Atkins & Potts Chocolate Spreads and Dips – a Review and Giveaway #22

When I received a box full of luxury chocolate spread to try recently, my first thought was, I must make some bread so I can apply a thick layer of chocolate indulgence on every slice. My second thought was, I don’t have time to make bread, I need to try it now. Before I had time to have a third thought, I dashed off to the local baker and bought a baguette.

Based on the Hampshire / Berkshire border, Atkins and Potts is a family run business producing a range of gourmet sauces, condiments, preserves and most importantly chocolate spread. All products are made in small batches to try and stay true to home cooking as much as possible and they claim to source their ingredients on quality with price being a secondary consideration. The ingredients list seemed perfectly acceptable to me and free from unnecessary additives – no palm oil!

So, the moment I got home, I cut four slices of bread from the baguette and spread each one with a different chocolate spread. I must say, I was in heaven. This was a big event for me as I haven’t eaten chocolate spread since I was a child and that’s quite a long time ago.  I had a really hard time trying to decide which was my favourite.

The luxury dark chocolate was the one whose taste I most remember from childhood and like Proust and his Madeleines, it all came flooding back. Dark, decadent, rich and oh so chocolatey.

Both of the dark chocolate spreads were quite stiff, but the luxury milk chocolate was softer and its gooey mellowness made a nice contrast to the others. I used the milk chocolate spread in these chocolate walnut pastries and it was a perfect addition.

The fabulous white chocolate spread was sweet and very vanillary and I’m keen to try it as a cookie or cake filling – I think it would work exceedingly well.

Being a self-confessed chilli fiend, I was rather taken with the cheeky chilli, a dark chocolate spread with pasilla chilli. The chilli was not backwards in coming forwards; the Aztecs would surely have approved – as did I.

As well as the chocolate spreads, I was also sent three jars of dipping sauce. The buttery toffee dipper jumped out at me straight away – I haven’t dared try it yet as I’m rather concerned I might just get a spoon and eat my way through the entire jar. I haven’t tried the other two either: decadent dark chocolate dipper and creamy and messy milk chocolate dipper, both sound like I shall be having a lot of fun with them.

Atkins and Potts have kindly offered the entire set of seven spreads and dippers as a giveaway on my blog.

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Chocolate Walnut Pastries

Chocolate Walnut Pastries

4 Star, Tarts & Pastries | 3rd February 2013 | By

I have a house full of chocolate spread, now how wonderful is that? Luckily, I have lots of ideas on how to use it, including baking a batch of chocolate walnut pastries. It’s been more years than I care to count since I last had chocolate spread, so how come I have a house full of it now?