Hotel Chocolate Giant Christmas Cracker – Giveaway #18

Well, how fantastic is a giant Christmas cracker stuffed full of Christmas cheer from Hotel Chocolat? I’d say fantastic indeed and I am really looking forward to cracking it open on Christmas Day this year. I shall be ensconced at the ancestral pile with the extended family and this super sized 64 cm long cracker will certainly come in handy. Last year the mini crackers went down well, but I think this is likely to really wow the gathered clan.

The cracker has the cool mid-winter colours of silver and white but with icy blue highlights. It captures the season well and depicts a wintery scene with spare drawings of trees and deer. The sparsity of the outside belies the abundance within, it is packed to the gunwales with chocolates – 40 to be precise. The  chocolate in come 22 individual white and silver wrapped packages. Everyone should find something they like as there are various types and flavours, including dark, milk and white; the identity of each is thoughtfully provided on the wrappers. The flavours of Christmas are well represented, including: Christmas Mess, Gianduja & Clementine, Gingerbread Truffle, Mulled Wine Truffles, Champagne Truffles and even a Pink Champagne Truffle. I was pleased to discover my favourite Sea Salt & Caramel, but as there is only one I might have to:

  1. Hide it
  2. Eat it now
  3. Get first dibs on the day
  4. Engage in some wrapper swapping
  5. Relax, be generous, it’s Christmas

The cracker, which retails at £38, also comes with 12 silver hats and a silver envelope containing jokes which apparently “may not contain humour”. Some traditions will never die, no matter how much we wish them to. It comes in a sturdy box with a carry handle, useful should you need to accompany Good King Wenceslas through the snow; knowing our luck, it won’t be deep and crisp and even.

Should you wish to see what other delights Hotel Chocolat has to offer for Christmas, click here.

Hotel Chocolat is kindly giving one of my readers a Rather Large Cracker too. To be in with a chance of winning, please fill in the Rafflecopter below. You will need to leave a comment on this post which then gives you additional chances to enter if you so wish. Rafflecopter will pick a winner at random from the entries received. If you are commenting anonymously, you will need to give some way of identifying you as the validity of entries will be verified. Any automated entries will be disqualified. This giveaway is only open to those with a UK postal address. Because of the Christmas rush, winners will need to respond within 2 days of being contacted. Failure to do this will result in another winner being picked.
Prizes are offered and provided by Hotel Chocolat and Chocolate Log Blog accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of said third party.
Closing date is Tuesday 11 December 2012

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  1. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    I would hide it for a while. Then I would open it later in the year when I need a bit of cheering up !

  2. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    I would sure have to hide it so no one would find it but I would probably share some of it

  3. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    I’d pull it with my 1 year old granddaughter, then I would be sure to win……..

  4. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    Hide it in either the kitchen sink or washing machine as nobody other than me ever goes near there!!!

  5. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    Secrete it in my secret hiding place…..feign a headache……..go and enjoy in peace

  6. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    I’d ask for it, hopefully my family would be kind enough to save it for me!

  7. Leave a Reply

    Sue McCarthy
    30th November 2012

    As I live alone, apart from the cat, tropical fish & newts, I don’t think I have much of a problem there ……

  8. Leave a Reply

    Sarah N
    30th November 2012

    I’d have to make sure I hid it well!

  9. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    I would hide it away until it was just the two of us and then share it.

  10. Leave a Reply

    leanne tobin
    30th November 2012

    yum yum my kids would love this 🙂

  11. Leave a Reply

    Valerie Slatter
    30th November 2012

    I’d wrap it up for myself and hide it under the tree,when I opened it I would say “Oh the labels fallen off” so no one would know I had put it there for myself

  12. Leave a Reply

    Sam Bisson
    30th November 2012

    Buy it for everyone now, then put it away, be unable to find it until after xmas when everyones started their diets! Except me of course, as I eat healthily all year round!!

  13. Leave a Reply

    lapin d'or
    30th November 2012

    I am so fond of chocolate that I do not really have a single favourite, quite useful at times.

  14. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    all of the chocolates would be my favourites so i would share with everyone and enjoy whichever chocolates came my way 🙂

  15. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    I’d buy it for myself and hide it, but I’d make sure everyone else had their favourites too 🙂

  16. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    You really do have to buy and hide.

  17. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    Wow I can just imagine pulling this round the Christmas table and everyone scrambling for the chocolates as it burst open. Their chocolate are always divine too!

  18. Leave a Reply

    Rachel Arnup
    30th November 2012

    I would buy it myself!

  19. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    I’d put it somewhere up high so the dogs didn’t eat it!

  20. Leave a Reply

    Mama G
    30th November 2012

    They all know not to be so stupid as to come between me and chocolate!

  21. Leave a Reply

    Gemma Turner
    30th November 2012

    I think I would sit underneath my slanket and hide it, so no-one could come and steal any!

  22. Leave a Reply

    30th November 2012

    I would buy so much that my hubby and kids could not possibly eat it all

  23. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    I’d hide it with the washing-up stuff. That way I know nobody else but me will find it!

  24. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    Is there a wrong type of chocolate?! I love it all! white, cark, normal, caramel, mint….

  25. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    I’d drop hints, then buy one myself and secret it away.

  26. Leave a Reply

    kayleigh white
    1st December 2012

    I would wrap it up with someone else’s name on it! hahahaha @xxfluffywhitexx on twitter

  27. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    I would tell my husband that is what I wanted

  28. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    Hide it in various locations round the house that no-one else goes into

  29. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    Buy one myself, wrap it up, put it under the tree and say santa left it! 🙂

  30. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    I would have it as a table decoration on Christmas day but I would have to hide it first

  31. Leave a Reply

    Beccy Parke
    1st December 2012

    I would definately hide it, feel guilty so end up sharing it!!

  32. Leave a Reply

    1st December 2012

    Order online, have it delivered to work and not bring it home until I finish work for Christmas!

  33. Leave a Reply

    Sarah Maclean
    1st December 2012

    Buy it for myself and hide it on top of the wardrobe!

  34. Leave a Reply

    Sheila O'Donoghue
    1st December 2012

    I would relax and share

  35. Leave a Reply

    Herbert Appleby
    1st December 2012

    I’d get well stocked up because any additional chocolate gobbling before the day could then be accounted for. Any extras thereafter….. well the snack draw will be happy:)

  36. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    I’d buy several to make sure I had one left on Christmas Day

  37. Leave a Reply

    Jane Brown
    2nd December 2012

    Put it where the kids couldn’t find it!

  38. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    Study the picture you took, and make sure I knew what the prominent words were for my favourite – I think it is the one saying “Caramel” hopefully that’s the sea salt & caramel one ;))

  39. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    I’d take my soul-mate to the shop and point to the one I wanted, so there was no room for any misunderstanding!

  40. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    I’d share it, but secretly monitor how much was left and snaffle bits away when no-one was watching!

  41. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    Hard to think of chocolate I don’t like and there is lots to share in the cracker I think we will all be happy

  42. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    I’d leave o/h a note describing what I want but would still buy some myself…just in case he forgot!

  43. Leave a Reply

    Rikka B
    2nd December 2012

    Hide it in the cupboard where the dusters and cleaning stuff live. No one but me ever goes near that stuff.

  44. Leave a Reply

    Lucy Taylor chedtaylor @ hotmail dotcom
    2nd December 2012

    mmm! they’re all my favourites so i could quite safely share a few and still get a favourite.

  45. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    Make sure there is only me and my hubby that knows about it and tell him “I won it so I have what I like”

  46. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    Hidden in a saucepan in the cupboard. No-one but me ever cooks so it’s safe there

  47. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    I’d certainly have to hide it! In a cupboard or somewhere random!

  48. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    I’d have to buy my own, but I’d put ‘hands off’ notes on it so nobody would touch it.

  49. Leave a Reply

    Janet Robertson
    3rd December 2012

    tell my husband & he’d get it for me

  50. Leave a Reply

    3rd December 2012

    Drop hints..know hubby wouldn’t get the hint so would probably buy it myself and hopefully get double as one of the sons got the hint!
    (Rafflecopter = Su Tyler)

  51. Leave a Reply

    3rd December 2012

    I have a special hiding place for my treats!!! @kikicomp

  52. Leave a Reply

    3rd December 2012

    I’ve got all the Christmas choccies stashed in a cool box. Not only is it mouse-proof (very important in our house) no one’s moved it since last summer so it’s a great place to hide things!

  53. Leave a Reply

    Rebekah Jones
    3rd December 2012

    Sneak the page into my favourites and let my husband find it when he “sneaks” on my laptop to look at what I have looked at 😀 xxx

  54. Leave a Reply

    3rd December 2012

    I’d try and take my favourite out then do the cracker back up before it got pullede 🙂

  55. Leave a Reply

    3rd December 2012

    I’d eat any, It doesn’t matter. I’d like them all 🙂

  56. Leave a Reply

    4th December 2012

    I’d pick my favourite first – then grudgingly offer them round to everyone else! Hopefully one or two will be too full up ftom Christmas Dinner to accept!!

  57. Leave a Reply

    4th December 2012

    I’d open it carefully the day before, remove the ones I want and close it all up again ready to be opened after dinner and shared around 😀

  58. Leave a Reply

    Wendy Tolhurst
    4th December 2012

    I would offer all the other chocolates around first and then open that and hope that everyone would have stuffed themselves with the other chocolates

  59. Leave a Reply

    Mark Allen
    4th December 2012

    I’d make a recording of me saying it over and over again and then play it at night. It’s bound to sink in.

  60. Leave a Reply

    5th December 2012

    I’d buy enough of it to make sure that when shared round there was enough for everyone including me!

  61. Leave a Reply

    Light-Wilson Francesca
    5th December 2012

    I’d buy the chocolates, show everyone I’d got them, unwrap the box, nab the one (or ones) that I wanted and THEN share them round 🙂

  62. Leave a Reply

    6th December 2012

    hide it lol

    greig spencer

  63. Leave a Reply

    7th December 2012

    I’d ask for it as a present. Only if it is a present is it safe and my family would then feel too guilty to take it from me.

  64. Leave a Reply

    Gwen Thomas
    7th December 2012

    I’d hide it in the laundry basket, guaranteed the husband and kids won’t look there!

  65. Leave a Reply

    7th December 2012

    I’d have to buy my own.


  66. Leave a Reply

    johanna munn
    7th December 2012

    I would buy it myself and wrap it up from father christmas with my name on it!

  67. Leave a Reply

    Laura Brass
    8th December 2012

    I always buy it for myself and hide it somewhere….doesn’t mean it’ll still be there by Christmas though! My mum got caught out one year when we noticed the tin of chocolates was half empty before being wrapped!

  68. Leave a Reply

    8th December 2012

    This rather large cracker would be at the centre of a free for all by our rather large family. Like a pride of Lions, each will come away with their bit of the kill. Lol.

  69. Leave a Reply

    8th December 2012

    Just ask my husband and he will supply 🙂


  70. Leave a Reply

    8th December 2012

    Buy it myself and hide it!

  71. Leave a Reply

    Duncan Campbell
    8th December 2012

    I’d perform James Bond like feats of derring do across land, sea and air by personally procuring the chocolates and bringing them home safe and sound, ready for the festive period 🙂

  72. Leave a Reply

    denise walker
    9th December 2012

    I would buy it for myself and then post it to myself special delivery…..

  73. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I would wrap it up, and put a label on it – To Mummy Love from Santa x
    Then it would be for me 😀 I would get the first pick.

  74. Leave a Reply

    Tracy K Nixon
    9th December 2012

    Hide them before the day – or sneakily open the box, take out my favourites and reseal! If the kids notice gaps in the box I’d say ‘Ooooh I will have to write to the manufacturer!’

  75. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    Buy it myself and then hide it in my wardrobe ‘cos noone else goes in there

  76. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    My hubby knows what I like… and I toally believe that he will producemy favourite choccy treat

  77. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    Ingrain it into my 6 yr olds brain everytime we go to Sainsburys – ‘Mmmm, mummy loves the lindt reindeer’ :o)

  78. Leave a Reply

    Alan S
    9th December 2012

    Pull it when half the family are asleep from too much food and wine/beer to make the odds better

  79. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I must admit, that I would hide
    These chocolates, safely set aside,
    For when the house is free of kids,
    of hubby too, (there is no dibs)
    It is no sin, I’ll be guilt free,
    to eat these chocolates, only me.

  80. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I would have to buy it for myself,wrap it myself and open it myself.

  81. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    Sneakily open the box take out my favourite chocolates, hide them then reseal the box as if its new!

  82. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I like all chocolate so what ever I ended up with I’d be happy

  83. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    But it myself, wrap it and leave it under the tree late of Christmas eve

  84. Leave a Reply

    Miriam Krutska
    9th December 2012

    i always have a stash of chocolate hidden all over house in different places no chance of running out

  85. Leave a Reply

    Vicky Limerick
    9th December 2012

    No-one would stand a chance before me my family know to stay away when chocolate is concerned haha

  86. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    When it’s cracked, I’d dive for my chocolate and wrestle anyone out of the way 🙂

  87. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I’d hide it away until everyone was in bed then take out my favourites and of course I’d share the rest 🙂

  88. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    i would get in there early…after all the early bird gets the worm

  89. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    Let people choose chocolates in alphabetical order then I will always go first as mine is the only name that starts with an “A”!

  90. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I would make sure it had a large note on it saying MINE

    Richard Gallagher

  91. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    put a ‘mums’ sticker on it and threaten that santa wont visit if anyone eats my choccies

  92. Leave a Reply

    Charlotte Ingham
    9th December 2012

    Grab it immediately and eat straight away!

  93. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    Do I really have to share should I win…?

  94. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I’d make the dog guard it until I’d cherry picked my favourites!

  95. Leave a Reply

    Aimee R
    9th December 2012

    Hide it before anyone else gets to it!

  96. Leave a Reply

    Alan C
    9th December 2012

    I would hide it by covering the box partially and say it was the same as one of the others

  97. Leave a Reply

    Linda Revell
    9th December 2012

    I’d secretly eat my favourites, re-seal it then share with everyone. It is Christmas after all!

  98. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I’ll buy lots of my fave AND SHARE IT.

  99. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    It would be very tempting to scoff it all myself but something so luxurious should be shared 🙂

  100. Leave a Reply

    Micky Ricketts
    9th December 2012

    I’d let someone else pull it, while I waited underneath for the chocs to fall then I’d scramble to get my fav!

  101. Leave a Reply

    jayne b
    9th December 2012

    I’d hide it by the gym gear where it would be safe until all give up on New Year resolutions!

  102. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I’m merciless. I would have first dibs , explaining that I’m just checking that they’re nice enough for Christmas.

  103. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I’d make sure that I opened it and would sneak out my favourite one before letting the rest of the family take their pick!


  104. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    buy it myself, eat it myself

  105. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I’d gobble it down whilst everyone else was busy opening pressies.

  106. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    The open & reclose trick – then stash my fave for a secret nibble later x

  107. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I would either have to buy it myself or tell my friend Jayne, she wouldn’t let me go without

  108. Leave a Reply

    9th December 2012

    I’d put it on my christmas list! It’s chocolate and i know my boyfriend would buy it me cause it’s christmas 🙂 and not too expensive!

  109. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    I’d buy it for my mom and she always shares chocolate on Christmas day, I’m sneaky.

  110. Leave a Reply

    Teresa Lee
    10th December 2012

    I’d assemble a crack team of highly trained special operatives with strict orders to protect the chocolate at all costs…..or maybe I might just hide it on top of my wardrobe.

  111. Leave a Reply

    Kim Murphy
    10th December 2012

    I would hide it, but if anyone was to find it I’d pretend it’s full of Brussel Sprouts… I’d know nobody would go near it them! Hahaha

  112. Leave a Reply

    caroline s
    10th December 2012

    I’d just eat all the chocs myself and then I’d get all my faves! Yum

  113. Leave a Reply

    Faye Lester
    10th December 2012

    I would use it christmas day as decoration for the table and share it with my whole family (17 of us around the table… eek!)

  114. Leave a Reply

    Kristy Brown
    10th December 2012

    I would buy it then hide it in the shed (something I already tend to do as everyone eats my choccies)

  115. Leave a Reply

    Val Hartley
    10th December 2012

    Buy it, then hide it.

  116. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    Hide in away from the others and bring it out at the perfect moment!

  117. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    Hide it all! I am merciless in my quest for chocolate.
    Isabel O’Brien

  118. Leave a Reply

    kelly hooper
    10th December 2012

    Well luckily my favourites are the one flavour no one else likes 😀 so I just help myself

  119. Leave a Reply

    rebecca nisbet
    10th December 2012

    id have my fingers crossed that my fella what know exactly what i like! he usually gets it right

  120. Leave a Reply

    louise connor
    10th December 2012

    I would hide it in the cupboard under the stairs where all the cleaning equipment, hoover, mops etc are kept. Because I know for certain that no body else in the house even knows this cupboard exists!!!!!

  121. Leave a Reply

    Emily F
    10th December 2012

    Not let anyone else near it until I’d had my favourite!

  122. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    every hotel chocolat chocolate is my favourite so i win everytime lol

  123. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    secrelt extract it then replace the lid. Then blame it on my brother!

  124. Leave a Reply

    Helen Swales
    10th December 2012

    Hide the box and only bring the chocolate box out after I’d taken out my favourite (then blame someone else for eating it!)

  125. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    Well as there is only ,me that loves coffee chocolates I’m all sorted :))

  126. Leave a Reply

    kate knight
    10th December 2012

    I would share it with my boyfriend because I know he would let me have my favourites

  127. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    Let’s just say I got pretty adept at being able to tell what was in crackers at an early age and then being able to hide the evidence! Don’t worry, my fave would be OUT OF THERE before anyone else could so much as eyeball it! 🙂

  128. Leave a Reply

    Julie Baxter
    10th December 2012

    i would hide it in the top of the fridge just me and kiddies in the house so they wont be able to reach them lol

  129. Leave a Reply

    Maria Jane Knight
    10th December 2012

    I would (when handing them out) tell people to “avoid” the ones i liked as they were coffee flavor (when really they wernt)… in the house likes coffee flavoured choccies!

  130. Leave a Reply

    julie brooke
    10th December 2012

    I would open it myself and only let the others get their hands on it after I’d had first pick!!

  131. Leave a Reply

    Anna Stickland
    10th December 2012

    Id buy it myself the hide it!

  132. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    I’d shamelessly hide mine I’m affraid!! ( / @suewarr2)

  133. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    Luckily for me nobody in my house likes my favourite chocolate, so all I have to do is buy it for myself and I know nobody else will eat it! How can you not like white chocolate?

  134. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    I will have my lovely vegan chocolate and if I won this watch the family fight over it

  135. Leave a Reply

    Piper and Daisy
    10th December 2012

    I’d arrange a firework display and tell everyone to go outside to watch – while I stayed indoors with the choccie!

  136. Leave a Reply

    lorraine mckee
    10th December 2012

    I would put it in the middle of the room on boxing day and allow the children and adult so the family to share the choc. Thats what christmas is all about sharing xx

  137. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    As the cracker was pulled and all the chocolates fell out I’d shout “Look, who’s that at the window – is it Santa?” and then grab my favourite lol

  138. Leave a Reply

    Hannah ONeill
    10th December 2012

    I’d secretly open it, remove all the good ones and then seal it back up….or just buy and eat it myself!

  139. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    I can always make sure I get to eat them all to myself as I live alone and can just hide them when my OH comes over!!

  140. Leave a Reply

    Sarah H
    10th December 2012

    I’d have to buy my own 🙂

  141. Leave a Reply

    leigh larkin
    10th December 2012

    What a great idea! Not sure I wouldnt like any of them so dont think it really matters! 🙂

  142. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    My favourite is actually one that no one else seems to like so I make sure there’s plenty of them in the box!

  143. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    I would share it but make sure I got first choice

  144. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    Hide it, then bring it out after Christmas pretending I had forgotten all about it.

  145. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    I would put my favourites in with the veg – nobody in my house would go near their.

  146. Leave a Reply

    Natalie White
    10th December 2012

    How about “LOOK! IN THE GARDEN! IT’S FATHER CHRISTMAS!” then eat it really quickly?!

  147. Leave a Reply

    Wendy Tolhurst
    10th December 2012

    I would eat the ones I really want beforehand and then offer it round after Christmas lunch and hope that everyone is too full to want any!

  148. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    I would hide this from the kids but than un-hide it! Come on its too nice a choc I would not be able to resist.. Lush chocolate

  149. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    Wait until everyone’s out, tie one end to the door handle and pull it for myself! The time for giving.

  150. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    Hide it under my bed (christine mutter)

  151. Leave a Reply

    Georgia McAllister
    10th December 2012

    I’d let the kids pull the cracker so my hands were free to search from my favourite.

  152. Leave a Reply

    10th December 2012

    I Would buy for christmas to share with the family

  153. Leave a Reply

    andy holder
    11th December 2012

    i would hide and sneak every so often to eat bits of it and tell everyone else the dog had eat it

  154. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    Well, there is only me that likes chocolate in our house, which is good for me, cause I can’t get enough of it.

  155. Leave a Reply

    Ana Wilds
    11th December 2012

    I would buy it, wrap it up, put it under the tree with a gift tag to myself from the dog, its the only way 😉

  156. Leave a Reply

    Joanne Roper
    11th December 2012

    I would insist on choosing first since of course I won the chocolate! Then share everything else I am meant to be on a diet after all!

  157. Leave a Reply

    lorraine polley
    11th December 2012

    all chocolate is my favourite! but i would accidentally forget where i put the cracker until everyone goes back to work! then scoff the lot while watching the telly!!

  158. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    I’d share it round – far too many calories for just me to consume (no matter how much I’d love to!!)

  159. Leave a Reply

    Natalie Holland
    11th December 2012

    I’ve given my husband very specific instructions, he knows I will throw a tantrum if I don’t geg it lol

  160. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    I would hide it!

  161. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    I would do a belly flop on them once opened 😀

  162. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    I would Buy it and wrap it up as a Christmas present and then hid it so if anyone found it they wouldn’t think it was chocolate 🙂


  163. Leave a Reply

    Michelle Hughes
    11th December 2012

    I’d sit in the bath and eat it 🙂

  164. Leave a Reply

    Tara Davies
    11th December 2012

    Usually there would be no chance, what with me having 3 children. Although seen as it’s soooo…… big I’m sure there would be enough to go around us all 🙂

  165. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    I would hide it….but as i can’t keep a secret would end up sharing with my kids!

  166. Leave a Reply

    Renee Armstrong
    11th December 2012

    Tricky….hide it in the salad drawer in the fridge and hope for the best !

  167. Leave a Reply

    Lily Tucker
    11th December 2012

    I would pretend that all of the chocolates had melted & had to be disposed of when actually I would have put them in a secret place for only me to find & eat!

  168. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    Open the cracker first and grab it as fast as I could before offering around. Selfish yes, but it works!

  169. Leave a Reply

    Lynn Fancy
    11th December 2012

    As with all my prezzies I have to buy them myself so I always get my choccy!

  170. Leave a Reply

    Andrena Harrison
    11th December 2012

    I would drop lots of hints

  171. Leave a Reply

    nicola heap
    11th December 2012

    I’d buy some for myself and hide them away.

  172. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    As I will be the chief cook and bottle washer, I will argue the case that I should get first dibs and therefore get to choose my favourites.

  173. Leave a Reply

    Anna Aird
    11th December 2012

    Easy, I’d eat all the others on Christmas Eve!!!

  174. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    Hide it in my knicker drawer

  175. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    Ding dong merrily on high – chocolate makes me a bit hyper lol

  176. Leave a Reply

    cheryl fothergill
    11th December 2012

    I would have to get someone to hide it for me because I dont think I would be able to resist

  177. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    I’d keep it all for myself

  178. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    I’d address it to me, and put it under the tree!

  179. Leave a Reply

    Nickie C
    11th December 2012

    Hide it in laundry hamper – I’m the only one who ever goes there 😉

  180. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    I would send my boyfriend out to the shops everyday to buy me chocolate!

  181. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    I’d buy only that chocolate! Amy Ripley

  182. Leave a Reply

    Charlotte Jones
    11th December 2012

    Get there first and hide it away!!

  183. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    with 4 children and a hubby i would eat it all myself before they got there hands on it, not everyday i get something for me!!

  184. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    I would refuse to cook the dinner until they hand over the chocolate

  185. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    Buy it myself and wrap it up like it was a present from someone else so hubby doesnt find out!

  186. Leave a Reply

    Mrs Voucher
    11th December 2012

    I would share with my kids and hubby…..the season of goodwill ‘n’ all!!

  187. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    I’d eat my favourites before sharing the rest.

  188. Leave a Reply

    11th December 2012

    With regards to getting my favourite chocolate, im lucky in that i live on my own, well, with the dog who cant have chotolate anyway with chocolate being bad for dogs, so i would have no problem getting my favourite. However, once i had found my favourite, i would share the rest with my family when they come to stay, dont think i would be a complete pig and have the whole lot to myself, at least i dont think i would.

  189. Leave a Reply

    lee preston
    11th December 2012

    I just need to hang around my 3 year old nephew. He will have ALL the goodies at Christmas 🙂

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