Easter Chocolate Bites

Meaningful Chocolate Easter Egg

Chocolate Reviews | 30th March 2015 | By

Well the festival of chocolate is nearly upon us. I do know, of course that Easter is a very special occasion in the Christian calendar and for many others is about the celebration of Spring, but for us chocoholics, it’s a very good excuse to indulge.


Creamy Garlic Mushrooms

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms

I’ve always been a big fan of mushrooms, I can’t help myself. When I was asked to feature a recipe for creamy garlic mushrooms on my blog, it took me a whole two seconds to decide. Mushrooms with garlic and cream is probably my favourite way to eat them.


Surprise Easter Egg Cupcakes

Easter Egg Cupcakes

Cupcakes, Easter | 24th March 2015 | By

Who doesn’t love a good Easter egg hunt? Well, I’m not actually sure I’ve ever been on one, but I love the idea and I’ve certainly witnessed a few with the excited squeals of children ringing in my ears. So when I was asked to create an Easter recipe for Sainsbury’s, I thought I’d hide a few Easter eggs inside some cupcakes. I give you surprise Easter Egg cupcakes.


Chocolate Layer Cake for We Should Cocoa #55

Chocolate Layer Cake

When I was asked to bake a cake for a rather sad occasion last week, I thought I’d try out one of Will Torrent’s recipes, or two of them in fact. I adapted his Nans’ chocolate fudge cake recipe to make it into a three layered cake, then topped it with a chocolate glaze from his recipe for salted caramel & rum top hat cake.


Test Your Mettle with this Nettle Tonic

Nettle Smoothie

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am having such fun with my Froothie super speed blender. Mostly, I’ve only used it so far for making smoothies, but smoothies I’d never have been able to make in my old blender. I’ve already posted about my kefir raw cacao and goji berry smoothie. Today I thought I’d try nettles.


Marmalade Runeberg Cakes for Mother’s Day

Runeberg Cakes

Small Cakes | 17th March 2015 | By

Tada! For my first recipe published on Tin and Thyme, I bring you some non chocolate baking. Runeberg cakes are a Finnish celebratory cake that was supposedly invented by the wife of poet Johan Ludvig Runberg for him to enjoy every morning for breakfast. How kind of Fredrika. They are made with an unusual mixture of breadcrumbs and ground almonds instead of flour. It’s a great way to use slightly stale bread. I tried this out earlier in the year with this rye bread and blackcurrant cake and the results were truly impressive.


Delving Deeper: Chocolate Log Blog moves to Tin and Thyme

St Agnus Tin Mine

Uncategorized | 14th March 2015 | By

Chocolate Log Blog has a new home, here at Tin and Thyme. The world of chocolate is a wonderful place, but it now feels time (geddit?) to move on and explore my other food interests. Chocolate will always remain important to me and will feature frequently on this blog. I shall continue to create and develop vegetarian recipes as I always have done, but they won’t all include chocolate. There will be more of an emphasis on the exciting world of Cornish food and the South West in general, although other areas of the country and world will continue to feature. Whilst the focus of Chocolate Log Blog was, of course, chocolate, it has always been a fairly eclectic mix of sweet and savoury, indulgent and healthy, reviews and outings. I’ll still be mining this vein (geddit?) as I tunnel further into the mother lode of food and unearth all sorts of gems – I can’t wait. 


Chocolate at Home by Will Torrent

Book Reviews | 11th March 2015 | By

Instagram is a wonderful thing. It gives a real insight into what is important in people’s lives. It’s so visual and so immediate, it has become a firm favourite with me. It was here I first came across the  talented pastry chef, Will Torrent. Will may not love chocolate more than I do, but he certainly knows a lot more about it and has the expertise to fashion it into all sorts of wondrous creations.


Kefir Raw Cocoa and Goji Berry Smoothie

Kefir Cocoa Goji Berry Smoothie
 As predicted, since acquiring my super speed Optimum 9200 blender a couple of weeks ago, I have fallen in love with it and have used it nearly every day. Read my Froothie review to find out more. Kefir smoothies are one of the things we like to have for breakfast, but we were somewhat limited to the ingredients we could use in our old blender. Now there is no limit to what we can find and grind.


Fairtrade Chocolate – Seed and Bean Giveaway #57

Giveaway | 6th March 2015 | By

Fairtrade Fortnight is coming to an end, but you still have a chance to “choose products that save lives”. Take a look at last week’s post to find out more on why buying fairtrade chocolate helps growers in poorer parts of the world.

To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, I have a giveaway for four 85g bars of Seed and Bean chocolate. Seed and Bean is a company founded on ethical principles and all of its products are not only Fairtrade and organic, but taste good too. I’m a fan. The 18 flavours offered are interesting and the packaging is attractive and captures my attention every time. You can see more detail about some of their chocolate bars in previous reviews, the last one of which was a rainbow of delight.