunflowers, my dad used to grow them when I was a child

  50. Leave a Reply

    Frances Heaton
    17th May 2015

    I love having flowers in the house, they add a splash of colour and have such a lovely fragrance.

  51. Leave a Reply

    17th May 2015

    I love yellow lilies because they were my grandfather’s fave flowers and we have lots of them growing in our garden 🙂

  52. Leave a Reply

    Kate Loader
    17th May 2015

    I love Gerberas – I love the colours and how they compliment other flowers.

  53. Leave a Reply

    Kate - gluten free alchemist
    17th May 2015

    My very favourite flowers are lisianthus. They are beautiful and delicate and seem to look delightful whether on their own or with other flowers. But for scent? Give me pink speckled lilies every time!

  54. Leave a Reply

    Leanne V Mckenna
    17th May 2015

    I like freesias, they are a petty colour and my parents love them so they remind me of them.

  55. Leave a Reply

    Jenny Brady
    17th May 2015

    I love lilies, especially tiger lilies, i think they are beautiful and they bring back memories of tending the garden with my dad when I was a little girl.

  56. Leave a Reply

    Paul Duncan
    17th May 2015

    Daffodils – shows spring is coming

  57. Leave a Reply

    Lynne Durkin
    17th May 2015

    I love pink carnations, we had them in the garden when I was very young and I find they always keep well when presented as fresh cut flowers x

  58. Leave a Reply

    Lindsey Stuart
    17th May 2015

    I love lillies they smell and look beautiful

  59. Leave a Reply

    17th May 2015

    my fav flowers are carnations because they last for ages and you can get some really modern colours now.

  60. Leave a Reply

    Julie Booth
    17th May 2015

    My favourite flowers are Freesias as they smell lovely and remind me of when we lived in Guernsey.

  61. Leave a Reply

    Caroline H
    17th May 2015

    I love tulips. I love the shape of them, the colours they come in and how impressive it looks when you have a big swathe of them all in full bloom.

  62. Leave a Reply

    Stacey Carnell
    17th May 2015

    Cala lilies because they remind me of my wedding day – best day of my life <3

  63. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Maxfield
    17th May 2015

    My favourite flowers are lillies – they’re so pretty and smell beautiful. Plus my grandma used to love them, so it always reminds me of her

  64. Leave a Reply

    Lesley Bradley
    17th May 2015

    Broom flowers just because they smell divine

  65. Leave a Reply

    Helen Grayson
    17th May 2015

    Bird of paradise flowers! I like them because they are different and bright, it adds something more to a bouquet! 🙂

  66. Leave a Reply

    Jodie Cook
    17th May 2015

    I really like Calla Lilies as they are an unusual shape and come in beautiful colours!

  67. Leave a Reply

    Louise A
    17th May 2015

    i love lilies for their shape, colour and especially their scent

  68. Leave a Reply

    Zowie Jones
    17th May 2015

    Currently watching the Chelsea Flower Show and the flowers above will fit in spectacularly! Beautiful!

  69. Leave a Reply

    17th May 2015

    Tulips because they are colourful

  70. Leave a Reply

    Val Swift
    17th May 2015

    I love lilies, I love the way they look and smell and there are some really pretty coloured ones

  71. Leave a Reply

    sarah birkett
    17th May 2015

    Daffodils. such a bright colour, and a true sign that spring is on its way

  72. Leave a Reply

    Rachael G
    17th May 2015

    Stargazer Lilies because they are stunning, come in beautiful colours and have such an amazing heady scent which fills the room.

  73. Leave a Reply

    felicity smith
    17th May 2015

    all the flowers are lovely but my favourite would have to be fresias. the smell is magical

  74. Leave a Reply

    Siobhan Davis
    17th May 2015

    Sunflowers because they are bright and beautiful just like my children 🙂 We grow them every year and they have a competition to see whose grows the

  75. Leave a Reply

    melanie stirling
    17th May 2015

    Orchids are my favourite,they look a bit different to most flowers and I used to always buy my mum a single orchid in a little glass vase when I was little.

  76. Leave a Reply

    Gill Bland
    17th May 2015

    I love Amnesia Roses because I had them in my wedding bouquet and the purpley green tinge is delicate yet not too girly

  77. Leave a Reply

    gemma brown
    17th May 2015

    I love tulips, especially yellow ones. The shape is so different and come in such a variety

  78. Leave a Reply

    Jaelin Farrow
    17th May 2015

    My favourite flowers are roses, they just smell so nice!

  79. Leave a Reply

    Karen Barrett
    18th May 2015

    Frangipanis from my nieces wedding bouquet at Byron Bay, Australia

  80. Leave a Reply

    Lauren Pilkington
    18th May 2015

    i love gerberas. they are bright big and beautiful

  81. Leave a Reply

    Kristy Brown
    18th May 2015

    I love Lilies. The scent always reminds me of my gran and makes me feel closer to her even though she is no longer with us

  82. Leave a Reply

    helen tovell
    18th May 2015

    Orchids as I got married in the Orchid gardens in Barbados and there is so many different varieties and they come in so many different colours

  83. Leave a Reply

    Vikki Cross
    18th May 2015

    Lillies are definitely my favourite, i love the smell and how elegant and sophisticated they look when they open

  84. Leave a Reply

    pete c
    18th May 2015

    lillies – if looked after they last long enough and they look lovely

  85. Leave a Reply

    Lorraine Tinsley
    18th May 2015

    I love gerbera as they are just so bright and come in loads of colours. I had them mixed with roses in my wedding bouquet

  86. Leave a Reply

    19th May 2015

    Daisies because they look so happy 😀

  87. Leave a Reply

    lyn Burgess
    19th May 2015

    I love lilies, because they are so bold and smell gorgeous

  88. Leave a Reply

    Nat thomason
    19th May 2015

    Old fashioned scented roses like maidens blush amazing fresh scent beautiful

  89. Leave a Reply

    Tina M Holmes
    19th May 2015

    I love daffodils, i love how bright and cheery they are. Plus they are a great sign warmer weather is on its way.

  90. Leave a Reply

    C Kennedy
    19th May 2015

    My absolute favourites are gypsophila (baby’s breath). They’re super cheap to buy and look so dainty and cute, and the last bunch I bought lasted 4 weeks!

    • Leave a Reply

      25th May 2015

      That’s good going and what a lovely idea, I don’t think I’ve ever bought any on their own.

  91. Leave a Reply

    Fiona S
    19th May 2015

    Alstromeria – so pretty and delicate

  92. Leave a Reply

    19th May 2015

    How can you not love sunflowers? The way they look in a field, tall and beautiful. Can’t be beat.

    • Leave a Reply

      25th May 2015

      I agree Sara, sunflowers are quite magnificent and such a glorious colour too.

  93. Leave a Reply

    Elizabeth Briggs
    19th May 2015

    Carnations – my mums favourite and remind me of her x

  94. Leave a Reply

    Angela Wilcox
    20th May 2015

    I love lillies, so pretty to look at and they smell gorgeous

  95. Leave a Reply

    clair downham
    20th May 2015

    roses and lilies as they smell lovely

  96. Leave a Reply

    Sam Bresnahan
    20th May 2015

    I can’t choose my favourite, there are just too many that are gorgeous!
    I love Geberas and Lilys though, also freesia & jasmine for the gorgeous scent.

  97. Leave a Reply

    katrina walsh
    21st May 2015

    Bluebells remind me of enid blyton stories as a child

  98. Leave a Reply

    Kay Broomfield
    21st May 2015

    I love stargazer lillies as they give off the most wonderful scent!

  99. Leave a Reply

    kim plant
    21st May 2015

    my fave is lillies I had them for my wedding day x

  100. Leave a Reply

    Tracy Newton
    21st May 2015

    I love lilies. They come in all different shades, last ages when cut from the garden and placed in the home. Plus the scent is amazing.

  101. Leave a Reply

    leanne weir
    21st May 2015

    Roses, white, they are just stunning.

  102. Leave a Reply

    Layla Thomas
    21st May 2015

    Sweet Peas. I love the smell, they are easy to grow in the garden and they always remind me of my Great Grandmother because they were her favorite.

  103. Leave a Reply

    jodie yorke
    21st May 2015

    white or pink roses are beautiful.

  104. Leave a Reply

    jodie crossley
    23rd May 2015

    i love tulips as they are bright cheerful and look lovely

  105. Leave a Reply

    Sue Stevenson
    23rd May 2015

    I love all scented flowers but at this moment I can smell the heady scent of our Lilac tree just love it.

  106. Leave a Reply

    Kimberley Smith-Howes
    24th May 2015

    I love bluebells bringing a sea of blue in spring

  107. Leave a Reply

    25th May 2015

    tulips, they remind me of when i was younger

  108. Leave a Reply

    Kirsty Fox
    25th May 2015

    I love Hydrangeas, I just love the different colours and the big round blooms, although I have to say all flowers make me smile!

  109. Leave a Reply

    Jo m Welsh
    26th May 2015

    I like lilies as I love watching them open and their scent

  110. Leave a Reply

    27th May 2015

    I love red roses, they remind me of my dad who passed away last year x

    • Leave a Reply

      27th May 2015

      Oh, I’m sorry to hear that Becca. Roses remind me of my grandad who hasn’t been around for many years now.

  111. Leave a Reply

    Laura Baker
    27th May 2015

    My favourite flowers are roses because they look and smell gorgeous

  112. Leave a Reply

    28th May 2015

    I have always liked Daffodils, no specific reason as they smell and look good.

  113. Leave a Reply

    Kat Glynn
    28th May 2015

    I love lillies because they are so fragrant and showy x

  114. Leave a Reply

    Kat Lucas
    29th May 2015

    Lilacs are my favorite flowers as it always reminds me of staying over at my grandmothers on warm summer days in Texas

  115. Leave a Reply

    Jo Bryan
    30th May 2015

    I adore sunflowers they are so big and cheer me up they seem to smile. My husband brings me a huge and I mean its mahoosive bunch as they bloom around my birthday.

  116. Leave a Reply

    Sheila Reeves
    30th May 2015

    My favourites are Freesias, they were my mums favourite flower and dad would always get her some for her birthday – love the fragrance, although a lot these days don’t seem to have that anymore 🙁

  117. Leave a Reply

    Amy Beckett
    31st May 2015

    Freesias as the smell of them reminds me of having fun at my grandmas.

  118. Leave a Reply

    31st May 2015

    Lilies – they look and smell beautiful, come in many colours, grow well in the garden and last for ages in a vase. They seem to have a timeless elegance.

  119. Leave a Reply

    Stephanie Whitehouse
    1st June 2015

    I love paeonies, both as cut flowers and in the garden. From the tome they push through the soil in Spring, they are a joy to observe

  120. Leave a Reply

    aaron broad
    2nd June 2015

    My favourite flowers are Lillies, because they look cool and smell pretty awesome

  121. Leave a Reply

    Lisa from Lisa's Life
    2nd June 2015

    My very favourite flowers are tulips but as long as they’re purple I’ll find a vase for anything 🙂 Those chocolates look delicious by the way! 🙂

  122. Leave a Reply

    Michael Rattray
    2nd June 2015

    Snow drops. They’re so delicate

  123. Leave a Reply

    esme mccrubb
    7th June 2015


  124. Leave a Reply

    8th June 2015

    My favourite flowers are allium. I just love the gorgeous spheres and delicate shades that they come in.

  125. Leave a Reply

    Christine Caple
    9th June 2015

    My favourite flowers are poppies, I love the bright colours.

  126. Leave a Reply

    kayleigh white
    10th June 2015

    I love Lobellia, there’s nothing like cycling in the Pembrokeshire countryside, passing various walls with trailing colourful lobellia!

    • Leave a Reply

      10th June 2015

      Ooh yes Kayleigh, I love lobelia too and this has reminded me that I need to get some for my garden, thai you.

  127. Leave a Reply

    Kathleen Bywaters
    10th June 2015

    Pink roses, my husband wore one on our wedding day. My granddad also used to grow pink roses before he died. They are a special flower in our family!

    • Leave a Reply

      10th June 2015

      Ah yes Kathleen, my granddad was a rose man too and I always think of him whenever I see one anywhere.

  128. Leave a Reply

    Michelle Banks
    10th June 2015

    i love tulips, especially the dark red, almost black ones x

  129. Leave a Reply

    mama syder
    10th June 2015

    Gerianums are my favourite flowers because they remind me of my Nan and Grandads garden

  130. Leave a Reply

    Keshia Esgate
    11th June 2015

    I just love arum lillies they are so elegant and beautiful

  131. Leave a Reply

    Kat Allinson
    11th June 2015

    MY favourite flowers are sunflowers because they are so bright and cheerful, they also happen to be the subject of my favourite painting by van gogh

    • Leave a Reply

      12th June 2015

      Ah yes, it’s a wonderful painting Kat and Van Gogh was a very gifted painter.

  132. Leave a Reply

    Lucy Pasifull
    11th June 2015

    I love roses, the old fashioned massive ones. They remind me of my grandparents garden when I was tiny.

  133. Leave a Reply

    Holly Boyd
    11th June 2015

    I love tulips, they remind me of spring and the warmer weather coming. All the beautiful colours they come in too. Had them at my wedding as my flowers, no roses for me 😉

  134. Leave a Reply

    12th June 2015

    Freesias cause they look so lovely and smell glorious.

  135. Leave a Reply

    kirsty cooper
    12th June 2015

    Pink roses, because they are beautiful!

  136. Leave a Reply

    donna l jones
    12th June 2015

    lupins they smell gorgeous

  137. Leave a Reply

    eva trelfa
    12th June 2015

    I love roses as my nan used to grow them and i now have her rose bush in my garden x

  138. Leave a Reply

    Karen R
    13th June 2015

    I love snowdrops, because they have to make such an effort to grow before any of the other flowers bother – they’re the only one there to cheer us up in the depths of winter 🙂

    • Leave a Reply

      13th June 2015

      Great reasoning there Karen, there is something very cheerful about snowdrops in the snow.

  139. Leave a Reply

    jenette ogborn
    13th June 2015

    I absolutely love roses and often look for different colours rather than the traditional red, i think yellow has to be my favourite at the moment very colourful

  140. Leave a Reply

    Alison MacDonald
    13th June 2015

    I love Purple Iris they are just such a gorgeous colour and their shape is beautiful to me they are like floral eye candy 😀

    • Leave a Reply

      13th June 2015

      I’m with you on those Alison. Would love to be somewhere I can grow them some day.

  141. Leave a Reply

    Emma Nixon
    13th June 2015

    Alstroemeria. They look lovely in a vase in the kitchen window. My dad grows them and we constantly pick them for flower displays. A never ending source of beautiful flowers

  142. Leave a Reply

    Katherine Coldicott
    13th June 2015

    Roses. I have lots of roses in my garden & I love the smell of them coming through into my kitchen in the summer.

  143. Leave a Reply

    Charlotte Hoskins
    13th June 2015

    I’d love to get a bouquet for my Dad for Father’s Day. He always buys my Mum carnations so maybe a bouquet that included those!

  144. Leave a Reply

    Sheri Darby
    13th June 2015

    I love roses, I love the colours and the perfume

  145. Leave a Reply

    Victoria Prince
    13th June 2015

    Snapdragons 🙂 My grandparents had them in their garden and I remember being absolutely fascinated by them as a child, now I am an adult and neither of my grandparents are with us they hold all those fond memories – and I am still fascinated by them!

  146. Leave a Reply

    Hannah Igoe
    13th June 2015

    Iris because they are so vibrant in their colour and I love the shape of them

  147. Leave a Reply

    Lisa Wilkinson
    13th June 2015

    I love Violets because they are the name of my little girl.

  148. Leave a Reply

    Patricia Avery
    13th June 2015

    My favourite flower is the snowflake. When Mum and Dad bought a rundown house in the 1950s with outside loo and no running water etc. that had not been lived in for years the garden was a mass of snowflakes so beautiful. I think someone had looked after the garden although the house was very neglected 🙂

  149. Leave a Reply

    13th June 2015

    I like carnations – I love the variety of colours and their lovely fragrance.

  150. Leave a Reply

    Jane Middleton
    14th June 2015

    I love roses because they smell so lovely and are very impressive

  151. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Buckley
    14th June 2015

    I really like tulips & daffodils because they are both so colourful & make me happy when I look at them!

  152. Leave a Reply

    lindsay chadburn
    14th June 2015

    i love lillies they are gorgeous

  153. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    Roses because I think they are very beautiful and very romantic

  154. Leave a Reply

    Mrs McG
    14th June 2015

    Yellow roses because they were my mum’s favourite & remind me of her & her fun for life.

  155. Leave a Reply

    katherine b
    14th June 2015

    My favourite are peonies. I had them in my wedding bouquet

  156. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    Lillies. They are pretty, smell nice and last for ages

  157. Leave a Reply

    denise s
    14th June 2015

    i love gerberas, i had them for my wedding bouquet , they are lovely bright colours with simple daisy like flowers. I dislike to fussy frilly flowers

  158. Leave a Reply

    Nancy Bradford
    14th June 2015

    My favourite flowers for smelling are lavender, but my favourite to look at are roses.

  159. Leave a Reply

    Christina Cooke
    14th June 2015

    My favourite flowers are tulips as they’re so beautiful and always cheer me up whenever I see them

  160. Leave a Reply

    Vicki A Smith
    14th June 2015

    I love carnations – they were my nanna’s favourites when I was a kiddy x

  161. Leave a Reply

    trevor linvell
    14th June 2015

    My favourites are roses as they’re the classic english flower

  162. Leave a Reply

    Michelle R
    14th June 2015

    Roses, as they’re a beautiful flower with the most heavenly scent and they come in such a variety of colours.

  163. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    I love gerberas, they always look proud – long tall fuzzy stems and come in a great variety of colours 🙂

  164. Leave a Reply

    Mr James Holyland
    14th June 2015

    Large white roses are so stylish and have always been my favourite

  165. Leave a Reply

    Marie B
    14th June 2015

    I love roses for their beautiful look and scent

  166. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    I love wallflowers at the moment. There are some along the path I walk to work and they smell wonderful

  167. Leave a Reply

    Jill fairbank
    14th June 2015

    My favourite flowers are the sweet pea they are so pretty and just have the sweetest smell

  168. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    Red roses are classic and timeless

  169. Leave a Reply

    jules smith eley
    14th June 2015

    my favourite flowers are peonies i adore every different kind and colour, i love how big and fluffy they are and look so elegant in a vase its a shame they only last a month as they always make me smile.

  170. Leave a Reply

    Dale Dow
    14th June 2015

    Daffodils – a sign of spring!

  171. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    Lilies because they remind me of my late Nanna Lillian

  172. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    Cornflowers because they are such a lovely shade of blue and I had them in my wedding bouquet.

  173. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    I like the simple carnation, its such a pretty flower 🙂

  174. Leave a Reply

    Tracey baker
    14th June 2015

    Hydrangea as they last me all year as when autumn comes I dry them and have them on my fire place all winter x

    • Leave a Reply

      15th June 2015

      Ah yes Tracey, hydrangeas dry really well. I have them in the house over winter too.

  175. Leave a Reply

    Carolynn Woodland
    14th June 2015

    Orchids – I first saw them on holiday in Thailand and i have been obsessed with them since

  176. Leave a Reply

    Alison O
    14th June 2015

    My favourite flowers are roses, because they look stunning and smell gorgeous

  177. Leave a Reply

    teresa sheldon
    14th June 2015

    Sweetpeas, my dad always grew them and whenever I smell them now it reminds me of my lovely childhood

  178. Leave a Reply

    Hayley Lynch
    14th June 2015

    daffodils they look so happy brighten you up after Winter

  179. Leave a Reply

    Martina Alban
    14th June 2015

    sunflowers because they are my sun on rainy days

  180. Leave a Reply

    Sue McCarthy
    14th June 2015

    Freesias are my favourite, they look beautiful and smell gorgeous

  181. Leave a Reply

    caroline tokes
    14th June 2015

    love yallow roses always reminds me of summer

  182. Leave a Reply

    Hugh Mackenzie
    14th June 2015

    I like tulips the most because they are my girlfriend’s favourite and are guaranteed to put a smile on her face!

  183. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    Freesias are my favourite flowers, mainly because of their gorgeous fragrance, but I love all the colours they come in too.

  184. Leave a Reply

    Laura Pritchard
    14th June 2015

    I love sweetpeas because they smell incredible, are easy to grow & maintain, & look really pretty!

  185. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Lewis
    14th June 2015

    I love daffodils because they are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring and always makes you feel like the winter is over x

  186. Leave a Reply

    Joanna Sawka
    14th June 2015

    I like orchids, because of the look and smell

  187. Leave a Reply

    Natalie Gillham
    14th June 2015

    I love the classic elegance of white roses 🙂

  188. Leave a Reply

    Gerri Tennant
    14th June 2015

    My favourite flowers are Alstoemerias. They look really expensive and oriental but are actually very cheap and last for ages in water. I am growing some this year as well, can’t wait to see what colour they are.

    • Leave a Reply

      15th June 2015

      I have some alstromerias growing in a pot at home. I was hoping for a vibrant orange or red, but got pink. Still good to have though. Good luck with yours.

  189. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    Roses, love their scent and colours

  190. Leave a Reply

    lynn heath
    14th June 2015

    My favourite flowers are ones that I can remember growing in my Nan and Grandads garden, they referred to them as snap dragons but im not sure what there true name was. I haven’t seen any in years but I would some in my garden

    • Leave a Reply

      15th June 2015

      Good point Lynn. I remember them being quite common, but I don’t think I’ve seen any in a long time either.

      • Leave a Reply

        lynn heath
        15th June 2015

        I know, I am now determined to try and track some down!!!

  191. Leave a Reply

    Helen Bennett
    14th June 2015

    I love daffodils emerging after winter and before my birthday

  192. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    I adore roses as they are repeat flowering, come in beautiful colours and are extremely fragrant.

  193. Leave a Reply

    Keith Hunt
    14th June 2015

    Red & White Roses like my father grows

  194. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    I love Sweet Williams – They remind me of my lovely dad as he used to grow them when I was young

  195. Leave a Reply

    dawn thompson
    14th June 2015

    Sunflowers because they look like they are smiling at the world!

  196. Leave a Reply

    Neil Firth
    14th June 2015

    I like roses, but my wife loves lilies. I used to buy roses, but they never got appreciated

  197. Leave a Reply

    lisa tebbutt
    14th June 2015

    i love to see the cheery blossom on the tree

  198. Leave a Reply

    Matt Brasier
    14th June 2015

    Daisies at the moment as my lawn is full of them!!

  199. Leave a Reply

    Helen Craigs
    14th June 2015

    My favourite flowers are white stargazer lilies, I love how they open out from fat buds into huge blooms!

  200. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Heath
    14th June 2015

    I love Freesias, they are a big reminder of me growing up in Guernsey, and have been used as wedding flowers and funeral flowers for my family.

  201. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    love the peace scented rose

  202. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    I love sweet peas – every year I say I am going to grow some!

  203. Leave a Reply

    Lyndsey Beckford
    14th June 2015

    My favourite flower is the carnation because they smell lovely, they last forever and they are always reasonably priced 🙂

  204. Leave a Reply

    Tina L-D
    14th June 2015

    I love orchids – can’t say why just do 🙂

  205. Leave a Reply

    Debbie Preston
    14th June 2015

    I love Gerberas because they look such a happy colourful flower and make me smile when I see them

  206. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    I like lilies, I think they’re so elegant.

  207. Leave a Reply

    Eleanor Powell
    14th June 2015

    I love Sweet Williams, they are so pretty and smell gorgeous

  208. Leave a Reply

    14th June 2015

    My favourite flowers are gerberas as they are pretty and last a while 🙂

  209. Leave a Reply

    Tracey Quinn
    14th June 2015

    Fuschia, because they smell so nice

  210. Leave a Reply

    Charlotte Hood
    14th June 2015

    I love peonies! Although they don’t really smell, they’re so beautiful and flamboyant!

  211. Leave a Reply

    olivia Kirby
    14th June 2015

    Lily of the valley because they are pretty and really delicate

  212. Leave a Reply

    Joanne Hutchings
    14th June 2015

    Roses – they were my wedding flower!

  213. Leave a Reply

    Kate Jones
    14th June 2015

    Gerberas as they bright anyones day

  214. Leave a Reply

    Jo Hutchings
    14th June 2015

    Roses – they were my wedding flower. Such happy memories every time I see one.

  215. Leave a Reply

    Denielle Nicol
    14th June 2015

    I love sun flowers as they make me feel happy every time I see one 🙂 Dxx

  216. Leave a Reply

    Andrew Seaman
    14th June 2015

    Orchids as they look pretty and get lots of attention

  217. Leave a Reply

    Laura Vitty
    14th June 2015

    My favourites are tulips, but it’s a shame that they don’t last long.

  218. Leave a Reply

    claire little
    14th June 2015

    I love white roses every since i read snow white as a girl.

  219. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Thomas
    14th June 2015

    Agapanthus because blue is my favourite colour and they remind me of Cornish summers

  220. Leave a Reply

    marie carr
    14th June 2015

    Yellow Roses – I just love them – they cheer me up no end!

  221. Leave a Reply

    Michelle Wild
    14th June 2015

    Freesia because their scent is wonderful and reminds me of weddings.

  222. Leave a Reply

    faye huntington
    14th June 2015

    tulips because they remind me of my grandmother

  223. Leave a Reply

    Ruth Wollerton
    14th June 2015

    Daffodils – Signify Spring is on its way beautifully

  224. Leave a Reply

    Alison Macdonald
    14th June 2015

    Freesias – had them in my wedding bouquet

  225. Leave a Reply

    Theresa parker
    14th June 2015

    I think roses are beautiful…I love their texture and smell

  226. Leave a Reply

    Jessica Powell
    14th June 2015

    I love daffodils – I find the shape of them really intriguing, and they’re so bright and colourful. It helps that they’re the flower of Wales too so I get to see plenty of them!

  227. Leave a Reply

    Jamie Millard
    14th June 2015

    It’s not about me, i’m entering to win for my girlfriend Sarah. She likes roses. Shhh – #DontTellSarah.

  228. Leave a Reply

    Alisa Moore
    15th June 2015

    Orchids as they are so exotic

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