Chocolate Indulgence from Fudge Kitchen – Review and Giveaway #37

Just in time for Chocolate Week, which starts this Monday, 14 October, Fudge Kitchen have launched a gourmet fudge collection of nine chocolate miniatures – Chocolate Indulgence. The company have been making their specialist whipping cream fudge for the last 30 years using an old American recipe from the 1830s. Handmade on traditional marble slabs, the fudge is also hand decorated for individual effect. I generally find fudge too sweet these days, but I wasn’t going to turn down the offer of trying some when I got the chance.

Devilishly different, according to Fudge Kitchen, I was keen to see how it compared to some of our own Cornish fudge. The fudge squares were attractively presented in their own box with a key to which one of the nine flavours was which. All made with whipping cream, butter, golden syrup and chocolate of course, Fudge Kitchen, use no artificial additives in their products and indeed there was nothing on the list of ingredients to cause me to frown. The pieces were large, so I shared them with CT, although the sharing fairy may not have approved of my somewhat irregular divisiion of the spoils. The fudge was of the fudgy variety rather than crumbly and was very dense. I enjoyed all of them, but as predicted, I found them to be a little too sweet, although some more so than others. I think the flavours would have come through better if less sugar was involved as too much sugar tends to overwhelm my palate. They were all very rich, so are probably best enjoyed a little bit at a time, which is how it should be really.

Dark Chocolate and Pistachio – rich and sweet with overtones of molasses, this was very nice, but I couldn’t detect any pistachio flavour. CT thought the flavour more akin to liquorice.

Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt – one of my favourite combinations, so I was particularly looking forward to this one. It smelt wonderful, sweet and richly chocolatey at the same time. There was a definite taste of the salty sea which I liked, although when it comes to salt, less is more. It was less sweet than the pistachio and CT noticed a slightly drying effect on the palate, which you often get with dark chocolate.

White Chocolate and Raspberry – this is a classic combination and worked very well in the fudge, I thought. The raspberry flavour was refreshing and maybe because of this it wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting it to be. In fact it was quite delicious and turned out to be my favourite.

Belgian Chocolate Swirl – tasted more like vanilla fudge than chocolate to me. Nice, but lacking in any particular distinctive characteristics.

Chocolate Fruit & Nuts – rich and nutty with raisins and walnuts creating a chewy texture giving it additional interest. CT likened it to Christmas cake.

Hazelnut Heaven – a fudgy praline with a nice flavour and smooth texture, but rather too sweet for me. CT enjoyed the way the flavour persisted on his palate.

Double Trouble Chocolate – tasted like milk chocolate and reminded me a little of a chocolate version of the Indian sweet barfi.

Chilli Chocolate – the chilli worked really well with the chocolate fudge allowing the flavour as well as the heat to slowly develop. This was my favourite after the raspberry. It was really quite hot, but this helped to punch through its sweetness.

Rich Chocolate Classic – as its title suggested, this one was very rich and tasted the most chocolatey of all; because of this it was a little less sweet.

Fudge Kitchen are kindly offering a second box as a giveaway on Chocolate Log Blog.
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  1. Leave a Reply

    Tracy K Nixon
    12th October 2013

    Ohhhh fudge is my favourite treat!!! I would love to see a milk chocolate latte flavour added to the selection!

  2. Leave a Reply

    Fiona Henderson
    12th October 2013

    I would love to see some white chocolate flavoured fudge yum.

  3. Leave a Reply

    12th October 2013

    Marzipan – I just love marzipan

  4. Leave a Reply

    12th October 2013

    A vanilla with coffee swirl would be lovely.

  5. Leave a Reply

    Graham Brigden
    12th October 2013

    I ALways like a good rum and raisin

  6. Leave a Reply

    12th October 2013

    I love Praline so that would be a fab addition for me.

  7. Leave a Reply

    12th October 2013

    Chocolate and mint would be perfect.


  8. Leave a Reply

    12th October 2013

    I love Fudge Kitchen fudge, so probably just as well the nearest one is a few hours drive away! It does seem to taste different to the usual ones you buy and great fun to watch them making it which they do in the shop. I would love them to include a dark chocolate and cherry flavour too.

  9. Leave a Reply

    12th October 2013

    I’m torn between two: Turkish Delight or Rum and Raisin 🙂

  10. Leave a Reply

    13th October 2013

    I still have a sweet tooth so these sound wonderful. I’d like to see something coconutty, maybe white chocolate and coconut.

  11. Leave a Reply

    13th October 2013

    Sounds boring next to these flavours but I do love Mint

  12. Leave a Reply

    Daydreaming Dee
    14th October 2013

    Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt yummy!!

  13. Leave a Reply

    erica phillips
    14th October 2013

    mint chocolate and popping candy

  14. Leave a Reply

    Charlotte Ingham
    14th October 2013

    Rum and Raisin, always the best flavour for fudge 🙂

  15. Leave a Reply

    jane greenfield
    15th October 2013

    dark chocolate orange

  16. Leave a Reply

    faye huntington
    17th October 2013

    peanut butter and caramel fudge!! with love, Faye xx

  17. Leave a Reply

    Verity Nock
    22nd October 2013

    White chocolate and cardamom – yum!

  18. Leave a Reply

    27th October 2013

    Dark Chocolate & Orange would be lovely

  19. Leave a Reply

    28th October 2013

    I love fudge, always looking inspiration for new flavours to try when making Christmas presents. Peanut butter would be good, or maple syrup. Cardamom, I love cardamom, I wonder if it could work in fudge.

  20. Leave a Reply

    31st October 2013

    Coffee. My favourite chocolate filling.

  21. Leave a Reply

    3rd November 2013

    I’ve had some of their fudge before and it’s gorgeous. Everyone loved the Maple Walnut so I’d have to pick that.

  22. Leave a Reply
    6th November 2013

    Dark chocolate and cherry!

  23. Leave a Reply

    Liza appleton
    6th November 2013

    chocolate orange 😀

  24. Leave a Reply

    Jakki Bradshaw
    6th November 2013

    Salted Caramel would be my suggestion 🙂

  25. Leave a Reply

    7th November 2013

    chocolate with chocolate centre!!

  26. Leave a Reply

    Teresa Lee
    8th November 2013

    White, vanilla & coconut

  27. Leave a Reply

    8th November 2013

    Think they are pretty much perfect now; may strawberry 🙂


  28. Leave a Reply

    Deborah Bird
    8th November 2013

    I absolutely love fudge kitchen, it is the best!!

    Maybe one of their white chocolate flavour ones would be nice? xx

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