French Chocolates by Post – Three Box Giveaway #16

“You have a parcel from France!” I heard CT shout. Rushing from the kitchen, I was excited to see it was a box of French chocolates, no less – ooh la la! This was the November offering from Club Chocolat Francais and I couldn’t wait to get my snout into it. I reviewed a similar box of these French Chocolates by Post a few months ago and you can find out more about the company behind the chocolates there. It looks as though they’ve listened to feedback as the flavours are rather more exciting than the last box I reviewed.

As before, a gorgeous aroma of chocolate and nuts wafted up from the box when I opened it, making the thought of having to take photographs before diving in, almost unbearable. Don’t look too closely at the picture or you might notice that the salted caramel got the better of me before the camera was out of its case. Again, there was a good mix of dark, milk and white chocolates. Although pralines prevailed (and that was all right by me), they were all quite different and there were a number of other interesting choices.

Favourites included:

Dark chocolate salted caramel – the dark chocolate had a particularly rich aroma and it’s strong flavour together with the salt offset the sweetness of the caramel very nicely.

Lemon & coriander – this was particularly flavoursome, very lightly lemony ganache enrobed with dark chocolate and with a lovely aftertaste of coriander.

Pistachio praline – the pistachios really came to the fore in this milk chocolate and was probably one of the nicest pralines I’ve ever eaten.

Praline petal – unusual in appearance and delicious in taste, this consisted of a thin layer of praline enrobed with lots of milk chocolate.

Caramelised praline – caramelised nuts really made this praline stand out.

Other mixes, I wasn’t so sure about. I felt that in the case of passionfruit and coconut, the coconut overwhelmed the passionfruit. Conversely, the raspberry and pistachio was the other way around and the fruit overwhelmed the nut. However, all in all, I really enjoyed these and would be delighted to receive a box of 34 French chocolates in the post every month. If this appeals to you, then do take a look at the Club Chocolat Francais website, where you can sign up straightaway if you so desire.

I am delighted to say I have been offered three boxes of these delicious French chocolates to give away. To be in with a chance of winning, please fill in the Rafflecopter below. You will need to leave a comment on this post which then gives you additional chances to enter if you so wish. Rafflecopter will pick three winners at random from the entries received. If you are commenting anonymously, please give me some way of identifying you as I will be verifying the validity of entries. Any automated entries will be disqualified. This giveaway is only open to those with a UK postal address. Because of the Christmas rush, winners will need to respond within 3 days of being contacted. Failure to do this will result in another winner being picked.

Prizes are offered and provided by Club Chocolat Francais and Chocolate Log Blog accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of said third party.

Closing date is Thursday 6 December 2012

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    Jane Willis
    14th November 2012

    For some reason my kneejerk rreaction was “camembert” although I’ve had stilton in chocolate and it really wasn’t at all nice. But if I was offered a camambert chocolate, I’d be willing to try it

  2. Leave a Reply

    14th November 2012

    i loved the hazelnut liqueurs they sold when i went to the dordogne.


  3. Leave a Reply

    14th November 2012

    They all sound very tasty; I’d love to try the lemon and coriander.

  4. Leave a Reply

    14th November 2012

    They look and sound delcious. Love the idea of the pistachip praline. Yum!

  5. Leave a Reply

    14th November 2012

    Lovely french onions could taste good in chocolate

  6. Leave a Reply

    14th November 2012

    I cannot decide if a chocolate flavoured with Absinthe would be one to taste or to avoid. It would certainly have a powerful after taste.

  7. Leave a Reply

    14th November 2012

    Some kind of calvados or French cider ganache in a chocolate would be delicious!

  8. Leave a Reply

    14th November 2012

    I was first of all tempted to say truffle but that is a bit Heston Blumenthal so I’ll go for calvados as champagne is so gorgeous in chocolate.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  9. Leave a Reply

    14th November 2012

    Dark chocolate with Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur in it, mmmm 🙂

  10. Leave a Reply

    Lucy Morgan
    14th November 2012

    Id love to try the Raspberry Pistachio chocolates :)Think I will order some soon 🙂

  11. Leave a Reply

    lapin d'or
    14th November 2012

    Some of those lovely fruit eau de vie drinks you find in Alsace like Mirabelle

  12. Leave a Reply

    Grazing Kate
    14th November 2012

    French Iingredient? How about some good old French cheese, maybe Brie not Roquefort!

  13. Leave a Reply

    Penelope Hooper
    14th November 2012

    I’d like to try a ‘creme anglaise’ chocolate. Num num num!

  14. Leave a Reply

    14th November 2012

    marzipan and walnut – that would be a definite favourite in this house!

  15. Leave a Reply

    Lisa Day
    15th November 2012

    Pink champagne with pink iced chocolate would be lovely.

  16. Leave a Reply

    15th November 2012

    Oh yum! How sweet are they, love the presentation. Good luck to everyone in the giveaway ;0)

  17. Leave a Reply

    15th November 2012

    I love Champagne ones, So I’d say this.

  18. Leave a Reply

    15th November 2012

    I’d absolutely love to win a box of these – I especially love the sound of the pistachio praline, something I’ve been meaning to try to make but never got round to!

  19. Leave a Reply

    jnnifer kennedy
    15th November 2012

    chocolate & salt is great together Dark chocolate salted caramel would definately pick the Dark chocolate salted caramel

  20. Leave a Reply

    Karen S Booth
    15th November 2012

    Snap! I also received a box and also have some to giveaway too, but I am entering your contest! Karen

  21. Leave a Reply

    Jan Richards
    16th November 2012

    Chocolate and champagne, a marriage made in heaven!

  22. Leave a Reply

    Herbert Appleby
    17th November 2012

    a nice full bodied Bordeaux red used to candy chunks of Morbier (cheese)- like a red wine cheese cake, floating in Crème de cassis then wrapped in a thick dark shell. I think Crème de cassis with a candied black current would also be tasty.

  23. Leave a Reply

    17th November 2012

    I’d like the taste of apricots within a chocolate as I loved the Clafoutis aux Abricots I once tried.

  24. Leave a Reply

    Don Believeinthem
    17th November 2012

    Marion Cotillard

  25. Leave a Reply

    17th November 2012

    Definitely champagne. Yum. Good luck to everyone 🙂 😀 x

  26. Leave a Reply

    17th November 2012

    If I win the box – it goes to the Oxford Chocolate Enthusiasts’ Club!
    -Jeremy Sng

  27. Leave a Reply

    17th November 2012

    Oh my gosh, they look soooo good!

  28. Leave a Reply

    17th November 2012

    Would have to be Champagne, don`t fancy Frogs Legs!


  29. Leave a Reply

    18th November 2012

    Some grand marnier would be nice, I love chocolate orange flavours.

  30. Leave a Reply

    rhiannon alwen
    20th November 2012

    Creme Brulee chocolate is good, another one I’ve tired before was little pieces of crepe, surprisingly nice, all the little crunchy bits. 🙂

  31. Leave a Reply

    20th November 2012

    I think Domaine de Canton (a ginger-flavored liqueur) would be fabulous! Thanks!

  32. Leave a Reply

    20th November 2012

    I bought a cream calvados years ago which would be lovely in a choc.

  33. Leave a Reply

    Jean Taylor
    21st November 2012

    lavender and sea salt

  34. Leave a Reply

    21st November 2012

    Ooh! lovely chocolates what a fab giveaway. Would love to try the salted caramel!

  35. Leave a Reply

    21st November 2012

    i would love to try anything,they all look good to eat

  36. Leave a Reply

    Spencer Blakeman
    26th November 2012

    would love to try all of these yum yum

    • Leave a Reply

      Robert Price
      26th November 2012

      A very interesting collection of flavours.
      Would love to try some of these.

  37. Leave a Reply

    26th November 2012

    Chocolate Torte with blueberry wine centres lovely

  38. Leave a Reply

    jo munn
    26th November 2012

    mmmm maybe some french cider, or a combination with camembert as apples always go well with cheese!

  39. Leave a Reply

    Laura Dye
    27th November 2012

    French ingredient I’d like to see used in chocolate? Marron Glacés, definitely!

  40. Leave a Reply

    27th November 2012

    I’m not sure if it would be the nicest, but I am really intrigued by the lemon and coriander and would love to try that.

  41. Leave a Reply

    27th November 2012

    I’d love to see chocolate coated brioche with a caramel centre x

  42. Leave a Reply

    Lucy Taylor chedtaylor @ hotmail dotcom
    27th November 2012


  43. Leave a Reply

    Jo Mapp
    29th November 2012

    I know it has already been said but champagne and chocolate are made for each other

  44. Leave a Reply

    Naomi Knows
    2nd December 2012

    I would love to see Kiwi used. Weird but it could be wonderful! 🙂

    Naomi xxx

  45. Leave a Reply

    2nd December 2012

    Something with rich bitter dark chocolate, strong black coffee and white wine thrown in. The three things I love to indulge in

  46. Leave a Reply

    4th December 2012

    They all look scrumptious & rich – Mmm – the lemon & coriander – I add coriander to everything! Thats one piece of chocolate I would like to try

  47. Leave a Reply

    5th December 2012

    I’m a big garlic fan….whether or not that would be yucky or not….but would give it a go 🙂

  48. Leave a Reply

    Sally Peevor
    5th December 2012

    It has to be champagne – non?!?!

  49. Leave a Reply

    5th December 2012

    Would love to try Cannelle and Vanille – Cinnamon and Vanilla. Yum!

  50. Leave a Reply

    5th December 2012

    crème brûlée @jaizduck on Twitter

  51. Leave a Reply

    5th December 2012

    Has to be champagne – magnifique!

  52. Leave a Reply

    5th December 2012

    pistacchio ice cream is stunning when i have in France so that i think be magnifique

  53. Leave a Reply

    5th December 2012

    Calvados would be DIVINE!!!


  54. Leave a Reply

    Gary Martindale
    5th December 2012

    Has to be champagne

  55. Leave a Reply

    Wendy Tolhurst
    5th December 2012

    Would have to say champagne as its the only alcohol I like in chocolates and France is world-famous for its champagne.

  56. Leave a Reply

    6th December 2012

    Calvados in either a truffle or a ganache would be delicious.

  57. Leave a Reply

    6th December 2012

    Garlic was the first thing that came to mind but I’m not sure how that would work in chocolate! Would be interesting to try!

  58. Leave a Reply

    Ashley Alden
    6th December 2012

    For some real decadent chocolate, french truffles could make a really interesting ingredient.

  59. Leave a Reply

    Jen Rogers
    7th December 2012

    Chapagne – got to be!

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