Lemon Coconut Cakes with Freekah Flour

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With a bounty of lemons from 3pFruits and some coconut oil and a big bag of Freekah flour from MyProtein, it wasn’t long before I thought some kind of coconutty lemon freekah cakes were in order.   Here are a couple of recipes I’ve already posted using my citrus and protein stash – Healthier Brownies with Cashew Nut Butter and Grapefruit and Honey Almond Cake.


Côte d’Azur Éclair

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Photograph courtesy of Le Méridion Hotels

I have travelled over much of France, but I have never been to the Côte d’Azur. I have a friend who grew up there and now lives just across the border in Italy. He has waxed lyrical about the region ever since I first knew him as a teenager. As well as the azure seas and beautiful scenery, it’s meant to be a foodie paradise with olives and lemons being very much to the fore.


Chocolate Cashew Pie for Fairtrade Fortnight

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 Growing and harvesting cocoa beans to provide the chocolate we all love so much can be a very hard life and is often very badly paid to boot. For this reason I do my best to buy fairly traded chocolate whenever I can. Fairly traded chocolate gives a fair price for the cocoa bean to help farmers pull themselves out of poverty and live a decent life. One of the main proponents of this is the Fairtrade Foundation who have been actively campaigning to improve peoples lives in the developing world for twenty years now.


Nutella French Toast

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Nutella French Toast

Whilst we were away in the New Forest last month, I was given the remainder of a bag of wholemeal sliced bread to take home. This is not something I would normally buy as I make my own bread, so I was keen to use it up quickly. I also had some ancient Nutella that has been sitting in a jar since I don’t know when and I thought it was time to remove it and make a bit more room in my overcrowded cupboard.

Why not kill two birds with one stone? The solution: an indulgent breakfast of French toast.


Healthier Brownies with Cashew Nut Butter – We Should Cocoa #54

Well I know it’s very hard to make brownies healthy, but I have done my best to make these brownies with cashew nut butter as healthy as possible whilst still retaining their essential sweet fudgy brownieness. I used coconut oil and cashew nut butter instead of butter and rapadura instead of sugar.  And to top it off, my flour of choice was freekah. Freekah, Rapadura? Read on.


Eat Your Heart Out Nutella – Chocolate Cashew Nut Spread and a Giveaway #56

 I’ve noted many recipes on the web in the last year or two for homemade chocolate hazelnut spread. I’ve really wanted to have a go, but neither my blender nor my food processor are up to the job. However, I was recently sent a VonShef 3-in-1 hand blender from Domu to try out and I thought I’d put it through its paces and see if it was up to making a nut spread. I happened to have a bag of cashews to hand, so thought I’d try making a chocolate cashew nut spread rather than a hazelnut one.


Grapefruit and Honey Almond Cake and Chocolate Log Blog is Six

Yes, another year goes by and I find I have been blogging about chocolate for six whole years now. It is no secret that I’m rather fond of the dark stuff and as chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand, 14th February is a fitting date to have started this blog. To celebrate the occasion, I have a rather splendid grapefruit and honey almond cake with a chocolate glaze to entice you.


Jumbles with a White Chocolate Lemony Drizzle

Bosworth Jumbles
These jumbles with a white chocolate lemon drizzle came about serendipitously. I often borrow cookbooks from my local library; it’s a great way to properly peruse new (or old) titles without having to buy them. I have limited space in the house and really need to justify buying new books. Sometimes, of course, I just can’t help myself. Paul Hollywood’s British Baking was a recent book that made its way onto my bedside table, courtesy of Liskeard library.


Spiced Kefir Pancakes with Manuka Honey and Crème Fraîche Chocolate Sauce

Spiced Kefir Pancakes with manuka honey and crème fraîche chocolate sauce.

Despite my love of chocolate, cakes, biscuits, puddings and most things sweet, I do not, as it may seem, indulge all day long or even every day. Most of the time, I try to eat healthily. One of our regular breakfast ingredients is kefir, which CT has been making for many years now. We drink it as it is, use it in smoothies, on muesli and add it to porridge. I woke up one Sunday morning thinking, why don’t I try making pancakes out of it – not a revolutionary idea I’m sure, but I’d not thought of it before. Spiced kefir pancakes with manuka honey and crème fraîche chocolate sauce it was then.


Miss Witt Will Woo and other Valentine Treats


I first came across Chocolate by Miss Witt when visiting CT’s mother in Lymington on the edge of the New Forest. You can read all about it on my Unexpected Find in the Forest post. Suffice it to say, that I’m not likely to miss an opportunity to pay a visit to her pop-up-shop at Lymington’s weekly market if the occasion arises. And arise it did last Saturday.

Miss Witt is a true artisan chocolateier and makes an intriguing range of handmade chocolates. Unusually, she eschews cream and butter for the virtues of spring water, yes, her chocolates are all made with water ganache.

It was a bitterly cold day and Miss Witt was well wrapped. CT managed to polish of a fair few of the tasters as we chatted. My attention, however, was focused on hearing of the latest developments in the world of New Forest chocolates. A number of stores in Lymington are now stocking her products.  I came away clutching a collection of chocolate goodies to try in the warmth of my own home.